[[WMG: The Rainbow is an unmanned [[Series/DoctorWho TARDIS]]]]

It makes perfect sense! One of the Time Lords was experimenting with a new kind of TARDIS. He built a remote control which would operate it. He did this hoping to merge his original TARDIS with this one in order to hide from the other Time Lords, because no one would ever thiink to look for him inside a rainbow! But he was killed by the Doctor before he could complete his work, and right when he was just about to test it. The handheld controller he made for it was lost and the prototype Rainbow TARDIS was left open. The last known setting he had put it on was set for Ponyland.

[[WMG: Dream Valley used to be just like Mordor.]]

Hear me out on this one. The current, SugarBowl niceness of Dream Valley is actually a relatively recent change made by the ponies, themselves. Predating that, the various [[EvilOverlord evil overlords]], demons, and other borderline EldritchAbomination monstrousities were in complete control. In fact, them and their empires ''were'' the population. The primary source of sports and reaction were constant wars of EvilVersusEvil. [[ButForMeItWasTuesday They usually held them on Tuesdays]].

So this is why the ponies have to deal with so many villains all the time.

[[WMG: Taking the above a little further: Ponyland ''is'' Mordor!]]

According to Hydia, the matiarch of the witches of gloom mountain, the sugary-sweet goodness that is modern Ponyland is a fairly recent development brought on by the ponies. Given how many {{Eldritch Abomination}}s and other horrors hide under the surface, that makes perfect sense. The setting used to be a place where evil overlords ruled the land for centuries. Thus, we can conclude that Dream Valley was built over the site of ruined Mordor. The ponies migrated from wherever they lived originally, needed a plot of land to call their own, bought Mordor cheap from the Gondorians, and settled. I defy anyone to come up with a better explanation.

[[WMG: Megan is at fault for all the evil roaming Ponyland, but not intentionally.]]

Each time she or one of the ponies passes through the dimensional rift between present day Earth and Ponyland, it allows dark creatures to cross into Ponyland. NiceJobBreakingItHero.
* So where did Tirac come from? Firefly only crossed the rift for help to stop him.

[[WMG: The Dream Valley of ''My Little Pony 'n' Friends'' exists in an alternate dimension than the Dream Valley in the ''MyLittlePonyTVSpecials'' within TheMultiverse]]


[[WMG: All the segments take place in the same world. Just different parts of it.]]

Despite what that one song might tell you, it is ''not'' a small world after all. If the pony, glo friends, moondreamers, and potato head kids were all just in different places on the same map, it would certainly explain a lot.

[[WMG: Ponyland and Dream Valley are an especially weird part of the World of [[Literature/Redwall Redwall]].]]
Just because "Bright Lights" showed anthropomorphic rats and mice and Katrina in "Escape from Katrina" is an anthropomorphic cat. Oh, and at least in the Redwall cartoon, the size of the horses fits. That doesn't prove anything, but hey, why not?

[[WMG: The Rainbow doesn't lead to another dimension, just another planet. And it's named [[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983 Eternia]].]]
In one episode of filmations He-Man cartoon, a space shuttle reached Eternia by flying through a rainbow coloured wormhole. Additionally Marlenas ship is called Rainbow Explorer. And every MotU-cartoon so far (except for New Adventures) had anthropomorphic cats.

[[WMG: The rainbow leads through space and time and Ponyland is a future, terraformed [[WesternAnimation/Bravestarr NewTexas]].]]
Do I have to explain that?

[[WMG: Knight Shade's father is a Little Pony.]]
It explains why he is much smaller and overall doesn't look much like his mother or other horses from Bright Valley.