[[WMG: The charter inside the Laplace Box is a fake]]
It contains the definition of what a Newtype is ''before Zeon Deikun conceived them''. Seems kinda suspicious to me...
* {{Jossed}}. It refers to ''spacenoids'', not Newtypes.

[[WMG: Syam Vist does not know where the Laplace box is and the Unicorn can't lead anyone to it.]]
When he finds the box floating in space, his own ship was destroyed and he only has his backpack for oxygen supply. The only other ship we see around the station's remains, which could recover him in time is a proto-Salamis Cruiser. Ergo the ship's crew recovered him and the box and handed it over to the Federation which surviving leaders decided to hide it. Syam managed to avoid prison or execution and is the only outsider alive who ever knew about the box. The Unicorn Gundam can not lead to Laplace box, it's purpose is to scare the people who know where the box is to expose themselves so it can be found.

[[WMG: Full Frontal ''is'' Char]]
Although the novels indicate that Frontal was indeed a clone of the original Red Comet, OVA 6 has made it a lot more ambiguous. Count the fact that [[ShutUpHannibal Mineva declared]] that he was ''not'' the Char she remembered, AND his continuous talks of sacrificing oneself to become a vessel for the ideologies of spacenoids (which was in loose reference to [[http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e240/NewtypeS3/Gundam%20Fun/SUBTLE.jpg this bit]] in ''CharsCounterattack''), and it probably makes sense...

[[WMG: Banagher will finish off full frontal...]]
By ramming his mobile suits cockpit with the unicorns horn.