[[WMG: The "perfect" girl Trigger talks about in 'Strangers on the Shore' was a real girl]]
He knew and was perhaps romantically interested in. Look how oddly specific he is and and how she really isn't extremely attractive like most peoples "perfect" girls.

[[WMG:Freddie The Frog Was Murdered]]
During the events of ''A Frogs Legacy'' we are introduced to the humorous revelation the Freddie the Frog committed suicide in a spectacularly ridiculous way by sitting on his own detonator; killing both himself and his accomplice Kelly the Jelly. This sat perfectly well until Rock and Chips where we saw just how cool, confident and seasoned professional criminal the man was - not a man stupid enough to blow himself up. Either Freddie threatens to take his son (Rodney) or threatens the Trotter family which leads to Joan murdering him OR Reg finally grows a pair and gets some payback for Freddie sleeping with his wife.
* [[RealLifeWritesThePlot Tragically]], we will never know.

[[WMG: Vinny the Chain was Del's half brother.]]
Sometime after his dad leaves, he heads over to Sicily or meets a Sicilian tourist and impregnates her, only to walk out on her also.
* If that theory were true, it would make Vinny even younger than Rodney, which he clearly isn't. Mind you, that's not to say that he couldn't have gotten a Sicilian pregnant ''before'' he met Joan, or cheated on her in the early days of their marriage.