[[WMG: Modelland is the story of what would happen to the real world if we really did let supermodels run everything.]]
* It isn't pretty.

[[WMG: Lizzie is Ci~L.]]
* They both have red hair. Ci~L disappears about the time Lizzie is sent to the mental hospital from hell. They both seem to pop up whenever it's convenient. Ci~L can shape-shift and teleport (and she has the power of [=ThirtyNever=], which means she will never look older than twenty-nine years old). Ci~L seems to have an unusual fondness for Tookie. Ci~L [[spoiler: dug up the bodies of her dead friends and paraded them through town]] and Lizzie is supposedly crazy. They both seem to hate Zarpessa. And we don't know much about either of their backgrounds.

[[WMG: Lizzie is Exodus.]]
* Because why not.

[[WMG: The [=LeGizzards=] will stage a revolution and overthrow the [=SansColorian=] kingdom.]]

[[WMG: Myrracle will end up in Modelland in the next book.]]
* Assuming the next book even comes out. (They never did show her being kicked out after [[spoiler: she and her mother break into Modelland toward the end of the book.]])

[[WMG: Tookie will be SuetifulAllAlong.]]
* Because [[spoiler: why else would her name have been on the list of Intoxibella candidates? Also, she finds a SMIZE ''twice'', and she's basically Ci~L's pet.]]

[[WMG: Tookie has the power of Teleportaling.]]
* She's not really sleepwalking. Also, maybe she teleported to the different countries and that's how she learned every language in the world.

[[WMG: Tookie is a Triple Seven and can do Chameeleoné without even trying.]]
* And for some reason, she took the form of a "Forgetta-Girl" when she came into puberty (possibly so she wouldn't have to compete with Myrracle) and couldn't control her powers well enough to change back into whatever form she took before that. That would be a way to facilitate the "Beautiful All Along" plot as easily as possible, while giving Tookie a way out of having to deal with being unconventionally pretty in a world that strictly values conventional beauty.
** The book does say she got slightly prettier around the "Man Attack" challenge. It could be her relearning how to transform back from a Forgetta-Girl.

[[WMG: Tookie is only half-siblings with Myrracle.]]
* Her mother is shown to be a cheater. Both of her parents clearly favor Myrracle. Tookie probably just reminds them of their dirty little secret and that's why they don't pay much attention to her. They're hoping people will follow their example and ignore her (and not ask about why one of their daughters resembles nobody in their family).

[[WMG: Tookie is related to Ci~L.]]
* Why else would she take such a random interest in her? That also means that [[spoiler: Tookie is related to the deposed Belladonna]]. This would also explain why she was chosen to go to Modelland.

[[WMG: Tookie is full-sisters with Myrracle.]]
* And they will both be Triple Sevens because that sort of thing is genetic.

[[WMG: The SMIZE is a Golden Snitch sort of object.]]
* From Lady Momus's liveblog: "The SMIZE is like a Golden Snitch: it records the first person who touches it. Wearing it does nothing. That's why Tookie was chosen, even though we've been repeatedly told that she's unattractive. She was the first to touch it, therefore, it's hers."

[[WMG: Literature/{{Modelland}} takes place in a Dystopia that is worse than it looks.]]
* Evidence:
** The cultures in Modelland have broken down to the point where they're not really cultures anymore, but crude stereotypes.
** There are countries like Canne Del Abra, that only export one type of product. They must not have the resources to export more, otherwise they would.
** Metopia's economy depends on industrial slavery.
** Everybody's number one goal is to become a model. Maybe it's because they have no resources to do anything else but walk around and look pretty.

[[WMG: The faculty at Modelland rule the entire world and they are tyrants.]]

[[WMG: Everyone will find out that Zarpessa lost all her money.]]
* And she will be redeemed.

[[WMG: Either Zarpessa or Tookie is related to the rich baroness who ran the Ponzi scheme.]]
* Because it seems that in this book, if it gets mentioned, it's important.

[[WMG: Ci~L is the rich baroness who ran the Ponzi scheme.]]
* She can shape-shift and teleport, and she disappears around the same time as the baroness. Maybe she did it as some sort of rebellion against their fashion-obsessed world.

[[WMG: Hunchy killed Piper's Father]]
* Piper says that her father was killed by LeGizzards and Hunchy seems to know who she is and what she smells like. It's the only reason he would know her since the SansColorians and LeGizzards don't seem to be on speaking terms.

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