[[WMG: The peculiar aestethic of the series is caused by a visual TranslationConvention.]]

As noted elsewhere, it is exceedingly unlikely that fashions and architectural styles from the 80s (whether the 1980s or the 1780s) will be in vogue at the end of the 36th century. Also, after 1500 years modern languages that do not go outright extinct along the way are likely to have evolved into something unrecognisable to contemporary ears and eyes. The look of the series is likely intended as a visual shorthand to suggest the character and outlook of the respective society - the Empire is authoritarian, autocratic and militaristic, therefore it looks like Prussia or Imperial Germany. They likely emphasise cultural uniformity, therefore everyone has a "German" name even though it is unlikely that every one of them had "German" ancestors - those who didn't have them to begin with were encouraged or forced to assume such names. The Alliance is supposed to reflect contemporary (for the 1980s) liberal democracies, therefore they look like they do. Their use of Engrish is likely intended to suggest that they are similar in outlook to the "Anglo-saxon" societies of our world, with an emphasis on free enterprise (complete with hints of plutocracy) and a consumerist society. Perhaps the Empire actually looks more like the ones in ''Warhammer 40000'' or ''Dune'', and the Alliance is like the Federation in ''Franchise/StarTrek''.
:It is stated that Felix's name comes from an ancient language.

[[WMG: The Galactic Empire marked the bittersweet return of [[AxisPowersHetalia Prussia.]]]]
Given how blatantly Prussian, or at least German, the Empire was modeled, it wouldn't be surprising if a fading, near-dying Gilbert suggested the idea to Rudolf in the first place. Hiding among the military brass, he participates in the Kaiser's campaigns (at the cost of millions of lives). As time passes, he once more becomes rejuvenated, just as he had been in the distant past. Unfortunately, Hungary/Elizaveta had been a victim of World War 3, by then ancient history; it doesn't help that Hungarians apparently are extinct by the 36th Century. Meanwhile, Austria, or someone claiming "descent" from Roderich, is lurking in the shadows, undermining the Reich with the help of Reinhard.
** Come to think of it, if this is the case, it mirrors in a way [[spoiler:Reinhard's]] coronation. Gilbert would be the premier Nation in the galaxy, and by technicality, the ''only'' one. But the ones he'd want to see, Hungary and Austria, not to mention his brother, would have long faded into the dustbin of history.

[[WMG:Reinhard has an allergic reaction to vaginas.]]
[[spoiler:Well, it definitely explains how he randomly got Main/SoapOperaDisease.]]
** Hardly, the disease was foreshadowed with him occasionally laid low by inexplicable fevers long before that.
*** Proximity/exposure to Hilde, perhaps?

[[WMG: Job Trunicht was aiming to unite humanity under a constitutional monarchy the whole time.]]
Knowing that it was only a matter of time until the Empire won, especially after [[spoiler: Reinhard took power]], Job Trunicht knew that the best way to preserve the future of democracy was not to fight the Empire and make themselves unsympathetic enemies, but to willingly capitulate to the Empire's terms and go about establishing constitutionalism from the inside.
* He explicitly states on-screen that he will support whichever political system that benefits him personally. He probably would have supported constitutionalism if it would gain him more power and influence.
[[WMG: The series is the distant future of [[Franchise/{{Gundam}} the Universal Century]].]]
The constant squabbles between the Earth Federation and the Spacenoids eventually result in the latter deciding to seek their own destiny in the stars, with the government following up with their own colonization plans. This ironically leads in turn to a golden age of expansion...before stagnation and animosity between the Feddies and the distant colonies results in the rebellion of Sirius and the Galactic Federation, the rise of Rudolf von Goldenbaum (who ''could'' be a distant descendant of the [[BigScrewedUpFamily Zabis]]) and ultimately the events of the [=OVAs=] themselves. In all that time, mobile suits become obsolete, with the vast distances rendering them all but useless. While Newtypes are gradually dismissed as superstition, although some characters like Ashbey, Yang and even Reinhard suggest that they may still exist.
And most of all, the "UC" calendar; having surpassed centuries, the calendar changed the abbreviation's meaning from "Universal Century" to "Universal Calendar" to make more sense.
[[WMG: ''Star Wars'' is a distorted/legendary version of LOGH]]
If you noticed, the Alliance pilots where the same coloured suits as the Rebel pilots in Star Wars. Basically Star Wars has a whole bunch of mythical supernatural elements like the Force and the Jedi are added along with the scale of the Galactic Empire being highly exaggerated.

[[WMG: Yang Wen-li was in love with Jessica Edwards because of her hair.]]
I mean, there are the signs everywhere. The undeniable UnresolvedSexualTension hovering in the air. I first thought so when Yang saw Jessica off at the airport, and there was this weird, tense moment where they both stared at each other, but thought was just me and my ShippingGoggles going wild again. Still, look at their hair. It's practically identical ALL THE TIME, but whenever Jessica's seems to shifts Yang's changes too. They're hairmates, bro.