Wild Mass Guesses for the ''Anime/KirbyOfTheStars'' [[AlternateContinuity canon]].

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[[WMG: Kirby is a demon beast]]

In episode 4, it's revealed that Nightmare once made a demon beast that rebelled against him. Because of Kirby's extraterrestrial origin and his instinctive, in-born PowerCopying ability, this is more than likely to be true.

Or, alternatively...

[[WMG: Meta Knight is a demon beast]]

The same scene in episode 4 depicting Nightmare's failed creation also shows it holding a sword, adding a link to Meta Knight. Also, the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXHME5248pM pilot episode]] shows him with his wings, and he appears to be a monster summoned by Nightmare.
* There's even an [[http://meta-knightmare.deviantart.com/ entire group on deviantART]] dedicated to this theory, which brought up several points in support of it as well.

[[WMG: The anime continuity is an AlternateUniverse of TheSimpsons.]]
Fumu is something of an {{Expy}} of Lisa Simpson. Nearly all the cast have Simpsons equivalents. (Note: Using the Japanese names, not the 4Kids ones.)
* Bun is Bart, age-swapped with Fumu.
* Fumu and Bun's parents are a more aristocratic Homer and Marge, though the dad is slightly less stupid.
* Mayor Len is Mayor Quimby (but faithful).
* The Police Chief is about as effective as Chief Wiggum. The unnamed goateed prisoner is a mute Snake.
* Kine is Milhouse, but a fish.
* Kawasaki is Luigi the Italian chef, not quite a LethalChef, but pretty average.
* Curio is Professor Frink with an archaeological bent.
* King Dedede is Mr. Burns- ridiculously rich, a {{Jerkass}}, hilarious, and the most active regular villain.
* Likewise, Escargon is Smithers with slightly more of a spine, and [[HoYay the crush on Burns]] is... erm... more subtle.
* Dr. Yabui is Dr. Hibbert/Nick combined with some competence.
* Ed and Lou quit working for the police and joined up with Meta Knight instead, becoming Sword and Blade.
* And Kirby is, of course, Maggie.
Not sure about Tokkori, Meta Knight, and Kabu yet.

[[WMG: Nightmare ''wants'' to be a {{Big Eater}}...]]

But because he lacks a true body, he can't. He vents his frustration by creating bizarre food-based (and ''edible'') demon beasts. [[spoiler:And if Kirby is truly Nightmare's creation, then this could explain ''his'' appetite too.]] Sort of a fantasy-fulfillment thing.