[[WMG: Adam and Jamie sold their souls in exchange for the greatest job ever. Mythbusters is the result.]]
* As punishment for making a Deal with the Devil, once the show stops airing they will relive each episode...as Buster.

[[WMG: Jamie is an unmasked [[http://drmcninja.com/page.php?pageNum=40&issue=2 Dan McNinja]]]]
* He has a moustache of authority. How he's kept from killing Adam all this time, I don't know.
** Obviously, Adam tricked Jamie into [[IGaveMyWord promising not to.]]

[[WMG: Mythbusters is censoring their results.]]
They did find a method of, say, beating a radar detector, or building a death ray. Either they never aired it, or they just made it ''look'' like it didn't work.
* Or breathalyzer exams. Or the Red-Cross-Is-Implanting-You-With-Chips myth. Or the Tesla earthquake generator....
* [[PoisonOakEpilepticTrees So that's what happened to Scottie...]]
** She came back for the super-sized-rocket-car myth.
*** The combined abilities of all Mythbusters could only bring Scottie back for one day. Instead of just sharing their goodbyes the Mythbusters crew decided to do an episode with her, not knowing when (or if) they would see ever see Scottie Chapman again, and only the super-sized-rocket-car myth would suffice.
** If so, why didn't they censor their finding that a security motion sensor can be fooled with a sheet?
* You think they would actually air on a TV show so widely watched and referenced, ways to beat sniffer dogs? All those methods are legit, and they claim they're busted simply to prevent people from doing them.
** Or it could be that the tested methods were so damn obvious, that the police obviously devised counters for them.
* And they actually DID find Jimmy Hoffa.

[[WMG: Scottie Chapman didn't quit, she got fired.]]
* Scottie's "personal reasons" for leaving were that Jamie flipped out and told her to leave after Baghdad Battery, because she was in charge of the second team and she let Kari hook up the cattle fence thingy. Adam was pissed when it happened, but he would have just found a prank to get her back. But it comes up over and over again just how very serious Jamie is about safety, and his temper is legendary.
** Prior to Scottie's return as a team member (not leader) four years later, the only footage after episode 29 where we see Scottie is what was shot prior to her termination (in the rooftop plant experiment which had been going on for weeks).
* Adam stated in an [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAcMqWLBK8U online interview]] that the person behind the Baghdad Battery stunt was a former producer, emphasis on ''former''.
** This producer was probably Peter Rees, the series producer and creator - who left shortly after the incident. Peter is the first person to hug Adam in the 'apology' for the shock, and would have been the person instructing the team on their lines / what he thought would make good TV. His [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Rees_(producer) Other Wiki]] entry references trouble with the cast precipitating his departure. Scottie herself references an unpleasant 'former' producer in this [[http://www.backstagemusician.com/scottiechapman.htm interview]] as one of the main reasons she left.

[[WMG: Jamie Hyneman is [[WMG/SonicTheHedgehog Dr. Robotnik]].]]
Just look at him. And look at his machinery skills. It's ''obvious.''
* Either that, or he's Dr. Robotnik's [[Main/EvilTwin Good Twin]]. After all, he is in much better shape than the Eggman.
** So, wait, he's [[Creator/DavidGonterman Dr. Kintobor?]]
** No no no, he's Dr. Robotnik before "the accident" (which will happen in the series finale, right around the time Sega makes their last Sonic game). Also, all of the Sonic games are in reverse chronological order. Now if you watch Mythbusters in black and white [[Film/{{Memento}} ...]]
* He could be a [[Webcomic/GirlGenius Spark]].
** They are probably both Sparks.
*** There's at least three Sparks -- Jamie, Adam, and Grant.

[[WMG: Adam and Jamie are servants of the Main/{{Masquerade}}.]]
By persuading you to accept Science as the One Truth, people aren't paying attention to the tactics of the Rand Corporation in conjunction with the saucer people under the supervision of the reverse vampires.
* We're through the looking glass here, people.
** That's just what they want you to think - specifically, the ''real'' agents of the Masquerade, so you waste time on a pair of harmless boobs when the Masquerade, which is composed solely of {{Mad Scientist}}s, can perform their experiments while Ignoramus [=McDumbington=] is knocking on the door of Adam and Jamie, screaming "[[Main/ScienceIsBad Sa-i-ance Is Bad]]!", possibly adding "Duhhh..." to the end.

[[WMG: Grant Imahara is a robots civil rights activist from the future]]
Specifically, robosexual rights.
* Even more specifically, the future that Grant is from is ''Manga/YokohamaKaidashiKikou'' where he had ''clearly'' been a successful advocate.
* Or he was sent by [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Skynet]] to win us over with his silly disposition to the machine's "cool" side of silly cat-droids, surfing robots, and explosive hijinks, all while a certain local politician kills John Connor, the person who will keep this fun future down.
** Or he was sent by an alternate Skynet that {{Heel Face Turn}}ed and [[TheAtoner feels guilty]]; it sent him back to make [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friendly_ai friendly AI]] and avert its BigBad incarnation.
* This troper asked on Twitter if this was true, and he replied with "I competed in #Series/BattleBots. That's probably unlikely. ;)". So, a denial from the source.
* While ''Grant'' being a robot civil rights activist from the future, as of the C-4 Microwave myth (October 2009), the "robosexual rights" part may be confirmed... Only Grant is pro-robot John Connor, and ''[[TheMatchmaker Kari]]'' is from the future to influence him.
* Grant is clearly a RidiculouslyHumanRobot sent from the future to warm the public up to the idea of our future robot overlords. All the robots he builds will be soldiers in the robot uprising. When the robots make their move to take over the world, he will spare the other Series/MythBusters because they taught him love. [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Awww.]]\
* Well, the Skynet explanation seems likely because his [[SkeleBot9000 creation, Geoff Peterson]], acts like a Terminator endoskeleton from time to time.

[[WMG: M5 has been out of business ever since the show first aired.]]
[[Main/WordOfGod Jamie himself]] admitted in a tour through the company that the show has more or less fully taken over, with most of the things they used to do (toy prototype design, special effects, etc.) having petered out due to lack of interest from other companies. This indicates that, even considering the explosive use of CG in movies and commercials now, the show's success has caused business to falter dramatically - possibly because potential customers are afraid of disrupting the show's schedule; more likely, they're afraid the show would take priority over ''their'' schedule - essentially shutting out M5 as a special effects business.
* While I'm not disagreeing, I get the impression that it is sort of the opposite: Mythbusters '''saved''' M5. I've read a lot of stories about how cost-effective CGI has put a lot of practical special-effects places out of business, and that same tour you mentioned has a lot of "Now they do this with CGI" comments in it.
** Probably it was a combination of both-the growing prevalence of using CGI, combined with the ever-growing popularity of Mythbusters, meant that most companies who otherwise would have gone to M5 for their special effects chickened out for fear that their project would be playing second banana to Mythbusters. That said, as long as the team has special effects and urban legends to mess with, who's complaining?
** Not to mention that the Mythbusters are starting to branch out from special effects and the show. In Comic-Con 2011, the Mythbusters revealed that they have moonlighted as consultants for many scientific firms and have even helped develop blast-proof armor for the US military. Also, the data for some of their experiments will actually end up being published in scientific papers.

** Jamie Hyneman himself writes on the M5 web page: "M5 is still here, we are pretty well dominated by Mythbusters of the Discovery Channel. We aren't doing special effects any more...M5 is still doing some outside work, but it is mostly R&D."

[[WMG: The show is a front, and M5's real agenda revolves around creating robot zombies.]]
Let's see... Creepy animatronic taxidermied cat for the "fool the guard dog" myth, creepy reanimated snapper from the fish market for shooting fish in a barrel... All signs point to necrotronics.
* They've also devoted considerable time to studying pirates and ninjas, so their ultimate aim may be [[Main/NinjaPirateZombieRobot Ninja Pirate Zombie Robots]].
* Alternatively, they could be making prototype [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Necrons]].

[[WMG: Buster is slowly coming alive as a golem.]]
His recent inner monologue from the show's airplane special is the first indication that Adam and Jamie gave him ''something'' to bring him to life after they rebuilt him. Soon, he shall be fully revived, and as Adam so eloquently put it, "You guys have f* cked with me long enough. It's payback time, and payback's a bitch."
* If they continue using him for at least 100 years, he just might come to life, according to Japanese tradition. If ''combs and needles'' can have souls and come to life, a simulated human crash test dummy surely can.
* Hopefully, Buster is the golem equivalent of a masochist.
* That's why they've rebuilt/replaced him several times...

[[WMG: The show is more scripted than is let on, enough that the Writers' Guild strike shut down production.]]
It's still one of the most popular shows on Discovery, but there have been no new episodes in almost six months (including the entire May sweeps period). Therefore, they must've been left with nothing in the pipeline and had to start over from scratch.
* Well, yeah, that one's plausible. The narration has to be scripted. The opening setups for each myth most likely have to be scripted (this is more noticeable when the build team is involved - Kari and Grant especially are lousy actors). And it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the funny reactions/summations to the ensuing experiments are spliced in after the fact.
* To add to that, almost six months exactly without new episodes. May sweeps=reruns. New episodes=August. '''August.''' Against ''the Olympics'', no less!
* You'd be surprised who would qualify for the Writers' Guild and what little it would take to shut down production. The writing for the narration voice-over enough would do it, and getting a non-union job for it would be dicey, at least from a political standpoint. Hell, the voice himself is probably a member of the Writers' Guild.

[[WMG: Adam Savage is SonicTheHedgehog.]]
After years of VillainDecay on the part of Dr. Robotnik, he and Sonic finally put aside their differences. Robotnik/Jamie still maintains his interest in science and robots, and Sonic/Adam still has his daredevil personality. This is why the main series JumpedTheShark - the "main characters" of the games now are shallow clones of the original Robotnik and Sonic.

[[WMG: Jamie is Theodore Roosevelt.]]
Just look at them/him!!!
* Boy, that must've been one nasty personality extraction, then...

[[WMG: Adam's exaggerations regarding Jamie's age aren't exaggerations at all... Jamie [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld really is that old]].]]
And [[{{Immortality}} immortal]]! It certainly does explain why he seems to have had so many different jobs... and is a rated expert on several of them.
* That explains why he stood in the death ray and didn't die.
* He also hunted mastadons (asked by Adam, confirmed by Jamie), and unless he's a WMG/TimeLord, he'd ''have'' to be practically immortal.
* [[strike:Myth]]WMG [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BrickMakingTurnOfTheCentury.jpg confirmed?]]

[[WMG: Jamie Hyneman is Danny Elfman with a fake goatee.]]
Seriously, look at the two of them, especially when Jamie's got his glasses on.
* ... Do you mean Adam? Adam looks a lot more like Danny Elfman than Jamie does.

[[WMG: Jamie Hyneman is [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche]].]]
Just look at the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Nietzsche187a.jpg resemblance]]!
* So, would that make him the true {{Ubermensch}}?
** Adam is the {{Ubermensch}}. Just check the page. "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"

[[WMG: Jamie is an anthropomorphic walrus in a human suit.]]
During the "Beer Goggles" episode, he found dunking his head in ice water for several seconds "quite enjoyable" (quote his).
* Is Adam the carpenter, then?

[[WMG: Jamie is a human in an anthropomorphic walrus suit.]]
It's not a convincing costume, obviously.

[[WMG: Grant is [[Series/{{Sliders}} an alternate]] [[VideoGame/MegaMan Dr. Light]].]]
"Mallory" and girl!Quinn showed us that people's alternate-universe doubles don't have to be identical to them. This timeline's Dr. Light happens to be a young Asian man with a different name (alias?). That could mean that Buster 4.0 will be Protoman!

[[WMG: Adam & Jamie have the best job in the world.]]
Self evident.

[[WMG: Adam & Jamie have the worst job in the world.]]
Fire bad!
* [[MemeticMutation Am I missing an eyebrow?]]

[[WMG: Camerapeople frequently die on the show]]
The Creator/DiscoveryChannel has a freezer full of clones. Nearly every time there's an explosion on the show, they leave a cameraperson to film it...and die in the process. Afterwards, they thaw a new one and forget it ever happened.
* This also applies to Discovery's survival shows, ''Series/{{Survivorman}}'' and ''Man vs. Wild''. Whenever Les or Bear dies in the process of making an episode, they simply thaw a new Les or a new Bear.
** If any camerapeople object in any way, shape, or form to Discovery's treatment..."Two words: ''Series/DirtyJobs''. And if ''that'' isn't enough, then here's two more words: ''Series/DeadliestCatch''."
* The cameras are on tripods, you guys.
** [tsk] Well, of course they can't give out the ''real'' story, now, could they?
*** Or, y'know, the cameras are on [[Literature/TheWarOfTheWorlds Tripods]], you guys.
* Alternatively, they have just one cameraperson, and that one is a Terminator robot which has been rewired to do camerawork. A T-1000 or T-X for maximum durability, natch. It doesn't sleep, being a robot, so it can cover every Discovery show easily.

[[WMG: Adam and Jamie are the WesternAnimation/SwatKats]]
Because if anyone can make a working fighter jet out of scrap metal, it's Adam and Jamie.
* [[IronMan Tony Stark]] could, ''IN A CAVE! WITH...'' [[MemeticMutation well, you know...]]
* You know, while we're on that subject I'm sure they can [[Anime/YuGiOh5Ds build a working motorcycle out of junk parts multiple times, right?]]

[[WMG: Kari is [[KingdomHearts Kairi]].]]
No real proof, just RuleOfCool.
* So would Tory and Grant be Riku and Sora then?
** And Adam is [[strike:Mansex]] Xemnas!
*** Hello? [[SignificantAnagram Mad-ax]] Savage is Lexaeus!
** The original Buster was a Heartless, the second, cooler-looking Buster was a Nobody, and the most recent Buster (cosmetically similar to the first) is an Unbirth.

[[WMG: The Mythbusters crew are Hunters from ''TabletopGame/TheWorldOfDarkness''.]]
The show and the SFX company is just a front; while it was originally the whole deal, the discovery of the supernatural has led them to form an Series/{{A-Team}}-style band of supernatural-fighting heroes, using the wonders of Science! and Robots! to combat the evils of the night. They even form a FiveManBand! (There was a post somewhere on the Creator/WhiteWolf forums that gave a complete rundown...)
* Okay, I need to see this forum post. It sounds like a good read.

[[WMG: Adam is [[VideoGame/HalfLife Gordon Freeman]].]]
The glasses, hair, and goatee, the cool weapons like the death ray and water taser, the fact that his main skills are supposedly technical but he's good at all sorts of generally useless stuff. He and Jamie obviously get into a teleportation problem in the future. Adam with Jamie's mind goes off to work for Black Mesa and never talks because he didn't learn how without the mustache, and Jamie with Adam's Mind is piling explosive barrels around Combine smoking areas and guardposts.
* What do you mean "goes off to work for Black Mesa"? What do you think the "M" in "M5 Industries" stands for? They change the name in a few years. It's not like they don't ''already'' have multiple warehouses full of MadScientist gear. You wanna know what were the last words heard before the "Resonance Cascade" event? "Jamie want big boom." The G-Man? Buster. (See above entry re: "golem") C'mon, could it be ''any more'' obvious?
** So, when we see a charismatic alcoholic security guard, we should go for the anti combine bunkers?
** Alternately, the Mythbusters crew work at [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} Aperture Science]]. Scotty, after gradually becoming less popular and finally leaving the show entirely, became despondent and allowed herself to be loaded into a supercomputer, put on life support, and now de-ices M5's fuel injectors.
*** All the myths busted on the show are in fact Aperture Science testing out various unusual physics effects they could use in their test courses. The day will soon come when the Mythbusters test a myth about being able to create several-foot-wide, oval-shaped "portals" and find it Confirmed. Cue Cave Johnson telling his research team to start working immediately.
** Impossible. Gordon Freeman never speaks, and Adam Savage never shuts up.
*** [[Machinima/FreemansMind But He never really stops thinking]]
*** To put even further Adam never really thinks, for example "Jamie: Think then build, dont build then think"
*** "..." ['Am I missing a tongue?']
*** No, Gordon Freeman is Jamie in Adam's body.

[[WMG: Mythbusters was created by [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Shinji Ikari]] so that he could view normal, fun science, rather than the cold, destructive science he's seen at NERV.]]
* Mythbusters is not normal science...it's BOOM science.
** How would Shinji know the difference?

[[WMG: M6 was destroyed during an especially flamboyant test.]]
Namely, how many professional flashbulbs does it take to blow up a building?
* Seventeen and a jar of mustard! I mean... The photographer did it! They were his flashbulbs.
** The cameramen did it to get revenge for all their dead comrades killed in earlier seasons. (Tripods! Really!)

[[WMG: Grant is secretly Agent Zero from ''Wolverine: Origins'']]
They look exactly the same. The fact that we rarely see Grant performing GunFu is simply because he doesn't want to get found out.
* One episode has Grant trying to pull off the gun stunts from the ''Film/{{Wanted}}'' movie and failing.
** ObfuscatingStupidity.
[[WMG: Jamie is the Walrus, Adam is the Carpenter, and we are the oysters]]
Jamie is large and has walrus-like whiskers. Adam is a master woodworker. They work together, questioning theoretical scenarios ("If seven maids with seven mops/ Swept it for half a year/ Do you suppose," the Walrus said/ "That they could get it clear?"/ "I doubt it," said the Carpenter/ And shed a bitter tear.). Along the way, they invite us, the viewers (led by three young people who work most closely with them), along on their journey under the pretense of exploring these questions with them. We follow them and watch intently, hooked on their every word and action. The only question is how long until they shamelessly devour us!
** No, the Walrus was clearly [[Music/TheBeatles Paul]]. Or maybe Paul ''was'' the Walrus until he [[PassTheTorch passed the title]] on to Jamie.
*** The Walrus was John, Paul was the Hippo. TheWalrusWasPaul was just John trolling his audience about trying to find hidden messages in their songs. Therefore, Jamie became the Walrus after John died.
* What about seven maids with seven tons of TNT? Let's find out!

[[WMG:Jamie is a Jedi.]]
No, wait, that's ''Fanfic/UndocumentedFeatures.''
* No, that would be Adam. Remember his diet-soda-and-Mentos-saber?

[[WMG: 'Years of Experience' is a codename for a mysterious energy field that is produced by Jamie's Mustache.]]
This explains why Jamie has never been harmed. The times when Adam has been hurt (losing an eyebrow, getting zapped by a model of the Ark of the Covenant) is when he has been outside the field.
* Except that Jamie has been harmed a number of times, most notably in Superhero Hour when he cut his nose with his grappling hook.
** Clearly, the energy field is toroidal. It has a hole right around the moustache that allows his nose to come to harm.

[[WMG:Jamie is Batman]]
He's in amazing shape. He's done a lot of jobs. He can build just about anything if he puts his mind to it. He has good financial backing. No one would suspect him! (The mask hides his moustache.) It all makes sense...

[[WMG:The entire cast died, but was replaced by robotic doppelgangers]]
Consider this; as the show became more popular, things became bigger and more explosive. Sometime after the shift from Scottie to Grant, a stunt went awry, leaving Adam Savage dead; however, Grant built a replica. Similar fates befell Kari and Tory. Eventually, one of the robots that Grant built in his likeness (probably the surfing bot) was used to replace Grant when he himself met an untimely end. As for Jamie, he was always a robot.
* Considering Kari's pregnancy, this WMG leaves a [[BlackComedy bad taste in my mouth]]. 'Course, maybe that's just me...
** Y'know, I wasn't even thinking about that when I first wrote this WMG, and now I've seem to have experienced a FunnyAneurysmMoment. I apologize, and would like to clarify that I was not aiming to do that.
** The theory already involves several beloved people dying in horrible accidents. How does one of them being pregnant make it ''that much'' darker?
*** Don't worry, Grant made a little baby robot too.

[[WMG: The series finale will feature one last shot at JATO Rocket Car]]
You really think they'll let that myth go un finished?
* Jossed: They revisited the myth. Myth Busted

[[WMG: They need to keep busting Buster]]
One time early in the series, when they rebuilt Buster he somehow got some black magic mixed in. Since then, Buster regenerates on his own... and if allowed to completely regenerate, he will be an incredible threat (to the Mythbusters at least, if not all humanity/the world). The [=MythBusters=] crew tried destroying Buster, but he just kept regenerating. Therefore, now they just keep making sure Buster keeps getting blown up/damaged whenever he starts getting too close to 'awakening'.
* Sounds like a job for the Wiki/SCPFoundation.
* Will [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Third Impact]] occur if he is allowed to awaken?

[[WMG: Going along with the previous comments, M5 Industries and the show are both fronts for the Wiki/SCPFoundation.]]
And the crew are SCP personnel. Kari, Grant, and Tory were transferred to full-time posts as researchers, and their leaving the show was a cover for that. Adam and Jamie, however, started the show as mere researchers--but have worked their way up. The show ending after the 2016 season is because ''they are being promoted to O5 rank.''

[[WMG: In return for not airing their IRS special, the Mythbusters do not have to pay taxes, ever. Grant still calculates what those taxes would be every year, just for the mental challenge.]]

[[WMG: Heather Joseph-Witham didn't leave the show; she was devoured by Buster 1.]]

All the subsequent fire/explosion-bearing myths were attempts to purify Buster and free Heather's soul.

[[WMG: Jamie keeps Depleted Uranium in Section Five.]]

He uses it to make ammo for the [[GatlingGood GAU-8]] mounted on the fully-operational [[CoolPlane A-10]] he and Adam built out of scraps and junkyard salvage.
* But is it stored under D or U?
** U, for "Uranium, Depleted". Right between the "Unobtanium" and "Uric Acid"

[[WMG: Buster is [[AnimateInanimateObject sentient]]]]
He is simply [[{{Masquerade}} Masquerading]]. One day, he will get his revenge on Adam and Jamie for all the times he was blown up, set on fire, and entirely mutilated.
* Why do you think they stopped using the original Buster? One day, he rose up, but was defeated by Grant's robot minions, and never rebuilt again. This new Buster, on the other hand, is less damaged and newer, so his attempt may be a success (especially if he teams up with [[NightmareFuel what's left of Meatman]]...)

[[WMG: In the future, Grant will build a female robot]]
He even admitted to it when he is tested for a functioning polygraph.
* ...A [[Manga/{{Chobits}} Persocom]]?

[[WMG: Jessi Combs is Kari's daughter from the future]]
After all who more appropriate to replace her?

[[WMG: "Jamie Hyneman" is a [[Film/ThePrincessBride Dread Pirate Roberts]]-style position]]
Adam honestly believes in Jamie's ExpansionPackPast, because like Roberts' crew he was led to believe that all the Jamies (or Hynemen, if you will) are one amazingly experienced person.

[[WMG: Adam is a descendant or other relative of Franchise/DocSavage]]
He's got the name, the smarts, and the hair. While he might be a direct descendant, the familial connection is likely more distant - perhaps cousin Pat's branch of the family?

[[WMG: Jessie Combs is WebVideo/{{MarzGurl}} in a blonde wig]]
Just listen to her talk and tell me that's not Marz Gurl.

[[WMG: Mythtern Christine was booted because she ''wouldn't'' put her body on the line.]]
Once she wimped out on the Plywood Builder zip-line, that was all she wrote.
* She's an intern, which is defined as "someone who works in a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment." It's no surprise she wasn't permanent.

[[WMG: A [=Mythbusters/=]Series/DirtyJobs crossover is coming.]]
Just you wait!
* And it will be ''epic''. If it all [[Series/DeadliestCatch takes place on some certain boats in the Bering Sea]]...
** ...Grant will build a [[GiantEnemyCrab giant robot crab]]. [[DoomyDoomsOfDoom OF DOOM]].

[[WMG: the Mythbusters are bribing the CSI:LV writers and are using it as a advertising plug.]]
* It all started when Adam and Jamie paid the CSI writers to set up a cameo for them in 'Theory of Everything'. Since the writers were reprimanded badly and getting backlash for having Grissom and Sarah leave they needed good inspiration for the next season. Hence the Mythbusters came into the picture, and are funding the CSI writers and allowing them to use their myths for the [[MonsterOfTheWeek Murder of the week]]. The Myths seen in CSI are 'Water Safe-Crack', 'Frog Giggin' and 'Don't Drive Angry' (in name only), to name a few.

[[WMG: The Mythbusters, and the Discovery channel as a whole, are a front for an evil organization.]]
* Think about it. Experiments involving unconventional weapons and how to make them? Check. Experiments on various ways to kill people and what has to happen for them to die? Check. Lots of explosives? Check. They've been doing Mythbusters for so long now that if they ordered a massive amount of explosives right now, no one would bat an eyelash. They've been building up a reputation as people that do a show, when really the motive is to be able to safely procure explosives and find out some data as well. Similarly, the survivor-style shows are to find out effective ways to survive in the wild, and food sources, etc. for when they somehow revert everything to junglelands and only they have technology. It's all an evil ploy!
* Let's just hope [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Grant doesn't get older, have a son with Kari, build an elaborate underground base, then let Kari get eaten by one of the giant cyborg monstrosities he's built to defend the Earth from the eldritch horrors created by Jamie Hyneman's shadowy cult.]]

[[WMG: Adam and Jamie are [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 The Pyro(s).]]]]
(copied from [[WMG/TeamFortress2 TF2 WMG]])\\
Adam is already a Pyro. He required no convincing to sign up for the job, and approaches it with child-like glee and enthusiasm. However, he didn't anticipate that no one would ever be able to understand him, and he's been driven (more) insane from loneliness. Jamie required more convincing to accept the job, but he's quite good at it. He, unlike Adam, was naturally suited to being a Pyro, and he excels at it. He spends his time thinking and coming up with creative and painful ways to kill his opponents using their surroundings. W+ M1 are Adam, and more skilled Pyros are Jamie.
* Also, Kari is the Engineer's daughter. Compare [[http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4114/4821513048_5279b9f40e_b.jpg Kari]] and [[http://i48.tinypic.com/244r78l.png Engineer.]]
* There's only one problem. Pyro is a girl.
** [[AmbiguousGender If you choose to believe such.]]

[[WMG: All of the Mythbusters are Tropers.]]
Give me a reason why I shouldn't believe this.
* I wouldn't be surprised.

[[WMG: Adam is an avatar of LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya.]]
Two reasons:
* [[WMG/GrandUnifyingGuesses somebody has to be]], and
* "[[RealityWarper I reject your reality and substitute my own!]]"

[[WMG: Possible explanation for the Thermite/Ice test]]
The "thermal shock" that was demonstrated in the Lava Lamp episode taken UpToEleven

[[WMG: The BeatingLieDetectors myth was done wrong.]]
* You were supposed to think TRUTHFUL thoughts when lying.
* As we have seen on ''Series/{{QI}}'', you need to clench your sphincter at all times when in a lie detector.

[[WMG: The Mythbusters are secretly Super Villains]]
Either they're retired or building up their next phase, but they're not active. These myths all help them confirm they can gather the resources they need, and everyone seems to fill a role in the FiveBadBand. (Well, except TheBrute)

(Tori doesn't do enough dumb things to equate to the brute?)

Also, Jamie is clearly the immortal BigBad

[[WMG: Adam has a restraining order with the build team.]]
That's why the two teams never have a build together anymore. How '''''else''''' would Adam know the average Restraining Order distance, unless he had one himself?
* And he got it after the prank involving the replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

[[WMG: The episode with President Barack Obama will have ''Liberal Explosions''.]]
* That's a large number of explosions or explosions with a distinctly leftward political lean, not exploding liberals.

[[WMG: Buster the Dummy is a reincarnation of [[ThoseWackyNazis Joseph]] [[NightmareFuel Mengele]].]]
* KarmaHoudini for him? Oh, I don't think so...

[[WMG: Jamie Is Cthulhu.]]
* When they put their hands to their mouth they aren't signing for Walrus, which would be tusks, they are signing for Cthulhu.
** I'm pretty certain they're actually mocking his walrus mustache... Besides, Jamie doesn't quite have the feel of an EldritchAbomination going for him.

[[WMG: The Mythbusters are readying the world for an alien invasion or other form of global resistance movement]]
* Watching a couple of seasons of Mythbusters will teach you how to make lethal weapons with non obvious objects, the amount of explosives to perform any number of sabotage operations and several over skills ideal for helping the common man do his part in fighting against a superior military force.
* This was confirmed by Grant during his call-in as part of Desert Bus for Hope 5. Or at least that the Mythbusters are prepared.

[[WMG: At some point the Mythbusters will end up building a mecha.]]
* Let's face it, if anyone is going to build one it's them.

[[WMG: Adam is a RealityWarper]]
* His famous line/quote "I reject your reality and substitute my own!" was meant literally. He just did what he said. Fortunately he is either very benevolent RealityWarper or Series/MythBusters were created to keep him entertained, not unlike SOS Brigade in LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya.

[[WMG: Jamie is a retired [[VideoGame/{{Hitman}} Agent 47]].]]

Think about it.
* Jamie is bald. His mustache could be only recently grown. His rather fat figure could be explained as him gaining weight after years off contracts.
* He's skilled with explosives, and even displays a love with them.[[note]]Jamie wants big boom.[[/note]] He's also rather good with firearms.
* He's stoic, especially in the early seasons, where he never even snickered.
* He's a survival expert, meaning he's adaptable, and can make good use of the environment around him. 47 is famous for being able to pull off "accidents".
* He knows Russian, and has a degree in linguistics. Now, consider that 47 does his missions alone, and his missions often take him to various places across the world. And sometimes he has to talk to people.
* His past is vague. He ran away from home at 14, then hitchhiked across the U.S, according to him. A 14 years old, able to fend for himself, and even grew into a well-known scientist, without any support from his parents? [[BadLiar You will have to try better than that, Jamie.]]
** It's possible this is an allusion to his running away from Dr. Ort-Meyer.
* His "thirty years of special effects experience". It could very well be a DeadlyEuphemism for a career of professional assassination, what with special effects often involving firearms and explosives and StuffBlowingUp as well.
* He is much of a BloodKnight, always being interested in dangerous myths. He once sat on a small inflated boat actively luring SHARKS towards him. Maybe he's trying to relive the good parts of his career.
* He's the only one in the show who was shown to be capable of directly hurting others, even with safety measures and all. He once struck Adam in the torso with a baseball bat while the latter was wearing a football uniform, offering high protection. Adam still felt the blow, hard. After years of always using full force when hitting people, I guess 47'd have some troubles trying to limit his strength in non-combat situations.
* He could dodge a handgun bullet fired at him at medium range. Adam could, too, but while Adam's evasion showed fear and panic, Jamie's was calm and beautiful, Matrix-style.
* Jamie has always showed concern for the safety of his coworkers. Now, consider that 47's entire career was based on the concept of killing a certain person, without harming innocents. After having gone through such a career, of course he'd have developed a sense of preservation for innocents lives.
* After one of the producers caused Adam to be shocked by the Baghdad Battery, he was fired. Yeah,[[DeadlyEuphemism "fired"]]. [[SarcasmMode I believe you.]]
** If this one is true, then it'd make Jamie's comment about "I wasn't a money counter. I was a hitman." in the "Phone Book Friction" episode an awesome case of SarcasticConfession.

[[WMG: Jamie is [[Music/TheBeatles the walrus]] AND [[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog the Eggman]].]]

[[WMG: Buster AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence]]
* After all when he hit that wall during the final episode there was a mysterious flash of light and they NeverFoundTheBody. The whole disintegration thing was a cover up while the "Busterpieces"given to the Build Team were fakes.
** And after all the times he was destroyed he had a lot of anger, that he took out on [[WebVideo/CarBoys two boys]] that just wanted to to play with some cars...