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[[WMG:This iteration of the mushroom kingdom was the world "rebuilt" in ''VideoGame/Mother3''.]]

Midbus's pigmask insignia serves to suggest he is a Chimera

[[WMG:The [[EldritchAbomination Dark Star]] is a Star Sprite modified by [[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiPartnersInTime Shroobs.]]]]

I just saw this on the Mario wiki. Makes an odd sort of sense.

[[WMG: The final battle took place in Bowser's heart]]

It's a very minor note and there's no evidence to say so, but it does make sense considering the [[WombLevel theme]] of the game.

[[WMG: The broken red pipe led to Plack Beach or Bumpsy Plains.]]
It seems logical because those are the only major areas that don't have a pipe leading to them in-game and there aren't many other places for the pipe to go. The only question is where the other red pipe is.

[[WMG: One of the pipes leading to Blubble Lake was originally going to go to Plack Beach or Bumpsy Plains.]]

But it was changed at some point in development, likely because of how large Blubble Lake is and how small the other two areas are by comparison.
[[WMG: The Junker boss is a prototype that was in the trash because of how glitchy it was]]
The Junker robot is an early model of a robot (Likely a Jailgoon, Mechawful, or a Dark Mechawful), or a new robot that was cancelled altogether, that was discarded because of how uncontrollable it is and/or because newer versions were developed, but Midbus liked it and gave it a trash can as armor because it was thrown away before it could get real armor. The Junker Cans are just regular trash cans, but are controlled by the enemies inside it. The Junker Cans that don't have any enemies in them are actual robots that were confused with trash cans, hence the garbage inside them, or they were given trash to make them more like real garbage cans. It's also possible that the Junker Cans were part of some automated trash disposal service and were in the trash either dropping off garbage or because they were thrown away.