[[WMG: Darkseid will be the BigBad of Lego Batman 2]]
Why? Solely because it would be amazingly awesome.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: These games take place in the same world as ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'']]
Along with VideoGame/LEGOBattles. Think about it. Both games have similarly blocky characters and are set similar worlds. Character customization is oddly similar (Both arms and both legs must be mirrors of each other; bodies divided into hat, head, arms, body, legs). The Enemies in Lego Star Wars spawn in small, dark areas before coming out. The level creators are superflat creative worlds, and the story levels are adventure maps. The updated levels in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga are the result of updates to the adventure maps, and the Lego Indiana Jones levels (As well as the "Geonosis Arena" level in LSWIII) are the result of complete remakes. Objects that look different but function the same in each game? Each "theme" has it's own texture pack. Zombies in LSWIII and the zombie mannequins from Indiana Jones 2 function similarly to zombies in Minecraft, with the exception of not burning in sunlight. The near-useless bystanders you can find are similar in (non-)function to the villagers.
Lego Battles (Which, for simplicity, and the fact that it shares a developer and gameplay elements, we'll consider a part of this series) gives even more examples. The villagers are friendly towards the pirates (Villagers in Minecraft and will not attack the player, even if you start killing them.), and their Tiki Golem is strangely evocative of the recently-added Iron Golem. The evil wizard uses skeleton archers that resemble the ones in Mineraft, only with snazzy helmets. The Wizard also has a dragon that vaguely resembles the Enderdragon.
This, of course, is helped by the fact that Lego is now making Minecraft sets.

[[WMG: The Bat Bunker will be the heart of the hub for Lego Batman 3]]

Even though Bruce is going to rebuild it and probably improve security the Batcave isn't safe any more since Lex, Joker and his entire gang know where it is. The Bunker will provide all the main features such as character creation and replaying missions, with the cave serving more of a support role.
** Jossed. The Batcave is indeed a hub area, but the Watchtower is where you start off in the open world, and from there you can go to the other locations.

[[WMG: The next LEGO DC game will be a true LEGO Justice League game]]

Batman learned that he can´t only rely on himself and becomes a more active member of the League, that will face of against Brainiac like they teased. The new hub will be the Watchtower.
* Jossed. The official title is "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham"

[[WMG: There will be a Lego {{Superman}}]]
In order to tie it in with/cash in on Snyder and Nolan's ''Film/ManOfSteel'' movie, and because Batman had his Lego game. Similarly, there will also be a sequel with several [[TheDCU DCU]] heroes available.
* [[http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/CBMM1/news/?a=74400 Confirmed!]]

[[WMG: We're going to get a Lego Superheroes game, with both Marvel & DC characters]]
Lego's got both the licenses to Marvel and DC, and be honest, wouldn't be playing as a whole host of heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and et cetera be ten kinds of awesome?
* I was just thinking this. However, as much as I love the Batman series and its characters, I hope they use a more evenly spread set of characters than the second LEGO Batman game if they do manage to make this.
* Lego Amalgamverse?
* How about the JLA VS Avengers storyline?
[[WMG: An attempt will be made to acquire the rights to use a certain song in LEGO The Hobit]]
A LEGO The Hobbit game could only be improved by the addition of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

[[WMG: In the upcoming LEGO Marvel game...]]
* Steve Blum, Fred Tatasciore, and Nolan North will voice Wolverine, the Hulk, and Deadpool respectively. (Like we don't all want it to happen, especially since Clancy Brown was Lex Luthor in ''Batman 2'')
** Confirmed
* The ComicBook/FantasticFour will be in it. (A "4" platform can be seen in the development trailer)
** Confirmed
* Deadpool will break the fourth wall. Cover art shows him holding LEGO studs, and, well, it's pretty much his thing.
** Confirmed, of ''course''.

[[WMG: Lego Star Wars III takes place after The Complete Saga.]]
Well, it explains why the Complete Saga characters are considered �classic�.

[[WMG: Characters & vehicles in LEGO Marvel]]
* Comicbook/AntMan
** Confirmed
* ComicBook/DoctorStrange
** Confirmed
* Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}
** Confirmed
* ComicBook/HowardTheDuck
** Confirmed
* H.E.R.B.I.E.
** Confirmed
* The Fantasticar
** [[http://images.wikia.com/lego/images/8/81/Fantasticar.jpg Confirmed]]
* Toad
** Confirmed
* Nightcrawler
* Jean Grey
** Confirmed. 90's costume ''and'' Phoenix.
* Juggernaut
** Confirmed
* The Spider-Mobile
** [[https://c1.eb-cdn.com.au/website/images/packshots/lego_marvel_dlc_large.jpg Confirmed as DLC.]]
* [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120604231239/marveldatabase/images/7/7b/Iron_Man_Armor_MK_VI_%28Earth-1610%29_003.jpg Iron Man 6]] (from Comicbook/TheUltimates)
* Ghost Rider
** Confirmed
* Quicksilver
* Scarlet Witch
* Ultron
* Star-Lord
** Confirmed
* Gamora
** Confirmed
* Drax The Destroyer
** Confirmed
* Groot
** Confirmed
* Nova
** Confirmed
* Iron Fist
** Very likely, since there's an actual LEGO Iron Fist
** Implied by appearing on a screen in Times Square
** Confirmed
* White Tiger
* Luke Cage
** Implied by appearing on a screen in Times Square
** Confirmed
* X-23
* The Hellcycle
** Confirmed
* Cable
* Kraven the Hunter
** Confirmed
* Chameleon
* Carnage
** Confirmed
* Scorpion
* Aldrich Killian
** Confirmed
* Mandarin
** If so, it'd ''better'' be the REAL Mandarin
** Confirmed. Possibly BOTH.
** Also confirmed, both the comic version ''and'' the film version show up.
* Whiplash
** Confirmed
* Iron Monger
* Crimson Dynamo
* Living Laser
* M.O.D.O.K
** Surprisingly confirmed
* Emma Frost
** Confirmed
* Shadowcat
* Psylocke
** Confirmed
* Apocalypse
* Mister Sinister
* Red Skull
** Confirmed
* Crossbones
* Batroc The Leaper
* Ronan The Accuser
** Confirmed
* Nebula
* She Hulk
** Confirmed
* Skaar
* Forbush Man
* Squirrel Girl's [[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/b/bd/Squirrel-a-gig.jpg Squirrel-a-gig]]
* Prince Namor, the ComicBook/SubMariner
* Comicbook/ManThing

[[WMG: Two of the trophies in LEGO Marvel will be [[MemeticMutation Master of Magnet and Welcome to Die]]]]
The former would be unlocked by completing a block moving puzzle with Magneto perfectly, while the latter is unlocked for defeating Magneto as Wolverine. LEGO Lord of the Rings had trophies named after internet memes too. (One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor and They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!)
** If the Blob is in the game, they could have a trophy called Nothing Moves the Blob! To get it, you must stand still with no controller input for five minutes as the Blob.
*** Well, Blob ''is'' in it. We'll just have to see.
** How about "[[Film/TheAvengers2012 Puny God]]" from defeating Loki as the Hulk
*** [[http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/lego-marvel-super-heroes/achievements/ Confirmed]]

[[WMG: Spoiler was using a voice changer [[note]](To bring you up to speed, Spoiler could be built in the character creator of Lego Batman 1, specifically console versions, after all villain minikits were unlocked. However, she still had a man's voice.)[[/note]] ]]
Stephanie had been trying out a voice changer in her mask to better conceal her identity. She decided not to keep useing it because [[LoveInterest Robin]] found it disturbing.

[[WMG: Theories on who that is Deadpool is attacking [[http://youtu.be/Nvpug0_-xAQ?t=1m19s here]].]]
* Wasp, maybe?
** Her hair isn't usually that long.
* A Brotherhood mook.
* Do "the Acolytes" ring a bell?

[[WMG: Ant-Man's abilities]]
One of the spaces on the character chart is clearly the shape of Ant-Man's helmet.
* Shrinking to fit through grates, like Mr. Fantastic
** Confirmed
* Summoning ant swarms, like Squirrel Girl
** Confirmed
* Transforming into Giant-Man, like Bruce Banner/Hulk
** Well, more like Venom/Ultimate Venom
*** Really, just growing 10x bigger and his head switching to Giant-Man
** Jossed
* Flight via shrinking down and summoning a flying ant, like Green Goblin's glider
** Jossed
* Computer hacking, like the other smart guys
** Confirmed
* As unlikely as it is, how about a trophy "Finnish What I Started" for destroying Ultron (if he's in it)?
** Ultron is not in it, so, Jossed.

[[WMG: Deadpool, Squirrel Girl, and She-Hulk will have a conversation.]]
And they will all break the fourth wall.
* Seems jossed, sadly.

[[WMG: Stan Lee is the game's version of The One Above All. (The most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. Basically the Author.)]]
* Evidence:
** 1. He has the powers of at least one major character from each Marvel comic that Stan Lee himself had a hand in creating, making him essentially the most powerful character in the game.
** 2. In the game, he's EVERYWHERE. He shows up more often that ''Deadpool''!

[[WMG: There will be a Lego game of WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender]]
There was a Lego set or two based on the series when it first came out, it would be pretty cool to have control over bending powers [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames (plus the previous Avatar games haven't been overly reputable)]]. They could even make strange and hilarious additions such as;
* A level where Sokka [[MushroomSamba is high off Cactus Juice]]
* A bonus level where you play as [[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra Korra or Amon]]
* A way to [[AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent unlock the]] [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]]

[[WMG: There will be a LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.]]
Because they'd actually produce a good beat em' up with some additional features, and because of the LEGO toys. It would also introduce bigger characters, like Mutagen Man or Traag.

[[WMG: The second Marvel game will take elements from [[Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron Age of]] [[ComicBook/AgeOfUltron Ultron]] (comic and film)]]
It'll likely come out around the same time as the movie, but the comic plot may have a plot that works similar in the kind of game like this. They can take advantage of the elements from both that work best, and also cash in on the biggest craze for that game. Plus they never had Ultron in the first game - maybe they were saving him for this very reason.

[[WMG: The Series/AgentsOfSHIELD will be playable in the second Marvel game]]
In order to further tie in to the MCU.

[[WMG: The first "Man of the Year" award interrupted by supervillains was Mr. Freeze trying to kill Ferris Boyle]]
Vikki Vale mentioned it was the second time supervillains interrupted it. It's not that hard to imagine the first time as an adaption of "Heart of Ice".

[[WMG: ComicBook/NormanOsborn filled his office with anti-Spider-Sense gas]]
Which he ''did'' have in the comics. It's not ForgotAboutHisPowers, it's ShownTheirWork.

[[WMG: These games take place in the same world as WesternAnimation/TheLegoMovie.]]
Adding to this, maybe the movie (Or it's game adaptation) take place in between Lego Pirates and Lego Batman 2. The reason Lego Batman 2 is the first Traveller's Tales game the characters speak in? [[spoiler: Finn was being quiet when he was playing with his dad's toys.]] There's also an explanation for why, in the first few games, you only had a few characters to play as per level, whereas in the later games, you can hold down the tag button to choose from the entire roster. [[spoiler: In the first games, Finn was picking a handful of minifigs and going back to what he was playing with to avoid making noise. In later games, he was just swapping out characters as he chose. As the series goes on, Finn was getting more cocky and careless, leading to the games getting bigger and bolder as time went on. Story Mode is Finn recreating his favorite movies/TV shows/whatever. Free Play is just that, Finn playing with toys, doing whatever he wants. Co-op is whenever Finn brings a friend (Or later, his dad) downstairs to play with him. LEGO Rock Band is what happens when Finn listens to music while playing with the sets (Notice how many different LEGO themes seem to mix together in that game?) LEGO Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit is what happens when Finn watches the movies as he plays with the toys. We can also infer that Finn watches a lot of Marvel shows, but not a lot of DC ones, based on the voice cast in LEGO Batman 2 as compared to LEGO Marvel. The movie unintentionally provides so much insight to the game series it's insane. The player may have a huge roster of characters to pull from: But they're only ever playing as one person: Finn.]]

[[WMG: The LegionOfDoom for Lego Batman 3 will consist of...]]
* ComicBook/LexLuthor - confirmed
* TheJoker - confirmed
* ComicBook/{{Brainiac}} - possible. We know he's in the game, but he's not much of a team player. On the other hand, he ''was'' in the original Legion
** Semi-confirmed. He's not in the Legion.
* Solomon Grundy - confirmed
* ComicBook/{{Deathstroke}} - RuleOfCool
** Confirmed
** Confirmed
* Bizarro
* Sinestro
** Confirmed
* Gorilla Grodd
** Confirmed
* Captain Cold
** Confirmed
* ComicBook/BlackAdam
** Confirmed
* Black Manta
** Confirmed
* Professor Zoom
** Confirmed
* Mirror Master
* Captain Boomerang
* Giganta
** Confirmed
* The Riddler
** Confirmed
* The Scarecrow
** Confirmed
* Killer Frost
* Toyman
** Confirmed
* Metallo
** Confirmed
* Poison Ivy
** Confirmed
* Parasite
** Confirmed
* Clayface
* Merlyn

[[WMG: LEGO Batman 3 will have more variety in its characters.]]
The game involves the Lantern Corps and space. Most of Batman's villains don't really work in space, so the game will need to use villains from outside of Gotham.
** The point of the game is the focus shift to the entire Justice League and Lantern Corps.
[[WMG: Potential characters for LEGO Batman 3:]]
* ComicBook/GreenArrow
** StephenAmell alluded to being involved in the game somehow, so it's likely.
* ComicBook/PlasticMan - Confirmed
* ComicBook/{{Shazam}}
** Confirmed
* Metamorpho
* Firestorm
* Some of the ComicBook/MetalMen
* ComicBook/TheAtom
** Confirmed
* ComicBook/DoctorFate
* Mera
* ComicBook/BoosterGold
** Confirmed
* ComicBook/BlueBeetle
** Confirmed (In the case of Jaime Reyes)
* Atrocitus
** Bleez and a generic Red Lantern enemy are confirmed, so it's likely.
** Confirmed
* Larfleeze
** Confirmed
* Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire
** A generic Zamaron enemy has been confirmed, so it's likely we'll see at least one Star Sapphire.
* Indigo-1
** Confirmed
* Saint Walker
** A generic Blue Lantern enemy has been sighted, so it's likely.
** Confirmed
* ComicBook/RedTornado
** Confirmed

[[WMG: The final boss of LEGO Batman 3 will be Darkseid.]]
The main villain seems to be Brainiac thus far, but he seems like he's not quite final boss material. Darkseid is very much final boss material.
* Brainiac could very much be a final boss, if he, say, upgraded to a HumongousMech
* Plus, Brainiac being DiscOneFinalBoss and Darkseid being BiggerBad would be redundant after VideoGame/JusticeLeagueHeroes. ...Wait, we don't have a page for that?
* This troper had the exact same idea...and Darkseid is in the game!

[[WMG: New Big Figures for LEGO Batman 3]]
* Maybe ComicBook/PlasticMan, The Elongated Man, and/or Metamorpho will be able to turn into one.
* Darkseid
* Atrocitus
** Confirmed
* The Brainiac/Lex Luthor combination.
* Kilowog
** Confirmed
* Arkillo
** Confirmed
* The Atom could become one
* Bane, Croc, and Clayface could transform from their minifig selves into big figs, Hulk-style
** Confirmed for Croc
*** ''Semi''-confirmed for Croc. He may only be a big fig, as we haven't seen a minifig of him.
** Confirmed for Bane, too
* [[VideoGame/BatmanArkhamAsylum Titan Joker]]
* Beast boy could morph into a gorilla to become a big fig.
** Confirmed
* Mammoth
* Lobo

[[WMG: In LEGO Batman 3, the grappling hooks will function more like Spider-Man's web-shooters in LEGO Marvel.]]
I don't think they'll be able to web swing, but they might be able to pull things like with Spider-Man.
* Actually, they've been depicted swinging from their grapples before. If TT could make the animations not [[SpecialEffectsFailure look ridiculous]], it might actually work. Though, for what it's worth, Batman's spacesuit can fly under it's own power, which makes it a bit less likely.
** There's a bit of a difference between swinging from a grapnel and web-swinging.

[[WMG: Special suits for other characters in Batman 3]]
* Titan Joker
* Space suit
* Scuba Joker

Lex Luthor:
* Classic purple/green Superfriends look
* Tech suit (mad scientist lab coat & goggles)
** A tech suit has been confirmed, but it looks just like a variation of Luthor's typical Warsuit.
* All-Star Superman green trenchcoat (super powers?)

[[WMG: Joker's '66 skin will have all the abilities of his other suits]]
Just like Batman and Robin

[[WMG: They will eventually remake the Lego Star Wars games]]
And they will include the following
* Dialogue
* Character models matching modern mini figures
* Planet hubs like in Batman 3

[[WMG: "LEGO Avengers" is a canon prequel to "LEGO Marvel"]]
The first Marvel game takes a lot of influence from the MCU, implying that a LighterAndSofter LEGO-fied version of such events happened in the past. The Avengers game will tell how the group first formed and became the team we see in LEGO Marvel.

[[WMG: LEGO MortalKombat]]
It could work, MK has [[{{LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters}} Loads And Loads Of Kharacters]] it would naturally be Bowdlerised but you can still dekapitate, tear off arms, upperkuts etc.. You could retell the original timeline in LEGO form. This troper has never played MortalKombatArmageddon, but wasn't one of its problems that there were too many Kharaters but little polish and discspace because of it? This was never a problem with the adaptation games since everyone usually still has their Kharacterization intact. Of course it would've still the regular LEGO gameplay style, I don't think the LEGO body type would translate well into a Mortal Kombat fighting style.

[[WMG: The ''Phantom Limb'' level pack in ''The Force Awakens'' will feature a ShoutOut to ''{{VideoGame/Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain}}'']]
In a case of AscendedMeme, given the recent popularity of images like [[http://i.imgur.com/Pgu8WJY.jpg this one]]. It wouldn't be the first time Traveller's Tales included a ''Metal Gear'' shout out in the series.