[[WMG:[[SatanIsGood The Master of the Hellish Yard is Good]]]]
In ''Judgment of Corruption'', the Master of the Hellish Yard appears to be a reasonable judge, akin more to Anubis than Satan. She only damns him when disgusted by his absolute greed.

In ''Capriccio Farce'', she agrees with the plot to damn all of humanity. Perhaps she crossed the DespairEventHorizon, and developed the belief that HumansAreBastards?

* This troper personally thinks she's a bit ObliviouslyEvil. She seems likely to be the type who means well but lets her temper get the better of her.

* When I first heard the song, it seemed odd that the Satan equivalent would be able to keep him out of hell. But then it occured to me that his sin was greed. Giving away all the money he'd done so much to get his hands on would represent (in a ''very'' simple way) him realizing his soul is more important than money... although it ''still'' seems like a bribe.

[[WMG:''Red Shoe Parade'' chronicles the tale of four revolutionaries of Lucifenia.]]
The group was made of two Lucifenians, an Elphegorian, and a distant descendant of Elluka. Their "divine justice" was to supposedly overthrow Rillianne, the Daughter of Evil. The "thieves" that they raped, pillaged and burned were supposedly the "one percenters" of Lucifenia, those few who somehow profited from Rillianne's tyranny. But their motives became hollow, and eventually they were just killing innocents who looked at them funny, making them no better, if not worse, than Rillianne. They were arrested and executed because, hey, [[EvenEvilHasStandards even Rillianne has standards]].

[[WMG: mothy is the SpearCounterpart to Creator/{{CLAMP}}.]]
CLAMP writes dark stories with confusing, connecting plotlines and strange, dark themes; ''so does mothy''. mothy's works are stereotypically masculine (violence, sex, hot girls, etc.) and CLAMP's works are stereotypically feminine (romantic, happy/bittersweet endings, hot guys, etc.), both have some sort of fetish for [[YuriFan homoe]][[YaoiFangirl roticism]], both like to thoroughly [[MindScrew mess with their fandom's collective minds]]...it makes sense when you think about it. This also makes Michaela and Clarith the [[DistaffCounterpart distaff counterparts]] to [[Manga/CardCaptorSakura Yukito and Touya]]. Oh, and Elluka Clockworker is a counterpart to [[Manga/XxxHolic Yuuko Ichihara]] and she's not really immortal, Kiriru froze her in time like Clow did to Yuuko.
* This theory [[HilariousInHindsight hilariously]] gains some of weight now that we know that [[spoiler: Elluka indeed died, and Kirill did, in a way, wish her BackFromTheDead]] although the way of going at it was not quite the same as described.

[[WMG:Rillianne and Allen are two [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Dovahkiin]].]]
It's been said that the dov are proud and ambitious creatures, right? Makes sense that a Dovahkiin, who inherits a similar type of ambition, would be a benefactor for the deadly sin of Pride. When Allen was executed, Rillianne unwittingly absorbed his soul[[note]]since Dovahkiin can absorb dragon souls, they should be able to absorb the souls of other Dovahkiin[[/note]], which is why Allen appeared to Clarith when she was about to kill Rillianne.

Also, since dovahhe are timeless creatures, they naturally have the ability to wait for thousands of years (like when Paarthurnax waited for Alduin's return). Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Rillianne waited her entire life for Allen's response, and never gave up on him?

[[WMG:Allen will not have the chance to become the Master of the Heavenly Yard.]]
Considering that there's already a Master of the Hellish Yard, it's very unlikely that no counterpart exists. Sooner or later, the real God will find out the Clockwork Doll's plan, and [[UnstoppableRage won't be very happy about it]]. S/he'll eventually sabotage the plan, and either [[PetTheDog finally set Allen free]] or [[MoralEventHorizon destroy him along with the Clockwork Doll]].
* To tie together mothy and ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' a bit more: Allen might not become the Master, but he will become its avatar, much like Martin Septim became Akatosh's avatar at the end of ''Oblivion''.

[[WMG: The Rin from Clockwork Lullaby 1 and Wordplay is the orginal Master of the Heavenly Yard.]]
And Allen is her successor. She first lerned words by watching the world she created (wind, water, mother, love, ect) and what they done with it (Lies, pain, punishment, evil, ect). Her song healing Allen is her giving the position to him. Alternatively, the person teaching her is Tmothy instead of her.

[[WMG:The response at the end of Kept Waiting For A Response is from Allen]]
Though the character being represented by Len claims to have written it himself the night before he gave it to Rillianne, Allen was also represented by Len. It's possible Allen reincarnated into this child or else his ghost subtly influenced him, letting his reply reach his sister and let her know he forgave her.
* The part about it being Allen's ghost makes more sense, as his ghost had influenced others before (Clarith to not kill Riliane and Germaine to stop being angry at her) and judging from the evidence reincarnation in Evillious takes hundreds of years. So, does this make Allen a "[[IncrediblyLamePun ghost writer]]"?

[[WMG: The Sin Vessels (the sword, the glass, etc.) are like [[Franchise/HarryPotter Horcruxes]]]]
They can't be destroyed by normal means. It explains why they still exist [[MoeAnthropomorphism (sorta)]] in ''Capriccio Farce'' even though they should have been destroyed when the angry mob burned down Gallerian's house in ''Little Garden Girl.''[[note]]During the latter song, the Clockwork Doll mentions them being in Gallerian's possession and laughing at her.[[/note]]

[[WMG: Gear and Gammon will become Evillious' YaoiGuys]]
...[[DefensiveWhat What?]] It's possible! Mothy ''did'' surprise all of us with [[TokenYuriGirls Clarith and Michaela]] and there's some considerable LesYay in his works (Elluka and Gumilia, the songs with [[SelfCest two Rins]], the Clockwork Doll (probably) calling Ma "my dear Sorceress of Time" etc.). It all depends on whether or not he's as okay with yaoi as he is with yuri ([[YuriFan or perhaps almost as]]). That being said, these two seem like the likeliest candidates and if they do get together then thousands of [[YaoiFangirl shippers]] will be screaming with joy.

[[WMG: Irina Clockworker is/will be the Wrath Sinner]]
It's only natural to assume that Elluka's sister in law, one of the main antagonists through almost six hundred years of the chronicles, will bear Satan's sin. Since she can also change bodies, it's not too much of a stretch to think she would take control of a Gumi character and commit the sin. That would make the Master Of The Hellish Yard vs Sorceress of Time a BookEnds of sorts, with Elluka and Irina fighting to decide Evilious' future.

Alternatively, Irina may BE a Gumi character... She currently has no canon Vocaloid counterpart.
** Iroha has been confirmed as Irina's counterpart.

[[WMG: Michaela died near Eve Moonlit's abandoned house]]
This one really has no basis except that in the PV for "Moonlit Bear" you can see a well near the house. A well that could end up being the spot where Michaela died in Elphegort.
To take it even further, Michaela is an old forest spirit who might've seen Eve Moonlit when she was alive. You see/hear plenty of birds around in the song, and it wouldn't have been difficult for Michaela to remember her and think of her later when she wanted a human body. So she chose one like Eve Moonlit's.
* The latter part is confirmed! As such, you may be onto something with the first one...

[[WMG:Desert Bluebird is the outcome of the entire Evillious Chronicles.]]
They combine all seven sins, and the Gardener is right in that "there will be nothing". Apocalypse happens and everyone dies except the twins.
** ''(different poster expanding on this theory)'' The old woman in the song is Elluka, who became TheAtoner after destroying the world and created the Bluebird, setting it free in the hopes that someone would be able to fix her mistakes.

[[WMG: Just as something special happens when the Sins are reunited, something is supposed to happen when the hosts die.]]
My theory is that the Seven Deadly Sins are working toward some goal that can be accomplished by the following method: 1. find and possess/contract with a human host 2. induce the host to commit the 'epitome' of that sin 3. ensure that the host dies, as a direct result of the sin or at least while still possessed. This has to happen for all the sins. Now, of the six sins whose epitomes have occurred, this has happened for almost all of them - the exception is Kayo Sudou, the only one who doesn't die in the song but ALSO the only one who didn't repent. I'd say if she died it would still count. So only Wrath left to go and then we're home free!

At least that's how it appears if you only listen to the SDS series.

Because then Servant of Evil happened.

Enter Allen Avadonia, the lost prince. He is proud, stubborn, sarcastic, touchy, and antisocial - but he is also selfless and loyal and brave and loving. Loving enough that he is willing to do anything to protect his sister. Which throws a monkey wrench into the Sins' plan because it is going to be very hard to find an 'epitome of ''Superbia'' ' better than starting a war that destroys three countries out of vanity and spite. Everything was going perfectly, and then Allen, all unknowing, decided to save his big sister's life. The {{Twin Switch}} he pulled meant Riliane lived, and more importantly, she lived ''to repent''. She changed, got over her pride, and moved on. And so if she dies it won't count. Probably Clarith's murder attempt, as well as being Wrath, was also a last-ditch effort to finish Vanity while Riliane was still eligible... but Allen screwed that up too. All that happened was that both girls were able to let go, and the Sins couldn't get to them anymore.

All of which basically means Allen is even more awesome than we thought. And he's going to make a really, really good Master of the Heavenly Yard. Because...

[[WMG: The Master of the Heavenly Yard is going to get rid of the Sins for good.]]
Or at least frustrate their purpose, whatever it is. (He will also write a boat-load of songs about them. cf. RE_Birthday '...''aku to iu kotoba/Bokura wa sorera wo uta e to kae you.'' ')

Allen/Irregular will be perfect for the job; after all, he's already done it twice as a mortal who had no clue what he was doing! (well, once as a mortal, once as a ghost. Whatever.) With the power of mothy who knows what he can do?

[[WMG: Gammon Octo's curse...]]
Is that women are all over him, just like with Venomania. Why is this a curse? Because Gammon is actually [[StraightGay gay]] and sick of women throwing themselves at him, so he wants to use the Venom Sword to either lift the curse or at least reverse it so that men ([[{{Shipping}} specifically Gear]]) throw themselves at him instead.
* Or Gammon simplely wanting a normal relationship, frienship, or just be able to interact with woman without them all over him from magic. Also jelous men popping up from their wives swooning over some guy that [[StrongFamilyResemblance suspiciously]] [[IdenticalGrandson looks like]] the man known for seducing and kidnapping women. [[NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat Not that there is anything wrong with you're theory.]]
** ...Well, my theory was a joke, but okay!

[[WMG: Gammon Octo's curse isn't from Venomania...]]
Since my previous theory was a joke, I guess I'll tell you all my ''real'' theory. Gammon's curse isn't from Venomania, it's from Elluka. She was the one who got pregnant with him, and after his birth she realized that a baby would hinder her quest, so she [[DoorstepBaby placed him on the doorstep of a loving couple with a note saying that his name is "Gammon Octo" and asking to take good care of him]]. Gammon inherited two things from Elluka: immortality and magic. He already knew about the latter, and his [[DreamingOfThingsToCome "purple dream"]] ability may have helped his foster family more than once. However, he didn't notice the immortality until [[ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty he turned 20]]. And turned 20 again. And again. And again. [[AndIMustScream And again]]. [[WhoWantsToLiveForever and a hundred years later,]] [[TearJerker after all of his family members have passed on,]] ''[[WhoWantsToLiveForever he's still 20]]''. After learning about his bloodline and Venomania he ends up convinced that Venomania is at fault and began a quest to find the Venom Sword and use it to cure him of his immortality. He ends up in the forest and you know the rest. This is also why the Waitress helped spare his life; Elluka recognized him and persuaded the Waitress into saving him.

[[WMG: The purpose of the Ma project]]
Is to bring the Master of the Heavenly Yard to Earth. Why they want this isn't clear; perhaps in order to directly confront the vessels of sin? [[ForScience For science?]] To see if they could? Meta's pregnancy is described as being the "seed(s) of God"- which can be taken literally. The scientists attempted to create their own god- maybe even by destroying the previous one. As a result, this "Master" of the Heavenly Yard is split into two. An unstable god, leading to the decidedly [[CreepyTwins creepy]] Hansel and Gretel. The scientists involved will never live to see the success of their experiment in [[spoiler: Allen's (who will finally be revealed as a reincarnation of Hansel) rebirth as Irregular.]] [[note]] Ney Futapie is confirmed as Gretel's reincarnation, leaving Hansel unaccounted for in the timeframe of the Story of Evil. It's been speculated but not confirmed that Allen is the reincarnated Hansel.[[/note]]
* So ''that's'' what "Ma" stands for... "Master". And it makes you wonder what Elluka's trying to do by using the name "Ma"...
** Elluka's use of it is made clear to be short for [[StevenUlyssesPerhero MA Gician]] but she definitely could have gotten the idea from the Ma project, or perhaps it's just a coincidence within universe, but not outside of it.
* Partially confirmed by the latest album's booklet! [[spoiler: aparently "Ma" is the name given to Ancient Levianta's rulers, since the queen, Maria Moonlit saw the end of Evillious by sin, and the Ma Project is basically creating offspring from God to counter the Sins with "Ma" as the mother.]]

[[WMG: Seven Deadly Sins will never end]]
* Well, based on the song Lu Li La, The Resounding Song, the wrath is too big to be contained that it stays as forest. And because of that, bad endings happened a lot. The last song from all the related chronology would be Dessert Bluebird. The casts of Cappricio Farce failed to contain the last sin, creating apocalypse instead.

[[WMG: Lord Venomania's charm has effect in our world]]
Really,there is an entry of misaimed fandom about him,and nobody but me thought of that?
* So it's a TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou situation? Makes sense...

[[WMG: The singer of Playing with Words and Full Moon Laboratory is an alternate-universe Gretel]]
In that timeline, Meta did not rescue Hansel and Gretel from the laboratory. Gretel develops the ability to see into other universes, specifically the one where Meta escaped with the twins and the Seven Sins were created. ''Playing with Words'' refers to what she learned growing up at the laboratory. Sample lyrics from the song itself:

* ''I knew the word called "Mother"'' -- Refers to Meta
* ''I remembered the word called "Father"'' -- Unknown, possibly Seth
* ''I knew the word called "Wind"'' -- The Vessel/Sin of Sloth
* ''I remembered the word called "Water"'' -- The Vessel/Sin of Envy since its original manifestation was a spring
* ''I knew the word called "Together"'' -- Gretel's relationship with her brother
* ''I remembered the word called "Dreams"'' -- The Gardener's purple dream ability, or her own ability to "dream" of other universes
* ''"Lies/Pain/Crime/Punishment/Evil"'' -- The bad things that happened in the other Sin-tainted universe.
* ''"Yet, what words shall I use when you cast me aside?"'' -- There will be no more use for Hansel and Gretel once they have fulfilled their duties as Masters of the Heavenly Yard (what that duty is, I don't know)

In ''Full Moon Laboratory,'' Gretel has grown up a little, and she is actively participating in the laboratory's experiments. What exactly she's doing, I don't know either.

[[WMG: The link between "Blood-Stained Switch" and Evillious Chronicles]]
Is the drug used to treat the singer's personality disorder. It's [[spoiler: the brainwashing drug "Venom" used by Adam on Eve.]] In the walls of text briefly seen in the video, the phrases "clockwork medicine" "adam" and "marry-go-round" are seen...

[[WMG: IR of Blood-Stained Switch in relation to Elluka and Irina]]
According to what I read on the other Wiki somewhere, IR splits into Elluka and Irina sometime after the song. Irina is the Clockworker's sister. This troper's thoughts? Irina was adopted.

Or another, considering that so many of the characters are reincarnated, the Irina and Elluka that were created from the split IR were reincarnated and Irina is really the Clockworker's blood sibling. Just a thought.

[[WMG: In 'Kept waiting for a response...']]
Riliane, or as she calls helself as a nun, Rin, told about the letter fully remembering that Allen, who she wrote it for, wasn't alive even back when she wrote it. Her intention was to let the orphans find out about her past, so they can get to know her... and if they can, forgive her. Since one of them gave her a fake response, she knew at least one boy forgave her for all the killing and everything, that's why she thanks him.

[[WMG: Ok so time for the silly crossover WMG.]]
Madame Merry Go Round is said to be what will happen to the Clockwork Doll, right? But what exactly IS the "Queen of the Amusement Park?" Well, she's, of course, a Witch, ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' style. The Clockwork Doll wished for her father's Utopia to come true, and when it did, it destroyed the whole world... this wasn't what she wanted, so she fell into despair.

[[WMG: The girl in 'White Brick & Black Mourning Dress' is about one of the orphans in 'Kept Waiting for a Response' after Riliane died]]
Think about it. She's in mourning because the nun who served as her surrogate mother, as well as her biological parents, have died.
* And the mirror where she sees the boy is actually one of the four mirrors of Lucifenia?

[[WMG: Banica reincarnated into [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Kyouko]] as punishment for her sins.]]
Think about it.
* Both are ObsessedWithFood(Kyouko to a far lesser degree, but ''everyone'' is obsessed with food to a lesser degree than Conchita.)
* Kyouko's backstory is almost a reversal of Banica's. Her father was a priest, she almost starved to death, and her father killed her mother. Banica's father was an atheist, she was [[AbusiveParents force-fed as a child]], and her mother killed her father.
* It's oddly easy to see Kyouko's life as an IronicHell. Almost starving to death(that one [[BigEater really]] [[VillainousGlutton doesn't need to be explained]]); killing EldritchAbominations(Banica's [[DealWithTheDevil deal with the demon of Gluttony]] may have caused it to take her form after that, it's very unclear); and [[spoiler: having the same of murder-suicide with a [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair blue-haired]] [[LesYay loved one]], only Kyouko's is far more like what Carlos tried to attempt.]]
* Aside from the [[RedEyesTakeWarning obvious physical similarity]], Kyouko's MagicalGirl outfit has a collar a lot like the one on Conchita's dress.

[[WMG: Hansel and Gretel are not both good.]]
Just because they (and their reincarnations throughout the Chronicles) are the human incarnations of two all powerful dragon gods doesn't make them automatically good. Gretel is the one who killed [[spoiler:Eve Moonlit]], resulting in the finding of the Original Sin. [[EvilTwin Riliane]] is the one who was named heir of Lucifenia, leading to the events of Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil. The twins are also conveniently color coded - [[RedOniBlueOni frequently red is associated with characters played by Ren, and blue with those played by Len]].

* Actually, [[AxCrazy Ney Futapie]] is the incarnation of [[SelfmadeOrphan Gretel]], not Rilliane. She killed her birth mother [[EvilMatriarch Prim Marlon]] and her foster mother, Mariam. But while we're here, let's not forget another incarnation, though, Arte, who helped kill Ron Grapple and helped cook Joseph/[[spoiler:Carlos]] Marlon when he wanted to leave [[ImAHumanitarian Banica's]] service after her meals became more and more disturbing. Also, just because Len's characters are associated with blue, doesn't automatically make him good. [[SelfmadeOrphan Hansel]] killed [[spoiler:Adam Moonlit]]. Pollo helped Arte kill Ron and Joseph/[[spoiler:Carlos]]. And then, of course, we have Lemy, who killed many people under the orders of Julia Abelard/[[spoiler:Irina using [[GrandTheftMe Germaine's]] body]]. On that note, I'd say neither of them are good.

[[WMG: Sickle, The Bat]]
Ok, so now we have Sickle, the [[spoiler:fourth confirmed god]] in Evillious. And he takes the form of a bat. Sickle is Batman. And since Michaela first took the form of a particular bird, she's Robin. This, of course, is in an alternate universe. And Irina is Catwoman. Held would probably end up being the commissioner, and Elluka the commissioner's daughter. Who is Batgirl. Think about it. It so works. It works somehow.
* And Levia and Behemo, [[spoiler:we might as well say Hansel and Gretel]], are Joker and Harley Quinn. And actually, Held might really be Alfred, not the commissioner. Michaela is Robin, anyway, not Batgirl.

[[WMG: [[MagnificentBastard Gallerian]] has the Vessel of Wrath]]
No I don't mean he is that particular sinner. I watched the PV and noticed that we didn't see his other arm when he met The Master of the Hellish Yard so I'm assuming he just grabbed when he made run for it.

[[WMG: Wrath will be about [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent a werewolf]].]]
Someone brought it up in the comments [[http://theevilliouschronicles.wikia.com/wiki/Wrath here]].
-->'''Misstress of the heavenly yard:''' Wrath, full moon, instable, shape shifting...I smell werewolf.