[[WMG:Megan Fox is an [[{{Series/Dollhouse}} Active]].]]
For clarification, Actives are people (volunteers, "[[AnOfferYouCantRefuse volunteers]]," or former mental illness patients) whose minds have been wiped and who can be "imprinted" with any personality and hired out for jobs.
* I don't know about the Active thing, but I always pegged her for a cyborg created to control the male race with her unreal hotness. And some women too...
** Doesn't quite work. Why would you ever (Active, cyborg, or what-have-you) waste [[MsFanservice that body]] by imprinting it with [[BrutalHonesty that personality]]?
[[WMG:Megan Fox did film scenes [[Film/TransformersDarkOfTheMoon for the third film]].]]
* Prior to quitting the film series, she was spotted on the film's set with Bumblebee's car, thus making it possible she filmed scenes for the third film.
** While it's true she WAS on the set, that was just for principal photography, she quit or got fired before filming began.
[[WMG:Megan Fox will be the next Marilyn Monroe.]]
Just ''think'' about it.
* I think you mean Shannen Doherty.
** Oh, ''shit.'' [[FateWorseThanDeath Which is worse?]]
* Marilyn Monroe was concerned that people didn't take her seriously so she went to acting school. Megan Fox has only yet to bitch about people not taking her seriously and then do more roles that nobody can take her seriously in. When Megan decides to go to acting school, then maybe this will work.

[[WMG:Megan Fox produces a pheremone that makes 30% of the population violently hate her]]
It explains why she's TheScrappy despite only being a mediocre actress in a few movies that weren't good anyway.
* This sounds oddly like what happened [[{{Series/Firefly}} on Miranda]]. I am disturbed.
* It's probably less about pheremones, and more about the HollywoodHypeMachine forcing her on us as the new "it girl".