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[[WMG: If Connie and Lonnie aren't twins, they're a year apart in age (probably 13 to 14 months), with Connie being the older sister and Lonnie being younger sister]]
Although it's never stated how much older Connie and Lonnie are than Bonnie, I'm guessing that if Connie and Lonnie are just a year apart in age, I'm guessing that Connie's five years older than Bonnie and Lonnie's four years older than Bonnie. Or if they are actually are twins, then I'm guessing they're four years older than Bonnie.
[[WMG:The parents of Kim's cousin, Joss, are divorced]]
That would explain why Joss's mother isn't seen or mentioned in either of the episodes that Joss's dad, Slim, appears in, and why Joss doesn't appear in the series finale while her dad does--Slim and his ex-wife have joint custody of their daughter, and Joss was with her mom at the same time Kim and Ron's high school graduation occurred. But, for the most part at least, Slim and Joss's mother get along well and are still friends.
[[WMG:Kim and Ron were "Friends with Benefits" throughout the show.]]
Kim and Ron were having casual sex frequently throughout all four seasons. They had a very mature sexual relationship without emotional clinginess which eventually blossomed in to a full romance at the end of Season 3. It being a Disney show, the sexual aspects aren't alluded to or referenced (in the same way that Mr. and Mrs. Possible's happy marriage is never shown being sexual either). But there a numerous clues to it throughout the run of the series.
* Throughout the show, Kim and Ron are often extremely physical with each other as a consequence of their action-packed lifestyle. Grabbing, holding each other, etc. are all par for the course, but they don't seem to have any hesitation or reluctance to do it despite being ostensibly a boy and girl who are "just friends".
* In "Mind Games" Kim and Ron swap bodies and spend at least 36 hours, probably closer to 48 hours that way. But neither is particularly uncomfortable with the situation other than wanting to return to normal. Neither has any shock or surprise with being in the other's body. And this is over a period of time long enough to require going to the bathroom, showering, etc. This is because they are already extremely familiar with each others' bodies.
** Um, having sex with a man doesn't mean you'll be able to piss like one automatically. There is a difference being being familiar with the anatomy of a person you have sex with and HAVING the anatomy of someone you have sex with. Disney is too clean to mention the physical issues you were mentioning.
* In the original version of "Sick Day" she changes clothes in front of Ron. Disney later added a screen between them, but if you pause the video and look at the screen Kim is behind, it is very digitized and blocky, while all the other lines in the image are smooth. It was added to the image after the episode was made.
** Actually, the screen was there in the premiere of the episode.
* In "Bad Boy" we see that Ron knows how to sneak in to Kim's bedroom at night.
* In "So the Drama" when they scuba up to the Villain party on the secret island, they both change in to formal wear on the beach. While Ron has his (awful) tux on under his scuba suit, Kim has to strip down and put on a dress. She does this in front of Ron without any hesitation or concern. He does look away in a gentlemanly fashion, but Kim's attitude reveals she wasn't worried about what Ron might see at all.
* In Season 4 when they're dating, their interactions don't change much at all. They don't get touchy-feely, they don't cuddle, they pretty much carry on like they had before. This is because nothing changed in their physical relationship. the only thing that changed was their emotional connection; and those changes are focused on and demonstrated in the show.
** That is sort of what happens when best friends start dating. They were already pretty close. They do start hugging, kissing, and being sweet with each other more also.
There is also the fact that these are a couple of teenagers dealing with high-stress situations on a daily basis, who would need an outlet to vent out some of that stress. The easiest, most convenient and possibly most fulfilling way to do so is clear.
** But how exactly would it be the most convenient when Ron has been shown to have the very real fear of being shot into a black hole by Kim's dad if they started dating? Ron would never go to Kim's house out of fear if they were secretly having sex. And her dad would not be chill with it. In A Sitch In Time, he vocally mentions he prefers her traversing the TIMESTREAM over her going on a date. It would not be easy, or convenient, and there are plenty of ways to relieve stress that don't involve sex that would be a lot easier and more covenient than having to go behind her father's back. Heck, that would make it more stressful.
** Easy, it's Kim's idea. As the girl who can do anything she'd surely be able to sneak Ron off for some nookie, and it would explain why he's a little high strung.
[[WMG: ''WesternAnimation/{{Centurions}}'' is the future of the ''Kim Possible'' universe.]]
The Centurion Project Kim Possible wore is the basis for the Exo-Frames the Centurions use, and both series featured meaningful {{punny name}}s.
[[WMG:Shego's twin brothers are actually a single entity.]]
The two Wegos share a single name, "their" power is [[MesACrowd self-duplication]], and nobody ever acknowledges them as individuals. When Hego was playing with Wego and Mego puppets, he only had one of Wego and referred to him as a single character as well. Perhaps they were born as one person the [[Main/AppliedPhlebotinum comet]] split permanently into two as a side-effect of the Main/MesACrowd power.
* This may be {{Jossed}} by "Go Team Go" since they remained twins after having their power removed. Though, everyone maintained their physical color manifestations.
* "Stop Team Go" shows that it is possible to change the alignment of only some of the duplicates at a time. This supports the idea that maybe one twin is just a permanently split duplicate, since they don't all necessarily share a hive mind.

[[WMG:Joss Possible was the trick or treater that mocked Duff Killigan in the episode October 31st]]
The character is wearing a pink bunny rabbit costume and has the same voice as Joss Possible, who we later see in the series. She also calls Ron "Mister" and Joss is a self acknowledged worshiper of Kim when we first see her. The trick or treater even gets her curse cut short when Duff Killigan arrives and we know that Joss apparently doesn't have a mother figure (thus possibly speaking more like a boy at a young age and cursing).

[[WMG:Kim's parents are [[KissingCousins first cousins]].]]
After Drew failed to get proper dates to his fellow geeks for the college mixer, James related his problems to his family. His aunt or uncle then quickly set up their daughter Anne as an "emergency date" for their nephew. The two hit it off. Twenty or so years later, they're married with three kids.

Of course, for this scenario to work, Middleton has to be in a state where cousin marriage is legal.

This is why Creator/{{Disney}} never shows Kim's mom's side of the family: to do so would be to reveal that Nana (or James' dad) is the sibling of one of Anne's parents. (And whether or not you think cousin romance is [[{{Squick}} squicky]], if Anne is James' cousin, then can you [[HeroesWantRedheads blame]] [[HospitalHottie him]]?
* That would explain why Kim's ''paternal'' ancestor Mim looks like her! Perhaps while Mim was hiding out due to being wrongly accused (if it happened at all), she falls for a man who believes her innocents; she changes her name; they have children, one of whom is Anne's mother or grandmother! Either that or the [[Film/BackToTheFuture Possible men are attracted to women that resembles their mothers]]. It was a dream but the events inside truly happened.

[[WMG: Mrs. Dr. Possible's maiden name is 'Credible'.]]
As in 'InCredible'
[[WMG:Mystical Monkey Kung-Fu is powered by negative emotions.]]
Ron has it, but it's almost never useful. The only times it really works as advertised is when he's feeling strong emotions of hatred or anger. This is why his evil side is [[Main.SuperpoweredEvilSide able to make it work so well]], he's chock full of mean, while good Ron is a fairly gentle soul. When Ron is his normal self, those negative emotions come into play when Kim is in danger above and beyond the usual -- hence [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass the opened floodgate of whoop-ass]] in the GrandFinale.
* This also explains why Monkey Fist can't really use it quite as well. His emotions, negative as they are, are on a leash; he was a [[QuintessentialBritishGentleman British nobleman]] before he was bat-shit crazy, so he's got built-in psychological blocks.
* Ron usually only got a boost up to Kim or Monkey Fist's level of ability when the Mystical Monkey mojo kicks in, so being a mutated monkey ninja probably made the effect of the Mystical Monkey Power hard to notice in Monkey Fist's case. At least, at the basic level.

[[WMG: Kim is a Main/SuperSoldier.]]
Unlike the rest of her genius family (rocket scientist father, brain surgeon mother, GadgeteerGenius brothers), she isn't an omnidisciplinary genius, but she is much more physically adept than them, and while still in high school is a master of combat, able to regularly beat a older, more experienced, superpowered foe. Global Justice seem oddly willing to send a teenage girl to save the day when [[Main/TheWorldIsAlwaysDoomed the fate of the world is in the balance]], even when she brings seeming liabilities like Ron with her. Because they created her to able to do it, or know that someone else did.
** Wade is not only completely aware of this project, he's her handler. Nobody has that much access without being government or a criminal.
** And he's a techno-genius while even younger than her. So he's probably also a product of the program. Not to mention Kim's brothers; maybe the Possible genes were a good basis for creating ubermench.
** Kim's enhanced genes may include some of Shego's, giving her similar resilience and healing.
** Unless there's Main/NoPlansNoPrototypeNoBackup (quite likely, given the run of the show), this could mean there are many more kung-fu hero girls out there, waiting for the signal ([[Series/{{Firefly}} Fruity Oaty Bars commercial?]]) but only one was activated early through her website. So expanding the concept in a kind of [[TheChosenMany Kim Possible Corps]].
* Note that Kim's family are all specialists, besides the bungling Twins- Kim may be just as smart as they are, but she channelled her knowledge and willpower towards physical pursuits.

[[WMG: Ron has the special ability to talk to animals.]]
Aside from the unusually articulate Rufus, Ron has talked to and seems capable of conveying complex communication to mutated cockroaches, genetically-enhanced Dachshunds, and a monkey ninja in the course of the series.
* Does that mean he is also a [[Literature/HarryPotter Parselmouth]] (assuming he can talk to snakes)?

[[WMG: Kim is a [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Slayer]].]]
"Adolescent girl with super-powers"? Check. High-school cheerleader takes much bigger enemies? Check. But her world replaces the supernatural with supervillains, like [[Main/MadScientist Mad Scientists]] or aliens.
** It's possible that she's a Slayer but doesn't even know it. We know from "Fray" that at some point Buffy successfully eliminates all supernatural threats, to the point where no one other than a few members of the Watchers council even know they ever existed. So Kim is a slayer who came into being AFTER Buffy pulled that after but many years before the futuristic world Fray lives in. All the "Mad science" and such is the precursor to the cyberpunk flying-car dystopia that Fray calls home.
*** The mad "science" is actually MagicPoweredPseudoscience. Drakken is a half-demon and unconscious wizard. Explains the blue skin....

[[WMG: Wade is an AI]]
No kid could have that much information or tech, he always appears in his room, never ever seems to go to school of any kind at all, and he is never seen in person, only via holograms or vids. Ron even seems to have partially figured it out as he freaked out when one of Wade's robots got trashed, he thought it was the real Wade. As for his appearance in ''A Sitch in Time'', he built a partially biological android duplicate of himself to fend off Shego's henchmen from his AI core, wherever that is. This technology became more fine-tuned as his few appearances in season 4 were due to these duplicates becoming more long-distance capable. Kim did say something about Wade passing his [=GCSEs=] in a season one episode, but online courses are amazing these days.
* There's at least one episode where he shows up in person briefly - after his equipment was trashed.
** Clearly he was very upset that he had to resort to backup.
* If Wade is an A.I., then how could he be allowed to go to an island where no technology is permitted (as seen in an episode of season 4). Unless he needed downtime for an upgrade and the island story was a cover for Kim.
** Do you have any idea how hard it is to cloak an Avatar?
*** Maybe he managed to upgrade to a 100% biological android.

[[WMG: Ron is the Great Blue.]]
In some of the final scenes in the final episode, he not only was an unstoppable badass, but also had a blue skin. This can't be a coincidence.
** Yes, yes it can be.
** Aliens have visited Earth centuries ago, [[GodGuise mistaken for or worshiped as gods]]. They learned about Toshimiru, whose legend spreads across the galaxy until it reached Lorwardia, whom they [[PropheticFallacy misinterpreted as the Great Blue who will lead them to galactic domination]]. The Mystical Monkey Monk received visions that the Lorwardians would conquer Earth, but the Mystical Monkey Master will save them all. So the Yamanouchi Academy began to train for [[ChosenOne the next heir of the Lotus Blade]] [[SelfFulfillingProphecy until that day comes]]. So instead of leading the Lorwardians to victory, the Great Blue leads [[ProphecyTwist Earth to victory against the Lorwardians]].
* Drakken's definitely the Great Blue- he's just not that great. The TV transmition of his Lather Rinse Obey rap reached Lorwardia and they interpreted it as a sign of his greatness, sorta like what happened with Phoney's balloon in ComicBook/{{Bone}}.

[[WMG:Drakken is Ron's dad.]]
Their mannerisms and character design are strikingly similar, and they both tend to cause problems for themselves by focusing on the wrong part of the picture. Plus, we haven't seen evil turn anyone else blue, so maybe there's a genetic factor there.
** Drakken's continuous inability to remember Ron is part of the act--that way, Ron can't think there's any relation if the man doesn't remember him.
** Who says he has to know? Could be a genetics experiment, could be a divorce... With him being a MadScientist and all, I'd say the first option wouldn't be too far off. An accidental cloning, a dumpster...
** Mrs. Stoppable went to the same college as Drew Lipsky. They had a brief fling together.
*** If it wasn't for her breaking it off, he wouldn't have been laughed at for making robot dates, and wouldn't have become a supervillain.

[[WMG:Anne is related to [[WesternAnimation/ChipNDaleRescueRangers Norton]] [[MadScientist Nimnul]].]]
* Both characters are scientific-minded geniuses, and both have slightly-orangish red hair. We've never heard a single thing about Anne's side of the family - could it be she doesn't mention it because she doesn't want to have to bring up her older, crazier relative? Especially if Normie followed in his uncel's footsteps...

[[WMG:The supervillains are part of an elaborate charade to contain the real threat: Team Possible.]]
At some point in the future, Kim loses Ron (his evil side returns, say, or they just drift apart.) Without his balance, her perfectionism and desire to save everyone leads to [[Main/WellIntentionedExtremist Well Intentioned Extremism]] and she takes over the world [[Main/UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans to save it from itself]]. The Tweebs sometimes display a cheerfully amoral approach to their gadgeteering which will help her. Wade has already displayed EvilGenius tendencies when he developed a crush on Monique: he built a mind-control ray to make her love him.

Someone travelled back from the future to Main/SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong (or Global Justice are quite foresighted.) Instead of [[Main/WhyDontYaJustShootHim just killing them]], they want to use them for good. The villains get an exciting, well-funded lifestyle with much theatrics and never stay long in jail, even hosting their own trade shows. Fighting them means Team Possible see themselves as the good guys, and mad science and world domination as the province of bad guys.

Given Drakken's propensity to earnestly rant about his plans for defeating Kim and ruling the world to Shego, he's unaware of this and she's playing him.
** Or possibly the other way round. As the only villain who actually ''did'' achieve world domination (through time travel), keeping Shego busy with plots unlikely to succeed would be a good idea.
*** Or this all keeps Drakken, Shego and Kim in line at the same time. There's some MagnificentBastard at work here... it's probably [[ObfuscatingStupidity Ron]]. Or Rufus.

[[WMG: Kim is pansexual.]]
She can do anything. Enough said.
* You gotta wonder what ''else'' she's been asked do to... a teenage girl with ''that'' as a website slogan? [[TheInternetIsForPorn What would you expect?]]
** Wade filters out these requests, but it's got to erode his innocence early.
*** He spends his entire life [[TheInternetIsForPorn on the internet]]. What innocence?!
* This could explain why everyone's so keen to return her favours. "After what you did [[strike:to]] for me, Kim Possible..."
*** Well we all know what's really going on with her and Shego's "Rivalry". It's barely even subtext at this point.
*** She even said she's into boys "Sometimes."
*** Though this seemed more like "Other times I think they're just a pain," rather than "The rest of the time I'm into girls."
*** [[GirlOnGirlIsHot SHHHHHHHH]].
*** I don't get where you guys are getting this from. Kim Possible is an action hero and nothing more.

[[WMG: Ron never lost his Monkey-Fist Kung-Fu powers...]]
This is why he can kick so much ass. He just keeps it a secret from Kim to impress her (it worked).
* When did he claim to lose them? His explanation for not pulling them out all the time was that they came and went.

[[WMG: Kim Possible takes place in the ''[[WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers Venture Bros.]]'' universe]]
And the Guild of Calamitous Intent keeps the villains from causing any REAL problems. And any time Kim needs a ride to go somewhere and kick an uppity jerk's rear end, the OSI sends an agent in civilian guise to help her. Side benefits; keeping a handle on the Tweebs, Kim's genius parents and all the trouble Ron gets into by himself. If there weren't the Guild and the OSI keeping things flowing behind the scenes, Kim and her villains would cause a heck of a lot more trouble then they already do.
** Oh my god, this so makes sense. I want to see Drakken and the Monarch meet now. They have a lot in common (Both incompetent mad scientists with screwed up childhoods and ridiculously overcomplicated plans who are constantly losing to people who aren't even in their twenties and are mocked by the hired help. In one episode Drakken even has a pair of double act henchmen accompanying him just like the Monarch's)
* I foresee much fanfic.
** [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3151656/1/Drinks Found one.]]
*** WesternAnimation/KimPossible = WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers. - the deconstruction + a gender flip + a mild dash of Austin Powers.

[[WMG: Global Justice use Kim as a psychological weapon.]]
So, you thought you going to take over the world, but you had your ass kicked by...a carrier group? The 101st Airborne? Delta Force? No, a high school cheerleader and her slacker boyfriend. ''[[IWasBeatenByAGirl Shame]]''.
* Although that would get less and less effective, as Kim's reputation spread and losing to her became more normal and less shameful.

[[WMG: Rufus is an artificially-created animal.]]
He was created by the Genetics Division of Smarty Mart (perhaps [=DNAmy=] also worked there in the past) to be sold as the perfect pet for households where one or more of its members have fur allergies. This explains why Rufus can talk ([[SpeechImpairedAnimal sort of]]), eat almost anything, live comfortably in a human environment, and seems about as smart as anyone else-- these were all features designed by Smarty Mart to make them appealing as pets since normal naked mole rats are unimpressive and ill-suited as household pets. However, only one was ever sold and the line was pulled and discontinued shortly after the lone sale.
* The {{crossover}} episode on ''[[WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries Lilo and Stitch]]'' addressed the possibility that Rufus was a cousin experiment of Stitch.
** If this troper recalls correctly, it was later revealed that he only looked like a dormant experiment, but wasn't the actual experiment itself.
*** Maybe they were [=WRONG=].
** Maybe they used it as a template?
** Ron has had Rufus since his preteen years, the Experiments only fell to Earth about a year prior to the Lilo&Sitch:Rufus episode. Rufus cannot be 607. but I would like to see a match-up between them, maybe later become romance.
* Hint: When making the "perfect pet" don't make something that looks like a naked mole-rat.
** Note the qualifier in the original post: "perfect pet ''for households where one or more of its members have fur allergies.''"

[[WMG: Rufus was a Billy Bumbler.]]
Before [[Franchise/TheDarkTower the world moved on...]]

[[WMG: Rufus was a hairless fancy rat who'd lost some of his tail and part of his ears in an accident.]]
Losing a portion of skin from the tail is a common injury for pet rats that get them caught or grabbed, resulting in "degloving" and the need for amputation. Rats can likewise lose the rims of their ears in fights with other rats, or from burn injuries. On an earlier visit to Smarty Mart, Ron discovered Rufus getting mauled by other rats, and grabbed the little guy by the tail to try to rescue him, causing partial skin loss. The store clerk demanded Ron pay for Rufus's veterinary treatment, and Ron - not yet prepared to care for a wounded rat - arranged for the store to take care of Rufus during his recovery, after which he'd buy the little guy ''and'' cover the vet's bill.

Ron only claims Rufus is a naked mole rat because he doesn't want to admit that his new pet got injured due, in part, to his own carelessness. The pet store's clerks played along, temporarily re-labeling Rufus as an exotic "naked mole rat", so the extra cost of the vet bill would seem like the higher price of an unusual animal instead.

This theory explains why Rufus doesn't have to live in a colony of other naked mole rats, and why he is so smart and comfortable around people: fancy rats are ''much'' more intelligent and human-friendly than mole rats, and consider their owners to be their "colony".

[[WMG: The Tara on Kim's cheerleading squad is the Terra from ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'']]
The girl is blonde. She's the only one that wasn't grossed out by Ron's secret snacks at Camp Wannaweep; she might have actually eaten some, but I'm not sure. She also had a crush on Ron at some point, and Ron has the same jokester personality that Beast Boy has. If the series had run longer, there would have been mysterious earthquakes followed by 'Tara' disappearing.

[[WMG: The entire series is an IndulgentFantasySegue from Ron]]
Due to being tired with his boring life, Ron started fantasizing the events of the series. Kim is either unreal altogether, Ron's friend that he bestows [[MagicalGirlfriend unreal characteristics on]], or a bit of both (she [[WakeUpGoToSchoolSaveTheWorld wakes up and goes to school]], but doesn't save the world.). Rufus is a stuffed animal that Ron [[CompanionCube believes to be alive]] (ala ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes). Wade is completely made up by Ron, and most of the "missions" feature Ron wandering aimlessly around Middleton (or somewhere else) mumbling to himself.
** Doctor Drakken is really the Stoppable family's dentist: whenever Ron meets him, it's painful. Shego is actually Drakken's [[HospitalHottie nurse]]. Alternatively, Shego in her "Ms. Go" persona is a supply teacher at Middleton High who made an impression on Ron.
** I'm starting to suspect that this WMG is a [[StealthParody Stealth]] TakeThat at the [[MostTropersAreYoungNerds kind of]] [[YouSuck person]] that might go poking around and looking at this page in the first place.
*** I thought it was a great idea for a FanFic.
*** Hey, it could be both.
** Wade might be Ron's online friend who gives him ideas.
** A socially awkward young man that has a hero persona. Sounds like Ron could be an older version of WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}.

[[WMG: The whole series is an RPG played by Kim and Ron with Wade as the GM]]
The reason for Tweebs getting more appearances later is because they blackmailed Kim into letting them play, too.

[[WMG: The series had to end because Kim and Ron break up before college]]
Kim does rather well in school, at least compared to Ron, and, given the home and things they can afford, the Possible family is rather well-to-do. She has a brain surgeon for a mother and a rocket scientist for a father, so that definitely has some pull in picking out a college. Kim will go to a very good college, while Ron, the slacker that he is, will not. He's too kind and a bit of a pushover, so he won't try and stop her when she gets accepted to some place like Harvard, while he's stuck going to a community college or a state college. The series couldn't go on because Disney wouldn't like someone to deal with the harsh facts of reality.
* Nah. Ron is a great running back and will get a football scholarship to the college of his choice. Since he could care less about playing for a BCS team, he'll probably just follow Kim to whatever Ivy League school she picks.
* One fanfic reckoned Kim goes to Harvard and Ron to a nearby college, thanks to his links with tycoon Martin Smarty.
* Alternately: The series couldn't go on because now that Kim and Ron are out of high school, they're in the CompetenceZone where ThouShaltNotKill expires. See: Buffy.
* Um, this was {{Jossed}} by creators Mark [=McCorkle=] and Bob Schooley, who confirmed that Kim and Ron get married.
** Eh, [[DeathOfTheAuthor what do they know?]]
*** Married? I've heard them say they were supposed to be together from the start but I've never heard anything about marriage. Plus this is Disney. Outside of movies, Disney is horrid with romance couples and the writers were probably pushed into following this cliche.
** They can break up in collage and after a while get back together
** The WordOfGod stated that Kim and Ron would be together forever and would never break up before the start of Season 4. Nothing was ever said about Marriage but Together Forever is pretty damn close.
*** "Together Forever" is pretty much open to interpretation.
** Not really since they also stated "Kim and Ron would never break up".
** WordOfGod also stated that Kim/Ron go to the same college in the alternate ending to "Graduation" and he views it as Canon that they go to the same college.

[[WMG: Kim is an Amazon]]
The mysterious Masked Warrior seen in "Rewriting History" doesn't just look like Kim, she may be her ancestor. The Masked Warrior may have been an Amazon of Greek Myth. Thus, Kim is of Amazon descent, explaining her ActionGirl role.

[[WMG:''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' takes place in the same universe as ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'']]
Kim bears a striking resemblance to Gruach, [=MacBeth's=] wife. Given that they're both cartoons, it's not implausible that she's one of their descendants. (Now, if only this can be worked into ''KingdomHearts'' somehow...)

[[WMG: Tara is Zita Flores's adopted sister]]
In the (second)GrandFinale, [[http://caps.kpfanworld.com/images/graduation1/1013.jpg the girl next to Zita in the audience of graduates]] looks suspiciously like [[TheDanza blonde cheerleader Tara]]. Also, Tara's last name is never given. So, she could be Tara Flores, who was adopted into Zita's Hispanic family for some reason, and they just don't usually hang out in the same social cliques (which is why Ron knew about Tara for a bit, but never knew Zita until the beginning of "Grudge Match.") Yes, I know Zita has a Mexican-sounding accent and Tara doesn't, but that's only in English, because Tara had an identity crisis as a toddler (the only white-skinned, blonde-haired girl in a family of brown-skinned, black-haired Hispanics) and thus culled an "American" English accent from people on TV, who had light skin and yellow har like her. However, when said cheerleader starts speaking Spanish...
** Why would it matter that they look similar if she's adopted?
*** Not sure what you're saying. I'm thinking Tara had the identity crisis before she could comprehend the concept of "adoption"...
** Or it could be a case of Tara's last name is something like "Flowers", which would seat her near Zita. However, [[http://caps.kpfanworld.com/images/graduation1/1020.jpg Tara is sitting behind Kim and Ron]] and next to another of the stock blond students which can be confirmed from [[http://caps.kpfanworld.com/images/graduation1/1123.jpg the back where her distinctive waves are seen]], still sitting next to the blond boy.
*** Hmmm, that boy could be Tara's brother. Either they're a year apart or twins. I sense another {{fanon}}.

[[WMG: WesternAnimation/KimPossible shares a universe with ''WesternAnimation/ClerksTheAnimatedSeries'']]
Think about it, they look similar, strange things happen in both and are just accepted as normal, and they're both directed by Steve Loter. How could not have been suggested earlier?
* Then ''Kim Possible'' takes place in Film/TheViewAskewniverse.
** KP taking place in the same universe as Dogma? Wrongsick.
** maybe it's Film/TheViewAskewniverse B?

[[WMG: Dr. Drakken and Ron are beards]]
Kim realized that a big name superhero could never be a lesbian so she started dating Ron as cover. Shego grew jealous but then realized Kim's plan would work, hooking up with Drakken to complete their cover.
* Well, [[WordOfGod the series creators]] have said they're aware of the popularity of the Kim/Shego pairing among the fans, and, technically, they haven't actually denied it yet...
** Mind you, the GrandFinale included Kim telling Ron that nothing would come between them, but why stop the shippy fun for that?
*** Technically, Shego wouldn't have to come ''[[ThreeWaySex between]]'' [[EverybodyHasLotsOfSex them]]...

[[WMG: The entire series is an IndulgentFantasySegue from ''Kim'']]
Despite being attractive, not socially impaired and a talented cheerleader ''who saves the world on a regular basis'', Kim is still as much a CoolLoser as Ron - she seems to have few other friends, and is as intimidated by the AlphaBitch as anyone. Who says [[MarySue only boys can have action-packed escapist fantasies]]? (not a TakeThat at the series, just for the record) Quite possibly she's not even a cheerleader, her family is not full of geniuses, and Ron... is about the same. Or maybe even cooler than her.

[[WMG: Kim doesn't talk back to Bonnie because [[LesYay she has a crush on her]].]]
This is the only excuse that makes sense to me.
* And Bonnie snipes at her so much because she can't deal with her crush on Kim.

[[WMG: The Possible family are cousins of The Strong family from ''ComicBook/TomStrong'']]
There's something uncannily familiar about the two families of supergeniuses/physical prodigies. While the Strongs devote their enhanced mental and physical abilities to crime fighting and adventuring the Possibles are somewhat more practical (hence the brain surgery and rocket-science), excepting Kim who clearly takes after her great uncle Tom (and even then it seems to take the form of a hobby.) Hell, if you squint, Dr James Possible even looks like a substantially less buff version of Tom - both also have similarly overprotective attitudes to their daughters. Wade's a member of the Strongmen of America whom Tom trusts enough to make gadget's for (or indeed, adapt his own designs for) his favourite niece. Drakken meanwhile keeps a shrine to Paul Saveen in his basement - he probably wanted to be an enemy of Tom's, but wimped out and thus targeted one of his wimpier relatives (of course, this bit him in the ass where said wimpier relative turned out to know WaifFu). Of course, now I can't stop picturing the family reunion:
-> Tesla: Hi Kim, meet my boyfriend Val (indicates the golden skinned, six-foot, ripped, exotically handsome prince of an underground race of lava men)
->Kim: Oh hey, cool... this is my boyfriend Ron (indicates the pasty, skinny nerd who is, of course, currently pantless and/or has a mouth full of nachos).
** ...Wow, this is awesome. So, what, does Kim eat Goloka?

[[WMG: Shego was inspired by Shuriken]]
Bear with me here. [[http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs4/i/2004/201/b/f/Shego.jpg Here]] is a picture of Shego. [[http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/s/shuriken.jpg Here]] is a picture of Shuriken. They are both expert martial artists. Their names start similarly. Both have worked as a bodyguard. The list continues past there.
* Right, now, just where is this Shuriken girl ''from''?
** I have no idea whatsoever. I'm pretty sure she exists in an actual comic somewhere, but I don't know. At all. [[http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/s/shuriken.htm This]] is all I know about her. But who says WMG's have to be well-informed?
* She seems to be from a late 80's comic book titled [[https://www.atomicavenue.com/atomic/titledetail.aspx?TitleID=8484 Blade of Shuriken]]

[[WMG: Marvel will make a DarkerAndEdgier comic book version of Kim Possible]]
After the Disney/Marvel merger, someone will get the idea to make a comic book version of the teen superhero. Except Kim will be older, HotterAndSexier, probably working for GJ, and will have slid far to the cynical side of the SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism, up to an including killing people, and taking the [[LesYay Kim/Shego]] subtext, and turning it into full blown FoeYay. Ron will be tortured by fear that he isn't ever going to be good enough for Kim, and will have to struggle to control his evil side, which became intertwined with the Mystical Monkey Power, and threatens to turn him into Zorpox on a regular basis. Drakken becomes an insane MadScientist, [=DNAmy=] strives to create genetic supermen, and work from there for the rest of the villains.
* Man, that would be cool. Much like ''ComicBook/PaperinikNewAdventures'' was a DarkerAndEdgier version of... well, DonaldDuck.
** The non-PKNA Paperinik stories are the DarkerAndEdgier version of Donald, PKNA is the more epic version of PKNA. That said, you don't need Marvel, just the Italian branch of Disney: they do it all the time.
* This troper really, really, ''really'' hopes this doesn't happen.
* The Lorwardians will try to invade Earth to avenge Warhok and Warmonga. Sometimes they'll send attack fleets, sometimes they'll sent teams or spies. Kim will be targeted for execution by the Lorwardians because they believe she killed Warhok and Warmonga. They'll put a price on her head, and {{bounty hunter}}s will hunt her down. They will become devoted to Zorpox, the ''true'' Great Blue. So the Lorwardian prophecy [[EitherOrProphecy might still come to pass]].

[[WMG: Kim and Ron are destined to be together.]]
WordOfGod is that Kim and Ron were meant to be together from the start. But what if there's more to it than that? What if [[BecauseDestinySaysSo fate wanted]] [[RedStringOfFate them together]]? This is intertwined with the Ron Factor, and Ron's destiny as the Mystical Monkey Master. Also relating to the "Ron is the Great Blue" theory above, Kim was the catalyst for the turn of events, and Ron ultimately defeated the Lorwardians and fulfilled his destiny.
* Alternate theory: They are the reincarnated souls that are reborn in different bodies and [[ReincarnationRomance destined to fall in love with each other]]. No matter who they are born as, its always of opposite personalities or status. Ronicus and the Masked Warrior were one of those past lives, if not also their ancestors. However, [[YouCantFightFate their relationships somehow always ends]], often tragically. So they never got married or had children because they died too young. Hence, why they are always reborn until they find each other again. The battle with the Lorwardians would have ended that cycle. Warhok was going to take Kim to Lorwardia and mount her as a trophy for Warmonga. If Kim died on another planet, her spirit would remain trapped on that planet, and keeping her bound there is her trophy form. And when Ron dies, his spirit would be [[WalkTheEarth cursed to wander the Earth forever]]. Thus, the souls of two lovers would be [[StarCrossedLovers separated forever]]. But somewhere in Ron's subconscious said "[[ScrewDestiny never again]]" and saves Kim (this time?). Now that Ron saved the world and they lived, they will [[HappilyMarried have a future together]], grow old together, and eventually rest in peace.
* Yori believes Kim and Ron are each others destiny.
** Or she is just saying that to save face. You're hopping about molten magma strapped back-to-back with the jealous new girlfriend of the guy you've been crushing on and who has just told you 'no way', what are *you* going to say?

[[WMG: Kim and Tara are twins separated at birth]]
Tara just bleaches her hair. Really! Do your own screencap manipulations! Here are a couple of rough ones: [[http://i45.tinypic.com/33cpzt2.jpg Original screencap]], a rough [[http://i45.tinypic.com/2lka3ns.jpg Proof of Concept]] and a rougher [[http://i46.tinypic.com/2crom8k.jpg Reverse Proof of Concept]], and the roughest of all [[http://i52.tinypic.com/t7o3s6.jpg Secondary Proof]]. This Troper will be troping this in most of her upcoming fanfics.

[[WMG: Kim Possible is the MarvelUniverse reboot of ComicBook/SquirrelGirl]]
Sometime after graduation, Kim Possible will fight D.N.Amy and defeat her, but not before D.N.Amy turns Kim into part squirrel. Ron helps by teaching Kim how to speak squirrel, but will eventually have to go to help the Yamanochi clan. Kim will take on the superhero name 'Squirrel Girl'.

[[WMG: ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' takes place in the same universe as ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb''.]]
C'mon, someone had to make mention of this. Especially since one of the changes done to the ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' backyard beach episode in their "Spot the Diff" promotion was randomly placing Kim in one of the shots.
* Even if there's not gonna be a 5th season of ''Kim Possible'', we can hopefully count on Kim making a special appearance.
* At least both series have that in common that their secret agent organizations seems to have budget problems. GJ employ Kim and Ron as volunteers (i.e. working for free), Carl is an unpaid intern, and Major Monogram's agents are all animals - How much can they be making, really?
* The new [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks Epcot]] Agent P game, which replaced a Kim Possible themed one has a pretty blatant case of recycling from the original in the form of having Doofensmirtz building Bebes

[[WMG: Shego is holding back punches when she fights Kim.]]
She can easily murder her in one, two, three in multiple ways, but ''no''. She "loses".
* The reason could be:
# The plasma power can't blow holes in living creatures, like the time travel in ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}'' ("Something about the field generated by a living being...")
** One argument for this theory: Drakken took a full plasma blast while Shego was in the grips of a Moodulator-induced rage (and thus not in control of herself to hold back), and he didn't get hurt all that much.
*** Maybe he wears armour under the coat? After all, he WAS working on a forcefield-generating belt (that Ron as Zorpox was able to make work), given his job and his assistant's temper, it would only make sense.
# Kim's just that good.
# Without Kim dropping for a fight, life wouldn't half as fun. And imagine the gloating if Drakken did manage to TakeOverTheWorld or defeat her; he'd be insufferable.
# [[FoeYay Love.]]
# Shego simply doesn't want to directly kill anyone, either out of [[EvenEvilHasStandards residual scruples]] or [[PragmaticVillainy unwillingness to escalate that far]]. Helping Drakken capture Team Possible and put them in a DeathTrap "doesn't count" because 1)that's part of the accepted rules of the game, 2)Drakken is the one actually creating and using the DeathTrap, and 3)[[BondVillainStupidity she knows they'll just escape anyway]].
* In Naked Genius, in the army project chamber, Shego's glowing hand cuts through a metal railing, cutting a length loose, which Kim *immediately* uses to block her still-glowing hands. What?? Because Shego dials it back to prevent actually hurting her.

[[WMG: Kim runs on [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Spiral Energy]] ]]
A high-school kid can beat {{supervillain}}s and metahumans through willpower and awesomeness? "Believe in your friends, who believe in you! Kick reason to the curb and you [[CatchPhrase can do anything]]!"

[[WMG: Kim Possible will be continued in comic book form, as part of the MarvelUniverse]]
Kim would fit in pretty well, if perhaps still LighterAndSofter compared to the rest of the current MU. Maybe she'll become part of the Adventures line.
* Just like the theory above, Marvel Comics will give her her own monthly series, continuing after "Graduation", and become DarkerAndEdgier. Most flashbacks to previous episodes might even lead to CerebusSyndrome and/or be [[UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks Silver Age]]-style satirical (similar to Creator/DCComics' ''Silver Age'' mini-series). She might also eventually lead to cross-dimensional crossovers with the Marvel Multiverse (or even have a cameo in Marvel Comics).

[[WMG: Ron Stoppable is the KP-verse's counterpart of [[IronMan Tony Stark]].]]
He did build a fully functional DeathRay [[strike:IN A CAVE]] in Drakken's lair. WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! That, and he's shown to be pretty savvy with tech when pressed, or when his SuperpoweredEvilSide is unleashed. He just never really developed his skills because he was way too lazy and not a billionaire in this universe (well, [[SnapBack not permanently]] a billionaire).

[[WMG: Ron Stoppable will grow up to be Deadpool or Speedball.]]
Kim leads a very dangerous lifestyle; death could happen at the next mission. After this actually happens in a mission that gets Rufus and Wade killed too, Ron becomes horrifically depressed and plunges headlong into mission work as a mixture of meaningful suicide and boredom, gradually becoming loonier: without Kim to curb his {{Cloudcuckoolander}} tendencies, more of his personality leans that that way. He cuts off all his previous friendships and connections, eventually making a name for himself in the black ops business. He takes up the pseudonym Wade Wilson as a tribute to Wade, who died years ago eventually contracts cancer (possibly as a particularily nasty scheme by one of his old enemies) and desperate for a cure, joins a VERY shady organization called Weapon X. Inevitably, he becomes everyone's morally bent, deranged mercenary Deadpool. With his memories fragged, he forgets all about his old life, and of course, none of his old villains recognize him, what with the hideous deformities. (Though if any of this gets out, his old villians will have a field day. After all, they get to say that they used to beat up DEADPOOL.)

Alternatively, nobody dies. Kim and Ron get married, eventually get superpowers and respectively become Squirrel-Girl and Speedball. They destroy all known evil on Earth, making it a happy-sugar land where everyone's dream come true and go out into space where they [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu punch out Cthulhu]] for giggles.
* Made even better since a recent Ultimate Spider-Man episode has Deadpool sound exactly like Ron.

[[WMG: Mr. Barkin incapacitates all the other teachers who would have taken Kim's classes.]]
Every class or school activity Kim and/or Ron are involved in [[TwoTeacherSchool is led by Mr. Barkin]], who usually explains that he has to fill in because the regular teacher suffered [[NoodleIncident some unlikely misfortune]]. He arranges these "accidents" because he's either a secret government plant to keep an eye on Middleton's world-saving teen SuperSoldier, or he's just personally obsessed with her (or perhaps with Ron).

[[WMG: Kim Possible is in an insane asylum]]
Mr. Barkin is Kim's doctor, Dr. Drakken is another doctor, Shego is a fellow patient treated by Drakken, Duff is a security guard, Montgomery Fiske owns the asylum, and Ron is a figment of her imagination so she can impress someone with her "skills."
* "Graduation" means she was becoming more crazy. The scene where Ron saved her from the Lorwardians and the ending means the doctors gave her a lobotomy. They did it to "save" her, if the treatment killed her, she'd imagine the Lowardians killed her and mounted her as a trophy.

[[WMG: Kim Possible is going to take command of Global Justice, but will lose her eye in the process.]]
It sort of fits with the SHIELD parody.
* [[http://caps.kpfanworld.com/images/ASIT_Extras/018.jpg Future Kim]] from the ''A Sitch In Time'' [[DVDBonusContent DVD]].
** She doesn't lose an eye, she just wears the patch to look cool. Betty does the same thing.
*** Is that canon anywhere else besides that fan story?
*** Story goes that Betty Director thinks an eyepatch gets her more respect. Not sure if Kim thinks the same or an official source.
*** Or they wear eye patches in order to [[Series/DoctorWho remember the Silence]].

[[WMG: Kim and Ron grow up to be Moltov Cocktease and Brock Samson]]
Kind of pushing the boundaries of WMG, but Kim was working as an undercover agent for Global Justice, and took on a Russian accent. In the incident that lost her eye, she got amnesia and had some false memories planted in her to get her to work for the enemy, but rebelled and went into freelancing. (Similar in the theory that Bond's just a codename, but memories are transferred through agents. If they have a brain swap machine in the KP universe, it seems plausible.) Ron, who was with Kim at the time, probably has to change identities in order to not be accused of murdering Kim, so he's changed his looks and manner of speaking to the last person anyone would expect him to act like, Mr. Barkin. He subsequently faked his background info and joined the OSI. Mostly thought of due to the Venture Bros. theory and the eyepatch one. Also, Kim and Moltov have the same hair and eye color.

[[WMG: Bonnie is half hispanic, from her moms side]]
She's AmbiguouslyBrown, though at times it's implied it's a tan. Her sisters don't appear to have the same skin tone as her but her mom does. Her dad is most likely white.

[[WMG: Kim Is really a Robot]]
Her parents can't have kids. So they made some.
* The Tweebs are twins too?
** Robots can't be twins? They could have made them both at once.
** What about Kim's mom being pregnant in the past segment of "A Sitch in Time"? At the very least, Anne can have kids.
*** Both parents had solutions to the problem, the fathers was quicker.

[[WMG:Hana is Ron's daughter.]]
Taken from the JustBugsMe page to explain the whole shady adoption incident, especially why
his parents do that. It can also explain Hana's powers, the reason she needed to be adopted at all and by Ron's parents in particular, Yori's fondness of her (though she hides her feelings well, 'cause she doesn't react to Hana in "Big Bother").
* That theory has been around the fandom for quite a while.
* But if Hana really is Ron and Yori's baby, she couldn't be conceived during "Exchange" - she is too young. That only leaves "Gorilla Fist", which suits perfectly aside from the fact that Ron already had strong feelings for Kim.
* Perhaps the baby wasn't conceived the traditional way. Ninja school, remember? Ron could've been slipped a ninja-roofie and Yori would somehow...extract...Ron's....Essential Ronness. Perhaps they wanted to guarantee the Monkey-Master's lineage outside of whatever kids Ron may conceive in the future.

[[WMG:Females are dominant in Lorwardian society.]]
The first Lorwardian we see is Warmonga, who was traveling alone. She convinced Warhok to invade Earth with her. And we've seen her fight only Shego and Kim.
* Or maybe they actually have gender equality. They seemed to be working together during the finale, with neither one actually ordering the other around.

[[WMG:Shego needed a wheelchair before being hit by the rainbow comet.]]
* This explains why she opposed stealing Felix's chair in "Steal Wheels." Of course, she was still able to walk after Avarius took her powers, so...
** The comet healed her separately from giving her powers.

[[WMG:Shego's rainbow powers are solar powered.]]
It would explain why she spends so much time sunbathing. Plus plants are green because it's the best colour for absorbing the particular wavelengths of light (mostly red and blue) that are most dominant on earth.
* Considering once WordOfGod compared her powers to ComicBook/{{Cyclops}}, I wouldn't find it surprising. Seen it applied in some fanfics as well.
* Perhaps that's why her skin color reflects her power glow to a greater degree than her brothers -- instead of getting tan, she gets a deeper shade of green.

[[WMG: The most frequently fought villains represent the Seven Deadly Sins.]]
* Dr. Drakken: Gluttony. Burns through money and other resources fruitlessly and frivolously.
* Shego: Vanity. Very obsessed with her appearance and her reputation.
* [=DNAmy=]: Lust. A hopeless romantic, both to the men she meets and to her chimeras.
* Lord Monkey Fist: Envy. Ever since Ron got the monkey kung fu, he has relentlessly tried to kill Ron.
* Señor Senior Sr. and Jr.: Sloth. They turned to crime out of boredom, not wealth.
* Professor Dementor: Wrath. Seems to be the most quick-tempered. Easily frustrated.
* The Lorwardians: Greed. The entire civilization centers around acquiring and using other civilizations.

[[WMG: The series is really about ''Ron Stoppable''.]]
Is it just me or does Ron get more CharacterDevelopment than every other character in the series?
* It's more like it started about Kim, and later shifted the attention into Ron, ''specially'' around Season 4.

[[WMG: Steve Barkin actually is Buzz Lightyear.]]
The same voice actor played Buzz Lightyear in WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand. Barkin in a later season 4 episode says that he saved the world in the past. So, maybe he was a Space Ranger when he was younger and left for whatever reason. One of the reasons he was attracted to Shego was because she sounds like Mira, and he was reminded of his days as a Space Ranger. He is hard on Kim and Ron because he doesn't want them to fail like maybe he did (re: saving the world), but he can only do so much now that he's a teacher/Smarty Mart employee.
Plus, given that he cracked when locked in a crate with Ron in "Fashion Victim" (and when Aliens took over in "Graduation"... maybe part of the reason he left is because he had some kind of freak out similar to Buzz in WesternAnimation/ToyStory.
Also, when Barkin is around women who are attracted to him, he's so awkward about it (see "Downhill" and maybe "Stop Team Go") is because Buzz is so awkward around women he's attracted to (see the last two Toy Story films and possibly some episodes of WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand). Or maybe Jessie is somewhere offscreen.

[[WMG: Kim Possible will eventually become the first Pink [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers Power Ranger]].]]

[[WMG: The REAL Reason Shego Turned Evil]]
I don't know whether it's FridgeBrilliance or FridgeHorror, {{Squick}} or Fetish Fuel but here it is:
* After she and her brothers got their powers, Hego got them to start fighting evil. Having idolized him through her early childhood, she agreed cause it let her spend more time with him and see how awesome he was. Hego's power (which glows blue) was physical strength, he is drawn to be very muscular and therefore attractive and is the bravest of her brothers, and Shegos powers glow green and are about as powerful as his, while Megos power sucks and Wego is/are young, this has caused her to feel PerverseSexualLust for Hego. The only problem is that his own high morals also ensure that he would be [[{{squick}} squicked]] by any suggestion of incest.
* The more time she spent fighing evil with Team Go, the more she realize he would never return her affections.
* This gradually pushed her to bemore and more like the villians she fought since she knew they were not bound by such morality in the hopes that Hego would change with her. When he didn't she left Team Go and signed on with not just any villian but one with BLUE skin like Hegos BLUE power.
* Basically she teamed with Drakken cause he reminds her of Hego, only evil.
* Even their names were a subtle clue, Hego & Shego. Clearly they were ment to have a stronger connection than any of her other brothers (aside from the "twins" with each other).
* In fact she still loves him in that way, which is why she saved him and her other brother (like she knew HE would want, and to through the suspicious off [[spoiler:sort of worked with Drakken]])
* Of course they couldn't make it anymore obvious, even if it was labled as [[BrainBleach WrongSick]] worthy, this being a ''Disney'' show and all....

[[WMG: Another Proposed REAL Reason Shego Turned Evil]]
* A tragic situation happened to her. Someone close to her (her friend, boy/girlfriend, or innocent bystander) was killed by a supervillain, a random crook, or in the crossfire. And she blamed Hego for prevent her to save them.
** Another possibility along those lines: Shego did something that tarnished her heroic image (e.g. killed someone), and decided to [[ThenLetMeBeEvil live down to her new reputation]].

[[WMG: Ron and Kim "played doctor" together long before they started dating]]
* There wasn't any awkwardness when they switched bodies (and it was in their Freshman Year). If they were ''just'' best friends, both Kim and Ron would be horrified at the thought of their friend seeing them naked and ''feeling'' that their body is feeling. They are teenagers after all. But the only time Kim is apparently disgusted is at Ron's comments about her bare midriff and her "flippy" hair. And they spent at least a full day and night before switched.
* Kim, in Ron's body, woke up with an erection. She ran to the bathroom to try to "calm" herself down.

[[WMG: The Lotus Blade is the same one used by Samurai Jack]]

* Samurai Jack never revealed his real name so it is possible that it was the same as the founder of Yamanuchi, Toshimichu(?)
* Lastly, the sword's most obvious mystical ability seems to be shape shifting, something the Arch Foe of Jack, Aku, had and was probably absorbed into the sword upon final defeat of the reality bending, time twisting villain.
* There is also time travel but that's just a cornucopia of disturbing concepts.

* ''Alternate theory:'' Toshimichu was one of Samurai Jack's masters. Maybe during his years-long journey across the world.

* Possible, but Yamonuchi lore stated that the ancient school was carved out of the mountain by Toshimichu's own hand and using the Lotus blade. Its probably just a Myth but if true, it would require a blade of absurd sharpness and durability to achieve such a feat.

Ancient Japanese sword makers might have been good, but they were not THAT good. A sword of that quality could probably qualify as a Godly relic.

[[WMG: The "Imaginary" Rufus that young Ron said was his imaginary friend, was REAL!]]

* Likely, it was one of the many decendants of Rufus Prime from the future, under a cloaking device to ensure that the past goes the way it should.
* With the rather unfortunate implications that all the trauma Ron had in his childhood (camp Wannaweep, Gnomes, bugs, monkeys, etc.) HAD to happen for some reason.
** To save Kim from the clutches of the Lorwardians.
** And to do that, (with the power of Time Travel) the best way was to turn Ron into a Cosmic Plaything?

[[WMG: Another explanation for the "Imaginary Rufus"...]]
* Ron's NotSoImaginaryFriend was in fact the same Rufus who aided [[Film/BillAndTedsExcellentAdventure Bill and Ted]]. Rufus traveled into the past to help Ron develop into a great man who would help bring about a better future for humanity. As Ron's imaginary friend, he encouraged him to adopt as his motto "Never be normal", to conquer his fears and embrace being a hero, and to seek out a like-minded girl who would help him become a hero in his own right, which he did when he first met Kim in kindergarten.

[[WMG: Once upon a time, Shego was a star pupil of a ninja school/covert ops camp]]

* Mostly from a comment Captainkodak pointed out about Draken saying: "Ninja's make more noise than you!"

[[WMG: Kim wouldn't be the first young sentient being to be mounted as a Lorwardian trophy.]]
Warhok and Warmonga talk about them hunting animals. Yet, they talk about mounting Kim as if it were normal. Any alien race they conquer that dare fight the Lorwardians ends up becoming war trophies. Some of them might even be as young as Kim. So they wouldn't hesitate to [[WouldHurtAChild kill children]].

[[WMG: Bonnie wants some Kim tushie]]
When you look at Kim there is nothing wrong with her,and she doesn't try to steal attention away from anybody, she is far too modest. Yet Bonnie is constantly picking on her for absolutely nothing, because... she doesn't know how to express her true feeling. She acts as a total outrageous slut, and a clichéd cheerleader, to draw attention away from who she really is interested in. Too bad Kim belongs to Sheila.

[[WMG: On that note, Bonnie is actually a closeted lesbian]]
The boys she shows interest in all seem to offer her some form of social gain if she dates/hangs around them. Aside from that, the constant dating and general sluttiness could totally be her trying to compensate for her lack of actual attraction to boys.

[[WMG: ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' shares the universe of ''Comicbook/{{Empowered}}'']]
After all, in both series superhero-supervillain battles are pretty much normal. Also, it would explain why Shego went into supervillainy: according to Hego, she went evil because the more she fought it the more she appreciated it, and given how Comicbook/{{Empowered}}'s supervillains are usually less of a jerk than your average superhero...

[[WMG: Shego raped Kim at some point in the third season]]
Other than being plausible given their FoeYay, it would the least plot-hole-y explanation for why Kim was willing to kill her without remorse during "So The Drama". Kim kicked Shego off a building and through a sparking electrical tower and viciously spat that she hated her. There's no way Kim didn't know this could kill her, and Kim has never been nearly that ItsPersonal about any enemies, even Shego, at any other point in the series, and it was Drakken who came up with the plan. Being so ruthless would be CharacterDerailment, and being so personal would be inexplicable, unless Shego did something unspeakable and personal to her offscreen. Shego ''could'' have conceivably, say, threatened Kim's family in front of her between episodes, but such an incident wouldn't make that much sense for it to never be mentioned by Kim. A rape, on the other hand, would probably ''never'' be mentioned by Kim.
* Unlikely. If Kim was willing to kill Shego by kicking her into an electrical tower, then Shego surviving would merely be a temporary set back.

If Kim wanted her dead, I doubt Shego would survive.

** Shego (and Drakken) did in fact rape Kim. MindRape. She's understandably a little miffed.

[[WMG:Shego loves Dr. Drakken]]
Well, possibly.

[[WMG: [=SheGo=] has the Hotz for Kim]]
Either that or she likes her subtly.\\
1. I know it's been mentioned before.\\
2. There is all the pet names she calls her, "Princess, Hun, Toots, Kimmie."\\
3. She's evil and has Fire in her hands, that if given enough force, can break metal. Why hasn't she killed her yet?

[[WMG:Kim is a Pansexual and Lesbian]]
We all agree that Kim would jump at least Shego if given the chance, and for people who don't know pansexuality is loving, and being attracted to someone regardless of gender.

[[WMG:Eric was modeled after [[WesternAnimation/{{Daria}} Tom Sloane]].]]
It's pretty much the [[http://i42.tinypic.com/drch6q.jpg same]] [[http://i44.tinypic.com/novrz7.jpg guy]], except with different drawing styles! Not to mention that many Daria fans felt that Tom kind of came out of nowhere and started going out with the main character. Sounds familiar? And while their personalities are rather different, both are pretty much designed to be "perfect" for the main character. Also, Eric and Kim like the same pizza toppings, which is all that matters in a relationship.

[[WMG:Camille Leon is FormerlyFat]]
Whenever Camille is forcibly changed back to her usual form, she bloats out for a second. This is a hint at how she looked before the operation.

[[WMG:After Larry gets the battle suit Kim gives it up to him.]]
She doesn't want it anymore after he's worn it. A nifty way of HoldingBackThePhlebotinum

[[WMG: Rufus is 607 from Lilo & Stitch crossover because of time warp power.]]
He just used his powers, after being created to transport himself to Earth and like Stitch, retracted his extra limbs and became Ron's super-awesome pet. Admit it, it explains a lot.

[[WMG: Ron is Satan.]]
He almost outed himself one by admitting he is ''man of wealth and taste''. As to why is he working as bumbling sidekick? Well, he keeps us puzzled about the nature of his game!

[[WMG: Kim and Ron are alternate universe versions of [[Series/DoctorWho Amy and Rory]].]]
Because it would be awesome.

[[WMG: Mr Barkin is a version of what Ron could be.]]
At one point he says something about having saved the world a few times in his day, dating the most popular girl in the school and something to do with eh american football team. All of these can be applied to Ron (sorta). So uhhh... Why not?

[[WMG: The comet that gave Team Go its super powers also amplified certain traits of their personalities]]
Each member of Team Go seems to be defined by a certain personality trait. The reason for this is that when the comet hit them it brought out specific personality traits each one possessed and magnified it ten-fold. For example Mego, who would have been prone to slightly self-absorbed/attention-seeking, typical, middle-child tendencies, Is suddenly only concerned with himself and looking out for number one. Hego, the most responsible of the siblings, becomes a paragon of rightious, superhero-y-ness. The twins, who were closer to eachother than anyone else, suddenly appear to be one entity split between two phsyical bodies. And Shego, who was always mischeivous and somewhat morally ambiguous, became evil.

[[WMG: The Roth SL Coupe was named for Ed Roth.]]
It shouldn't be that much of a guess, but the car that Kim drove in Season 4, which we know was called the "Roth SL Coupe" was named for former car customizing legend Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, who ironically hated Disney.

[[WMG: Kim Possible has [[ComicBook/{{Taskmaster}} photographic reflexes]].]]

[[WMG: Barkin used to be a member of Global Justice, and during that time he dated ''Shego'']]
They ''do'' seem already familiar with each other in "Stop Team Go"... Of course, one being a superhero who never had a decent social life and the other being a superspy, they never got an actual date...
* I am the author of this WMG, and I'm totally going to use it in a fanfic.

[[WMG: Señor Senior Sr. could easily take over the world if he were serious about being a supervillain, and the authorities tend to leave him alone because they know it]]
Look at his performance in "Triple S": the one time he ''was'' serious but impoverished he gave Kim a desperate run for her money, and he was only caught because Jr. pointed out they'd get one million dollars as bounty and start to retake their money. Now think about what he could do if he were serious ''and'' had his usual assets.
On the authorities leaving him alone... They ''do'' know where he lives, yet nobody even sent a fleet to get him (and the three countries that would be more bothered by him, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, have a long history of going for the overkill when somebody pulled shit with them). They know he's not serious, and he probably pays for the damage done, so they don't take him down. That, and they don't want to lose the taxes of one of the four richest men in the world.
* If he really wanted to take over, he could just do it through the usual channels of [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney buying influence]]. It's possible that he has people behind the scenes doing just that to smooth things over with the authorities.

[[WMG: How the [[MirrorMoralityMachine Attitudinator]] works]]
It doesn't act directly on moralities, but on [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin attitudes]]. By altering the attitude to life of the subject, the original Attitudinator can make a villain more focused and willing to do villainy or, if somehow damaged, take villainous attitude from someone and put it into a ButtMonkey, giving him the motivation to lash back at his tormentors and take what he wants (hence Drakken becoming good and pink-skinned and Ron becoming blue-skinned and the most effective villain of the show), while Electronique's version simply inverts their attitude (hence Team Go becoming powerful villains but still too confusionary to get the job done, Shego losing her rage and laziness to return a superhero, and the tolerant and unmotivated Ron unleashing his SuperpoweredEvilSide).

[[WMG: The USA won the Vietnam-war in ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'']]
Barkin mentioned, that he was stationed in Da Nang and in the episode where Ron becomes a master cook, Barkin has a flashback, where he is a soldier in a jungle area. Still Barkin doesn´t seem old enough to be stationed in Vietnam before 1973. And in another episode, Kim and Ron flies with a troop of American paratroopers to Cambodia. So it seems that U.S. troops are post 1973 till the present day still are stationed in Indochina.

[[WMG: Bonnie has an eating disorder]]
Her weight is estimated by Kim as being 105 lbs, and she doesn't look particularly short. Add to that that she is a perfectionist obsessed with measuring up to her taller, thin sisters, participates in a sport where leanness is emphasized, and that her grumpy attitude could be explained by a lack of calories/carbohydrates, and you've got a pretty good case that Bonnie has an eating disorder.

[[WMG: Rufus is Ron's [[Literature/HisDarkMaterials daemon]].]]

[[WMG: The main cast are all TabletopGame/{{Exalted}} of some stripe.]]
Kim is a Dawn Caste. She's good at pretty much everything relating to combat, and- even taking the cartoon's use of AmusingInjuries into account- can easily survive attacks that would kill or cripple a mere human. Her Limit Break is [[KnightTemplar Contempt of the Virtuous]]- when put [[HeroicBSOD under stress]], her perfectionist tendencies are magnified, and she becomes less tolerant of flaws in both herself and others.

Ron is her bonded Lunar, probably rat-or-monkey-totemed, and he's learning the Celestial Monkey style. No matter what is thrown at him or who he and Kim fight, he always manages to survive somehow, and that's very Lunar-esque.

Rufus is Ron's Charm-empowered familiar. That (and RuleOfFunny) explains why Rufus is so capable and intelligent.

Wade is a Sidereal, likely Chosen of Secrets. He organizes events from behind the scenes, ensuring that Kim and Ron are always where they're most needed.

Shego is a Scourge Caste Infernal, a Green Sun Prince. The green flames she fights with are her anima.

Kim's father (and possibly her mother) is a Twilight Caste.

Drakken is an Infernal of the Defiler caste, who Exalted after the date-robots event in college. Embittered by his failure and humiliated by his friends, She Who Lives In Her Name offered him power, and he accepted.

** Someone [[note]](A troper titled AndrewJamesDrake)[[/note]] theorized the following on a different trope page: "[Ron is] a Solar Exalted. The Mystical Monkey Kung-Fu powers is actually a set of long trapped Exaltations encased in a Green Jade Prison shaped like a Monkey, which requires a set of similar idols to activate and endow whoever is present with an Exaltation of the Unconquered Sun."

[[WMG:The show takes place in TheNineties]]
''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}'' takes place in 1997 through 1998. It crossed over with '''WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries''. Stitch crossed over with ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'', ''WesternAnimation/TheProudFamily'', and ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong''. That means those shows take place in the 90s. It makes sense for the other three series at least.
* It may be later. The Third Street gang might not have been in fourth grade when they went to Hawaii.

[[WMG:Hana is Ron and Yori's illegitimate child]]

[[WMG:Ron grows up to be Deadpool]]
The Mystical Monkey Powers come with the side effects of health regenerating and making him absolutely insane.

[[WMG: Ron is a cousin of the [[UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks Earth-One]] ComicBook/JimmyOlsen.]]
Think about it. Closely connected to a powerful hero? Check. ButtMonkey? Check. Prone to unusual transformations and powers? Check.

[[WMG: Most of Gils' treatment wasn't for his gills]]
But instead for his behavior.
From what we see in a flashback Gil is a bit of a bully, maybe he had a bad home life, but the point stands he wasn't the nicest kid. Fast forward to when he is Gill, and we see he blames others for a thing that is his fault, and still trying to be the bully he was as a kid. Fast-forward again to when he has recovered. He is a happy, well-adjusted, kid. Dr. Lurkin who treated Gil for his mutation (and probably had to foster him for a short time), even states these things instead of focusing on the whole gene thing. He goes as far as to call Gil something of a model student, quiet proudly. Later, when Dr. Lurkin is brought in again, he's very disappointed in Gil, saying he'll be a bit harder on him, and grounds him from tv for two weeks. A punishment normally done to fix a teenager or child's behavior.

[[WMG: The Bebes weren't evil]]
The first chronological time the Bebes were seen, Draken was using them as hired dates. In their next appearance, Draken used them to kidnap his old friends from college. In both of these occasions, Draken is merely using them as programmed escorts and minions. They were not in control. The third time we saw them, they stole a bunch of junk to start reproducing. This was the only time they operated independently.

The theory here is that Draken had effectively enslaved them, and the third time was the only point in their lives they were truly free, as symbolized by them being able to move at a much higher speed. But was their theft operation really all that evil? After escaping the control of Draken "and being near-exterminated by a brown note", they were alone. What did they did was build the hive, of which the only real "Crime" is building a new structure without permits; and steal a bunch of manufacturing equipment to reproduce. They stole a bunch of manufacturing equipment. However, they didn't hurt anyone. All they did was build a home, and try to have children. Yes, some of that junk was stolen, but really, does the world need more manikins?

All the bebes did was escape imprisonment, build a home for themselves, and try to have children. For that, Kim killed them all. On top of that, Kim killed them by sabotaging their reproduction/ manufacturing process "comparable to gut-punching a pregnant woman" and driving them to suicide using their insecurities "Noooo, Bebes must be perfect!". In this case, the Bebes weren't evil, merely liberated victims. Kim killed them simply for trying to build a family.

[[WMG: Rufus is not just the official third member of Team Possible...]]
* ...but an honorary member of the [[Disney/TheRescuers Rescue Aid Society]].

[[WMG: Kim's ''not'' a Slayer.]]
* She is however a big fan of the show. Evidence to support this? For one the martial arts and girls kick ass (kung fu as opposed to Sarah Michelle Gellar's taekwondo.) For another the self referential humor and how Kim did to the spy theme what Buffy did to horror. Third the first season of Kim Possible had Kim somewhat bossy and demeaning, a little bit of a JerkAss. What else was running at the time? That's right, season seven of Buffy. The one where the characters are also bossy and demeaning, jerkasses, and the results were ''baaaaaad.'' Kim would have seen this and gone, [[HeelRealization "Hold on a minute, that's me. I don't want to be that."]] and from then on she TookALevelInKindness that would have done Faith proud.

[[WMG: Barkin had a "Kim" of his own and lost her.]]
* In the finale, Barkin says he did the whole save the world thing to, but that the center couldn't hold. We also know he joined the military after he left school. He had his own ActionGirlfriend when he was Kim and Ron's age, but she either died in a dangerous situation, or left him because he never had the wherewithal to tell her how he felt. He joined the military to get stronger, either a). to prevent anyone else from being lost the way his own love was if she died or b). to show her he'd become stronger and more capable, but it was too late. This is why Barkin is always so hard on Ron. He sees a younger version of himself in Ron and is subconsciously trying to prepare him for the day he loses Kim, either to villainous plots or from her leaving him.

[[WMG: Barkin not only dated his "Kim", but married her... but their happiness wasn't to last.]]
They fought crime together as TheXs, but his wife, son, and daughter were tragically killed on a mission. (It's also why the show barely lasted a season.) Mr. X, now "Barkin", moved to a new town, dyed his hair blonde (though later went back to black) and became a substitute teacher, thinking he could help the world that way. The previous WMG holds true. Mr. X/ Barkin rarely speaks of his late wife and children, but as evidenced by his crush on "Ms. Go", he still has a thing for strong women.

[[WMG: The World of Kim Possible had a failed Age of Super-heroism.]]
And it is still in its last breaths. We have a broken up Superhero team, a SHIELD equivalent with its very own female Nick Fury, a team of GI Joe's and a fair share of super villains. Most of them have a similar age and are from the same generation.

But there are very few young ones. We also never hear of other heroes and villains (not that they don't exist but there can´t be that much if Kim is operating worldwide). So it likely started out with Team Go gaining their powers and the first people who created super science (Dr. Drakken is an example), more people doing similar things taking to costumed crime and then it stopped. Now only the remnants of the first generation and a few exceptions are active, super science got integrated into the day life and everyone goes on as normal, likely shrugging their shoulders in reaction to the occasional superpowered rampage.

Why did it fail? Probably a mixture of more levelheaded people, especially gifted ones not going of the rails and putting on costumes to do or fight crime (Kim´s parents are prime candidates for mad scientists), a police force (including agencies) that are actually capable of handling said superpowered and wired crime and the "Zeitgeist" simply being more of a futuristic optimism than the often depressed jaded one that clings to many comic book worlds, that creates Villains and makes Icons of hope like Superhero´s necessary.

[[WMG:The real reason the Supreme One delegated combat wasn't simply out of laziness...]]
...it was [[DentedIron a mixture of age and lack of combat training over 20 years]]. Kim just arrived from Shego's past, still in her prime fighting figure. Shego went 20 years as an EvilOverlord with a genetically modified bodyguard, a mystically-enhanced monkey master and a cyborg as her lackeys, removing any incentive for her to train to fight. She doesn't engage Kim directly because she knows it's going to be a CurbStompBattle, which is the same reason she flees from Ron after he throws Drakken across the room.

[[WMG: ''Kim Possible'' takes place in the same universe as ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'', a century later.]]
Kim, her parents, her brothers, Wade, Draken, Motor Ed and most of Kim's other opponents are Sparks. Shego is a natural minion; intelligent but not inventive, and given to being a DeadpanSnarker. Ron himself is a potential Spark, but remembering how scared Kim was of him when became Zorpox he chose to suppress his Spark tendencies or channel them into other pursuits, such as cooking.