[[WMG: Jess is [[ObfuscatingStupidity Obfuscating Quirky.]]]]
Her quirky personality is only a facade. she really is TheStoic and an EmotionlessGirl.

[[WMG: Jess is [[Film/FiveHundredDaysOfSummer Summer Finn.]]]]
And ''New Girl'' is the StealthSequel/ Spin-Off of 500 days of summer.

[[WMG: New Girl will develop CerebusSyndrome]]
Leaving a character dead, sick, or injured in the process.
[[WMG: Nick has an older brother.]]
Nick mentions his brother having a divorce, and he has several nieces and nephews. In the "Chicago" episode, Nick's younger brother Jamie thinks that brothers have to get married in order until Nick tells him otherwise, then proposes to his girlfriend. Jamie doesn't seem too bright, but it's doubtful that he'd forget being married.
[[WMG: Schmidt is a [[StepfordSmiler Stepford Smiler]]]]

[[WMG: Schmidt and Cece will [[spoiler: get back together]].]]
The season 3 finale seems to hint at this.

[[WMG: Jess and Nick [[spoiler: will get back together]].]]
If not, then what was the whole point of season 3?

[[WMG: The show will end with Jess giving birth to a daughter.]]
Because then Jess would no longer be considered the new girl.

[[WMG: Jess will repeat the pillow dance from the pilot.]]
Either to [[spoiler: get back together with Nick]] or just for fun with him in the [[BookEnds series finale.]] This time, it will be more successful than when she tried it with her ex-boyfriend in the pilot episode.

[[WMG: ''Let's Be Cops'' is a spinoff of ''New Girl.'']]
Nick and Coach change their names and pretend to be cops.

[[WMG: There will be a crossover with ''Bones.'']]
And there will be some reference to how Jess and Bones look similar because the actresses are sisters in real life.

[[WMG: The Elderly Asian Man will not speak until the series finale.]]
Maybe he will sing the show's theme song.