[[WMG: The final episode.]]

* The only reason they found the tape recorder was because an armed team was scouring the tunnels looking for the cart he was using.

[[WMG: Kolchak is related to Series/TheXFiles' Arthur Dales]]

* It certainly explains the predilection for the supernatural in both of them.
** Alternatively- and I'm not sure how well the timeline matches up, so bear that in mind- Kolchak's confiscated tapes became the basis for (at least one batch of) the X-Files.

[[WMG: Kolchak and Supernatural exist in the same universe]]

Kolchak was a hunter. He worked as a reporter but to gain information he often used the same methods the Winchesters and other hunters use by pretending to be other people. Doctors, Health Inspectors and so on. Carl was more than a reporter. He was a hunter trying to expose the truth to the world but he always came up short on the evidence in the end.

[[WMG: Kolchak's hat is an ancient artifact granting ultimate power.]]

* It explains why he never goes out without it, and how he always wins despite being an ordinary human in a world full of demons, aliens, werewolves, etc. who actively goes looking for trouble, is typically unarmed, and has no combat training.

[[WMG: Kolchak is either psychic or some form of monster himself.]]

Despite being given the barest of clues and never exhibiting great detection skills,Karl Kolchak manages to locate and defeat monsters in a crowded urban area with little or no assistance. These monsters included an alien, a humanoid, and TWO separate vampires. How could this be possible?

Either Kolchak SENSED the presence of these creatures, or he was a creature himself and had an affinity.

[[WMG: Kolchak is responsible for [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Special Investigations]] ]]

Who else would cause the police so much trouble that they're forced to create a special division in the department to explain everything away, and so understaffed that it could do little.

[[WMG: The series takes place in the same universe as ''Series/TheRockfordFiles'']]

The final episode of Rockford had Jim meet a reporter with the Independent New Service, the same news service Carl works for. One of the writers of the episode was Rudolph Borchert who wrote several episodes of Kolchak. The shows shared more than one creative personnel. David Chase (later of Series/TheSopranos) also worked on both shows. Simon Oakland (who played Kolchak's boss) appeared in a few roles on Rockford.

[[WMG: Kolchak is delusional]]
I know it's a [[StockEpilepticTrees Stock Epileptic Tree]], but hear me out. Kolchak always goes in with a preconceived notion about what the supernatural menace is, and of course he turns out to be right... [[ThroughTheEyesOfMadness from his perspective]]. Nobody ever corroborates his story even if they ([[ThroughTheEyesOfMadness according to what Kolchak remembers]]) saw it too, and [[OnceAnEpisode at the end of every episode]] all the evidence is always mysteriously destroyed. ''He'' clearly remembers something supernatural happening, but neither other witnesses nor the physical evidence can back him up on that. Everyone he knows very clearly expresses the fact that they think he's insane, but we the viewers know he isn't and that they're just [[JerkAss Jerk Ass]]es because we saw the monsters too. But then, the show is told entirely from Kolchak's perspective, with articles written by Kolchak about what he remembers seeing as the FramingDevice. We're just seeing what Kolchak remembers seeing, whether or not it was ever actually there.
* NOTE: I've only seen the first season, and this is just based on that, so I'm open to the possibility that what are omnipresent features of every episode I've seen so far might stop happening with such regularity in later stories, which would go against my theory. Then again, that might just be a sign that his delusion has gotten more severe.

[[WMG: Kolchak is in the TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness]]
The monsters run a full gamut of insanity, there's never any resolution or even basic answers beyond what Kolchak can try and piece together, and no matter how weird things get the authorities always do their best to shut Kolchak up. If that isn't the New World of Darkness, I'll eat my hat.

[[WMG: The opening to the original series is Kolchak writing something in code before the BigBad kills him or he's taken away for "knowing too much"]]
For the later, that group could be a Men In Black type organisation that could mindwipe him into forgetting all his past adventures while taking his research to use for themselves.

[[WMG: All the stories seen on the TV show are actually novels written by Miss Emily]]
In one episode Miss Emily confesses that she's writing a detective novel and that she took the job at INS to gain life experience. Extrapolating from that, the supernatural stories seen on the show were written by Miss Emily based on her coworkers. After she met Kolchak, who told her of the events in Las Vegas and Seattle, she decided to write a series of UrbanFantasy novels with Kolchak as the lead character and a Miss Emily AuthorAvatar that everybody at INS trusts and likes.

[[WMG: A long time passes between episodes]]
Neatly ties up the "why does no one else notice so much weird shit going down in one city" issue and why Kolchak only seems to have one suit of clothes - he has lots of suits, but happens to be wearing the same one every time he gets caught up in a supernatural case. Also explains why Vincenzo doesn't fire him for constantly turning in spooky stories - he only gets involved with such stories every so often, the rest of the time he's doing proper reporting on proper stuff.