[[WMG: Robert Goren is a Time Lord.]]
* It certainly explains many of his quirks.
** Alternatively, he's one of Sherlock Holmes's regenerations

[[WMG: Goren has Asperger's Syndrome.]]
* He shows quite a few symptoms throughout the show's run. Eames even compares him to the autistic Wally Stevens in 'Probability.' For example:
** Eames explicitly says that Goren "doesn't like change."
** He's shown to have unusual speech patterns, like starting and stopping in the same sentence. Also, he hesitates when he's talking, like he's having trouble finding words to express himself.
** His social skills are quite obviously limited, more so even than would be apparent from his childhood.
** His body language and walking style are usually awkward, like he's not quite sure where to put everything.
** He also is shown to be able to detect patterns that no other detective seems to pick out. In season 3 he evens says that he notices "things out of pattern."
* Would explain quite a lot about him, and his mother doesn't seem like the type to take him to a doctor to get him diagnosed.