[[WMG: Clay did actually love Orel]]
It's just that he was too insane to act upon it.
** Clay acted upon it in the only way he knew how to love. Which was warped and insane in itself, the way young Clay's eye lit up when he was about to get hit in the face.
[[WMG:Orel was an angel.]]
He however cant remember it. Orel the angel screwed up royally and got punished by god with being reborn as a mere mortal.
He loves to go to church because it's the only way he can be closest to heaven and god.
It's also why in episode "Grounded" Orel even after several electroshocks comes back to the living world. God didn't want him back.

[[WMG:Angela's death is her ThanatosGambit.]]
She knew that it is end of her life now that her heart is weak due from too much alcohol and smoking. That's why she allowed Clay to see the photos of his unborn siblings, and uses his fake suicide to kill herself.

[[WMG:Clay is TheAntichrist.]]
He goes into trouble from the moment he killed his own mother by his fake death to insulting his father so that he can be slapped. What else is that he shot his own son, Orel, so that he can hate him. All of Moralton hates Clay because he will cause the end of the world with his beliefs.

[[WMG:Orel has been in coma all along in season 3.]]
The episode "Grounded" takes place before "Nature part 1", right? Therefore, the events of Clay shooting him and the rest of season 3 happens to be a dream.

[[WMG: Orel would have had a worse adolescence and adulthood if the show continued]]
As is stated both here on the main article and on Wiki/ThatOtherWiki Moral Oral's happy ending was the product of a forced GeckoEnding by the Executives of Creator/AdultSwim. So It can be assumed that if Moral Oral was allowed to continue for a possible 4th and 5th season Oral's remaining childhood would have gotten [[FromBadToWorse increasingly worse]].
Since the Deconstructionist humor was on what seemed to be a increasing Slippery Slope along the SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism regardless of what WordOfGod had said about Oral getting darker and yet growing as a person. Nothing would stop Orals creator from making things more and more miserable for his lead character and his universe. If oral didnt become just like his father the viewers would have either seen Oral become a miserable homeless drunken strung out wreck or some Evangelion type FateWorseThanDeath like some paranormal force of wrath or brutal justice killing everyone in town leaving only Oral alive a hollow insane shell.
** The happy ending wasn't the part that was forced, it was the abruptness of it. The creators have stated that Oral still would have gotten his happy ending.
[[WMG:Clay Puppington is the BigBad of the entire series all along, not Ms. Censordoll.]]
Maybe she's just a scapegoat to confuse the audience. He even allowed her to control him into shooting Orel and losing respect for him as his plan. Remember the part where she tried to become the new Mayor? It turns out he planned it confuse Orel. When she quits, she just did it so that Clay would keep his position as BigBad.

[[WMG:The BigBad is {{Satan}}.]]
Isn't Satan the Big Bad of all of Christianity?
* Or the BigBad is [[GodIsEvil God]], and the world in the show is exactly as His word dictates ours should be.

[[WMG:Everyone is TheAntichrist except for Orel.]]
And even the people who are nice to him.

[[WMG: Clay has a SplitPersonality.]]
He created a good personality to dissociate himself from the childhood he has. This personality is shown in "Help", but the original personality took over when Clay is introduced to alcoholism. After Bloberta punches him, the good personality takes over again to marry her, but the bad personality takes over the time after the marriage. When Orel is born, the good personality took over this time to teach him the bad things he has done. However, it comes to an end in "Nature" part 1 and 2 when Clay drinks too much alcohol that would result in the original personality to become dominant permanently.

[[WMG: Oral and his brother(s) were put into foster care after the events of "Nature"]]
Shapey and/or Blocky's bizarre behavior got the attention of child protective services who sent over a social worker to investigate. After Oral told the social worker about his hunting trip with his Dad, the Puppingtons soon lost custody and the boys were put with a more competent foster family. That's why adult Oral is so well adjusted.

[[WMG: Clay orchestrated Orel to hate him for a reason.]]
* Yes, precisely so that Orel would grow up to be just like him. And that's no WMG, it's pretty much canon.
** while Clay did make his son hate him it's for Oral to hate him so much he would always fight back giving Clay the abuse indused attention he wants.
[[WMG:Clay tries to become like Jesus.]]

[[WMG: Nurse Bendy is Dr. Claire Saunders in an alternate universe.]]

[[WMG: Orel's son is named Bartholomew.]]

[[WMG: Oral and his brother(s) will be taken by Child Protective Service after the series finaly and adopted by Stephanie and her father]]
When Stephanie finaly hears what happens at his house (proably from Orel at work), she called CPS who then sent over a social worker to investigate. After Oral told the social worker about his hunting trip with his Dad, the Puppingtons soon lost custody and the boys were adopted by the closest thing to a loving/competent adult. That's why adult Oral is so well adjusted.
* Alternate option: They go to Clay's father, if he's still alive by then. Yes, the AbortedArc would have his death, but the key word is 'Aborted'. Since it didn't happen, it's possible Grandpa Puppington would live on, at least until Orel reaches his majority.

[[WMG: The picture on Orel's wall in the DistantFuture is of ''Christina's'' parents, not Orel's.]]
Seriously, I think I'm the only one that remembers that her parents look exactly like his. And while it does shed a darker light on Orel, there could be other reasons; that Clay and Bloberta cut themselves out of Orel's lives, that Orel converted to Christina's form of Christianity (which could explain the previous), or that, yes, Orel cut them out of his life. And honestly? I wouldn't blame him one bit. I wouldn't want MY hypothetical kids around someone like them.
* Some evidence seems to exist that Christina's parents were actually worse than Orel's, so it doesn't seem likely that the picture is of them.

[[WMG: The creators intentionally made Season 3 [[GoneHorriblyRight so dark it would get cancelled]] so that the show would go out on a high note.]]
* They don't have anything against the show, they just wanted it to end as one of Creator/AdultSwim's best shows, [[SeasonalRot so that it ends before it turns out like]] ''WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce'' or ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken''.
** Considering how not long after the creator moved on to WesternAnimation/MaryShelleysFrankenhole, possible at least.
*** By design, Moral Orel couldn't turn out like Aqua Teen or Robot Chicken, in the sense that only the very forgiving or very perverse end up liking them after several seasons, if that's what is meant by the apparent consensus by tropers that those two shows have fallen into seasonal rot. AT and RC are focused on comedy and eschew continuity, whereas Moral Orel, from Season 3 onward, was more drama than comedy and EXTREMELY focused on continuity. If it had continued, it probably would've been even better. It was supposed to last five seasons, and its name would eventually change from Moral Orel to Moralton as it became focused on the town overall and not just Orel. If seasonal rot were to happen, it would be because of different reasons that AT or RC, and I think that Dino Stamatopolous would take special care to make sure that nothing like that happened. It was cancelled simply because the Ms. Sculptham scenes from "Alone" were too disturbing for Keith Crawford, Mike Lazzo, and Nick Weidenfeld to handle without humor to soften the impact, and they were afraid of Dino making it more disturbing. How you can get much more disturbing than the events of that episode, I have no idea, however.

[[WMG: Moralton is Purgatory.]]
* It just happens that Orel and Christina are the only ones who are able to ascend to Heaven.
** I don't know, I think Shapey and Block would too. They're seven and bratty, but things can change as they grow up.
** Also, would that make Reverend Putty or Stephanie [[Series/LifeOnMars2006 Gene]] [[Series/AshesToAshes Hunt?]]

[[WMG:Clay wasn't really Gay or Bi. Or even all that sexual.]]
Yes, he was genuinely sincere in his need and love for Stopframe, but it was purely emotional and not sexual for him, which was not the same for the coach. When you think about it, Clay isn't really a sexual creature outside of the episodes where he does roleplay with the other family and hires prostitutes from Orel. All his 'serious' relationships are just pure emotional obsession and attachment to another figure, less about sex and more about desperately trying to fill the need for parental affection in him. Clay is shown being lavished with attention in his early childhood by his mother before her death and taking desperate actions whenever he wanted his Father's. Bloberta roped him into a quick marriage by manipulating him into thinking he needed her and that she could provide him with love that he so craved. It's even implied later on that he's developed an OedipusComplex. Coach Stopframe's level of obsession with Clay reminded him of his mother's obsession. What Clay wanted most was to find someone who would practically worship him, even if it meant leading someone on that he had no real sexual attraction to. Stopframe and Clay's relationship was just an another example of how manipulative and uncaring of other's Clay is. 'Nesting' supports this very well, due to all the VERY Freudian imagery in Clay's head and Censordoll easily manipulating him as a mother-figure.

[[WMG: A few more theories....]]
* Orel has autism, hence his childlike, unquestioning faith, gullibility, and tendency to take things at face value and frequently misinterpret what he's told, with hilarious and even chilling results. His grandfather was the only one who ever recognized he isn't stupid, the boy just ''learns'' a little differently. Not having responsible adults around to help put things in proper perspective for Orel can't help matters.
* Joe's deep-voiced "sister" is actually his father, a pre-op transsexual, and his aged, senile "father" is really his grandfather. When "she" says, "I'm not your mother", "she" is only telling half the story. He fathered Joe as a teenager with an equally as young, and maybe a bit ditsy (though far from around-the-bend childlike, that came later) Nurse Bendy. Later he realized he was a woman trapped in a man's body and broke it off with Bendy ,which may have precipitated her madness. His father soon forgot who his son really is, this being about the time Alzheimer's set in. In effect, he became his own "sister", raising his "nephew" and doting on his aging, incontinent "grandfather" as penance.
* Likewise, Doughy's "parents" are really dead, and he was left in the custody of his eighteen-year-old dumb JerkJock brother and DumbBlonde girlfriend, later wife. Hence why they barely act like he exists and look and talk like a couple of high-school kids.

[[WMG: Orel succeeds Rev. Putty as reverend of the church.]]
Dino imagined that Orel would stay in Moralton to make it a better place, and where better than at the pulpit?