!!Evil will win.
Face it - The Good Doji Club is screwed. Shakujii is dead, Eco - who, by the way, was the one who was keeping everybody together - is dead. Basically all of the Six Perfections, including ''Ultimo'' are [[{{PutOnABus}} out of commision]], except for Service. Even if Sayama and Co. get a doji, that won't help much, as they have even ''less'' experience than Yamato concerning the doji. If Evil wins, it would cause world annihilation ''again'', propelling Yamato to time travel into the future to defeat the source of everything: Dunstan. So if Evil wins the 100 Machine Funeral, it actually be beneficial to the storyline.
* Sayama and her friends aren't that useless. After all, Oume and Akitsu can easily kick anybody's ass. Kiyose, even though she's sort of insecure, seems to have good values instilled in her. And Sayama.... Ok then, maybe having all of these girls in The Good Doji Club is kind of an AssPull. But I'm sure they'll be good doji masters. Maybe The Hundred Machine Funeral will be a draw, making the ''whole cast'' go into the future. Or maybe a [[{{DeusExMachina}} new doji]] will come along and save everybody?
** I think Sayama is going to end up completley surprising us with how much she can actually do. She just seems ''too'' quiet, with this series nobody is without having some hidden side too them. We may end up finding out about a {{Berserk Button}} she has.

!!Sayama and her friends will get a doji.
There's enough evidence to support this. In chapter 20 Eco says he'll give every doji masters memories for fighting in the 100 Machine Funeral. Next thing you know, in chapter 21, Sayama, Akitsu, Oume and Kiyose get memories.
* Confirmed as of Chapter 25.

!!Sayama ''is'' a doji.
Hey, she seems to be around the age group that the doji are supposed to look like, and she seems just ''too'' calm considering all of the craziness going on around her. Dunstan did see her back in 12th century in chapter 1. He could have made a doji of her because [[{{ItAmusedMe}} he'd think it would be funny]]. It could explain why everybody around her has a doji - ''because they were all subconsciously attracted to her''. She might not even know she is
one; that would explain why she fled the scene after she sees Yamato [[{{NotWhatItLooksLike}} with Ultimo]]. She ran away because she saw Ultimo, and it triggered some awarness in her about her true nature.
* Oh yeah, and her Noh Power would be Love. Now it makes sense why Rune's {{Yandere}} for Yamato, Akitsu crushes on Rune, Kiyose ships Yamatoand Rune, and why Yamato's obsessed with her. Sophia was talking about "love" in chapter 11 - because, being the doji of wisdom, he knew it was her Noh at play.
** [[{{FlatWhat}} Wat]].

!!Dr. Dunstan has a dead little sister.
There must be a reason why the doji take the form of children. He could've made [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} terminator-like robots,]] or even adult robots. But he made them look like this because he had a dead little sister, who died unfairly because of the war Musashi mentioned going on in the 30th century. Nobody paid it any attention, because they were too busy fighting to see which continent was better. So Dunstan decided to raise the question of whether good or evil was stronger...

!! {{Break The Cutie}} Will Happen To One of The Girls
With Rune possibly backing off, Yamato is going to lose a fair amount of his problems. Oh he will still have plenty, it's his basic job in the manga to be [[{{ButtMonkey}} abused]] but meeting up with The {{Yakuza}} and basically having some allies, will probably lessen them a bit. But I will not be convinced that the series will be "all action and a happy ending without catches" kind of series. Remember, none of the girl's know Rune or Akira is evil. Akitsu will probably be crushed about Rune, but Sayama was friends with him and possibly liked Akira. Rune will probably blame her for his corruption as well. Something could happen to Yamato (or at least they think) which would impact all of them. [[{{WithFriendsLikeThese}} (Hopefully)]]
** I think more than anything else, Rune ''hates'' Yamato (and/or the Good Side) now than ever before. So if Sayama and the girls become part of the good side, he'll try to kill all of them. They'll all be shocked, and will probably hesitate in fighting him. Cue BreakTheCutie ''or'' TookALevelInBadass to each of the girls when he tries to harm them.

!! Vice Will Pull a HeelFaceTurn or a MyGodWhatHaveIDone In the End.
In the visions/memories Ultimo gives Yamato of the future, we see a solemn-looking Vice sitting against a wall. Why would Vice look like that (he usually has a SlasherSmile on) unless something made him realize all the horrible crap he's done? Remember, Good cannot win unless they turn all of the evil doji over to the good side, leaving Vice alone. That, on his own he'll realize that Good is the way to go. Together, him and Ultimo could both defeat Dunstan.

!! The Doji [[EmotionControl modify their owner's emotional state]] to reflect their virtue or sin
All of the characters showed some inclination towards their respective virtue or sin, but getting the corresponding Doji ''really'' turns that up, particularly with Evil Doji users. Iruma (in the past) and Rune (either as Lady Gekou or his current self) seemed to be genuinely decent people before the contracted Jealousy, and while it's possible that [[TheUnfettered simply attaining power]] led them to [[DrunkOnTheDarkSide corruption]] and [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity madness]], a more likely explanation is that [[EmotionBomb Jealousy amplified their existing envy until it became their defining feature]], making Iruma's disgust with [[RichIdiotWithNoDayJob the higher-ups' incompetence]] and Rune's [[IncompatibleOrientation unrequited feelings]] into [[AxCrazy a psychotic]] [[SleazyPolitician diplomat]] and [[DepravedHomosexual depraved]] {{Yandere}}, respectively. (This might be tied with restoring Rune's PastLifeMemories as well. Notably, the Good Doji Masters are [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatResponsibility a lot more proactive]] post-contract as well.)