[[WMG: Kenzi will betray Bo]]
That's why [[spoiler:the rune glass]] failed, folks! (JOSSED)
* According to the Druid, it did what it was supposed to do: it marked Bo for pick-up and transport by the Wanderer.
[[WMG: Kenzie is changing]]
After whatever happened to her at the Norns, she suddenly manifest powers next season. After an episode or two of enjoying it, she will begin to change more. Bo will have to try to cure her, which Kenzie will not want to happen.
* Alternate possibility: Kenzi's fate is now bound to the [[spoiler:Staff of Righteousness]] and she will be forced to take it up again at some point.
[[WMG: Aifie is dead.]]
* Her actor wouldn't come back!
** {{Jossed}}
[[WMG: The Morrighan fed on Vex at some point in his backstory]]
Episode 3 of Season 3 revealed he actually has an artistic side beneath his {{Jerkass}} exterior, and he admits that he used to be a better man. The Slenderman-expy revealed that it ''is'' possible for Fae to feed on other Fae, so who's to say The Morrighan didn't burn him out somewhat and twist him into the guy we know now?
[[WMG: Bo will be feeding off of Tamsin while still persuing a relationship with Lauren]]
* Since Tamsin gave her such a huge kick-start last time. That'll probably be because her chi works well with Bo's.
* Ultimately averted.
[[WMG: Sanctuary is in the same Universe as Lost Girl]]
* "Galvo" was just a persona Trick used while investigating the rise in abnornmals during Season 4 as a possible masquerade violation. Coming with that of course is the WMG that abnormals are all underfae.
[[WMG:Tamsin is in love with Bo]]
* That's the "weirdness" that Bo felt when feeding off of her.
[[WMG: Alternatively, Tamsin sucks the chi out of dead or dying warriors, killing them in the process]]
* That's the strange taste Bo had when feeding off of her; second hand chi.
** Almost all Fae feed off humans, and most do it by sucking Chi.
[[WMG: The mysterious Wanderer is Bo's father]]
* [[spoiler: confirmed in 'Those Who Wander' (3x12)]]
** [[spoiler: Jossed. It turns out he isn't her father after all.]]
* There's also the possibility that he is Odin, since Tamsin appears to be working for him and she's a Valkyrie. Also Aife mentioned that he was enormously powerful, including being able to resurrect the dead.
** [[spoiler:Apparently confirmed in 4x09, what with having two ravens working for him, fae named Hugin and Munin... Also, Odin's a wanderer, a shamanic type.]]
*** [[spoiler: One of Odin's names is Wanderer.]]
[[WMG: Bo will save Tamsin's life...]]
* ... And that will bind them together through something like a life debt since Bo is Tamsin's target.
[[WMG: Kenzi's past consists of her living as a Russian sex slave]]
* [[{{Series/Nikita}} Named Irina who is sneaked into the U.S. on a container ship and later freed by one Alexandra Udinov.]]
[[WMG: Massimo is the Morrigan's son, and Lauren's brother]]
* [[spoiler:The former is confirmed in 4x12. The later has been Jossed.]]
[[WMG: The mask the Una Mens have in 4x01 marked "Human Terrorist" is for [[spoiler:Lauren's brother.]]]]
* Left unanswered, [[spoiler:the Una Mens are all killed with no answer.]]