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[[WMG: mothy is the SpearCounterpart to Creator/{{CLAMP}}.]]
CLAMP writes dark stories with confusing, connecting plotlines and strange, dark themes; ''so does mothy''. mothy's works are stereotypically masculine (violence, sex, hot girls, etc.) and CLAMP's works are stereotypically feminine (romantic, happy/bittersweet endings, hot guys, etc.), both have some sort of fetish for [[YuriFan homoe]][[YaoiFangirl roticism]], both like to thoroughly [[MindScrew mess with their fandom's collective minds]] makes sense when you think about it. This also makes Michaela and Clarith the [[DistaffCounterpart distaff counterparts]] to [[Manga/CardCaptorSakura Yukito and Touya]]. Oh, and Elluka Clockworker is a counterpart to [[Manga/XxxHolic Yuuko Ichihara]] and she's not really immortal, Kiriru froze her in time like Clow did to Yuuko.
* This theory [[HilariousInHindsight hilariously]] gains some of weight now that we know that [[spoiler: Elluka indeed died, and Kirill did, in a way, wish her BackFromTheDead]] although the way of going at it was not quite the same as described.