[[WMG: Pepé Le Pew is actually from Quebec, not France]]
Skunks are native to North America, but are unheard of in Europe outside of zoos. The name "skunk" is even a native American loan word. So where in North America are there skunks and people who speak French? Quebec. This also explains why everybody speaks in broken French, many people in Quebec are bilingual, and speak a form of French that heavily borrows from English.
* Pepé moved from Quebec to France at some point in his life. Unfortunately for Pepe, he is the only skunk in Paris, and thus is forced to make his moves on female black cats with white paint stripes on their backs.

[[WMG: The baby Elmer from "Buddy's Day Out" is Elmer Fudd as an infant.]]
It's a guess.

[[WMG: It is rabbit season.]]
And no one else dares to hunt Bugs because they've all been through what Elmer is experiencing now.

[[WMG: Elmer Fudd's father locked him in a basement with a hunting rifle and his pet rabbit.]]
Similar to what happened to Sabretooth from the X-men Elmer's dad 'made a man out of him' by locking him in the basement with his pet bunny and not letting him out until he killed it for their supper.This explains why even though he is shown as an avid hunter with a taste for rabbit meat he has his breakdowns when he believes he has killed Bugs....he's reliving his childhood trauma.
** Who ''are'' you? And have you had your medication today???!!!

[[WMG: All the Looney Toons are hallucinatory manifestations of repressed aspects of Elmer Fudd's mind.]]
This explains much of the surreality of the adventures that occur around him.

Elmer Fudd is clearly an orderly individual; thus, in most of his encounters, he has to deal with the repressed chaotic aspects of his nature. And they ''always win''.

* But he doesn't encounter all the looney tunes, just WesternAnimation/BugsBunny, WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck, Yosemite Sam, and Sylvester (and Sylvester really isn't that chaotic. Neither is Marvin.

The occasional crossdressing only helps the argument.

[[WMG: Wile E. Coyote is in [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory Purgatory]].]]
Naturally. He's doomed to chase the Road Runner over and over, neither of them tiring nor abandoning the game. All his efforts are ineffective at best and fatal to him at worst. Even when they're fatal, he comes back to life. And he never gives up and never runs out of funds for ACME equipment. He's just like Sisyphus.
* ACME stands for A Company Manufacturing Endlessness.
* Most of that could be said for Sylvester, so maybe Sylvester is also [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory in Purgatory]]
** ALL the Looney Tunes are in Hell/Purgatory.
*** Elmer: killed countless animals (or [[FridgeHorror people?]]) in life, and is now subject to constant torment by the very creatures he killed
*** Daffy: schemed and cheated his way through life and is doomed to endless frustration
*** Penelope: a cruel FemmeFatale who drove men insane by breaking their hearts, lying to them about her identity and essentially wearing a mask of falsehood. She's now forced to wear her falsehood in the form of white paint and get crushed to death by her AbhorrentAdmirer. The only way out is to learn to love him, which she seems to have done in recent years.
*** Porky: in the old cartoons he got kicked around a lot, but not so much anymore. Now he's usually Daffy's smarter sidekick. Meaning, of course, that he finally got out of Purgatory and now serves as Daffy's GuardianEntity.
*** Marvin the Martian: a former NASA employee whose cost cutting methods cost many astronauts their lives. Doomed to forever attempt to blow up the Earth. (Due to it all being a purgatory induced hallucination, Earth is actually quite safe.)
*** Rocky and Mugsy: two gangsters killed in a shoot out. They will spend eternity trying to commit crimes that they will never get away with.
*** Tasmanian Devil: trapped in an IronicHell due to the gluttony he indulged in in life. He is forever hungry and never satisfied.
*** Ralph Wolf: In life he was a slacker who was too lazy to do a good job of anything. Now he's in a job where he can never succeed no matter how hard he tries.
*** Bugs Bunny: the Rabbit himself. He's Satan! He's the one who tries, tests and torments many of the other characters. However, he gets beaten down a few times, or just goes crazy from the insanity he's surrounded by. (Satan is being punished too.) [[Series/BlackAdder After all, everyone knows carrots are the Devil's favorite fruit!]]
** Which means that [[WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures Buster and Babs]] are [[Literature/TheScrewtapeLetters junior tempters.]]
* Jossed. The Devil exists in the Looney Tunes universe and none of the characters are in hell. See "Devil's Feud Cake" and "Satan's Waitin".
** The Devil in the Looney Tunes cartoons is just another toon, the soul of a self-aggrandizing Richelieu-type priest whose politicking hurt thousands, now condemned to cause the same suffering he did in life but no longer able to keep his hands clean. All visions of Hell and Heaven seen in Looney Tunes cartoons are just the same Purgatory hallucinations.
** In fact, the universe of the Looney Tunes (including its fake Heaven and Hell, populated by the souls of sinners whose worst punishment would be a sucky afterlife) is the Hell/Purgatory of another universe -- specifically, WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic. Ponies who do not practice the Elements of Harmony are punished by being sent to a place with nothing but backstabbing, constant murder attempts, and CarnivoreConfusion. This only seems strange to us because we got our view of their universe's Hell over a half-century before we saw its Earth.

[[WMG: Wile E. Coyote is a test subject in experiments run by [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GlaDOS]].]]
''Welcome to the ACME Science Enrichment Centre...'' Like Chell, he must hone his technical expertise to survive a series of potentially fatal scenarios using the technology given to him. Whenever he fails, he returns unharmed to try another. Unless another braintaped clone is used. ''The bird is a lie.''
* ACME Science Enrich-- Wouldn't that be ACMESEC for short?
* There's even one cartoon where Wile E. gets a chemistry set, which at one point allows him to create blue goop that makes him bounce all over the place when he covers himself in it. In other words, Repulsion Gel.

[[WMG: All the anthropomorphic animal characters are time-displaced relatives of the [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Maximials and Predacons]].]]
When sent back to 1930s Earth, they decided to go into acting rather than fight, aside from Bugs Bunny's (or rather, "Bugsimus Prime's") stint in the Marines. Their {{Hammerspace}} ability is a replacement for their lost transformation ability. They can't transform, but they do periodically get [[ArtShift reformatted]]. Mel Blanc was well aware of this but went along with the {{Masquerade}}.

Sylvester is the [[TheChewToy Waspinator]] of the group. Wile E. is [[VideoGame/MegaMan Dr. Wily]] (see below), which puts him closer to Starscream.

* To take this further, they are all from Stasis Pods from the Axalon that went active in the 1930s. None of them are fighting because, with nobody around to put in a shell program ''or'' repair their damaged memory banks, they reverted to animalistic personalities. Nevertheless, some basic Maximal goodness remains. They can't transform because of all the radiation the pods were subjected to over the years; thus, they are permanently in a half-transformed state, which is why they are all on two legs and such.
* Alternatively, they're in modified animal mode but can't transform into robot mode because the "onboard computers" (mentioned in WesternAnimation/BeastMachines) that handle transforming were damaged beyond repair by the ravages of time by the time they all went active. They don't even know that they ''can'' transform.
** Some remnants remain, like when Daffy switches from humanoid arms to bird wings.

[[WMG: Michigan J. Frog was sent to Earth by God to [[TheScourgeOfGod punish the corrupt.]]]]
Think about it. He survives for decades, even centuries, at a time in building cornerstones without food, water, or even air, only to pop out singing cheerily to the next poor sap who opens the box. The frog's entire purpose is to teach life lessons to the corrupt who would attempt to make money off a singing frog. If a person were to find the frog and keep him as a pet, content to have such a talented animal in their home, then he would happily sing for them and their friends.
* Pity Creator/TheWB didn't realize this.
* This BEGS and SCREAMS truth to me.

[[WMG: Lola Bunny cannot use the toon force.]]
In other words, her universe hates her. That's part of why Bugs had to save her from being crushed. (By extension, the Monstars were capable of exploiting loopholes in the toon force to seriously injure the Tune Squad; Lola would've been put out of commission even if she could use the toon force.)
** Likewise, Sniffles the mouse, being a lot less toony than other Looney Tunes characters, was seriously injured when he was crushed.

[[WMG: Wile E. Coyote is a [[VideoGame/MegaMan robot master]]]]
Based off the theory of the anthros being [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Maximals and Predacons]] and Mega Man having a [[{{Transformers}} spark]]. Since the WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes verse, the Transformers verse, and the [=MegaMan=] verse are all connected, Wile E. is a robot master.

[[WMG:Bugs Bunny Wears the [[Toys/{{Bionicle}} Kanohi Calix]]]]
Since the {{Transformers}} verse, the LoonyTunes verse, The Mega Man verse and the Toys/{{Bionicle}} verse are all conected, Bugs Bunny wears the Mask of Fate from Bionicle.

[[WMG: Ralph Wolf is Wile E. Coyote's brother-in-law.]]
No real reason, just RuleOfCool.

Ralph's got that whole "just doing my completely boring job" thing going on, aside from his job being to get caught and beaten by Sam Sheepdog. It's likely that he has a perfectly normal family, except for that roadrunner-obsessed oddball MadScientist his wife invites every Thanksgiving. The reason he's so content with his job at the sheep pasture is that he knows it could be so much worse. They're close enough cartoon species visually, and probably biologically, that no HotSkittyOnWailordAction would ensue from Ralph and the former Ms Coyote's just-barely-InterspeciesRomance. The differing voices (unless you [[FanonDiscontinuity can't remember]] Wile E's voice from the Bugs Bunny shorts) are because of class, not species; the former Ms Coyote married below her station to a wolf with an everyday job, for love instead of money or status, but Wile E. still has his family's fortune to back his personal roadrunner-catching obsession.
** Semi-confirmed in one comic story, where it is revealed that they were long lost brothers.

[[WMG: Daffy was raised by mallards.]]
That is why [[SomewhereAnOrnithologistIsCrying his plumage and call don't match]].

[[WMG: Daffy's greedy and cowardly personality came about because of Bugs]]
He is in fact 3 years ''older'' than Bugs bunny,and he used to be the screwball, trixter looney one, but when Bugs became popular and stole his act, he became less popular and became second best to the rabbit. This in turn made him bitter and less screwy. However, as he has become increasingly more popular over the years he is slowly regaining his looney personality back again.

[[WMG: [[WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures Babs and Buster]] are the children of Bugs and Lola.]]
Now, we know that they say that they have "No Relation!" But the whole show predates Lola's debut. Perhaps they were simply unaware of their relation. [[http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32964825/ns/today-today_people/ It happens.]]

The only question: why did Bugs not recognise Lola? Perhaps they are *dramatic piano sting* Illegitimate?!

[[WMG: Greedy Daffy is not the same as Screwball Daffy.]]
Following ''Daffy the Commando'', the Germans executed Screwball Daffy for assaulting the Fuhrer and embarrassing him in public.
** {{Jossed}}: Screwball Daffy is just a younger version of Daffy before he went through his greedy phase.
*** Where exactly is it Jossed?
[[WMG: Screwball Daffy is the grandfather of Greedy Daffy.]]
The Daffy that appears in shorts like ''Daffy Doodles'', ''The Great Piggy Bank Robbery'', etc. is Greedy Daffy's father. He's not as screwy as his father, but not as antagonistic as his son.
** Again, {{Jossed}}
*** More specific reference, please?
* So why was the Daffy in ''Looney Tunes: Back in Action'' both Greedy and Screwy?
* He's "Greedy Daffy"'s son or grandson, of course.
** Yet again, {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: Cool Cat and Merlin the Magic Mouse are originally Creator/HannaBarbera characters.]]
Come on. Merlin has a sidekick [[UnfortunateNames named Second Banana]], and Cool Cat wears a RingAroundTheCollar.

Obviously, they couldn't take working for Hanna-Barbera and escaped from them to work in ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' shorts. They're mostly retired now.

Also consider that they used H-B sound effects and that the characters were created by Alex Lovy, who would be at H-B soon after. (''He was at H-B prior, as a story director.'')

* Actual truth here is that Cool Cat is an Expy of an unordered Hanna Barbera show, Toing Tiger. It was one of two animated segments on a show that did get a pilot produced but wasn't ordered for series. Lovy clearly took the idea with him. However Toing seems more in the lines of a Snagglepuss than what became Cool Cat. But had Toing have taken off then Cool Cat would probably never have existed.

[[WMG: Pepe [=LePew=] was not originally born in France.]]
There are no skunks native to Europe, and he looks like a North American skunk. When he was a baby skunk, his parents moved to France. Since he grew up there, he grew up with a French accent. This is why he's desperate enough to chase after striped cats who just look like skunks -- he can't find any real skunk girls there.

* Or more likely, given the EarlyInstallmentWeirdness of the first short where Le Pew was married with children, cheating on his wife, and only faking his accent, before the [[CharacterizationMarchesOn characterization marched on]]: In order to try to make his [[CasanovaWannabe seduction]] more effective, he decided to [[BecomingTheMask become the mask]]. He left his wife, took accent classes to make his Charles Boyer voice stick (like Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger does [[RealLife IRL]]), etc. This explains Chuck Jones's ReTool to make the character more effective after Selzer's complaints.
* He may have also been born in Québec.

[[WMG: Pepe [=LePew=] honestly can't tell the difference between striped cats and skunks.]]
Skunks have poor eyesight. He sees the girl cats as looking kind of like skunks, and so he assumes that's what they are. He pulls them close to see them clearer, but he's so desperate (see the above WMG) and so optimistic that he forgets to tell them that.

Also, he scares away all the humans with his smell, so no one can make skunk-prescription eyeglasses for him. That, or he's too proud to think he needs them.

His own constant stink messes up his sense of smell, which should normally be a strong sense for a skunk.
* That's only one factor. The stripes on the striped cats aren't natural -- they're always paint stripes, and odds are they're usually oil paint stripes. That smell might throw things off.

[[WMG: The entire continuity is set inside Film/TheMatrix]]
Set in a setting where the laws of physics are ignored or contradicted for a reason (or simply for teh lulz)? Check.
* It was the first version of The Matrix, which was meant to be perfect, so the Machines stripped off the Physics and turned pain into fun.
** And actually this can sorta be considered canon. One of the online produced flash toons that most people don't even want to talk about was called "WebAnimation/TheMatwix" with Bugs and Elmer in a Matrix parody. Too bad it's not on DVD.

[[WMG: Daffy is a long lost relative of ComicStrip/MallardFillmore]]
Seriously, look at the resemblance. Paint Mallard black and he's pretty much Daffy.
* Wow, that is ''[[DittoAliens incredibly]]'' [[FantasticRacism speciesist]]. No matter which version of Daffy you use, they don't look half alike.

[[WMG: Elmer Fudd is hunting Bugs Bunny solely out of a sense of duty as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police]]

In an earlier cartoon, "Fresh Hare" (back when Elmer was rather overweight), he was shown to be a Mountie tracking down Bugs. It ends with Bugs escaping by using his final request to be sent to the Southern U.S. (by singing "I wish I were in Dixie"). Elmer lets him go. But, because he is a Mountie who must get his man (or "wabbit"), he then resigns so he can hunt Bugs outside of Canada.

This helps explain why he lost all that weight -- chasing Bugs all across North America would do it -- and why he always breaks down when he thinks he killed Bugs. He honestly takes no pleasure in killing.

[[WMG: Elmer Fudd started out as an animal lover but is driven insane and resorts to hunting after the short [[WesternAnimation/ElmersCandidCamera "Elmer's Candid Camera"]]]]

''WesternAnimation/ElmersCandidCamera'' is his StartOfDarkness.

In this short, Elmer set out to photograph a rabbit and came across Bugs Bunny's ScrewySquirrel prototype. If you watch the short, then you can see that Elmer finally snaps after several of the gags Bugs's prototype pulls on him, including Elmer's biggest weakness -- [[FakingTheDead faking death]]. The MoodWhiplash from his MyGodWhatHaveIDone moment to discovering the rabbit had been faking becomes too much, and he destroys his camera shouting "Wabbits!! Wabbits!!"

Next time we see him in "WesternAnimation/AWildHare," he's 'hunting wabbits.' But whenever Bugs fakes his own death, Elmer begins to break down again because deep down, he appreciates animals. The depression evidently led to his obesity problems in the early 40's.

By the time of ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures'', he recovered, mostly. He openly declared that hunting animals is wrong and they should be loved. Thus, he is far more dangerous now than he ever was as a hunter -- seriously, he trained Elmyra!

[[WMG:Von Vulture and Schulz were transferred to the Russian Front soon after ''Daffy the Commando''.]]
American commando [[spoiler:ran loose in the base, Messerschmitts wrecked trying to shoot him down after he commandeers a plane, and he still gets away...]]

[[WMG: Bugs Bunny is a closet bisexual and suffers from Gender Identity Crisis.]]
Think about it. He manifests his sexual and/or feminine desires via the act of crossdressing, which he always uses as a means of seducing his enemies into a false sense of security. Notice he tends to enjoy the attention a little too much, particularly in ''WesternAnimation/WhatsOperaDoc?'' when he and Fudd practically fall in love with one another.

Alternatively, he's a Camp Straight transvestite who just loves playing with the sexuality of his enemies, for a laugh. But he seems more than a little comfortable donning dresses, skirts, makeup, shoes...
* What's more strange: that it's feminine drag, or '''[[InterspeciesRomance human]]''' drag?

** Bugs has issues, doesn't he?

[[WMG: The Roadrunner thinks he and Coyote are apart of a game.]]
He believes that he and Wile E. Coyote are part of a game of tag, or some other game where the object is that Coyote is "it" and has to try and catch the Roadrunner with elaborate schemes. This is why he often sticks his tongue out at him in a "catch me if you can" way and why he never seems to take Coyote seriously. Also, he's there to point out certain aspects of the plans that ruin the game, as in the fact that roadrunners can't read.

And because he's thinks it's all a game, the Roadrunner never stops and antagonizes Coyote back. Because, if you were in a game of tag, would you try doing anything besides running away from the person who's "it"?

-->That Coyote's really a crazy clown\\
When's he gonna learn that he's never gonna slow him down?\\
Road Runner, Road Runner never bothered anyone\\
Just runnin' down the road's his idea of having fun!

[[WMG: Daffy's greedy Chuck Jones personality was there all along]]
Remember: in his first short he was an extra in a duck-hunting scene, and when he went into crazy mode Porky observed that "that wasn't in the script!" He was using insanity to steal the spotlight, and apparently it worked.

[[WMG: Daffy is yet another corrupt child star]]
In his early shorts he was younger-looking (duckling-sized), had a high-pitched voice and was a cheerful, innocent CloudCuckooLander. All those years of Hollywood turned him into the neurotic jerk he is today.

[[WMG: WesternAnimation/BugsBunny is the result of InterspeciesRomance between a rabbit and a hare]]
That's why he's called a "rabbit" or a "hare" interchangeably--no one is really sure what to call him or which one he is. Bugs has officially adopted the name "Bunny" because it refers to a young creature of either species.

[[WMG: Daffy's insanity gave him power over his universe.]]
The Laws of Toon Physics decree that, once a character believes something, it becomes true--for example, cartoon characters don't fall off cliffs until they notice they're in the air and not just walking along the ground. Hence, insane characters like Screwball Daffy are darn near invincible, since their delusions become realities. That's why Daffy was able to mount thin air and ride an invisible bike ("I'm so crazy, I don't know that this is impossible!") and why his ImaginaryFriend, the invisible kangaroo, was able to open doors and give Daffy a ride in his pouch (with Daffy disappearing from the neck down and bouncing around in the air).

At some point, Daffy lost his insanity, and his abilities with it, becoming the embittered, angry victim of Elmer's gunshots and Bugs's trickery. The later cartoon "Aqua Duck" has Daffy in the desert, going insane from lack of water--he reverts almost immediately back to his screwball persona ("Woo hoo hoo! Hoo! Hoo!"), hallucinates that he's in a bar, and ends up getting physically thrown out by an invisible bartender.

[[WMG:Penelope is Sylvester Jr's mother.]]
Well, are there any other major female cats in the series? The reason she can't be with him is because of Pepe Le Pew.

[[WMG:Pepe Le Pew really died in "For Scent-imental Reasons".]]
Somehow, he really knew he couldn't get her. As a result, he committed suicide; therefore Penelope will encounter his ghost in the other cartoons.

[[WMG:The main characters represent the SevenDeadlySins.]]
* Bugs Bunny is pride.
* Daffy Duck is greed.
* Yosemite Sam is wrath.
* Pepe Le Pew is lust.
* Tweety Bird is sloth.
* Porky Pig is gluttony.
* Elmer Fudd is envy.

Alternatively, Bugs Bunny is a [[TheTrickster trickster]] figure that punishes those who commit the Seven Deadly Sins:
*Daffy Duck is Greed.
*Yosemite Sam is Wrath.
*Elmer Fudd is Sloth.
*Marvin the Martian is Envy.
*Wile. E. Coyote is Pride.
*Tasmanian Devil is Gluttony.
*Witch Hazel is Lust.

[[WMG: Daffy has a SplitPersonality]]
He pretended to have one in "The Prize Pest" to freak out Porky Pig, but many a true word is spoken in jest. In "Daffy Duck and Egghead", after singing "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down," he's shown shaking hands with his own reflection in the water. Perhaps this is the animated manifestation of his already-emerging greedy side? (The young duck shown in "A Corny Concerto", considered by many to be a younger Daffy, has a similar animated reflection.)

[[WMG: Daffy suffers from "Pure O" OCD]]
Read [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purely_Obsessional_OCD this Wikipedia article]] and then compare the symptoms to Daffy's behavior in "A Taste Of Catnip".

And I know his psychiatrist floated a different explanation...but since when were psychiatrists ''ever'' right in these kinds of cartoons?

[[WMG: Daffy and Sylvester struck a deal]]
If Daffy catches Speedy Gonzales, he'll give him to Sylvester, perhaps for a sum of money. Hence their [[VitriolicBestBuds sort-of friendship]] in "The Yolk's On You".
* Confirmed in "It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House" (Freleng, 1965). Daffy's rivalry with Speedy actually began when Sylvester had a nervous breakdown and Granny hired the opportunistic little black duck to catch the fastest mouse in all Mexico. Failing miserably, Daffy continued to hold a grudge for the next three years.

[[WMG:Daffy is the original tormentor in "Rabbit Rampage".]]
Well, it's supposed to be him since he wants to outsmart Bugs and his wish is granted. However, he has to act in some other toons that he let Elmer Fudd took over the episode. He even tells Daffy about it in the end.

[[WMG: There's more than one Wile E. Coyote, and more than one Roadrunner.]]
Those silly-looking "scientific" names? They were legit. For each episode featuring these 2, we've been following a completely different duo of creatures. Ergo, Wile E. Coyote, "Super Genius", is a sapient species of the Wile E. order of unfortunate carnivores.

[[WMG: Pepe le Pew suffers Histrionic Personality Disorder.]]
He is melodramatic, and believes his relationships to be closer than they really are (thinking Penelope Pussycat is his true love after knowing her for literally seconds). He often speaks in an overly dramatic way, seemingly lacking sincerity. He makes rash decisions, threatens suicide for attention...just read the symptoms of this disorder, and you'll find a perfect description of Pepe!

[[WMG: Elmer Fudd is VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry.]]
After losing all his hair and gaining weight, he decides to compensate by buying a big gun.

[[WMG: Charlie Dog is secretly clairvoyant]]
His comment about "the towers" in that one episode. That is all.
[[WMG: Wiley coyote has been lulling The Roadrunner into a false sense of security.]]
In the future, of the future, of the future, roadrunners will become so complacent with the simple traps, that when a Coyote pulls a really good one out of his hat, the entire species will be [[LLCoolJ tooken by storm.]]

[[WMG: Pussyfoot grew up to become Penelope Pussycat.]]
Identical markings.

[[WMG: Wile E Coyote is an omnivore(or at least has other sources of food than the Road Runner)]]
If Wile E. Coyote were dependent on the Road Runner for food, he'd starve to death. Since the audience is meant to root for the road runner and the audience shouldn't want the coyote to die, on some level they must know that the Coyote doesn't need the Road Runner to live and that the Road Runner is more of an unnecessary luxury (like an endangered species or caviar for humans) than something he needs for sustenance.
* He seems to have stopped wanting to eat the Road Runner at some point, as he is willing to poison or explode him (thus rendering him inedible), so long as he dies.
* Well, Wile E. Coyote seems pretty thoroughly immortal, even by WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes standards. He probably doesn't actually need food.
* He can get anything he wants through the mail. I think he can afford to buy some omaha steaks.

[[WMG: Daffy wasn't going to be drafted.]]
The "dope from the draft board" was bringing him a telegram declaring him mentally unfit for military service.
* New favorite WMG right here.

[[WMG: Daffy is a ShellShockedVeteran.]]
After he [[RefugeInAudacity attacked Hitler with a mallet]] in "Daffy - The Commando", ThoseWackyNazis naturally subjected him to all the offscreen torture he could handle. The resulting PTSD changed his personality completely, making him mean, cowardly, and desperate. He went from being a ScrewySquirrel to a CrazySurvivalist determined to NeverBeHurtAgain. And he's afraid of the draft board.

[[WMG: If Pepe was female and Penelope was male, he would have been better excepted.]]
Pepe le Pew is a very [[BrokenBase base breaky character,]] especially with the MoralGuardians. Now compair this to his spiritual successor, [[WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures Fifi]], who is largely considered the shows EnsembleDarkHorse. So, going by this, one could conclude that Pepe wouldn't have gotten as much controversy as he did if he was female, because [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale rape is ok when it's female on male]].

[[WMG: Yosemite Sam is trying to kill Bugs so he can be his replacement in Hell]]
In the short "Devil's Feud Cake", a ClipShow episode from 1962, Yosemite Sam dies and is told by Satan that if he brings Bugs to Hell he can go free. We are then shown clips from past Yosemite vs Bugs episodes, meaning in each of these episodes, Yosemite Sam's motivation was to get out of Hell by making Bugs his replacement.

[[WMG: Egghead evolved into Elmer Fudd]]
Largely brought on by Creator/TexAvery. "Elmer's Candid Camera" shows traces of Egghead in Elmer's figure, which soon disappear after "Wabbit Twouble."
** Egghead did evolve into Elmer Fudd, according to WordOfGod. Egghead was originally based on comedian Joe Penner. A later cartoon featuring Egghead actually labelled him, "Elmer Fudd, Peacemaker". Elmer's Candid Camera switched his voice actor to Arthur Q. Bryan, but his character design was actually based on the existing Egghead, slightly modified so at that point he looked about halfway between Egghead and Elmer Fudd's eventual design in "A Wild Hare". Between those two cartoons, Elmer lost the remaining influences of Egghead and became more dippy and harmless.

[[WMG: Cecil Turtle went into temporary retirement after "Tortoise Wins by a Hare" and either died or retired after "Rabbit Transit."]]
Think about it. "Tortoise Wins by a Hare" dates from 1943, and "Rabbit Transit" from 1947. The latter is Cecil's third and final appearance.

[[WMG: Elmer Fudd is Grandma's son.]]
In the shorts he first appeared in, Sylvester the Cat was Elmer's pet. Later, he's Granny. Elmer Fudd is actually the son of Grandma, and gave Sylvester to her. As for why, Grandma ended up a widow/divorcee, [[CrowningMomentofHeartwarming and Elmer didn't want his mom to be lonely.]]

[[WMG: Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd lost their weight due to Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet]]
This was [[http://thecinemasnob.com/2012/11/14/dvd-r-hell-bugs-bunnys-thanksgiving-diet.aspx first proposed by]] Creator/BradJones on ''WebVideo/DVDRHell'', and it actually makes a lot of sense.

[[WMG: "The invasion of the bunny snatchers" episode was all a nightmare bugs was having.]] Gotta lay off the carrot energy drinks before going to bed.

[[WMG: The "Elmer Season" poster was out of date.]]
Bugs and Daffy kept tearing down "Rabbit Season" and "Duck Season" posters until they found one that said "Elmer Season". But disregarding the absurdity of a hunting season for an individual rather than a species, why were the posters covering each other like that? It's because "Elmer Season" (if that was ever even a thing) actually ended many years before, and there had been several alternating Duck Seasons and Rabbit Seasons ever since. Each new season was being announced by putting up a new poster that covers up the previous ones. The poster that was showing was the current one, and Bugs and Daffy were uncovering outdated posters. It wasn't actually Elmer Season.

[[WMG: Looney Tunes is a Black Mesa simulation]]
This has already been outlined in the Half Life WMG, but it seems that there are a few similarities between ACME and Aperture Science. Basically, all the animals have been placed in a Black Mesa simulation, where ACME is a parody of Aperture Science.
There are huge similarities between Loony Toons and Tom and Jerry, which leads me to believe that the same thing is going on in all the Hanna Barbera Cartoons.

[[WMG: Road Runner has a SplitPersonality]]

Toon Road Runner personality is funny and oblivious. Road Runner personality from CGI shorts in Looney Tunes Show does ObfuscatingStupidity and actually tries to fight back against Wile E. Coyote, to the point where Road Runner actually tries to kill him, as in "Wile E. Sisyphus" and "Silent but Deadly". The latter probably also likes Wile E. Coyote's AmusingInjuries.

[[WMG: All of the Looney Tunes characters are actors.]]

None of the characters are actually foes with each other. They are just bound to a lifetime contract with Creator/WarnerBros, and, being the noble people they are, they stick to it, because they promised. Only once did someone try to break it (Elmer Fudd in "The Big Snooze", 1946), but he ended up returning to it because Bugs kept pestering him (with all right, he wanted Elmer to stick to what he promised). And, don't track me down to kill me, but if we take ''Film/SpaceJam'' as canon, the foes and heroes seemed to be on good terms with each other outside the shorts, and it's simple: they aren't actually belligerent. Except maybe Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner during the film, but we can't all be friends with our colleagues, now can we?
* It could be that the Looney Tunes characters didn't necessarily like some of the movies and shows they acted in, but were contractually obligated to do it. I like to think the characters were apprehensive about ''WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow'' and it's sitcom-style setup, but since they were contractually obligated to do it they did their best to have fun with it.

[[WMG: Bugs Bunny is actually a RealityWarper member of TheFairFolk.]]

Well, think about it. He has complete control over his reality, is seemingly unkillable, I believe shows signs of BlueAndOrangeMorality...it all fits!

[[WMG: Sylvester never did fully recover from that nervous breakdown in "It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House".]]
Notice that in his appearances after that cartoon -- ''WesternAnimation/TheSylvesterAndTweetyMysteries'', ''WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow'', the short "Father of the Bird" -- he seems a lot more hapless, bumbling, and a bigger ChewToy than before, manifesting deep self-esteem issues. He's the one most often seen in support groups and psychiatric offices (''The Looney Tunes Show'') to treat his various neuroses and obsessions.

[[WMG: Elmer went bald becaue of the stress of dealing with Daffy.]]
He had a full head of hair sin "Daffy Duck Meets Egghead". Not two years later he meets Bugs Bunny, and just has three little wisps on his noggin. They went about the same time his gut expanded to twice normal size-- it was the stress eating from meeting up with "darnfool ducks" and "scwewy wabbits" every time he went hunting.

[[WMG: Daffy resents Bugs because he couldn't help him before.]]
At the end of "Porky Pig's Feat", Daffy refers to Bugs Bunny as his hero, a far different opinion from his jealousy/rivalry when they started to become a team almost a decade later. But in that short, [[spoiler: Daffy calls Bugs expecting him to help him and Porky escape from the hotel, only to learn that Bugs is also a prisoner there.]] Therefore, with Bugs unable to help Daffy when he expected him to be capable of it, Daffy no longer saw Bugs as a hero, and later on would resent him, even wanting him killed from time to time.

[[WMG: Bugs has powers similar to those of Quicksilver from the X-Men franchise.]]
[[WMG: Fudd's bullets hurt, but don't kill.]]
He actually said that he hunts as a sport. Not to mention how many times he hit Daffy.
[[WMG: Fudd believes cheap costumes because he is practically blind.]]
He might actually wear glasses when he isn't hunting.