[[WMG: Mitzi had Mordecai kill Atlas.]]
Oh, come on, this has pretty much been but all but confirmed. Just because a recent strip has shown that Mitzi did feel something for Atlas doesn't mean she couldn't have still had him killed.
* Unless, of course, Mordecai killed Atlas of his own volition. Asa Sweet might have offered him a better job in return for killing his rival; the flashback scene where Mordecai gave Mitzi his gun in front of the cafe might have been him saying "I killed your husband. Consider this as my resignation." It'd be a cold, bastardly thing to do and that's right up Mordecai's alley.
** Or or or! Atlas wasn't really a, let's say ''protagonist'', and Mordecai had a good reason for killing him. He stayed mum about his reasons to protect the Lackadaisy and Mitzi et al, and resigned because of it.
* But didn't Rocky state that he ''lied'' about Mitzi having Atlas killed?
** What does Rocky really know about it? He was the Lackadaisy's fiddler until things got bad.
** There's an even amount of "for" and "against" for this one.

[[WMG: Freckle had something to do with Rocky getting kicked out of Nina's house.]]
That much isn't too big of a guess, but more specifically, I think Nina specifically asked Freckle, and gave him the final call. He implied some sort of guilt as a driving force, when it came to accepting Rocky's job offer, and the fact that he saved all of Rocky's letters reinforces this.
* I think that Rocky convinced Freckle to join him in some shenanigans and Rocky got busted by Aunt Nina because of something Freckle did (or didn't) do. Freckle didn't make the call, he just was the direct cause - which Rocky never discovered.
* When he's talking to Ivy after being injured, Rocky basically says he admitted to something that he didn't do - something bloody - so that Freckle could continue being the Good Son. I think that Freckle's AxeCrazy tendencies got somebody killed or seriously hurt, and Rocky took the blame for it.

[[WMG: Either Wick, Mordecai or Viktor are going to be killed in the future.]]
[[WordOfGod Tracy]] recently confirmed on her forum that one of the main characters is going to die, so here are some possible victims (Feel free to add some more):
* Viktor: A retired badass who has been wounded several times and has a heartwarming relationship with the local GenkiGirl? He might as well have a bullseye on his back.
** But does it ''really'' seem likely to have the handicapped badass who physically suffers the most killed?
* Mordecai: Yes, we know he is one of the most skillful killers in the whole comic, but that's exactly the point. ''No one would expect him to die''.
** He does seem to be discovering something curious, even ominous.
* Wick: [[TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth The guy is just too darn nice to live.]]
** Or the events of [[TheGreatDepression October 1929]] would only give him [[DrivenToSuicide one choice]].
* Zib: [[TooCoolToLive The guy is]] ''[[TooCoolToLive way too smooth]]''. Plus, his dying would have a major effect on fellow characters, leading to loads of CharacterDevelopment.
** I agree. His death ''would'' lead to a load of repercussions, and I could see him dying as a way to move the plot forward.
** I would disagree. His dying would serve little to no plot purpose on its own. Perhaps it would be a symptom of a greater abandonment of Lackadaisy's past, but frankly, I think it's unlikely that Zib would be the victim of Tracy's pen.
*** Little to no plot purpose...''yet''.
** Given his recent development and focus, including his realizing that they're circling the drain and it's a matter of going down with the ship or not... ''yeeeeah'', I'm worried for him too.
* Aunt Nina: Not necessarily through violence, but losing her would hit poor Freckle ''hard''.
** Strongly disagree. I mean, can you really see this happening?
** Also, didn't Tracy say one of the ''main'' characters would die? Aunt Nina isn't a main character at all.
* Ivy: God, I ''[[PoisonOakEpilepticTrees hope not]]'', but... [[KillTheCutie killing this cutie]] would [[BreakTheCutie break the]] ''hell'' out of Calvin, not to mention just about everyone else.
* Rocky: You talk about somebody nobody expects to die? How about the CrazyAwesome master of the IndyPloy? The guy we've been [[SacrificialLion following from the start]]? The one who gets in ''waaaaayyyy'' over his head time after time, yet always seems to weasel his way out?
* Mitzi. She seems to be slipping somewhat, mental-health-wise, and her attempts to keep the speakeasy running are starting to border on obsession. She even scares Zib with the lengths she is willing to go to just to keep a necklace her husband gave her. My bet is that she's going to die a tragic death, and that will be the end of the Lackadaisy.
** Nah. It doesn't seem likely ''both'' the Lackadaisy spouses (Atlas and Mitzi) would end up dead.
** That's why it would make such an impact. Plus, something like this would catapult either Ivy or Rocky into a potential leadership role in the business, much like Mitzi herself was forced to step up when Atlas died. Both of these characters are developing in interesting ways recently...they might be being build up for the catastrophe that would be Mitzi somehow being incapacitated.
* Lacey. It's a perfect business strategy; Wick wouldn't be able to financially function without her. Killing her off would probably enable somebody to get their paws on his money without his even knowing about it, possibly bankrupting him in the process. Let's just hope that the person potentially killing her is not involved with the Lackadaisy crew.

[[WMG: Atlas committed suicide.]]
Perhaps Lackadaisy was already spiraling into decline by the time of his death. Perhaps he felt it was BetterToDieThanBeKilled or arrested. Perhaps he was not as strong as the image he projected in public. Whatever the reason, Atlas May killed himself. Mordecai was the one who discovered the body and informed Mitzi; she asked him not to tell anyone so the reputation he built up wouldn't be shattered. Besides, even if the truth ''were'' told, it wouldn't fully dispel the rumors -- for who would believe such a powerful person could ever be DrivenToSuicide?

[[WMG: the next guy Ivy dates will be named "[[ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes Hobbes]]."]]
* Don't look at me that way, you were all thinking it.
** Nah. Her last four boyfriends have had names starting with "C".
** Maybe his ''real'' name will begin with C, and he'll just have Hobbes as a nickname. Or vice-versa, like Calvin's nickname is Freckle.
* ''Are you serious.''
** ''Why the hell not.''

[[WMG: Zib starts crossdressing when drunk.]]
Don't know how canon the mini comics may be, but in one he was wearing heels off-page. In another, he had lipstick smeared on his face, and when he asks, Mitzi says he put it on himself. Both comics seem to have taken place after he was intoxicated.

[[WMG: Zib killed Atlas.]]
Unlikely, considering Zib's status as the OnlySaneMan, stubborn moral compass and general lack of murderous tendencies. However, he doesn't seem to have liked Atlas very much judging from his conversation with Mitzi during the whole incident with the pearls. With Tracy recently [[WordOfGod confirming]] that Zib and Mitzi were previously in a relationship, Zib may have harbored some animosity or even jealousy depending on the circumstances surrounding the end of his relationship with Mitzi and the beginning of her relationship with Atlas.
** It ''is'' true that Zib holds some degree of distain towards Atlas for knowing he'd stay to work at Lackadaisy just because Mitzi was there.

[[WMG: Mitzi herself killed Atlas.]]
A slight variation of the first WMG. We all know that one of the strips show Mordecai with a gun in his hand, and a solemn looking Mitzi before him. He wasn't passing the gun after he killed Atlas, he was passing it ''before'' Atlas died. Mitzi was the one who did all the dirty work. Since she was his wife, she would've had ample opportunities to get close and personal with him. Maybe she had asked Mordecai for the best instrument to kill Atlas. Mordecai probably would've asked for the reason, but didn't feel the need to interfere with Mitzi's plans since she was technically his employer too.

[[WMG: Calvin and Mordecai will have a showdown]]
They're each the trump card for the Lackadaisy and Marigold gang. They're both psychotic when handling a weapon. And who would suspect a little cutie like Calvin could take down Mordecai? Eventually they will wind up fighting each other, and Calvin will probably win.
* [[WordOfGod Tracy practically confirmed this]] this on her Tumblr, saying "Odds that they will cross paths are very good odds."

[[WMG: Wick will unknowingly join Asa's crew]]
Wick seems to be a perfect victim for the [[TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth chopping block]], but what if instead of being killed, he is tricked by Asa into funding his speakeasy without knowing, such as Asa not telling him what the money is really for. Wick does seem the naive type who wouldn't suspect anything wrong.
* His secretary Lacey, however, is ''not''...which could put her on the [[SacrificialLamb chopping block as well]], if she comes to know too much.

[[WMG: Whoever killed Atlas will be the one to die]]
Possibly by way of being murdered themselves. The story would go full-circle, it'd implement poetic justice, and [[BittersweetEnding maybe it'd end on a light note, at least.]]

[[WMG: Mordecai wasn't always a sociopath.]]
Various sketches of Mordecai as a child (kitten?), plus WordOfGod, show that he had a tenement upbringing, but showed no signs of abnormality. Something happened to him -- or more likely, to his family -- that changed him from a quiet, nerdy neat freak into the cold-hearted killer we know and love and are secretly a little afraid of.
* Not really sure if this applies, but in the recent pages we learn that apparently Mordecai wasn't much older (if not the same age) as Ivy is now when he started working with Victor.
** No, that totally applies. He got mixed up in the underworld at a young age (prolly to help support his family, or after he suddenly found himself without them somehow). However, there was probably a defining incident/series of incidents that pushed him over the edge. (Bobby also mentions the theory that he has a bullet fragment in his brain, which would fit.)

[[WMG:[[EvilIsSexy Serafine]] and [[AxCrazy Mordecai]] will have some UST between each other]]
From what I have seen so far from each other is that Mordecai can't stand working with his new partners and I have a feeling that Serafine would tease him and tell him what a killjoy he is.
* Nothing like a little one-sided FoeYay between colleagues, eh?

[[WMG: Viktor and Elsa are…close friends]]
Any perceived innuendo for the term “close friends” is intentional. Yes it’s implied that she’s married to Bobby, but so far it stands as just that, an implication, it’s not out right confirmed. She seems awfully interested when Ivy mentions Viktor, and both of them served in the war (him a soldier, her a nurse). Yes, I am indeed stretching thin anything even resembling logic, but that’s what WMG’s are for.
** When Elsa tells Ivy about how Viktor protected her family, we see a flashback of Viktor loading a shotgun on the Arborgast's front porch, as Elsa looks on intently. It's not difficult to interpret Elsa's gaze as romantic.
** OP here, and Elsa and Bobby are officially married, so if there is anything going on, its not exactly kosher.

[[WMG: Mitzi's necklace wasn't actually made of pearls]]
The way Zib looks at the one he picks up may just be him reflecting on the predicament, but that expression and the description of how Mitzi got those "marbles" make one wonder...

[[WMG: Elsa and Viktor do have history together, but...]]
It's ancient history: pre-war and pre-Bobby. She is the one that got away.
** They also have some UnresolvedSexualTension going on.
*** It’s said that Viktor turned against his own country to fight for the good old U.S of A, maybe Elsa had something to do with that?

[[WMG: The entire comic will take place over the course of one week.]]
Tracy's going for the slow story. No time skips whatsoever. In about eight year we will have made it through seven really hectic days.
** {{Jossed}}. [[WordOfGod Tracy's said]] the story will have a time skip between Volume Two and Three, and that the comic will end "before Prohibition ends, but after TheGreatDepression begins."

[[WMG: Wick, heavily invested in the stock market, will be bled dry by TheGreatDepression.]]
Assuming the comic follows [[http://www.lackadaisycats.com/exhibit.php?exhibitid=14 this early sketch (lower left corner),]] he'll lose everything.

[[WMG: Mitzi didn't kill Atlas.]]
Too obvious.

[[WMG: Rocky can't use his right arm after the accident.]]
Look carefully at this [[http://www.lackadaisycats.com/exhibit.php?exhibitid=388 picture]], particularly at the ones where Rocky is making a call. Why can't he use both his hands? Also, the last image is of him holding a violin--and it's intentionally old looking. An era passed, perhaps?
** Pretty much {{Jossed}}. [[http://www.lackadaisycats.com/comic.php?comicid=130 He's seen using both hands in the finished page.]]

[[WMG: If there was a Crossover between Lackadaisy and WebComic/{{Dreamkeepers}} it would both make sense...]]
And be extremely awesome!

[[WMG: The Marigold is involved in something bigger than just bootlegging (and the illicit activities related to it).]]
* On [[http://lackadaisycats.com/comic.php?comicid=73 this page]], Mordecai tells us about the Marigold acting like there’s a thorn in their side despite the lack of competition in town. It also shows us a flashback where the guy that Mordecai killed with the hatchet is attempting to escape. Serafine calls him a mouthpiece, which is old time slang for a criminal lawyer. Now, why would a speakeasy go after a lawyer, especially one that has no idea what it was he did wrong?
* On [[http://lackadaisycats.com/comic.php?comicid=107 this page]], Dom Drago, who works with the Treasury Department, asks Zib if he is on the Marigold’s payroll, then states that he’s not going to bust Zib because he has “bigger fish to fry”. It is implied that he works for the Bureau of Prohibition (which was part of the Department of the Treasury) but never actually stated.
** For those unaware, the Department of the Treasury collects taxes, supervises national banks and thrift institutions and ''investigates and prosecutes tax evasion''.
** Dom even states that he is going to "pretend for now that [Zib is] a [[{{Foreshadowing}} good little tax payer]] not a sax player".
* On [[http://lackadaisycats.com/comic.php?comicid=124 this page]], Bobby Bastion notes that the Marigold, now their exclusive buyer, has been doing “some aggressive spring cleaning” and keeping an eye on the Arbogasts more than usual. Indeed, you see them skulking around not more than a few [[http://lackadaisycats.com/comic.php?comicid=129 pages later]].
* On a historical sidenote: UsefulNotes/AlCapone (notorious gangster and bootlegger) was arrested, not for homicide but for tax evasion. This succeeded, in part, by the investigation by the US Department of the Treasury (including the Treasury's Bureau of Internal Revenue [IRS] and the Bureau of Prohibition).

[[WMG: Atlas’ death:]]
* Everyone has a theory on who did it, but very few on why. Possibilities:
** Atlas was killed because [[HeKnowsTooMuch he knew too much]].
*** Possibly having to do with the above Wild Mass Guess.
** Atlas is FakingTheDead: the crime scene photo is obscured and the only other image we see is a closed casket. He does have contacts in the mortuary world (the Arbogasts).
*** Mordecai was the “killer”; A case of [[IfYoureSoEvilEatThisKitten if you’re so evil, kill your boss]], helping him to become TheMole.
*** Mitzi feels guilty because she feels she is the reason Atlas went out that night, [[BreakHisHeartToSaveHim an argument]] or something similar.
** It was a ThanatosGambit by Atlas. The FakingTheDead theories still apply.
** It was an accident.
** It was a mercy kill. We don't know much about Atlas, but we do know that he was getting up in years before his death (at least significantly older than his wife). Maybe he was sick or some such?
* Atlas was killed by someone else (who is for other theories) but Mordecai killed his killer. Mordecai considers his debt to Atlas repaid in this fashion, and so leaves for more gainful employment elsewhere. Whoever the killer was, it was someone close to him, and Mitzi feels that revealing whoever it was would finish Lackadaisy's demise.

[[WMG: Zib killed Atlas.]]
It's been becoming more and more obvious that Atlas wasn't quite the FatherToHisMen Mitzi makes him out to be, as noted by Zib. Atlas may have "saved" his employees, but he also tied them to an ''incredibly'' dangerous, violent life of crime because they were in his debt. Perhaps Zib decided enough was enough, [[IDidWhatIHadToDo and did what he felt had to be done]]. (Not enough information has been revealed yet to decide whether or not Zib was in the right - though he could simply be ALighterShadeOfBlack.) And to those of you saying Zib isn't the killing type: ''that's just what Tracy wants you to think''. Who would suspect the smooth, snarky saxophone player?

[[WMG: The true mastermind behind Atlas's murder was...]]
Mrs. Bapka

[[WMG: The Savoys Will have Main/IncestSubtext.]]
Because why the fuck not?

[[WMG: Rocky will beat Mordecai to death with a shovel.]]
In a recent picture, Rocky's wearing Mordecai's suit, and blood stains are on the shovel he is holding.
* Link?
* http://www.lackadaisycats.com/exhibit.php?exhibitid=424

[[WMG: Rocky's father will make an appearance.]]
He'll be a loanshark for Asa Sweet. He will be an abusive asshole who berates his son every chance he gets. Killing him will be Rocky's Main/StartOfDarkness.

[[WMG: Mitzi really ''did'' love Atlas...]]
...But he didn't really love her. He only married her because he needed her for something (a spy, a coverup, a worker, something like that). It'd make her devotion to him all the more tragic.

[[WMG: Serafine and Nicodeme will kill Asa.]]
Serafine and Nicodeme will decide that there's more money to be made in running the Marigold than in working as thugs, so they'll kill Asa Sweet and assume control of his business. The Marigold's old guard will be killed en masse and replaced with the criminals who make up the Maitre Carrefour cult. Mordecai will either (1) assist them in this endeavor, (2) reluctantly join them once the deed is done, or (3) refuse to participate and go on the run.

[[WMG: Mordecai will kill Nicodeme to get revenge on Serafine.]]
After the ordeal he endured at the Maitre Carrefour cult gathering, Mordecai will seek revenge on Serafine. Mordecai will not target Serafine directly. Rather, he will kill Nicodeme because he knows that nothing he could do to Serafine could traumatize her as much as losing her brother.

[[WMG: Mordecai and Zulie will become romantically involved.]]
{{Word of God}} states that Mordecai's asexuality is either his natural orientation or self-imposed. If the latter is the case, Mordecai may be capable of feeling attraction, but he suppresses it in favor of celibacy. When the Savoys introduced Mordecai to the Maitre Carrefour devotees, Zulie seemed very fond of him. What if her charms could convince him to reconsider his celibate lifestyle?

[[WMG: Mordecai will undermine Serafine's Voodoo ritual]]
{{Word of God}} is that Serafine is a ''poseur'' rather than an authentic Voodoo practitioner. Mordecai will find ways to poke holes in the rituals she uses to captivate her devotees, such as provoking a ''chwal'' to show that s/he isn't really possessed by Maitre Carrefour, or providing evidence that the Savoys have abused the devotee's trust. Mordecai will have his revenge when the devotees turn on the Savoys.

[[WMG: All Maitre Carrefour devotees receive a scar as an initiation rite.]]

When Serafine forcibly lacerated Mordecai's chest, it wasn't because he refused to join her cult. All Maitre Carrefour devotees receive a scar in the shape of a wheel with eight spokes, willingly or unwillingly.

[[WMG: Zulie is secretly in charge of the Maitre Carrefour cult.]]

Zulie created the cult so that she could control a lucrative criminal enterprise through superstition and religious devotion. She passes herself off as an ordinary devotee of the cult to deflect attention away from herself. Behind the scenes, she's calling the shots. She employs Serafine to masquerade as the cult's leader because Serafine's theatrical skill and familiarity with Voodoo are perfect for attracting followers ... and so that Serafine, not she, will be the chief target if enemies attack the cult.

[[WMG: Rocky's mental state will deteriorate.]]

After receiving a head injury at Arbogast farm, Rocky's mental state is fragile. His mental health will rapidly deteriorate until he becomes too violent and delusional to employ at the Lackadaisy. If he doesn't end up in a prison cell or a psyche ward, someone in the criminal underworld will be forced to put him down.

[[WMG: The Marigold is rooting out traitors.]]

Dom Drago's notes mention a "G.G.", which strongly implies that he was in contact with Gracie. Gracie was providing information on the Marigold gang to law enforcement, but he wasn't the only member of the criminal underground to do so. What if the Marigold's "aggressive spring cleaning" involves killing stool pigeons who could get the whole operation in trouble with the law?

For added drama, what if the Maitre Carrefour cult has an informant among their ranks? Now that Serafine and Nico are working for the Marigold gang, and now that Serafine is forcing Mordecai to join the cult, an informant could help law enforcement make a case connecting the cult to Marigold. Both groups could go down in flames if the traitors aren't discovered.

[[WMG: The Maitre Carrefour cult killed Atlas.]]

The cult was active in the St. Louis area before the events of the comic. The Savoys pressured Atlas into joining their organization, and when he refused, they assassinated him. When Mordecai discovers that the cult killed his mentor, he'll carry out a {{roaring rampage of revenge}}.