!!The [[FiveBadBand Four Bad Band]] of Tournament Mode are...
Ian Tavares as the BigBad, Nicoli as TheDragon, Jaqouline as the DarkChick, and Raven as TheBrute.
* Or, if you want to look at it from another angle and assume Jaqouline, Nicoli and Tavares were employees of Kreissack alongside Raven, then...Kreissack, naturally, would be the BigBad and Raven TheDragon; Tavares would be TheEvilGenius; Nicoli, TheBrute; and Jaqouline, the DarkChick.

!!The Nova was downgraded to be just like the other [=HARs=] [[spoiler:following Kreissack's death]].
Because otherwise why would Ian Tavares be using it as the boss of the World Championship tournament? [[spoiler:And also Nicoli and secret character Bethany]].

!!Either Shirro or Ibrahim won the tournament, which is why WAR as a company and a concept still exists but now has more of a sports theme behind the HAR battles.
This would fit better with Shirro's ending in Story Mode, but Ibrahim's motivation is just as likely. Explained in further detail in the points immediately below.
* [[http://www.omf2097.com/#?b=txt/main.htm This guideline site]] provides quite a bit of information that supports this WMG, based on the timeline provided from [[AllThereInTheManual the game's manual]] and [[WordOfGod input from the creators themselves]]. For instance, [[http://www.omf2097.com/#?b=txt/d_win.htm this page]] on the question of who won Ganymede gives the strongest support for the idea that either Shirro or Ibrahim won, and then the two collaborated to orchestrate WAR and the timeline of what we know as Tournament Mode (their respective goals in their endings could conceivably work together, plus in-game they're established as friends).
* Alternatively, the same site provides a link to information from a datacube in fellow Epic Megagames creation ''VideoGame/{{Tyrian}}'' which hints that [[InsufferableGenius Steffan]] won control of Ganymede, though the datacube in question portrays him as a JerkWithAHeartOfGold. The datacube info can be seen [[http://www.omf2097.com/tyrian/tyrian.htm here]]. The site itself acknowledges that it's not certain that the two games share the same continuity and the Steffan datacube could simply be a ShoutOut (but the possibility of a similar continuity isn't ruled out either).
** It's possible that Shirro was the overall winner, but kept Ibrahim and possibly Cossette around due to their experience with HAR design, and assigned Steffan to man Ganymede on WAR's behalf. It's also quite possible that Shirro kept the following people in positions at WAR: Crystal and Christian, due to their father's previous position there; Jean-Paul, due to his brilliance; and Milano, due to his hidden legacy connected to the company WAR used to be under his father's influence.

!!The four PlayerCharacter choices in Tournament Mode are independent individuals in-universe
So therefore, within the context of Tournament Mode's story, the brown-haired man, the CoolShades guy, the blond chick, and the brown-haired girl in the green sweater all exist--it's just that when you, the player, are playing Tournament Mode, you're playing the game from the point of view of one of the four (i.e. when you choose one of them as your avatar).

!!The ''Battlegrounds'' sequel is canon, but not the same way that game portrays it.
('''NOTE:''' All of this is pure {{Fanon}}, as if you really need to be reminded.)
To be specific: the ''Battlegrounds'' that was released to the public is in fact set in an AlternateUniverse where things are different from what happens in ''2097's'' linear continuity. A couple of things from the ''Battlegrounds'' we know do exist in the game's proper inner continuity, however. Examples below:
* The 'bots that got redesigned appearances...didn't. So the Jaguar, Pyros, Chronos, Gargoyle and Katana have the same look in ''Battlegrounds'' that they did in ''2097''. (Alternatively, their original and upgraded models exist side-by-side.)
* The 'bots from ''2097'' that weren't included in ''Battlegrounds'' (Thorn, Shadow, Electra, Shredder, Flail and Nova) are still around, with Force, Mantis and Warlord being mere additions to the HAR roster.
* All the Tournament Mode characters in ''2097'' are still around by the time ''Battlegrounds'' begins, unless dead through whatever means (old age, disease, unnatural means).
* The arenas in ''Battlegrounds'' were already present in ''2097''.