[[WMG: Kyoya's constant laptop use is not for Host business but for [[spoiler: his dad's business]]]]
He's sorting out and arranging [[spoiler: his dad's company, as he would have been able to see its financial collapse at least a year before it happened]], and so whenever we see him typing on his laptop, and rarely if ever working for ths host club he is in fact [[spoiler: arranging loans, sorting out finances and working a way to support the comapny himself and stop it going under]]

[[WMG: Tamaki won the "Which one is Hikaru" game much sooner than the twins let on]]
but because of their maid lying about playing until she won, they decided to see how hard Tamaki would try. What they actually wanted was someone who wouldn't give up on them, not someone who could tell them apart.

[[WMG: Haruhi is... [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Kyon]]]]
Tamaki is Haruhi. It's a {{Gender Flip}}ped wacky alternate universe, where Suzumiya is a boy and, while not aware of his powers, using them more actively. The other club members are the other factions.
* Kyoya is the Data Entity agent.
* Hikaru and Kaoru are espers.
* Hani and/or Mori are Time Travellers.

[[WMG: Tamaki is ObfuscatingStupidity]]
He is playing the family charade as Kaoru suspected, but he denies it because no-one else would suspect it.
* Also, in connection to the Kyoya WMG, he is aware of it and deliberately sets up a BumblingDad scenario, where Kyoya can act as the CloserToEarth mother figure.

[[WMG: The twins aren't a couple]]
[[WMG: The twins are a couple]]
[[WMG: The two above statements are both true.]]
They are a couple of twins, but not necessarily a romantic couple. They are tricksters, after all. {{Twincest}}-playing tricksters.
[[WMG: One of the Hitachiin twins is straight, and one is gay.]]
Considering the [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy issues with Haruhi]], Kaoru's probably the one being serious about the Twincest; Hikaru just goes along with it because he likes getting attention, messing with people, and placating his brother - who ''does'' ship the two of them. Also, it should make the {{Twincest}}/HoYay fans, the Hitachiin x Haruhi fans, and the Twincest-playing trickster fans happy, or at least not discontent.
* In the manga, Kaoru is canonically in love with Haruhi as well, and the twins get into a bit of a dispute over it (a real one... mostly). Although, it does seem very like that Hikaru is bi, as some form of he has love for Tamaki further complicates his feelings for Haruhi. Its never blatantly stated that its romantic love, but its difficult, for me at least, to not interpret it as such.

[[WMG: Kyoya is in love with Tamaki]]
Kyoya is highly cynical; before meeting Tamaki, all social mingling was only to gain influence. Tamaki defied his conceptions, and his WideEyedIdealist attitude genuinely shocked him. His love may or may not be the romantic sort, but they certainly do act like a married couple at times.
* Kyouya is one hell of a {{Tsundere}}. Kaoru in fact specifically calls Kyouya a {{Tsundere}} with regards to Tamaki in volume 11 of the manga.
* In episode 24, when Kyoya is asked why he joined the host club, he looks across to Tamaki, who is bathed in white light, and then smiles to himself before answering. There's also episode 3, where Kyoya states that he doesn't think he's "supporting cast, homosexual or otherwise."
* Basically, Kyoya being in love with Tamaki explains all of the the abnormal behavior around him, as well as how Kyoya is 'only' really close with Tamaki.
* Also, from the manga, Hikaru, Kaoru, Tamaki are shown developing a bond with Haruhi, Mori & Hani act as supporters for everyone. Who makes Kyouya spend his entire school trip in [[spoiler: France looking for his mother going without sleep]] and who's the only person who makes Kyouya [[NotSoStoic lose his cool]], and who's the only person that made him outright scream at Yuzuru Suoh [[spoiler:for getting his grandmother fired]] which was against his wishes, resulting in Kyouya needing to be '''RESTRAINED'''? ''Tamaki''.

[[WMG: It's all just a story written by Tamaki]]
Tamaki was a shy boy who lived with his dad and grandmother. He showed obvious signs of mental illness, but it was ignored because they were busy with work. When he was about to start high school, his dad died and his grandmother booted him off to live with his mom in France. His mother placed him in a academy, Ouran High, famous for lots of foreign students. He was soon put in the 'special' class, with Kyouya, Hunny, Mori, Hikaru, and Kaoru. He gets bored, so (without his friend's permission or knowledge) begins writing about them as a dating service. However, he made them more idealized, himself especially. Then their teacher gets a new TA, Haruhi, and he fell hard for her. But he was too shy to confess, so he put her in the story and had them fall in love there. Eventually, he gets so wrapped up in his story he can't tell the differecne between his friends and the modified versions of them in the story. They grow concerned and stick him in counseling, and he gets a little better. Eventually, when he's grown up, he finds his old story, and makes a manga out of it under a pen name.

[[WMG: Honey has the same illness as Kanata (and possibly Konata) from LuckyStar]]
Much too small for his age? Check. Strange behavior? Check. Great intelligence? Check.
He's going to die young.
* So, he'll need a fujoshi childhood friend to make sure his heirs will come to the world... And then, when she's 40-something, she'll chase after young boys that remind her of him... Or not necessarily. Just like Konata's dad.

[[WMG: Haruhi doesn't have [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Haruhi powers]], but Hani does.]]
He (or at least Mori) thinks it's funny for Tamaki to be the ButtMonkey of the series, which is why he's always so incredibly WrongGenreSavvy. Hani fulfills the shota role in the club, but can still out-fight any other person in the club, probably at the same time. He always looked young, but hated having to stay either strong or cheerful-happy-cute, and subconsciously limits his size while allowing himself a ridiculous amount of physical power. The rest of the club (apart from Haruhi and Tamaki) know about his power, and the teachers are probably in it too, the ''real'' reason they let him keep Usa-chan with him whenever he wants.

[[WMG: Honey's bunny is evil]]
All stuffed animals are.
* [[EverythingsBetterWithPlushies No, you are, meanieface]] ;_;
* Re-watch some of the episodes. I've seen some rather... questionable... facial expressions on that bunny. I'm watchin' you, Usa-chan.

[[WMG: In addition to the above guess, Usa-chan and Beary represent Hani and Mori.]]
Usa-chan and Hani are cute and cuddly, and [[CompanionCube like to]] [[{{Omake}} eat cake]]. However, they both have a much darker side, which rarely manifests when others are watching. For Usa-chan, the exception is when only the audience is watching, for Hani the exception is when he's just woken up. Beary, Tamaki's plush bear, has a similar expression to Mori, but Mori wouldn't have a stuffed animal, so it was necessary to introduce him via another character. (Since Hani only shows Dark Hunny when he's just woken up, and Mori only gets all creepily pleasant and smiley when he's sleepy, this means Beary only has a smile when the audience ''isn't'' looking in comparison to Usa-chan. This unfortunately means that the theory is impossible to confirm entirely.)

[[WMG:Honey is psychologically unhinged]]
The guy's 17, yet he still takes naps and thinks Usa-chan is alive. If his dad hadn't been so hard on him, he would probably have become a fairly well-balanced [[BunnyEarsLawyer martial arts master who happened to be fond of cake and teddies]]. However, his dad forced him to be all tough and manly, which rather went against his sweet nature. Tamaki later offered him a chance to indulge in the things he truly likes, which led to him swinging too far in the opposite direction and mentally regressing to the age of 5 or so.
* What's wrong with taking naps? You got something against naps?
** I could be wrong, but it's all developmental. The kid still has his "security blanket" in the stuffed rabbit, still needs an "older brother" figure to cart him everywhere, and naps? Unless you're really tired, how often do you take naps in the real world? At seventeen most of us were getting ready to head out into the real world and get ready for life, but this kid was still acting like a kindergartener.
*** Please, I'm barely 18 and I take naps most days. It mostly springs from me staying up really late, like most high schoolers. Plus, mid day naps are fairly common place in some places.
* Forget the naps, Honey still acting like a child, and as the manga shows, takes pills to keep him looking like a child shows perhaps he has unresolved issues...
** The pills were only in a dream sequence.

[[WMG:Honey still practices martial arts in secret, either alone or with Mori]]
No matter how well-trained or naturally talented he is, he'd need to keep sharp in order to beat up the Ohtori private police on two occasions. The exercise allows him to eat all that cake without gaining any weight.
* Mori is shown to still practice every now and then, presumably, so does Hani, it just is never shown.
* In the manga, he still practices every day, he just doesn't attend Karate Club except every so often as an outside instructor.

[[WMG: ''Hani'' is ObfuscatingStupidity.]]
His [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Superpowered Serious Side]] is what he's really like. He likes Mori but knows he'd feel useless without having shota-kid Honey to protect, and also enjoys being able to fill a niche in the Host club, and still gets plenty of attention while eating cake and having fun. (Note: In the BeachEpisode, Tamaki as much as pointed it out to Haruhi.) Usa-chan is just there to reinforce the image.
* That means each member of the host club is hiding their true selves because of social restrictions or past experiences, and it's Haruhi that finally unlocks all of their emotions by the very end of the series.
** This (the first response) is seemingly the canon story path of the manga, with the "walls" references. (Original poster here) The guess was meant to apply to the anime, but it works for both.

[[WMG: Haruhi is biologically male.]]
That is to say, she's a gynandromorph or intersex, who identifies as a female, but doesn't care how she dresses. Ranka knows this and respects her identity. It will be revealed at the end of the series.
* Problem is she isn't all flat. In episode 22 of the anime Kasanoda accidentally sees her changing and she obviously has some chest. Now there's a possibility that she's a he in other areas, but that would mean 'it' was changed in their upper regions in their early teens.
** Can't say much about gynandromorphs, but hermaphrodites usually do have breasts.
* But when Tamaki found out she was a girl, her reply was "Biologically, yes." Or is that line only in the anime?

[[WMG: Haruhi is [[Anime/CodeGeass Lelouch.]]]]
Her "contact incident" in episode 4 was really her about to unleash her Geass on the unwitting Host Club.

[[WMG: Haruhi and Tamaki died when they fell into the water in Episode 26 of the anime]]
Think about it. They seem to be a good distance up, and while they may be okay swimmers, well... why ''else'' would Eclair let go of Tamaki? Methinks she just thought "May as well let him die with her." That's why the car drives away and such. What we see with Eclair afterwards is in the actual aftermath in the real world. The final waltz is a DyingDream of sorts.
* ...Okay, this ''very firmly'' falls into PoisonOakEpilepticTrees.

[[WMG: Eclair had feelings for Tamaki]]
Just look at [[http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/Hostoflook/Untitled-1.jpg this]] screenshot. You can't deny the puppy dog face. You '''''can't'''''.
* ... that really, really doesn't count as a WMG.

[[WMG: Hikaru and Kaoru are a reference to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castor_and_pollux Castor and Pollux]]]]
Hikaru means "shining". Kaoru means "sweet smelling". [[Myth/GreekMythology Castor]] means "shining". [[Myth/GreekMythology Pollux]] means "very sweet". Coincidence? I think not.
* Castor means "beaver". What's your source on the alternate translation?
** It's nothing to do with Castor. Remember how Kaoru gave up Haruhi? He's a [[IncrediblyLamePun pussy]].

[[WMG: Honey's Usa-Chan and [[VideoGame/TheIdolMaster Iori's]] Usa-chan are one and the same]]
Now, how this works can be chalked up to time-travel(See top of list), one being the other's parent, or Honey and Iori are the same person, just one is the result of gender-flipping.
* [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Darry's]] Usa-chan is a zombie version, it seems.
** Well, you couldn't expect him to live forever, could you? He probably decided to become a zombie so he could continue watching over members of the bloodline even AfterTheEnd.

[[WMG: Haruhi is going to punch out Tamaki's grandmother]]
His grandmother is going to do or say something especially despicable in front of Tamaki in front of everyone, and Tamaki won't do anything about it for the usual reasons. Haruhi, still confused about her feelings towards Tamaki and needing and outlet for her emotions, will punch the grandmother right in the face. It will have repercussions later, but it will be awesome.
* I think Haruhi is more likely to deliver a verbal CurbStomp by saying something so devastingly insightful and far more damaging than any mere punch in the nose. It will still be awesome.
** And the way it will be awesome? These devastatingly insightful words will turn into giant, colorful arrows that will proceed to pierce Tamaki's grandmother from various directions, culminating in a giant lightning bolt falling from the sky and frying the old bag, who will then fall backwards in slow motion (possibly with Beartrap mouth,) much like with Renge and Tamaki himself back in season 1 of the anime.

[[WMG: Tamaki Really ''is'' Haruhi's Real Father]]
Through CLAMP-like time paradoxes, later in the series, it will be revealed that Haruhi really is Tamaki's son... and also her own mother.

[[WMG: Renge is more of a parody than people think]]
She's not just the yaoi fangirl with a loose grip on reality that she seems to be; she's actually a parody on the fanbase itself. Her "film project" that rewrites all the characters is an alternate universe fanfic. Every facet of her is seemingly designed to parrot that of the yaoi fangirl base, which is probably why the fangirls seem to lash out at her so much; she is them, and they don't want to admit it.
* There's also a scene in the manga that supports this further. When the Host Club put on a bunch of activities, one of the activities was to guess which Hitachiin twin is (something that hadn't done in a real long time at that point). Renge is convinced that she knows everything about the characters to guess which is which easily, however she's repeatedly wrong. Much like how those extreme fans believe that they know so much about the characters of a fandom, that they know more than the creato; they'll disregard any evidence that isn't according to what they believe to be canon. Expect outrage when the creators doesn't go according to their personal desires, and start making everyone "OOC" when the creator is actually making the characters behave normally.

[[WMG: The universe in ''Ouran'' is the same as that in ''SOUL EATER''.]]
In addition to sharing the same animation studio, same director, and a few of the same voice actors, there are in-universe implication. The characters obviously live in a world equivalent to modern Japan and other parts of the world- and who's to say the characters in ''SOUL EATER'' are not sent on missions in the same world?

[[WMG: Taken further, Spirit Albarn (or Death Scythe) is adult Tamaki.]]
Tamaki graduated from school, became successful, married, had Maka, and then divorced. He then went a little bat-shit insane after the break-up, became somewhat of a ladies' man, and changed his hair color. In English, they're both voiced by VicMignogna. ...that wouldn't explain the different last names, though.

[[WMG: Beary is just a nickname.]]
Its real name is Ursa-chan.

[[WMG: Haruhi is LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya, who wanted to try being male.]]
But not too male, so she settled for being a crossdresser.

[[WMG: Éclair Tonnerre's binoculars stood for her bitchiness.]]
In the last episode, she seemed to accept the fact that Tamaki wouldn't marry her and dropped her bitchnoculars and seemingly, her bitchiness.

[[WMG: Haruhi [[BiTheWay likes the girls too]].]]
She likes being part of the host club cause of the female attention. Girls that would never lust after her if they knew that Haruhi was female are. And Haruhi taking advantage of that fact. Parents can be a huge influence on what is normal behavior, and Haruhi's dad is well...[[WholesomeCrossdresser a cross dressing]] bisexual. Plus, Haruhi didn't seem to mind the fact that her first kiss was from a girl.
* Actually, Haruhi herself points out in the first chapter that gender and appearance aren't really that important, but that it's what's on the inside that truly makes a person. Plus, the very end of the first chapter has Haruhi saying this after Tamaki finds out she's a girl: "And actually, I realized it's not that bad to be popular among the girls. They are cute. I'm probably a little into that..." Whether she seriously meant it is speculation, but she does look contemplative in the panel.
** The intro song on the English dub seems to refer to this, with a line that goes something like "Lady maybe. Or host, I find I really don't mind." Then the next line refers to her finding love in a garden of romance.
** The term for her would thus be pansexual, not bisexual. Pan=not caring about gender, bi=liking both.

[[WMG: One of the Hitachiins has a pigtail {{fetish}}]]
* Think about it... every time they've dressed as girls, they've had their hair in pigtails
** And Haruhi wore pigtails on their date.
** And if we're going by the "Haruhi is Kyon" theory, we all know she has a "thing" for pigtails...

[[WMG: Kyoya's notebook is a Manga/DeathNote]]
* Really, I'm surprised no one else has thought of this.
** On top of that, he's actually Mikami.
** And in the last episode, he stays with Hunny and Mori to fight the police force, even though he (probably) has never had extensive martial arts training like the other two -- then at the end of the fight all the bodies are piled up, so we assume Kyoya helped in SOME way...probably by using his Manga/DeathNote.
* Alternatively, Kyoya is [[MagnificentBastard Light Yagami]], who [[UnexplainedRecovery miraculously survived]] and went into hiding under a false identity, still not smart enough to flee Japan.
** Also, Renge is [[GenkiGirl Misa]]

[[WMG: Tamaki and Haruhi are the reincarnations of [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Edward and Winry]] respectively.]]
* Basically, since [[spoiler: the Gate was sealed in [=CoS=]]], Edward and Winry never got to be together, so they've been reborn into a world where they can finally have their happy ending...and as an added bonus, Ed gets to be tall!
** Roy gets to enjoy a life with his apparently best friend Wrath. Shou Tucker is still a doctor that misses his daughter, though he's much less crazy about it. Rose (or is it Riza) is now a rich french lady. Dante got redeemed and transformed into a chaotic fangirl. Also, Al got a pretty raw deal by becoming a short kid's younger brother again.
** Jossed by the fact that Ed canonically lives to be at least 100.
** Exactly (and it's Riza)!
** Notably, Edward is voiced in the English dub by Vic Mignogna, as is Tamaki. Comparatively, Winry is voiced by Caitlin Glass, as is Haruhi.

[[WMG: Renge-kun convinces the Host Club to produce a full-length television series, which they call Series/{{Supernatural}}.]]
Like a real-life Mori and Hani, Jensen and Jared are lighthearted dudes who constantly make with the angst and woe on camera so the ladies will swoon. As themselves, they try to always be charming and dashing, with great success.

[[WMG: Haruhi is richer than Tamaki or Kyoya because her father actually loves her.]]
** ''Awwwwww!''

[[WMG: Haruhi is richer than Tamaki or Kyoya, ''but'' her father actually loves her.]]
It builds character to not know that your mother was the richest person in Japan until the age of eighteen, and left an enormous fortune apiece to you and your father, possibly in agreement that you should be spared the distress later in life of being spoilt. [[BunnyEarsLawyer Plus]], [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} commoners' coffee is]] ''[[StrangeMindsThinkAlike amazing]]''! [[MundaneMadeAwesome You can pour it right into the hot water]]!

[[WMG: Tamaki's Grandmother once had a relationship with a pre-movie [[PrincessAndTheFrog Prince Naveen]].]]
* Grandmother Suoh hates her grandson Tamaki, but not just because he's the result of her son's defiance in marrying a French woman that he chose for himself; his cheerful and suave personality reminds her of a young prince that stole and broke her heart when she was a young woman in the 1920's.

[[WMG: Ouran Acadamy is a school for Literature/{{Twilight}} style vampires. Haruhi was admitted to be eventual prey before Tamaki took a liking to her.]]
* Everyone in the school sparkles and withstands an incredible amount of slapstick physical punishment. The families are not truly families but vampire covens who have amassed wealth and influence across Japan over the centuries. Everything we hear about Hani's fighting ability is the absolute truth due to his skill combined with enhanced vampire powers. The Occult club is actually made up of vampires who have regressed into older vampire sub-races that are weakened by direct sunlight. The Lobelia Academy is actually a school full of potential slayers who are trying to save Haruhi from the vampires.

[[WMG: Haruhi is the little girl in the twins' flashbacks.]]
* Both Haruhi and the unknown little girl had long brown hair. The little girl's face is never shown, something that would usually indicate a secret, surprise character that would be revealed later. At that age she can't tell the twins apart, but she's one of the few people who seems to realize that they're separate individuals. Haruhi's mother would still be alive at that point, and with a lawyer's salary and maybe a bit of financial aid, Haruhi could very well have attended the same school as the Hitachiins.
* Haruhi doesn't remember being in preschool/kindergarten with the twins, but they remember her. She stands out in their flashbacks as someone who actually realized they were different people and not just two identical parts of a matched set. This probably has a lot to do with their current feelings toward her.
* Impossible sadly due to the twins being in a different social class to Haruhi and so probably being in a very posh private school, maybe the elementary school to the middle and high school Ouran.
* I think it's the girl who tried to give Hikaru and Kaoru love letters. I also think she's one of the girls who remarks that she's know the twins since they were really young. Possibly the girl who sits directly behind Haruhi in class, as seen in Episode 21, or (more likely) the girl with the pigtails you can see in the same class shortly after the Twins agree to Renge's suggestion of the Test of Courage Tournament. Both have approximately the same hair and eye colour as the girl in the flashbacks. More likely, however, she's the girl with the purple bows in her hair you see visiting the Twins.

[[WMG: The clipboard Kyouya always writes on is the Manga/DeathNote.]]
* C'mon, you thought it as well.
[[WMG: Ouran is really the clash of two rival breeding programs]]
* Hani is a doomsday weapon and Mori was created to handle him that why we never see Hani without Mori. The twins were created for psychological war fair, send them to your enemies and watch them suffer. Kyouya is for financial take over and logistics. Tamaki was supposed to be a political leader, he has enough charisma but his since his mother was not part of the program, he ended up French. Haruhi was created to uncover this elite breeding program, the commoner created her with their ultimate weapon: common sense. then she was sent to infiltrate

[[WMG: Renge is Aphrodite]]
* Aphrodite did something to anger Zeus and got sent to Earth with her powers revoked and memory locked away as punishment. She finds solace in dating sims and managing the Host Club.
* That's also how she can speak fluent Japanese and French both.

[[WMG: Haruhi is the [[Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena Rose Bride]] ]]
In the not too distant future, Ohtori Academy changed its name to Ouran. All of the various characters who compete for Haruhi's affections are really trying to gain the "Power to Revolutionize the World". Tamaki wants the power so he can keep the "family" he built within the Host Club together forever. The twins want it so they can create a miracle where someone will finally be able to tell them apart. Honey wants to find "True Strength". Mori wants to help him. The Lobelia girls want to prove their superiority over men. Kasanoda wants control over how the world views him, and Renge wants the world to be perfect and ideal like her Dating Sim games. Kyouya is End of the World.
* Does that mean that Kyouya and Haruhi...

[[WMG: [[VisualNovel/OtomeWaBokuNiKoishiteru Mizuho]] is Haruhi's dad ]]
He really couldn't resist!

[[WMG: Kyouya's father is abusive]]
At least in the anime. Yoshio is definitely emotionally abusive/neglectful, and sometimes seems to think of his son as nothing more than another tool to make connections. Sure, he implied he was proud of Kyouya like once, but he's never said a thing to Kyouya himself, which has/will lead to Kyouya having some serious issues. He's probably physically abusive as well, because he clearly cares a lot about his public image, and yet had no problem with smacking Kyouya so hard that his glasses flew off of his face. If Yoshio thought he could get away with doing this in public (though he DID apologize for making a scene), just what's going on back at home? And remember that when Kyouya walked away from his friends, he shrugged off their concerns with a statement something like "I expected that to happen anyway," so it's obvious that this is far from the first time Yoshio has hurt him. [[MadeMyselfSad ....I made myself sad.]]
* It's also why Kyouya never allowed himself to make any real friends before Tamaki; he used people as little more than connections not because he wanted to, but because he was too afraid not to do exactly what his father says.
* Jossed in the manga where Kyouya's father never actually hit him, and instead congratulated his son for his involvment in the Host Club (he thought it was a clever business move).
[[WMG: Everyone knows that Haruhi is a girl.]]
Tamaki is the only person established as being THAT stupid. Every member of the host club figured it out almost immediately. All the female customers are probably just playing along because they like her as a person. I can see Bisco making the reveal the no secret.
* Also, Haruhi is a girl's name. Someone would have mentioned by now that it's an odd name for a boy if they weren't in the know.
** IIRC, Haruhi is a unisex name that just happens to be more common as a girl name (much like "Kelsey" in America,) so it might not seem so odd for a boy to have that name.
** In the manga, all the customers discovered at the end. They didn't know, but the boys thought that they ''did'' know.
[[WMG: Renge will end up with one of the hosts.]]
It would be after some MAJOR character development on her part, but come on, RuleOfFunny.

[[WMG: Tamaki is the Anti-[[Anime/CodeGeass Lelouch]], and by extention, Ouran is a Bizarro-Ashford Academy]]
Not only does he look like a blond Lelouch (or is it vice-versa?), but...
* Tamaki is obsessed with Haruhi, while Lelouch is {{Asexual}} (or at least much more reserved).
* Lelouch is on the AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil (which, ya know, actually does something important), while Tamaki is in charge of the Host Club, which is probably the [[strike:[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z86V_ICUCD4 most useless thing]]]] second most useless thing ever.
* The Host Club has 7 boys, 1 girl (not including the manager), while the Student Council has 3 girls, 1 boy. [[AndZoidberg And Rivalz]].
* Tamaki is a loser who tries to look cool, while Lelouch has an aura of coolness around him.
* Tamaki thinks small, caring about himself more than anything. Lelouch thinks big, like [[spoiler: talking over the world]].

So in conclusion, if Lelouch and Tamaki went into the same room, the universe would explode. Unless Milly and the others were there with Lelouch, whereupon it would evolve into a full-scale war that would consume at least a story arc before collapsing under it's own weight. Hell, let's throw HaruhiSuzumya, and a couple time lords in there, too.

** I hate to disagree on WMG but I think most Ouran fans would agree Tamaki's not a loser, and selfish? He's constantly trying to get the Host Club to help other characters, including the Newspaper Club who was out to ruin his name. I mean, have you even seen or read the series? I'd argue that Lelouch is far more selfish because his reasons for his plan are all because of his sister's wish. That's selfless on a small scale, but considering [[spoiler: multiple people die because of his plan and pretty much everyone is affected by his taking over the world]] I think that's more selfish.

[[WMG: The Hitachiins are alternate universe Weasley Twins.]]
They're red-haired trouble-making twins who enjoy fucking with everyone.

[[WMG: The whole of Ouran High School is real, these are just their memoires as written by Renge]]
* Renge, at one point is said to have created a hugely popular doujinshi about the hosts. So that is what we are reading/watching, while the real person on who Renge is based, is now richer then the other kids from it. It would explain the over the top fighting, she wanted to make the real life happenings more interesting for readers.

[[WMG: There is an canonical alternate meta-[[RealLife universe]] to the main anime series [[PerspectiveFlip where each character is the main character]], instead of supporting cast (homosexual or otherwise).]]
The alternate-universe series include:
* A French-Japanese boy gathering a surrogate family while planning to escape the controlling clutches of his grandmother and find his long-lost mother.
* A young man whose forbidden love for his brother is seen as a joke, and his struggles to reconcile their drifting apart as the brother falls in love and the main character must learn to deal with the jealousy and [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy allow his loved one(s) to be happy]].
* A young man whose comical twin brother helps him win the heart of the girl before the RichIdiotWithNoDayJob can, but only ''after'' learning to open his scarred heart.
* A man who struggles to cope with a world that sees him as a monster, a man, and a child, and wants to overcome the outdated traditions and boundaries of his family.
* [[Manga/HayateTheCombatButler Mori the Combat Butler]].
* An ObliviousToLove lower-class girl who seeks to repay an accidental debt, and gets into all sorts of wacky and romantic events when the only way to repay the debt is to pass as the male member of a high school mock-Host Club.

These all, of course, contrast the ''actual'' story (the one that focuses on an {{Asexual}} InadequateInheritor and WellDoneSonGuy realizing with the help of his elder sister that he must surpass his father rather than merely gain approval, and in a major subplot with his AmbiguouslyGay [[VitriolicBestBuds Vitriolic Best Bud]] learn to love instead of only using people for political or financial gain).

[[WMG: Kyouya is actually in love with Haruhi.]]

In chapter 64, when Haruhi is kidnapped, Kyouya says, "I also never thought of getting involved with Haruhi. I thought that chasing her would've been dangerous." So... [[DeclarationOfProtection he didn't pursue her because he thought his position made it dangerous for her?]]
* This is only in the scanlation. The official translation reads a bit differently: "Although I'd planned for the eventuality of Haruhi being targeted for associating with us, it's apparent my preparations weren't adequate. It was an oversight on all our parts".

Furthermore, in the last chapter, after Hani asks him if he was in love with her, the end of his reply is [[spoiler: "I found something far more precious, and I have no intention of ruining it."]] [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy Hiding his feelings so the two can be happy together?]] Oh, ''Kyouya.''
[[WMG: Honey and/or Mori is omniscient]]

Right after the eye-catch in episode 10, the two of them (in somewhat trance-like voices) what happened leading up to that moment from off-screen, when they hadn't witnessed the events in the first place.

There are numerous other moments where one or both of them seem to (quite accurately) understand everything that's going on much better than any of the other characters, whether in-verse (discussing everyone else's feelings while up in a tree during a game of kick the can), or slightly breaking the fourth wall (when Honey seems perfectly fine talking about [[spoiler: his and Takashi's graduation when the series has lived in an alternate timeline up until that point]]).

[[WMG: Honey, Mori, and possibly Kyouya are Saiyans]]

Honey is extremely strong for someone his size. It's not because he's a trained martial artist. He's a saiyan. Notice how he eats so much cake? Think of how much Goku eats. It's regular for a saiyan. Mori is a saiyan as well. We just don't see him eat on camera.
Kyouya, however is dificult. He doesn't use his strength often. He DOES however use it in the last episode of the anime. He puts a dent in the hood of the limo. But he only uses a bit of his strength. He actualy hits it with all of the force you would use to slam down a pencil.
Therefore, three of the hosts are saiyans.
* Tamaki is also a Saiyan. He went Super Saiyan in the second Kasanoda episode.

[[WMG: Kyouya is [[Manga/DeathNote Light]]]]

Well, there are already two different theories that either his notebook or clipboard is a Death Note.
* Alternately, he's Mikami and ''[[Creator/MamoruMiyano Tamaki]]'' is Light.

[[WMG: The Suoh family is related to the [[LyricalNanoha Takamachi]] family]]
In fact, both are descendants of the Fuwa samurai clan. That's why both Tamaki and Nanoha have access to the fabled Starlight attacks ([[GuysSmashGirlsShoot Starlight Kick and Starlight Breaker]], respectively)--it's an ancient technique that has been passed down in their families for generations!

[[WMG:Haruhi is genderfluid/genderqueer.]]
* Hardly a WildMassGuess, or even a guess at all. She says she doesn't put much stock in gender, in a way that makes it seem like she doesn't ''bother'' to identify as anything, since it's not really important. E.G., "genderfluid".

[[WMG:Tamaki is related to [[Manga/OtomeYoukaiZakuro Kei Agemaki]]]]
They're both clearly intended to be the [[PrincelyYoungMan cutout prince character]] of every shoujo series (Which, if the way Tamaki's dad acted near the finale is any indication, [[ItRunsInTheFamily runs in the family]]), but they're also these huge [[{{Adorkable}} dorks]] who rather quickly develop a crush on the main girl who's shown as more competent at them (Zakuro at fighting Youkai, Haruhi at... being an OnlySaneMan among a bunch of wierdos.) and... well, they [[IdenticalGrandson look similar.]] Plus OYZ takes place in the Meiji Era and Ouran takes place in the present. Considering Tamaki's half Japanese, theoretically if Kei and Zakuro's kids intermarried with enough humans for the Youkai-ness to wear off over the generations, this could work. (Or, hell, maybe Tamaki has Youkai powers and just doesn't know it yet.)

[[WMG: Haruhi is related to [[LightNovel/BakaToTestToShoukanjuu Hideyoshi]]]]
Not only do they look simalar, they have the same attitude about things. Plus, Hideyoshi is a boy constantly [[CharacterGenderConfusion mistaken for a girl]] despite his protests, who might actually be [[AttractiveBentGender Prettier than his sister]]. Haruhi is a girl who is assumed to be male by most of the school. Basically, we have a trap and a reverse-trap who look identical. They are probably family. Maybe cousins.

[[WMG: Kyouya and [[Eyeshield21 Hiruma]] are long-lost brothers]]
Both are calculating, athletic, tacticians who have notebooks of disaster.

[[WMG: Kyouya ''does'' consider himself and Tamaki to be PlatonicLifePartners.]]
...But he considers himself to be the fiscally responsible, emotionally [[EmotionSuppression stable]] father and ''Tamaki'' to be the emotionally wild [[UpperClassTwit heiress]] mother who provides direct care for the children. If only Tamaki referred to himself as the mommy and Kyouya as the daddy, Kyouya would gladly endorse it.

[[WMG: Ouran takes place in the world of WesternAnimation/ToyStory]]
And that's why Usa-chan blushes, and Yasuchika saw it move on its own.

[[WMG: Kyouya really ''was'' trying to rape Haruhi in episode 8]]
Then he wasn't trying hard...

[[WMG: The reason why Ayanokojini, Tamaki's customer in episode 1, is so nasty is because she has been abused, neglected, and / or bullied]]
When Tamaki takes an interest in Haruhi, it's quite obvious she is very, very, VERY, jealous. Perhaps she is a BrokenBird whose relationship with Tamaki is the closest she has ever gotten to truly loving someone...

[[WMG: Honey is the most well endowed of the group]]
And Tamaki is the least

[[WMG: Kyouya secretly crossdresses as a hobby.]]
Notice in the scene where the entire Host Club dresses in drag in response to the Zuka CLub, Kyouya is the only one whose makeup actually looks good, and could actually somewhat pass for a woman. This seems to indicate he has experience applying womens' makeup and gussying up. He just never partakes in this hobby publicly as he is slightly embarrassed of it and it wouldn't exactly make the Ootori family look good if the youngest son is publicly in drag on a regular basis.

[[WMG: The noble families of the Ouran students create their children artificially using scientific lab technology.]]
The ''only'' two major characters in the ''entire'' show who seem to have ever had mothers are Tamaki and Haruhi (the latter of which is not from a wealthy noble family, and the former of which [[spoiler: is illegitimate]]). None of the mothers of any of the other hosts or their associates are ever seen, even in situations where you'd think they'd be around. Quite possibly they just don't exist. Instead, the kids' fathers had their children specially engineered in labs in the style of ''Literature/BraveNewWorld'', and any genetic resemblances are the result of their fathers' contributing DNA to the projects.
* Other than the fact that the twin's mother is shown in the manga and they even say that the name Hitachiin comes from her side. There is also a chapter about their grandmother.

[[WMG: Kyouya is gay.]]
Goes with the "in love with Tamaki" one up above, but whether he is or not, he's the only one of these healthy teenage boys who shows absolutely no interest in their fawning fangirls unless there's a potential monetary profit for the host club involved. Haruhi is the only girl in the series he ever shows anything resembling interest toward, even that's vague, and she spends most of the series pretending to be a boy. Naturally, given Kyouya's family situation, being gay would be totally unacceptable, so he either hasn't acknowledged it or will never admit to it publically - it's possible, in that light, that Haruhi would be a 'safe' choice of a partner, being technically female but willing to pretend otherwise.

[[WMG: Shirou, the 5th Grader from Episode 6, is a member of the Host Club and attends once a month]]
Do you remember this guy? The piano-playing, brutally honest 5th grader that ends episode six [[KidAnova acting like Hugh Hefner with a bunch of high school girls]]? He probably attends the Host Club once a month. So yeah, once in a while he'll be a host to the ladies.
* This isn't a WMG. It's confirmed in the epilogue. It makes too much sense.

[[WMG: Tamaki is actually a very powerful wizard]]
* He has a magical ability to make hundreds of roses appear behind him from thin air, with not so much as an incantation or spell.
* Any woman will fall in love with him. Even Haruhi. (This is necromancy)
** Haruhi asks herself when she first hears Tamaki's voice why it is so persuading, wondering ''is it wizardry''? The answer is yes.
* He is adept at scrying. ''Tamaki's mind theatre'' is a form of divination.
* In the Alice in Wonderland chapter of the Manga, he is actually a banished wizard, who has the ability to conjure up a griffin familiar. [[http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z379/Isabella_Mustashio/summongriffin_zpse557e0b8.jpg Shown here]] However, in the very next chapter, we see a griffin badge adorning Tamaki's outfit. Coincidence - I THINK NOT. That suggests that the entire Alice in Wonderland incident actually happened, and thus Tamaki's wizard powers transfer into the real world.
* In the final volume when Tamaki does magic for Haruhi, he releases more doves than he could have been possibly carrying around. It is likely he conjured them out of the air, just like roses.
* [[http://s1186.photobucket.com/user/Isabella_Mustashio/media/tamakiisawizard_zps2f9567fa.jpg.html The cover of chapter 68]] shows Tamaki in the middle of unleashing some magic spell from a box.
* Tamaki has inhuman/catlike reflexes that must be somehow magically enhanced. He is able to sulk in the corner with vampiric speed. This is also indicated by the [[http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z379/Isabella_Mustashio/bridge_zps57195542.png bridge maneuvre]] he does, matrix style, to avoid the fork Hikaru lobbed at him.
* He references his true magical power in his character song Guilty Beauty Love:
** ''Even so, it's fair to say I still found a way to cast my spell on you''
* Tamaki is probably related to, or another world's version of [[http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l9u6ti1Nuy1qbvm7io1_500.png Fai D. Flourite]] from Tsubasa Chronicle, considering they are both voiced by Vic Mignogna, are both blondie bishonen that look like they belong in a host club, and of course are both wizards.
** Kaoru also refers to a spell cast on a carriage in several episodes of the anime, cast by Tamaki. Of course, it's a metaphor, but... is ''all'' of it a metaphor?

[[WMG: Benio is actually a man.]]
I have watched this anime about ten times (five times for each the English and Japanese dubs), and I '''still''' think Benio is really a man. I think Benio's mom got herself artificially inseminated when she decided she wanted a child because the Academy, or at least the Zuka Club of which nearly all of them are members, seems to teach pretty hefty misandry, and was disappointed that her baby was male, and so Benio was RaisedAsTheOppositeGender and always registered as a girl. Benio's voice is pretty husky, even lower than most of the the Host Club (Hikaru, Kaoru, Haruhi, and Honey all have varying degrees of higher voices than she does in the English version), so it's somewhat possible. Benio's also always dressing as a man whenever the chance arises, even though Benio and virtually everyone else at the school are supposed to hate men (which of course begs the question of why male characters are even included in their plays). Even outside the plays, Benio is always portrayed as dressing male (such as when the members of the Academy were introducing themselves and talking about the school; Benio was dressed as a man complete with a mustache).

[[WMG: The Zuka Club members are evil witches.]]
They pretty much [[OffscreenTeleportation teleport]] at one point and certainly aren't particularly friendly...

[[WMG: Haruhi doesn't "identify" as anything.]]
She isn't genderqueer, or genderfluid, or agender, or pansexual, or whatever. She's just Haruhi. She marks "female" on medical forms outside of the school, because she is biologically female, and is more concerned with working hard to become a good person and a valuable member of society than what to call herself. She dresses and acts like a boy for the Host Club because it will allow her to pay off her debt, not because she feels more comfortable that way. Putting any label on her is completely contradictory to a major aspect of her personality - namely, she really doesn't care about any of that sort of thing.