[[WMG: The MOTHER-related thing Shigesato Itoi has been teasing is...]]
Taking all bets; [[WordOfGod he has said that]] [[{{Jossed}} it is not Mother 4]].

[[WMG: If there ever was to be a fourth game, the protagonist would be a girl]]
Maybe the Chosen Four of the prophecy wasn't about Ness, Jeff, Poo, and Paula, but instead, was of Ninten, Ness, Lucas, and the next character.
* Ninten Ness Lucas... and female players? The series has had direct interaction before.
** [[VideoGame/MOTHER4 Jossed.]] The new (fan-made) protagonist is a boy named Travis.
** Not Jossed. ''VideoGame/{{Mother 4}}'' is a fangame. We're talking official here.