[[WMG: RJ is a JustForFun/TimeLord]]
Evidence: he once claimed to have lit the fuse to the Big Bang.
* His swiss army knife (with lug wrench, dental mirror, retractor, catheter, and argon laser) is really a sonic screwdriver.
** His TARDIS is... I don't know, that golf bag from the film?
** Strangely enough, this might be true. Take a look at [[http://www.gocomics.com/overthehedge/2012/01/29/ this strip]] and say this isn't now IKnewIt.

[[WMG: If there is ever a sequel, The Tree That Knows Stuff will be written in]]
[[WMG: [[FridgeHorror Hammy got insane from starvation]]]]
Hammy is trying to [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar find his nuts]] at the start of the movie. [[spoiler: [[BrickJoke At the end of the movie]], Hammy finds an enormous number of nuts in the log. It means he was starving while in hibernation, because he didn't eat any of it.]]
[[WMG: RJ was kicked out of his family after failing to retrieve the food from Vincent's cave]]
And Vincent stole the food from RJ's family in the first place