[[WMG: The mouse is [[Literature/TheGreenMile Mr. Jingles]]]]
It's obvious the mouse in this movie is not only smarter than the average mouse, but also very old; much older than a real life mouse can live. The house came into Mr. Smuntz posession years before the events of the movie, and the mouse had already driven out the previous owner by that time. ''The Green Mile'' is set in 1932, this movie in at least the 1970's, and the epilogue of the Green Mile in the 1990's. That leaves enough time for mr. Jingles to have ended up in the house after the events from the Green Mile, lived there for several years, eventually fighting and then befriending the Smuntz brothers in the 1970's, before making his way back to Paul Edgecomb in the 1990's.
* I love this, make it canon.
** To do that you would have to own both ''The Green Mile'' and ''Mouse Hunt'', but you can make it fanon.
* Well, it could a relative (brother? son?) of Mr. Jingles, and the old house their family home. Maybe this mouse was just watching it on behalf of his kindred.