[[WMG:[=PaRappa's=] Hat Theories]]
Since the beginning of the music game genre, there has been one question that has boggled man's mind:

The bipedal rapping dog has never taken off his hat at any point of the game, or possibly his life.

The issue of what [=PaRappa=] looks like underneath his beanie is such a video-game-character-related issue, that the upper half this WMG has been dedicated to finding an answer.

* PRHT 1: [=PaRappa's=] bald.
* PRHT 2: [=PaRappa=] has red hair.
* PRHT 3: [=PaRappa=] ''doesn't have a scalp''. His hat is the only thing encasing his brain.
* PRHT 4: [=PaRappa's=] a robot, and the hat hides his cranial circuitry.
* PRHT 5: [=PaRappa's=] head is shaped exactly like his hat.
* PRHT 6: [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Ed, Edd, and Eddy's]] universe is contained under his hat. [[RecursiveReality His universe is contained under Double D's]].
* PRHT 7: [=PaRappa's=] hat is the one thing that lets him literally have a grip on his sanity.
* PRHT 8: [=PaRappa's=] hat is part of his head.
* PRHT 9: [=PaRappa=] keeps drugs in his hat [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs (which would explain a lot.)]]
** PRHT 9.1: He gives those drugs to the makers of the games. Talk about ForTheLulz.
* PRHT 10: [=PaRappa's=] brain is stored in his hat.
* PRHT 11: [=PaRappa=] ''is'' his hat. Everything else is just a meat puppet.
* PRHT 12: [=PaRappa's=] hat is what grants him his [[FunnyAnimal anthropomorphism]]. If he goes too long without it, he [[EvolutionaryLevels degenerates down the]] SlidingScaleOfAnthropomorphism until he becomes [[BroughtDownToNormal your average]] [[PhlebotinumInducedStupidity non-sentient,]] [[FourLegsGoodTwoLegsBetter four-legged dog.]]
* PRHT 13: [=PaRappa=] hides a ThirdEye under his hat.
* PRHT 14: [=PaRappa's=] [[OurSoulsAreDifferent soul]] is stored in his hat.
* PRHT 15: [=PaRappa=] has an EmbarrassingTattoo on his head.
* PRHT 16: [=PaRappa=] has a [[FunnyAfro comically oversized afro]] crammed under his hat. Especially considering Stage 5 of PaRappa the Rapper 2.
--> '''Hairdresser Octopus:''' "Hey, take that [[NiceHat stupid hat]] off. What does it look like in there?"
--> '''[=PaRappa=]:''' "Aaa, I'm not sure myself."
* PRHT 17: The Bermuda Triangle leads to the inside of [=PaRappa's=] hat.
* PRHT 18: [=PaRappa=] has a [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} Reverse Brain Slug]] under his hat.
* PRHT 19: [=PaRappa=]'s hat is acutally a headband, and he just has [[IdiotHair Idiot Hair]].
* PRHT 20: [=PaRappa=] has blonde hair, like the anime. (i think (i'm unsure))
* PRHT 21: [=PaRappa=] hides nothing. Literally nothing. Under his hat is a ''black hole.''

!!Now for other theories about the [=PaRappa=] [[TheVerse Universe]]

[[WMG: Sunny Funny's genitalia is inside her head.]]
* [[RealLife Real world]] flowers are the reproductive part of the plant. Sunny Funny has a ''[[FridgeHorror flower for]] [[{{Squick}} a head]]''. What that says about what she has [[DoubleEntendre downstairs]] is kind of [[VaginaDentata unsettling]].

[[WMG: Katy Kat smokes when nobody's looking.]]
* I can't be the only guy to notice that Katy's voice gets [[VocalEvolution shriller and raspier]] with every sequel. There's definitely some damage to her larynx going on.

[[WMG: ''Parappa The Rapper'' is set in the same [[TheVerse universe]] as ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''.]]
* Think about it. Both are set in a MundaneFantastic WorldOfWeirdness populated with {{Funny Animal}}s and AnthropomorphicObjects that [[LionsAndTigersAndHumansOhMy coexist with humans]].

[[WMG: ''Parappa The Rapper'' is set in the same [[TheVerse universe]] as ''VideoGame/PopNMusic''.]]

[[WMG: ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'' is set in the same [[TheVerse universe]] as these games.]]
* Proof of this is the first issue of the comic has a DMV instructor who bears a strong resemblance to Instructor Moosilini, in the second issue the Karate Instructor bears a strong resemblance to Chop Chop Master Onion... now either this is true or the writer is a HUGE fan of Parappa the Rapper!

[[WMG: The ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' parody (where [=PaRappa=] was defending himself in court and was shot by King Kong Mushi) happened.]]
How else could he have been able to play [[PlanetHeck Stage 6 of]] ''[[PlanetHeck Lammy]]''?
* Well, if you're playing the ''US'' version, maybe he took a plane.

[[WMG: In ''Um Jammer Lammy'', the object that [=PaRappa=] thought he was holding in his hand within the DummiedOut [=PaRappa=]'s take on Chop Chop Master Onion's song was a microphone.]]
* I mean, I guess it makes sense, considering the theme of the game(s).

[[WMG: Taste of Teriyaki is a song about someone who loves two people.]]