[[WMG: Balian is a Time Lord.]]
* After joining Richard in his failed crusade against the Saracens, Balian returned to Europe, dropped his identity as a member of the Ibelin household, and took on the name [[Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean William Turner]] on a later date.
[[WMG: Reynauld has tried to dye his hair/beard with henna.]]
* Hence the unnaturally abrupt rust-red color.
[[WMG: The Hospitallar is an angel.]]
* In several scenes, he seemingly appears and disappears without a trace, while giving Bailan advice, primarily about religion and holiness (and how the two are not the same). There's also the part where he appears after the failed assassination attempt on Bailan and simply touches the injured Bailan with a finger, which seems to rouse him. If the man himself is not an angel, it's possible that an angel is taking his form to communicate with Bailan as he searches for a sign of God's plan for him.