[[folder:Haruto/Kamen Rider Wizard/Dragon Phantom]]

[[WMG: In addition to Flame Style, Wizard's forms will include]]
The 5 elements in the Chinese Wu Xing:
* [[MakingASplash Water]] Style colored blue.
** A few of the prereleased images do show a blue ring. So maybe... maybe.
** Confirmed
* [[DishingOutDirt Earth]] Style as a MidSeasonUpgrade. It is colored in dirty yellow.
** Confirmed, though it is a standard form, not a MidSeasonUpgrade (yet).
** Also, it's called Land Style.
* [[GreenThumb Plant]] Style colored green.
** Or it will be [[BlowYouAway Air]] Style to fit in with the more traditional basic elements. Can still be Green though.
*** Hurricane Style (green) has been confirmed.
* [[ExtraOreDinary Steel]] Style as a SuperMode. It is also white in color.
** [[spoiler: Wizard's SuperMode has confirmed to be white in color, but it is called Infinity Style.]]
*** [[spoiler: Infinity Style debuts in #31, it is more cyan/silver than white actually.]]

[[WMG: Wizard will be an OldMaster, or something of that "OlderAndWiser" sort]]
Wizard looks like he's been an expert on the subject of magic for quite some time, though that could be his costume design.
* Could be trending towards Jossed - Haruto obtained the power of magic after subjugating the Drago Phantom and seemingly being trained by the White Wizard.
** Right and wrong on certain accounts - he's had the belt for six months as of the series beginning (as opposed to the last two Riders whose first episodes revolved around them becoming Riders), but he's still relatively inexperienced.

[[WMG: Wizard will be just another pretty boy/teenager with attitude]]
StrictlyFormula. Bonus points if he's a noob who picks up the belt and is instructed by someone on how to use it.
* Jossed. Haruto has had the belt for a while, and is already quite adept at the job. And he's a well-mannered, nice guy on top of that.

[[WMG: Wizard's super mode will involve ten rings]]
And he becomes The Mandarin from IronMan.
* Nope, he's still got the one ring to a hand thing going.

[[WMG: Wizard's SuperMode will use a MagicStaff.]]
They didn't give him one for his standard form because staffs are really powerful and require lots of energy to use. So, they're saving it for when Wizard has gotten much stronger later in the series.
* Jossed. Infinity Style uses a Sword/Axe hybrid, AxCalibur.

[[WMG: Wizard will be a JerkWithAHeartOfGold.]]
We've gotten two series in a row where the main Rider is a boy scout (three if count Double), so it would be refreshing to have an AntiHero lead for the first time since Decade. Though hopefully, Wizard will be better at this characteristic then he was.
* Jossed. Wizard, aka Haruto, is a nice guy, if not somewhat easily-amused, and goofy at times.

[[WMG: Wizard's SuperMode will involve the element, [[ThePowerOfTheVoid Void]]]]
Either this, or as a MidSeasonUpgrade, given Wizard's other style are confirmed to be part of the 4 classical elements.
* Jossed

[[WMG: Wizard's SuperMode will involve Heart.]]
And then his ultimate mode will have that combined with the other four elements.
* Presumably it would be pink ([[Series/KamenRiderDecade or magenta]]), added to the four existing styles it would make a standard [[FiveManBand five-man]] ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' team.
** Well, it's not pink, at least.
* Jossed

[[WMG: Wizard's SuperMode will involve magnetism.]]
Naturally, [[Music/InsaneClownPosse he will have problems getting it to work]].
* Jossed

[[WMG: Wizard is an homage to ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'']]
The main character is a light-hearted smartass wizard who wears a trenchcoat, loves donuts, and his default fighting style is slinging fire; on top of that, one of his allies is a female cop who is one of the few to realize there's something supernatural going down, is frustrated that her co-workers are burying their heads in the sand, and wants to do something about it.
* Unlikely, for one I don't think that The Dresden Files is even been translated into Japanese. Second it would be a little too similar to Series/KamenRiderDouble, since both Double and Dresden Files are speculative takes on the noir detective, with Dresden being a wizard and Double being a Kamen Rider.

[[WMG: Wizard's SuperMode will involve a diamond as a motif.]]
Just as how its Flame Style involves Ruby.
* Confirmed.

[[WMG: Wizard's catchphrase will be "Totally Wizard!"]]
[[WesternAnimation/RobotChicken He's bringing it back!]]
* Jossed. "Now, it's showtime."

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Wizard takes place in the same universe with Kamen Riders [[Series/KamenRiderDouble Double]], [[Series/KamenRiderOOO OOO]], and [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Fourze]].]]
Okay, I don't see Foudation X anymore in the latest episodes of ''Fourze'' and probably they found something interesting in another part of Japan and decided to go there instead. Now as for this case, Wizard will end up fighting the [[MonsterOfTheWeek monsters of the week]] and later on, them. Also, as for the Fourze [[TheMovie movie]], he appears to appear there so therefore he must be found there too in the same vein with Double, OOO, and Fourze to each other's show.
* Possible. Kengo and Yuki make an EarlyBirdCameo in the final OOO episode, and Haruto appears in Fourze's.
** With ''Series/KamenRiderDecade's'' AR World thing being confined to that series (and the AR worlds being ''so'' different from the originals), and no dimension-hopping happening at any other time Riders meet, ever, ''the idea that Rider series take place in separate dimensions until proven otherwise'' is the WMG theory - and one quite thoroughly {{Jossed}} (''all'' those teamups, Tomoko's past Rider footage, etc.) at that.

[[WMG: Wizard will make a cameo appearance in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 as an unfinished secret character]]
Much like how Fourze was an unfinished secret character in the first All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation.

[[WMG: The Rings as part of the Henshin Device makes sense]]
Rings are used in alchemy. In old times alchemy was considered a type of magic. Alchemy is the practice/art of changing one thing to another. Magic written in grimoires often involved summoning demons by wearing rings at the same time. The Magic using Kamen Rider that fights demons(known as Apparitions) uses rings to transform. To further this the enemy of the series were called on by a solar eclipse(for those that haven't seen one it the general concept is a dark circle with a ''ring'' of light around it.)

[[WMG: Wizard's SuperMode will include a NiceHat.]]
Preferably a pointy wizard's cap. And it will be called Wizard Merlin Mode.
* Nope. And it's Infinity Style.

[[WMG: Wizard will be an amateur/budding stage magician prior to receiving [[{{Call To Adventure}} The Call]].]]
This includes the following possibilities:
* His stage shows will be the cover story for his activity as Kamen Rider Wizard.
* A MonsterOfTheWeek interrupts his stage show, leading to his mentor providing him with the TransformationTrinket.
* Wizard stumbles upon the device while looking through a chest of family heirlooms, because...
* His father/grandfather/distant ancestor was a magician before him, and he looks up to said figure.
** Apparently jossed. He was chosen for surviving an attempted human sacrifice.
** That doesn't jossed what Haruto was doing BEFORE being kidnapped to "participate" in The Sabbath.
*** Jossed. Haruto was a soccer player before the Sabbath.

[[WMG: Wizard will eventually go on a killing spree to obtain more rings]]
[[InsaneTrollLogic He's got Wajima to make rings for him. Why would he need to go on a killing spree to get more rings?]]
* Especially since [[spoiler: Wiseman's the one producing the stones]].
** Jossed

[[WMG: Wizard's MidSeasonUpgrade will control the element of [[ShockAndAwe lightning]].]]
Bonus point if this Style become LightningBruiser.
* Semi-jossed. Wizard's Mid Season Upgrade does feature the power of lightning. However, it's an ability locked in Hurricane Dragon Style, as the Thunder Ring is paired with it.

[[WMG: Wizard's [=WizarSwordGun=] is meant to double as his MagicWand.]]
Can you think of a better explanation for why he doesn't have a wand?
* The producers decided he didn't need to have a wand and that a sword-gun would be infinitely cooler than a stick. Bam, there's your answer.

[[WMG: Possible future right-handed rings and powers.]]
List your ideas for what other rings Wizard could obtain.
* {{Invisibility}}
* [[GravityMaster Gravity]]
** Confirmed as Land Dragon Style's special ability ring.
* [[TimeMaster Time]]
** Confirmed
* [[IntangibleMan Intangibility]]
* [[Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger MagiMuscles]]
** Close enough...the Excite Ring works this way.
* [[Film/KamenRiderXKamenRiderWizardAndFourzeMovieWarUltimatum Past riders for the movie war]]
** Confirmed
* [[AnIcePerson Freezing]]
** Confirmed. Blizzard Ring, the Water Dragon special ring, has the ability to freeze.
* [[StoneWall Temporal self-petrification that blocks all attacks]]
* [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Making donuts]]
* [[MakeMyMonsterGrow Giant]], which would make Wizard the first Rider to do so since [[Film/KamenRiderJ J]]
** The Big Ring is this on a partial scale. Would be nice to see this in action, though the Phantom that is needed for this extremely SituationalSword must be one [[IncrediblyLamePun hell]] of a Phantom.
* [[PowerFist Punch Strike]]
* Chop Strike
* Impersonating someone else
* [[XRayVision Seeing through walls]] (by creating an image that anyone can see), or outright scrying

A person hacked the toy and found the following sounds (Question marks mean the hacker wasn't sure about the sound, left and right indicate which hand the ring is on)

->Infinity (Transformation ring, right)
->Beast (Animal cry, right) [Beast's ring]
->The Origin(?, left)
->The End(?, left)
->Final (Transformation ring, right hand)
->Cerberus [Plamonster Ring]
->Golem [Plamonster Ring
->Griffin [Beast's Plamonster]
->Thunder (left) [paired with Hurricane Dragon]
->Blizzard (left)
->Flash(?? left)
->Excite (left)
->Dress Up (left)
->Gamble (left)
->Extend (left)
->Perfume (left)
->Smell (left)
->Light (left)
->Dark (left)
->Knock (left)
->Ear (left)
->Eye (left)
->Gravity (left) [paired with Land Dragon]
->Confuse (left)
->Shut up (left)
->Barigate (?? left)
->Psychokinesis (left)
->High Speed (left)
->??rii (left)
->Control (left)
->??boto (left)
->Poison (left)
->Seal (?? left)
->Miracle (left)
->Time (left)
->Special (left)
->Clear (left)
->Hole (left)
->Holy (left)

->Merry Christmas
->Happy Birthday
->Gachapon (gives Birth's transformation sound)

[[WMG: Land Dragon will be the Season's MidSeasonUpgrade]]
Because it is the only form not shown in recent news. Now, its design will be more grand compared to the other three.
* Jossed. The Drago Timer is.

[[WMG: In CompetitiveBalance among Wizard's Styles]]
Flame is GlassCannon, Water is JackOfAllStats, Hurricane is FragileSpeedster and Land is MightyGlacier.
* Or, alternatively, there is none; all are the JackOfAllStats having different elemental weaknesses/resistances.
** No evidence to the Pokemon-style elemental things, at least. It's all in the manual, but the forms do have different specialties roughly equivalent to those mentioned above.

[[WMG: The Phantoms and Apparitions will all have Myth/GreekMythology motif]]
* [[http://www.jefusion.com/2012/08/kamen-rider-wizards-enemies-revealed.html The latest information]] shows the main Phantoms being base on ThePhoenix and [[{{Medusa}} Gorgon]]. With a Apparitions being a bull and the other made up of flame, probably to represent Helios/Apollo.
** The two Apparitions are based on the Minotaur and a hellhound, respectively. So it could be a Greek Mythology motif, or just mythological creatures in general.
* Jossed. Caitsíth is not a creature of Greek mythos.

[[WMG: Wizard will crossover with the next Sentai]]
* Considering the box office success of ''[[Film/KamenRiderXSuperSentaiSuperHeroTaisen Super Hero Taisen]]''.
** It looks that way. ''[[Film/KamenRiderXSuperSentaiXSpaceSheriffSuperHeroTaisenZ Super Hero Taisen Z]]'' has been confirmed, and Wizard will almost certainly join with the Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger (and the guys from ''Film/SpaceSheriffGavanTheMovie'' as well) just as [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Fourze]] crossed with the Series/TokumeiSentaiGoBusters.

[[WMG: At some point in the first episode there will be a time skip]]
This will allow for [[spoiler: Wizard's cameo in the Fourze movie where he doesn't know what a Kamen Rider is but after finding out he decides to call himself Kamen Rider Wizard]].
* The series starts with Haruto having already been active as Wizard for an indeterminate amount of time, so the events of the crossover movie may have simply occurred before the show proper.
** Given the rings Haruto has available in the Fourze movie, people have guessed that it takes place in between some early episodes.

[[WMG: The Drago System will have a drawback effect on Haruto.]]
* Confirmed. [[spoiler:Once Haruto gains the Dragon Rings, he runs the risk of falling faster into despair, since he's still technically a Gate, if one that has the powers to fight back.]]
** [[spoiler:While this may have been the case at first, with Wizardragon's destruction and subsequent revival as a creature of hope in #30 and #31 respectively, we won't have to worry about Dragon turning on him.

[[WMG: When Wizard transforms into Water Style, a blue magic circle will appear from his right side]]
In addition to this, when he de-transforms, a magic circle appears from behind before moving to his front. Finally, when he finally transforms into his Super Mode, a magic circle appears from the front.
* We'll still have to see with the others, but when he de-transforms, the magic circle comes from below, same as Land Style.
* [[EpicFail Jossed]]; there is no restriction to which specific direction the circle appears from based on the Style at all! They simply appear wherever Haruto is pointing at.

[[WMG: Wizard's end movie will involve the Draco System and Wizard's SuperMode combined!]]
Wizard will get a Movie Exclusive Mode this way.
* Well, there is a "Flame Dragon" sound on the Drago Timer. So Infinity calling out the four Dragon Forms and then moving into Infinity All Dragon could well be possible. Whether or not that has anything to do with the "Final" sound found on the Driver.. time will tell.
* Semi-confirmed. Wizard accesses Infinity Dragon in the [[Film/KamenRiderWizardInMagicLand summer movie]], but simply with the use of a new ring called the Finish Strike Ring.

[[WMG: Haruto's Phantom is a dragon.]]
* Or at least dragon-like. Which would explain the subtle dragon motif that Wizard has.
** The Wizardragon is Haruto's Phantom, so this is already confirmed.
*** #9 even shows that the Dragon has gotten the turn-into-the-person-you-killed trick down already.

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Wizard can use the Liquid Ring in any style he wants]]
The effects are turning him into the following:
* Flame Style becomes magma
* Land Style becomes mud
* Hurricane Style becomes Ether or Mist
* For the Dragon upgrades, each form can shape shift their liquids into a powerful dragon! Shaped like the Dragon Phantom, of course.

[[WMG: The Henshin Magic Circle will be weaponized]]
Since [[Series/KamenRiderBlade Blade]] you can't have a WMG without this element coming up with at least once. I mean, come on guys.
* Well, monsters have been being violently repelled by henshin effects since ''Blade.'' Maybe he'll turn to the side and let a Phantom eat a faceful of InstantRunes.
* Confirmed. The magic circle for Flame Dragon is used this way in episode 10.

[[WMG: Haruto has no sense of taste.]]
Just how both Greeed and Phantom have no sense of taste and Eiji who partly Greeed lose his sense of taste, Haruto who is partly a Phantom also has no sense of taste. This explain why he only ate Plain Sugar Donuts as it doesn't matter whatever flavor that the donuts have if he can't taste it.
* Very unlikely. Firstly, he is not part Phantom. His Phantom is a seperate being which is contained within, if it were to break out, he would be dead and the Phantom would take his form. Also, just because he always has plain sugar donuts doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy them. Indeed, he didn't like Kosuke putting his mayonnaise on them, he appeared quite concerned about this TrademarkFavoriteFood being ruined for someone who has no sense of taste.

[[WMG: Haruto will NEVER get to finish a doughnut on screen.]]
Possibly the exception will be in the final episode.

[[WMG: Haruto is DeadAllAlong]]
Sorry if this is another WMG based off Madoka, but seriously, [[spoiler:the sole survivor of a car crash is one of the backstories for the veteran Puella Magi, though in her back story, she was on the verge of dying]]. This could explain why he didn't succumb to Phantomization like the others... maybe.

[[WMG: Dragon is a Higher Phantom]]
It's clearly more powerful than other Inner Phantoms we've seen once Haruto's taken control, and when channeled for the Dragon Forms, makes Wizard even stronger than Phoenix. It's also got a more ornate design than other Inner Phantoms have, just like Medusa and Phoenix have more regal looking designs than the Lesser Phantoms.

[[WMG: The [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Three Rings]] would become three of Wizard's elemental rings.]]
Hurricane Ring=Vilya, Water Ring=Nenya, Flame Ring=Narya.
** So... Would that mean... Dragon Ring=[[OhCrap Sauron]]?!

[[WMG: The Driver will chant the following single word for the upcoming Dragon Styles]]
If you like, you can post your idea on the words, too.
* Hurricane:
** Blow
*** Close enough. The final answer can be translated to "blow".
** Storm
** "Kaze" as in wind
** Final answer: it was "Byu"
* Water:
** Drown
** Wash
** Soak
** "Ko" as in flood
** Swash
** "Shi"
** "Ame" as in rain
** "Freeze"
** Final answer: it's a combination of "Jaba", "Bashaa", and "Zabun".
* Land:
** Quake
** Dig
** "Shin" as in quake
** Rock
** Final answer: it's a combination of "Donten", and "Dogon".
* Since Flame Dragon actually chants "Bo" as in explosion in Japanese, the other chanting words should be Japanese as well. Probably.
** But I heard "Burn" instead. Though they sound the same.
* Finally, for [[spoiler:Infinity Dragon, it will say the other four elements words in this order: Flame(Bo), Hurricane(Byu), Water and Land just as how Wizard got each of the dragon upgrades in that order.]]
** [[spoiler:Actually, the Infinity Ring announces "Hi Sui Fu Do! Bou Jaba Byu Dogon~!". Meaning all of the chants are in this.]]

[[WMG:We will get Wizard in all forms side by side in TheMovie.]]
He's got the Copy ring early on, no surprise there. It starts with Wizard using Copy until he gets 4 of himself, then the BigBad claiming "we've seen that already", then actual!Wizard going roughly "but have you seen this?" just as the other 3 bring out the remaining 3 Styles rings and turning into Hurricane, Water and Land in very close succession, their belts sounds meshing together into a medley mix of sorts. Some ass gets kicked, involving the four Wizards tossing certain rings to each other for certain moves. Then actual!Wizard yells an order for all four Wizards to switch up to their Dragon Styles. More tossing of rings occurs, except this time the emphasis is on using the finishers on any CoDragons. Then the BigBad still manages to beat them back, forcing actual!Wizard to pull all the copies into himself - enabling a [[EleventhHourPower movie-exclusive form]] rather than the actual [[SuperMode Ultimate Form.]] Dragged-out beatdown ensues.
* Semi-jossed. It seems that the DragoTimer can do just that. But hey, it might still happen in the film! Just not exclusively.

[[WMG: The Dragon styles are going to prove to be a deadly upgrade.]]
Considering that they allow aspects of Dragon, Haruto's inner Phantom, to manifest in reality, it's possible that overuse of them might allow Dragon to increase its influence on Haruto in an attempt to break out. As a result, Haruto's going to have to learn to use them sparingly lest he accidentally unleash his own Phantom. Plus Dragon did tell him that use of the ring would lead him closer to despair...
* Also? Wiseman [[spoiler: clearly ''wants'' our heroes to get their hands on the magic stones]]. Yet another hint that this might be the case...
* Jossed. Wizardragon's destruction in #30 and subsequent revival as a creature of hope in #31 makes the chances of him turning on Haruto very unlikely. [[spoiler: And with the revelation that Wiseman and the White Wizard are the same man (Fueki), it turns out the Magic Stones were purely for Haruto's evolution as a wizard for his masterplan, Haruto falling to despair would have actually ruined it.

[[WMG: Wizard can swim underwater]]
In Water Dragon Style, by activating his Special Ring and gain a tail.
* This might happen... If the tail doesn't cleave through the water like Moses first.
** Confirmed, somewhat. Wizard can swim fine in Water Style.

[[WMG: Haruto will die]]
As a result of his continuing use of the Dragon forms, he gives in to despair at or near to the series conclusion, being replaced by Dragon. However Dragon, impressed by Haruto's determination to save others, even at the cost of his own life, will turn against the Phantoms to finish what he started.

[[WMG: At some point, Haruto will nearly succumb to being a Phantom]]
But it will be ambiguous as to if he really did become one or if he bravely resisted. In short: By the end, we won't be sure if it's Haruto or Dragon that's Wizard.

[[WMG: The infinity ring represents the fifth element]]
With it being something like [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway Heart]], which has the power of using [[HeartIsAnAwesomePower any one of the four elements]]. It also comes with an Infinity Dragon Ring.

[[WMG: Wizard will have no "official" mid-season upgrade.]]
The Dragon Styles are kinda' like that so they'll just stick with these 8 forms until episode 30ish when the FINAL form comes around.
** Episode 32: Infinity Style. However, he had a solid mid-upgrade in the form of Drago Timer and All Dragon Form.

[[WMG: Haruto is already the Dragon Phantom. But it's not the dominating personality, so he can control his kaiju nature (a la Faiz).]]
* Jossed. Dragon's destruction and subsequent revival as a creature of hope in #30 and #31 respectively shows that he is still just the source of his magic, and not a monster form.

[[WMG: The Dragon is actually the Wiseman's Phantom]]
The Wiseman is just a powerful magic user who knows that his Phantom will kill him, so he sets up a ritual to have the phantom take on someone else.
* Jossed. [[spoiler: Wiseman is revealed to be the White Wizard (Fueki), who implanted the artificial Carbuncle Phantom into himself.]]

[[WMG: The Dragon is actually the White Wizard's Phantom]]
* Jossed. [[spoiler: Fueki's Phantom is Carbuncle aka Wiseman.]]

[[WMG: Haruto will fail to prevent a gate from turning into a Phantom]]
Just so we can see the process. Like in Fourze they failed to prevent Cancer from evolving.
* Perhaps this will be how we'll be introduced to Beast; a Gate will fall to despair, but Haruto still can't bring himself to destroy the new Phantom because he got to know the Gate and they became friends. Beast will come in and cut the Phantom down in under a minute with little, if any, real effort.
** Jossed for Beast being the Gate.
* Close enough in #27. While he was blocked by Medusa from entering Mayu's underworld, she surpassed her phantom all by herself.

[[WMG: The Draco System will manifest when the dragon Haruto has starts to consume him]]
* Related to the WMG about it having drawbacks. The dragon will start to consume Haruto, but give him more power
** Nope, it's created when Haruto needs more power and has to subjugate Dragon even more to bring out further potential.

[[WMG: The Wizardriver is, in fact, a technological device.]]
And no, I'm not talking about the toy. In-universe, The Wizard Wizard built and programmed it to create spells based on the ring it scans. In fact, Kamen Rider Wizard is not much of a wizard at all because he cannot cast spells himself, only through the use of rings and the Wizardriver.
* Either that or it's {{Magitek}}.

[[WMG: Wizard's 5th Style would be Aether Style.]]
* Jossed. His SuperMode is Infinity Style, and has the powers of all four elements.

[[WMG: At some point, [=WizarDragon=] will escape from within Haruto...]]
...(possibly via portal), robbing Haruto of his magic (and thus the ability to become Wizard). Haruto will then have to find a non-Phantom source of magic (assuming he doesn't just get it from [[Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger courage]], of course)
* Jossed. Dragon's revival as a creature of hope makes it unlikely that he will turn on Haruto.

[[WMG: Haruto is being used by the White Wizard]]
Basing this off the fact that the secondary rider is the naive newcomer while the main rider is the hardened veteran who has a mentor watching his every move. A reversal of the usual shtick for the Neo-Heisei riders. So it's natural that Haruto might be used to further White Wizard's plans.
* Confirmed. [[spoiler: Wizard (and the three Kamen Rider Mages) are needed for Fueki's masterplan to start the Sabbath again and save his daughter, Koyomi.]]

[[WMG: The Death Card Manticore predicted for Haruto]]
refers to another event altogether.
* Well, Death does refer to ''change'' in tarot, not actual death.

[[WMG: The other Wizards that were summoned through the Drago Timer are]]
The Dragon Phantom being Wizard Water Dragon, a phantom named "Please" (see below WMG for more info) being the Hurricane Dragon, and another phantom called "Saiko" being the Land Dragon.
* Jossed. The other three Dragon Styles summoned by the Drago Timer are merely copies of Haruto. And he only has one Phantom.

[[WMG: The movie form will be Five Style]]
The costume will resemble a Climax/DoGaBaKi where all the parts are mixed into one suit.
* Jossed. It's a PalletSwap for All Dragon Style, called [[Film/KamenRiderXKamenRiderWizardAndFourzeMovieWarUltimatum Special Rush Style]].

[[WMG: "Plain sugar donut." will become a WhamLine]]
Haruto will go missing/presumed dead for a while and theaudience and/or the characters will not know anything about where he is. At one point we hear the donut sellers, who don't know that Haruto is missing have the following conversation:
"Oh, hello there! Do you want your usual?"
"Here you go, Plain sugar donut."
And HesBack

Alternately in a smaller version: Haruto has been acting slightly odd the last few episodes and this reveals he has an EvilDoppelganger or something.

[[WMG: Wiseman was responsible for making Haruto Kamen Rider Wizard.]]
Itís been irking me as to why the Dragon Phantom is so powerful, with the only thing holding Wizard back being how much of Dragonís power he can access. Maybe Wiseman recognised Harutoís potential as a gate, and set about a chain of events that would Haruto to become a Wizard during the ritual, most notably [[spoiler: causing the deaths of Harutoís parents. Wiseman caused their car to crash and made sure they lived long enough to Haruto a last hope.]]
* Furthermore, itís clear Wiseman needs Wizard for ''somethingíí, but it remains unclear what this is. This theory would explain why Haruto is so special out of all the other Gates that were sacrificed.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:Wiseman is the White Wizard. He DID make Haruto into a Wizard, although it's unclear how much hand he had in manifestation of the dragon within him]]

[[WMG: Infinity Style will be created from Haruto's own power, not Dragon's.]]
For whatever reason (maybe Dragon escapes his body or is incapacitated, or any number of things), Haruto is unable to use Dragon's power to transform and cast magic. He will then have to tap into his own latent magical ability, which has been slowly growing in the background and has become great enough to create his final form.
* Jossed. [[spoiler: Haruto gained Infinity Style because his HeroicWillpower allowed Dragon to be revived, saying that [[{{Meaningful Echo}} it would once again become his hope.]]]]

[[WMG: By the time the Infinity Ring is created....]]
Haruto has complete dominion over his Dragon Phantom.
* With Dragon's revival as a creature of hope, indeed he is likely benevolent and obidient, though "complete dominion" isn't how I'd put it.

[[WMG: Infinity Style's Axcalibur]]
Can do SwordBeam in Axe Mode.

[[WMG: Wizard's movie-exclusive form is called Final Style.]]
If the above unreleased spells indicates so.
* Jossed. Wizard's [[Film/KamenRiderWizardInMagicLand movie]] form is Infinity Dragon, a combination of Infinity Style and All Dragon.

[[WMG: There is no Infinity Dragon Style]]
Because Infinity Style alone is greater than the Dragon Styles.
* If you look closely, it seems Infinity Style has the same stylized dragon face the Dragon Styles have under the new armor piece, so this is highly likely.
** Considering that Series/KamenRiderDecade made a Rising Ultimate form for Kuuga, let's just be cautious of the future.
*** Jossed, though it's apparently Movie-exclusive.

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity's theme song]]
Will be sung by BOTH Kamen Rider Girls and Rider Chips.
* Jossed. 'Missing Piece' is only sung by Kamen Rider Girls.

[[WMG:Infinity Style will involve Dragon no longer being a Phantom.]]
Instead, he'll go the AscendedDemon route and become a creature based off of Hope. [[spoiler:Perhaps the manner in which he's revived after Legion killed him]] will result in this.
* Confirmed

[[WMG:Infinity Style will NOT be his final FINAL form]]
Due to some simlarities with Kuuga, one could argue there is another powerup left. It will be activated in the final episode (or two) Just like Ultimate Kuuga. It will be called...wait for it...Final Style.
* Jossed. Infinity Style is Wizard's equivalent of Kuuga's Ultimate Form, that's how they do Final Forms nowadays. Though Wizard does access an Infinity Dragon form in [[Film/KamenRiderWizardInMagicLand the movie]] not unlike Kuuga's Rising Ultimate from [[Series/KamenRiderDecade Decade]].

[[WMG:Him gaining the Infinity Style will turn out to be a bad thing]]
Hence White Wizard's cryptic message after he sees Haruto transform.

[[WMG: The infinity stone is actually a Philosopher's stone]]
Jossed. [[spoiler:Koyomi has the Philosopher's stone within.]]

[[WMG: Haruto himself is the Philosopher's Stone.]]
But he's not finished yet. Gaining the Dragon Styles was an important part of the process, though, hence why Wiseman had no problem allowing the good guys to get the necessary magic stones.
Jossed. [[spoiler:Koyomi has the Philosopher's stone within.]]

[[WMG: Dragon is now a creature of hope rather than despair]]
When he was born, it was by Haruto skirting the DespairEventHorizon, what brought him back to life was Haruto's determination not to lose hope and be ''others'' hope. So where he was born from despair, he was ''reborn'' by hope, thus how he can now give Haruto access to [[SuperMode Infinity Style]], because hope is stronger than despair.
* Confirmed, sorta. Dragon may have just been trying to be [[IronicEcho ironic]], but he did say that he was Haruto's hope.

[[WMG: The Dracotimer does not just summon the other three Dragon styles]]
It has their ring effects as well as the power of other magic rings Haruto had previously such as the Drill and Special rings.

[[WMG: Wizard's movie-exclusive SuperMode]]
Involves using Dracotimer in Infinity Style onto the Wizard Driver.
* Jossed. Wizard accesses an Infinity Dragon form in the [[Film/KamenRiderWizardInMagicLand movie]], though simply with a ring called the Finish Strike Ring.

[[folder:The White Wizard]]

[[WMG: Those aren't moon symbols in White Wizard's spell circles.]]
Look at them. They're a damn ''eclipse''. If that's not a smoking gun, I don't know what is.

[[WMG: White Wizard junks the longcoat to become the second Rider.]]
His suit actor is Eitoku, who gets that job anyways...
* Jossed, and he's suit actor is Jun Watanabe now. Ironically, though, Jun Watanabe is also the suit actor of the true Secondary Rider, Beast, breaking Eitoku's run as Second Rider suit actor.

[[WMG: The White Wizard is Haruto's father.]]
Because it's about time someone's relative became the BigGood without being dead.
* [[spoiler: Jossed. Haruto's dad died in a car crash that left Haruto as the sole survivor.]]

[[WMG: The GreaterScopeVillain is the White Wizard]]
* To expand on this, WW is in reality the Phantom's Wiseman, and he will use poor Koyomi as the catalyst of the next "Sabbath", only this time, it will encompass most, if not all, of Torizakii.
** As to why he gave Haruto the means to become Wizard? He wants to test him to see if he has the magic potential and skill to stop him after surviving his first "Sabbath".
** Alternatively, he could be powering up Wizard in order to make Wizardragon/Dragon Phantom materialize. As Wiseman he goads the Phantoms to try and coax Haruto to despair the usual manner. After all, there's a reason Sora/Gremlin Phantom gave the heroes the yellow magic stone...
*** [[spoiler: To add onto this claim, he is seen in episode 31 saying that Haruto's Infinity Form has become a troublesome situation.]]
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:Yes, Wiseman IS the White Wizard]]. However, also Jossed: he wants to SAVE Koyomi.

[[WMG: Wajima IS the White Wizard]]
Making rings is one hint, taking Haruto and Koyomi is probably another, depending on how they exactly met.
** Makes sense. I don't know how it's written in Japanese, but if you switch the 'ji' and the 'ma,' well, if you ''squint,'' you get something that makes you say "white magician."
** It's also strange how he knows a lot about Koyomi, despite that he said he 'met' her and Haruto six months ago. It's possible that Haruto explained it to him, but still, something seems off.
*** Jossed.

[[WMG: White Wizard is the Virgo Zodiarts!]]
... [[ContinuityNod Wait,]] [[Series/KamenRiderFourze wrong show]]. [[spoiler:Plus Virgo's kinda dead]].
* [[spoiler: Not really, as long as the Virgo Switch isn't destroyed, the White Wizard can possibly become the Virgo Zodiarts.]]
** We also know Foundation X can make copies of monsters. Virgo may return, though it won't be the one we know.
*** Jossed. [[spoiler: Fueki is not the Virgo Zodiarts. He is, however, the Carbuncle Phantom aka Wiseman.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard will show up again to help Haruto when he's in serious trouble.]]
Haruto is his successor to an extent, right? so why not?
** However, it's unknown why the White Wizard isn't exactly seen after he gave the Wizardriver to Haruto, and it is not exactly known why he gave it to him other than to fight phantoms. The White Wizard seems to still be relatively intact, actually fight and have the power of magic on his side, so it makes little sense for him to give Haruto the power of magic.
*** Unless the White Wizard is the HeroOfAnotherStory and Haruto is basically his Secondary Rider...
** [[spoiler:Confirmed! After getting curb-stomped by Beelzebub, the White Wizard himself saves Haruto from getting killed.]]

[[WMG: There's actually several White Wizards out there.]]
Each of them is the highest authority in magic, and thus their facepieces are differently colored for each style they command while the rest of the suit is uniform. The one we've seen is Orange, not as an evolution from Yellow but because that actually is Orange magic, the others not only have the proper colors of Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, but a dozen other colors we're never getting in the show otherwise.
* So he's [[Franchise/{{Digimon}} Gennai]]?
* No, I'd think more [[Literature/LordOfTheRings Gandalf (or possibly Saruman)]]; if you'll remember, the eldest wizards in ''that'' each bore a signature color.
** But there were only five of them, and two of them shared a color.

[[WMG: The White Wizard is behind the ritual!]]
All to get a new wizard.
* Confirmed. [[spoiler: The The White Wizard aka Fueki is seeking out those with the potential to become Wizards as part of his masterplan to save his daughter, Koyomi.
[[WMG: The White Wizard will be revealed as Seiji Takaiwa]]
Because why not.

[[WMG: The White Wizard is Haruto's *mother.*]]
Not like we haven't seen it [[Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger elsewhere]]. Of course, [[StuffedIntoTheFridge we know what that would mean]] for her. In fact...
* Jossed, [[spoiler: both of Haruto's parents are dead.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard is *so* doomed.]]
...it's not like mentor or power-giving characters have a great survival rate lately ''anyway''. Prepare to join [[spoiler: Emoto, Skull, and Shroud]] six feet under! You (and your BadassLongcoat) shall be missed. ''In fact'' in fact...

[[WMG: The White Wizard is already dead.]]
...have we seen him in the present? Soukichi Narumi is dead before the series starts as well.
* Jossed. He appears in Episode Nine to observe Haruto's battle with Phoenix.

[[WMG: The White Wizard is an AnthropomorphicPersonification of Hope]]
What better BigGood for a series where the villains are born of Despair?
* Wow [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Madoka]] really changed.
* On second thought, [[VideoGame/{{Diablo}} Auriel]] must've gone into the Kamen Rider world for that purpose.

[[WMG: Wajima is somehow connected to the White Wizard.]]
While I doubt he actually is the White Wizard, maybe he once worked with or works for the White Wizard. It's also possible that the White Wizard is responsible for giving him the ability to craft Wizard's rings.
* Confirmed. Wajima used to make rings for the White Wizard, who returns as his true identity, Fueki, to have Wajima make him the Eclipse Ring.

[[WMG:Agent Kizaki is the White Wizard]]
Going for broke.
* Jossed, [[spoiler: because Fueki, who ''is'' the White Wizard, attacked him so WW could maintain his status as TheUnperson.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard is the one telling Wajima what rings to make.]]
Probably a given, but we know White's watching over Haruto, and Wajima has a tendency to make just the ring Haruto needs. WW's probably secretly beaming the information into Wajima's mind as a way of indiscreetly helping our protagonist.

[[WMG: There was another ritual before the one Haruto survived in.]]
And in that ritual, a person was sole survivor and became The White Wizard.

[[WMG: There is one transformation ring that a person used to become The White Wizard]]
And ring is the Infinity Ring.
* Jossed, since the White Wizard's transformation ring is clearly different from the Infinity Ring.

[[WMG: That guy wearing a hat and who gave Koyomi the yellow magic stone is the White Wizard]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard is an antagonistic/anti-hero rider.]]
When scanned a rings gives the command "NOW!"
* Or it could be entirely his own magical power, explaining why he doesn't have to ask. [[FridgeBrilliance Why would you politely ask yourself for magic?]]

[[WMG: This isn't the first time The White Wizard has raised a Wizard]]
In #23, he says as Haruto unlocks the All-Dragon Form: "And now, ''this one'' is complete."
* Alternately, he's secretly supporting both Wizard ''and'' Beast. He's just being stealthier with Nitoh.
** Jossed. [[spoiler: Haruto is the White Wizard's first "apprentice", he goes on to recruit three Kamen Rider Mages, as he needs four Wizards to start the Sabbath again. He has no interest in Beast, as he is an ancient wizard.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard could cast the same spells (Like Explosion and Teleport) without using any of his rings.]]
However, it will be so time-consuming that Rings are a much faster choice.

[[WMG: His inner phantom is humanoid.]]
Even when it is an Unreleased Phantom. This is based on the prints of the rings The White Wizard used.
* The White Wizard's phantom could be the Stickman Phantom.
** [[spoiler: His Phantom is Carbuncle aka Wiseman. However, rather than living in his Underworld, it is a form he has control of, being a manmade Phantom he implanted himself with.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard and Wiseman have an Jekyll and Hyde relationship.]]
Years ago, the White Wizard was merely a Gate. He eventually gave into despair, and gave birth to Wiseman. However, like Haruto, he survived the process and become a Wizard. Unlike Haruto, unfortunately, the phantom was not sealed within him as successfully. And so they share the same body, swapping personalities often. The White Wizard is unable to kill himself because either Wiseman won't let him or dying will mean Wiseman will be in full control. The whole season is about the two trying to [[OutGambitted Out Gambit]] the other. And both of their plans involve Haruto and the Dragon Phantom.
* Jossed: [[spoiler:Fueki shifts between Wizard and Wiseman freely]].

[[WMG: The White Wizard's magical power comes entirely from himself, no Phantoms involved.]]
Unlike Wizard's rings bearing dragon images or Beast's rings all having animal faces, the White Wizard's either have elements of his helmet on them or show a stick figure, implying that he's not getting his power from another source. On top of that, his belt announcing each spell with "...now!" would make sense, as he has no need to borrow his magic from something else (as the two Riders do with their Phantoms).
* Zigzagged. [[spoiler:He still needs his phantom to weild magic, but he used his own power (science knowledge) to create his own phantom.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard will become the upgrade for Wizard's final form.]]
No, not the source of it. Let's be honest, there's a good chance he's going to die, but what if he finds a way to live on, and give his star pupil another power boost at a critical time? It would certainly explain why Infinity Style is white and has a few design elements in common with White Wizard's costume.
* Bonus points if [[spoiler: Mayu's Phantom-born powers are somehow involved in said upgrade's creation]].
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Infinity was from Haruto's own source.]]

[[WMG: Wajima is the White Wizard.]]
It's suspicious that the White Wizard would send Haruto to someone who knows how to make rings. Also, the White Wizard was never seen asking for Haruto's name yet he knows who he is at #27. Then during #28, the White Wizard's them plays over when Wajima talks.
* Jossed, we got a different human identity for White Wizard.

[[WMG: Someone will give the White Wizard a WhatTheHellHero]]
And his response will be a solemn "IDidWhatIHadToDo".
* [[spoiler:Haruto did it in #48.]]

[[WMG:The White Wizard's Phantom is the Man in the Moon Phantom]]
His InstantRunes have a moon motif to them and his rings all have a humanoid shape on them, so why not?
* Because in Japanese lore, it's a rabbit, not a man, though this might not stop them from making the foreign reference, given how they had monsters be based off Western Zodiacs in the previous series.
** The monsters in this series are all based off ''western'' monsters, though, not Japanese ones.
* It's been revealed: [[spoiler:Wiseman, or his personally created Carbuncle Phantom]].

[[WMG:The White Wizard is a test by the show's producers how people will react to a "third" Rider]]
In hopes of doing a multi-Rider series in the near future.
* The problem with that idea is that there's already been some third riders (Gills, the Ryuki Riders, Delta, Chalice, Todoroki and Zanki, Drake and Sasword, Pick and chose a Den-O movie rider, Saga, Technically Diend or Kuuga, Eternal and Skull, The Proto-Birth, and Nadeshiko or Meteor), so unless we're working off some specifics like the Seven Year Rule or "Movie Riders don't count", that theory doesn't exactly work.
** Well, we really didn't have a regular 3rd Rider in-show since Dark Kiva (Proto-Birth doesn't count, because well..it's STILL Birth, (kinda' like IXA Safe Mode, and Burst Mode))
* Maybe, seeing Gaimu will have a MINIMUM of five Riders...so...confirmed?

[[WMG:The White Wizard's reaction to Infinity Style was because its not the evolutionary path he wanted Haruto to follow]]
He seemed to dislike the development no because of evil intent, but because he wanted Haruto to go a different path (perhaps evolving into another White Wizard), but Infinity Style is a separate path. Like how Shroud's original intent was Double [=CycloneAccel=] Xtreme.
* I view it more as White Wizard wanted Haruto to tap into Dragon's power by forcing Dragon into submission with the DragoTimer like White Wizard did with his own phantom (Notice how the White Wizard driver says "Now" instead of "please"). When Dragon willingly gave Haruto full access to his power through the Infinity Ring, we got the reaction we did.
** So he has FantasticRacism against Phantoms? That... actually seems quite feasible.

[[WMG:The White Wizard commented on how it was a nuisance that he just pops up only to see Haruto kick ass instead of him.]]
[[JokingMode He was really depressed that Haruto got to kick Phoenix's and Legion's asses.]]

[[WMG:The White Wizard is Gremlin.]]
Either "White Wizard" or "Sora" - or both - is just a persona; simultaneously mentoring Haruto from a distance and getting close to Wiseman to leech information.
...Okay, I know this one was pre-Jossed since they appeared in the same scene at the end of the two-parter with Mayu. I was just amused by the idea of the Trickster pretending to be the Straight Man as part of his schemes. (*imagines White Wizard saying a singsong "Hello~!"*)
* Well, boy, Mayu would be ''screwed'' if that was the case.
* Jossed: He's not Gremlin, [[spoiler:he's Wiseman]].

[[WMG:The White Wizard is Sora]]
In a manner similar to Koyomi, Sora survived his transformation into a Phantom. Whatever happened caused Gremlin to think ''he's'' Sora, while the real Sora thinks of himself as another person.
* Jossed. [[spoiler: It's Fueki.]]

[[WMG:The White Wizard is Koyomi's Phantom]]
Because why not?
* Jossed. [[spoiler: He's her father.]]

[[WMG:The White Wizard will either fight or try to kill Haruto.]]
Possibly because of something relating to Haruto unlocking Infinity (His comment was pretty ominous, after all), or something to do with [[spoiler:Wiseman's plans for Haruto, whatever they are.]]
* He's not going to ''kill'' Haruto, he needs him for ThePlan.

[[WMG:The White Wizard is Haruto from the future!]]
Except he is supposed to be his final form, not Infinity.

[[WMG:The White Wizard is WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck.]]
''[[WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow He is the WIZAAAAAAAAAAARD! The mystical WIZAAAAAAAAAAARD!]]'' [[note]]This is meant to be a joke theory.[[/note]]

[[WMG: If the White Wizard scans some of the joke rings. they have a more serious effect. ]]
Smell turns into Smoke when used by his belt, so maybe he upgrades the rest of Wizards rings if he uses them.

[[WMG: The White Wizard is Chiaki's father.]]
They made a huge point of her father disappearing and "watching her from a distance," and the enforced connection with the color white. And he didn't show up at the end, just sending her a letter. That's one hell of a wasted setup if this isn't the case.
* They always do that with VictimOfTheWeek. Remember [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Taurus]]?
** Looks to be jossed.

[[WMG: The White Wizard really is a good guy]]
He's planning on using the new ring to reverse the sabbath, keep in mind it was a Solar eclipse that was used for the first one, the new ring has a moon motif so he could be trying to use it to make a lunar eclipse to somehow get rid of the Phantoms, however for some reason he had to keep it secret from Haruto and Kosuke. Possibly to keep WizarDragon and Chimera from stopping him.

[[WMG: The White Wizard is TheMole to Wiseman.]]
He will eventually be revealed to be working for him at first, only to stop him at the last minute.
* Jossed: [[spoiler:WW is pretending to be Wiseman for his own plan.]]

[[WMG:The White Wizard wants to build an army to combat Wiseman]]
As far as we can see [[spoiler:Mayu]] can only transform into Kamen Rider Mage, a grunt when compared to himself, Haruto, and Nitou. Next is that as we see in the preview for #41 he really wants the boy to fall into despair. Now, why would he want that to happen if he had been training [[spoiler:Mayu]] in combatting Phantoms rather than create them? Easy, so he can see if the boy can fight off his own despair, create another magic user, and as a result have another one to fight the threat of the Phantoms. So, he will probably continue to try to stop them from helping the Gates and find more people with the potential to become another Mage.
* Confirmed in that he is building up an army of mages to battle the phantoms. [[spoiler:He's using Wiseman identity to manipulate the Phantoms into playing their part.]]

[[WMG:The White Wizard's goal is ultimately to trigger an TheMagicComesBack event.]]
It's stated that magic used to be far more common in the opening narration, before [[TheMagicGoesAway it faded into myth]]. The White Wizard's plan is ultimately to bring it back.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:It's bringing his daughter back to life.]]

[[WMG:The White Wizard can somehow tell who can awaken as a Magician and who can't]]
Thus why he interfered in #41 and not elsewhere, he knew the Gate could produce a magician, and thus interfered.

[[WMG:The White Wizard is Haruto, from the future.]]
* Haruto has a Time Ring, which he uses in ''Movie War Ultimatum''. The White Wizard talking about the "final hope" this week made him sound just like an old Haruto, and his suit is similar to Haruto's. Maybe the White Wizard is an older Haruto, possibly from a BadFuture, who has come to guide his past self to defeat the Phantoms.
* Jossed. [[spoiler: It's Fueki.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard is trying to save Koyomi.]]
He trusted Haruto to keep her safe, while he worked on a way to cure her. This may involve the 4 magicians he needs.
* ZigZagged. [[spoiler:It's too late to save Koyomi, but he's still not giving up.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard's Phantom is a White Wizardragon called Aithusa, a reference to the white Dragon from [[Main/KingArthur Arthurian legend]].]]
It would explain the White Wizard's similar appearance to Wizard. In the legends, the red dragon - symbolising Wales, king Arthur and Christianity - kills the white dragon - symbolising the Saxons, Morgan Le Fay and magic. And yes I was thinking of [[Series/Merlin Merlin]] when I thought this.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:It's Carbuncle.]]

[[WMG: Fueki [[spoiler:never intended to create the Phantoms.]]]]
[[spoiler:The Eclipse Ritual was supposed to save Koyomi, but it either worked incorrectly or he was fooled somehow. This is why he hates the Phantoms; their very creation is MyGreatestFailure for him. While he manipulates them, he still desires to destroy them in the end to fix the mistake he made creating them to begin with.]]
* Semi-confirmed. He performed the Sabbath to create more Wizards to save Koyomi, and is using the Phantoms as pawns to start the second one.

[[WMG: If The White Wizard were to be a Kamen Rider]]
Then he will be known as Kamen Rider Whit-zard. (White + Wizard).
* Or Kamen Rider [[spoiler:Wiseman]]

[[folder:Who is the Wiseman?]]

Final answer: [[spoiler:he is Fueki/White Wizard]].

[[WMG: The BigBad of the series will be similar to Mandarin]]
Using Ten rings in contrast to the riders usage of five. Bonus if he/she has all the Rider powers combine.

[[WMG: Wiseman becomes TheGhost, or TheUnfought.]]
After Phoenix, Medusa and the later CoDragons are finished, our heroes only find an empty lair - cue Wiseman's voice saying (not to them, more like narration) that he's moving on to other targets... then cue the reveal of the [[Series/KamenRiderDecade Rider Worlds.]]
* #8 shows the throne room, which has a convenient curtain for our heroes to pull back just to reveal nothing inside when the time comes.

[[WMG: Wiseman is the same Wiseman from Franchise/SailorMoon.]]
Sailor Moon's Wiseman turn Chibi-Usa evil by making her give into despair which is how the Phantom are born.

[[WMG: The BigBad[=/=]Final Boss will be an evil rider.]]
Pheonix and Medusa follow someone who goes by "Wiseman" who could very likely be a fallen or dark wizard. If he doesn't have some sort of monstrous form, it seems possibly that he would be a kamen rider. In addition, ''Wizard'' shares parallels with ''Series/{{Garo}}'' what with the villains being demons born from human malice who take over the form of those they were created from. The final villain of Garo was an evil makai knight, so it is a possibility that the similarities may carry further.
* [[spoiler:Confirmed for the former.]]

[[WMG: Wajima is the Wiseman.]]]
An alternative to my above WMG concerning Wajima and the White Wizard, Wajima may actually be the Wiseman. Either he doesn't remember and is convinced he is a regular human being, he is hiding it for some unknown purpose, or he's trying to atone for his crimes as a Phantom by helping Haruto (If this turns out to be true, someone new might take over as the "second" Wiseman, possibly Phoenix). As such, I propose three "sub-theories":
* If he doesn't remember, then he will at one point regain his memories, temporarily rejoin the Phantoms, but perform a HeelFaceTurn and die. In the aftermath, Phoenix would take over as the head Phantom, calling himself the "Second Wiseman".
* If he is hiding it, he will eventually reveal himself and reveal his ulterior motives (Possibly regaining his youth so he would be in his prime or something like that) by taking his spot back as the head Phantom.
* Or if he's trying to atone, his secret will be revealed, and all of the protagonists but Haruto will turn against him. His reasoning for not turning his back on Wajima will be because Haruto is technically a Phantom, himself, and he might feel like he owes it to Wajima for helping him. However, Phoenix would still end up finding out and would either force Wajima into a FaceHeelTurn somehow, or kill him to take his spot as Wiseman.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Wajima only helped the real Wiseman make some rings unwittingly.]]

[[WMG:No one, since the Wiseman subplot will drop faster than you can say {{retool}}]]
** Alternately, Wiseman literally doesn't exist and the Phantoms just believe he does.
*** Jossed. Wiseman makes an appearance (albeit in shadow) in Episode 8.
*** And he's been a full-on character for several episodes now, so this theory has been shattered to bits.
*** And then brought back when he is revealed to be just a mask [[spoiler:White Wizard]] uses.

[[WMG:The Wiseman is...]]
[[spoiler:[[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica An Incubator who has mastered magic to make it so that anyone can become a Witch, and not just Puella Magi]]]].

[[WMG: Agent Kizaki is the Wiseman]]
The reason why he wants to keep the Masquerade up is because he doesn't want his secret revealed. Plus his position in the NSA would easily allow him to round up all the Gates for the ritual in the beginning.
* [[spoiler: Jossed. Kizaki is his victim instead.]]

[[WMG:The Donut Shop Hungry Manager is the Wiseman.]]
Hey, it could happen!
* Not permanently jossed yet I suppose, but considering [[spoiler:the manager was the gate in Movie Wars Ultimatum]], the chances on this one are pretty slim.
* Fully Jossed. [[spoiler: Unless The White Wizard has the fourth unexpected alter ego.]]

[[WMG:Wiseman is a yet another phantom]]
Albeit being higher among the highers.
* To top it off, the {{God}} Phantom!
** Or the {{Devil}} Phantom!
*** Or simply the FallenAngel Phantom with a heavy dose of symbolism.
*** Jossed, apparently. According to Wiki/TheOtherWiki, he is supposed to be the Carbuncle Phantom. (A lesser-known creature said to have a jewel as part of its body).
*** [[spoiler:#48 [[ZigZagged Zig-Zagged]] it. Wiseman is a human being who created a separate, artificial Carbuncle Phantom and injected it into his body, giving him an ability to change into said phantom.]]

[[WMG:Wiseman is Koyomi's Phantom.]]
Which explains why she's so special.
* Seems unlikely. We saw a silhouetted human-form Wiseman. He's definitely male, and it seems as though Phantoms can only take the shape of their original human.
* Jossed. [[spoiler: He is the White Wizard aka Fueki, and thus her father.]]

[[WMG:Wiseman is the White Wizard's phantom]]
The latter survived the phantom bursting out of him, and that result in a SplitPersonality. Wiseman's goal is to completely take over White Wizard's body by bringing him to despair. Which is by making more phantoms.
* Semi-confirmed. [[spoiler: Wiseman aka Carbuncle is the White Wizard's Phantom, but an artificial one Fueki implanted himself with, so he has control over it.]]

[[WMG:Wiseman is the White Wizard]]
considering the this one is complete and this one has become a nuisance lines towards haruto and leading koyomi to wiseman'slair for a dragon ring stone. couple that with the fact that the ring stones (potentially all of them) are created from wiseman's mana or flesh, this could definitely be a possibility.
* [[spoiler: Confirmed!]]

[[WMG: Eventually, Wise will have FiveBadBand]]
With himself as the BigBad, a DragonTheirFeet higher phantom, Phoenix as TheBrute, Medusa as TheEvilGenius and a newly-made phantom as TheDarkChick.
* Confirmed, though its more of a Four man Band. The DragonTheirFeet Higher Phantom (Gremlin) also doubles as TheDarkChick.

[[WMG:Wiseman is a DiscOneFinalBoss.]]
The rumored SuperMode for Wizard is supposed to be multicolored, which will require rings made of multicolored stones - like the stones forming part of Wiseman's design.
* Jossed

[[WMG: That guy wearing a hat and who gave Koyomi the yellow magic stone is Wiseman]]
That's his human form.
* The silhouette of Wiseman's human form we saw appears to be a random guy, while the bubblegum Phantom was rather unique looking. He also doesn't have the same voice or personality as Wiseman.
* Recent scans state that the Phantom in question is [[spoiler: the Gremlin Phantom.]]

[[WMG: Wiseman is a Phantom that came from a Phantom that came from Phantom that came from a Gate]]
Yo, dawg

[[WMG: Wiseman's goal is to perform the Sabbath on a much larger scale than before.]]
He wants to gather enough Mana to perform a ritual involving the alignment of the planets to release every single phantom from every single Gate in the world. This will destabilise Human civilization, effectively letting Wiseman take over the world. Haruto is instrumental to these plans, and he needs him, and in extension, Dragon, to become strong enough to allow him to perform the ritual.

[[WMG: Wiseman is the [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Gemini Zodiarts]].]]
Well, he kinda looks like a VillainousHarlequin. Funnily enough, [[spoiler: Gremlin's]] human form has a playing card motif, despite them very likely being separate characters.

[[WMG: Wiseman and White Wizard are [[spoiler: Haruto in differents timelines]].]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard ''is'' The Wiseman]]
Has this been considered? Both White Wizard and Wiseman support Haruto getting the Dragon Stones and using his Dragon-themed forms, and when Haruto goes into Infinity Form, White Wizard notes how that's not what he wants.
* [[spoiler:Confirmed!]]

[[WMG: Gremlin forshadows Wiseman's identity]]
In that Wiseman is also a human being who transformed into a phantom, not being killed and impersonated by one.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:The closest character who is similar to Wiseman/White Wizard was Kamen Rider Beast. This is in that Wiseman was originally a {{Muggle}}, but merged with an artificial phantom to become a magician.]]

[[WMG: Wiseman will end up being sealed inside of an eclipse.]]
In Myth/JapaneseMythology, eclipses are meant to have the power to seal anger and evil intentions. I am predicting our heroes will imbue themselves with Bind spells and use this energy to Rider Kick Wiseman into the eclipse. This would nicely mirror [[spoiler: Phoenix's fate]], as well as be an awesome example of HoistByHisOwnPetard. [[spoiler:It's likely the Eclipse Ring will have some part in this.]]

[[WMG: Wiseman's plan is to use a larger Sabbath to turn every human into a Phantom.]]
To do this, he will perform the Sabbath on a larger scale, possibly using [[spoiler:the Eclipse Ring and/or the Philosopher's Stone]].
* Jossed. [[spoiler:He's using it to bring his daughter back.]]

[[folder:Second/Third/Other Riders]]

[[WMG: The second Rider will be a woman]]
The reason Wizard will have so many forms is to still have a strong market with the young boys while they try something new with a female Rider in a strong role as the second Rider in the series. And also, she will not die.
* In expansion to this, she will be themed after MagicalGirl.
** The Detective from the premier perhaps, she did end the episode Keeping the Engage Ring, and just like our Hero was at the dispair Event Horizon and got better....
** Jossed-Haruto states that the reason he can use magic is because he has a phantom inside. Rinko can't use magic since Haruto destroyed her phantom.
*** Although, rumors of Kamen Rider Witch are already starting to spread all over the web. Maybe it wont be Rinko, but it seems a female SecondRider will happen. And a Third is also in the way.
* Jossed, unfortunately. Beast, a male, is the secondary rider.
* Partially un-jossed. The closest thing to a female rider in the series is Mayu who finally henshins into Kamen Rider Mage.
** Rinko also henshins into Kamen Rider Mage, but only in the movie.

[[WMG: There will be no secondary Riders]]
The reason Wizard will have so many forms is because of this. The previous Riders returning in the series may or may not happen.
** There have already been rumors of a second rider.Furthermore how many forms the main rider has no effect on getting a second rider.Decade and Double had 9 forms and OOO had 100+ on debue yet still got secondary riders.
** Jossed with the confirmation of [[http://www.jefusion.com/2012/10/kamen-rider-beast-wizards-2nd-rider-revealed.html Kamen Rider Beast]].

[[WMG: There will be at least a 3rd Rider in this series]]
If the rumor on the second rider being Kamen Rider Dice is true, then it will debut early compared to Meteor, Birth or Accel. Then later in the series, the 3rd rider debuts.
* Technically speaking, the show already has three riders: Wizard, White Wizard, and Beast.
** The official site doesn't consider White Wizard a Rider, so he's more like the Alternatives or Shadow Moon. [[spoiler: But Mayu will almost certainly become the third Rider anyway.]]

[[WMG: The second rider will have a sci-fi motif]]
And he's behind the creation of the RobotBuddy.
* Jossed. Beast will have an animal motif.

[[WMG: The second rider will look like Manga/{{Zetman}}, but with Alphas's colour scheme]]
Because Wizard looks like Alphas with Zetman's colour scheme.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: The Secondary Rider will be technological]]
The intro mentions how Magic used to exist in symbiosis with Technology. Possibly, they will have to again to finally save the day.
* Let's hope the (main) Tech Rider is more likable than Kiva's.
* Apparently jossed.

[[WMG: The SecondRider will REFUSE to allow Haruto to use the Engage Ring on them]]
They will grab his arm and tell him something along the lines of 'I haven't given up yet' and through HeroicWillpower survive like he did.
* Confirmed that he refuses, but jossed as to the circumstances. [[spoiler:At the end of #19, Shunpei suggests that Haruto should enter Nito's Underworld and destroy Chimera so Nito's life is no longer in danger. Haruto is about to put the Engage Ring on Nito to try it when Nito objects.]]

[[WMG:The Second Rider will be indirectly responsible for someone's despair]]
Which lead to a new phantom.

[[WMG:Kamen Rider Beast is, himself, a Phantom]]
He is the "Beast".
* Or he survived the Phantom emerging from himself and merged with it somehow.
* Or he made a deal with it to work with him to fight the other Phantoms.
* [[spoiler: He gets mana from eating other phantoms, so at least he's the natural enemy of other phantoms.]]
** [[spoiler: Which he needs to live, so he's not to different from the "doll" Haruto is recharging.]]

[[WMG: There will be 6 or 7 Riders total...]]
...and all their Phantom beasts combine into a ginormous monster, if the size of the Dragon foot is any indication.

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Beast will work at the Donuts Shop]]
To give the shop more screenies.

[[WMG: Officer Kizaki will be Kamen Rider Beast]]
He had a bigger role in episodes 10-11, had a good characterization and there's the Ki in his name, that means yellow, Beast's main color.
* Nope, it's just been leaked: Kamen Rider Beast's true identity is: [[spoiler: Kousuke Nitoh, an entirely new character.]]
** Also, the actual "Ki" in "Kizaki" means "Tree".

[[WMG: A new character will be Kamen Rider Beast]]
[[spoiler: Confirmed. This should've been obvious, though.]]

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Beast will be Kamen Rider Wizard's apprentice]]
For example, Beast will handle a lesser phantom while Wizard can go ahead and battle an unreleased phantom within a gate.
* Jossed, Beast is apparently a wizard from ancient times. He's more experienced than Haruto.

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Beast will be created on-screen.]]
Instead of had always been there.
* Jossed. We see his origins, but that's in a flashback which takes place a while before his introduction.

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Beast will be an UnwittingPawn]]
[[Series/KamenRiderDouble Because it]] [[Series/KamenRiderFourze happened before]].
* Confirmed somewhat. Medusa used Beast as a means to make life difficult for Wizard.

[[WMG: Shunpei will become Beast]]
* But his phantom was cyclops instead, and he's no longer a Gate.
** Also, the name was just accidentally leaked. [[spoiler: Beast is someone else entirely named Kousuke Nitoh.]]

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Beast will hold a yellow gemstone]]
* Which becomes at least a Land Dragon Ring.
** Jossed; a Phantom had it

[[WMG: Beast will ride on his Chimera Phantom]]
Just as how Wizard rides on his motorbike. In the underworlds, of course.
* [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dZi1YDVgqi8/UNWtUvMtlYI/AAAAAAAAm0w/X8SIbbx-hFc/s1600/krbeast-scan2.jpg Confirmed, it seems.]]

[[WMG: Beast is going to be the one to put Phoenix down, once and for all.]]
Phoenix requires mana to revive. Beast ''consumes the mana of Phantoms.'' Put two and two together.
* Jossed. Phoenix was kicked into the sun, instead of Beast consuming him. It ''was'' considered by Beast though.

[[WMG: Kosuke Nito is not a gate.]]
He is just a {{muggle}}; the magical potential when changes him into Kamen Rider Beast lies in the belt instead.
* So how does that work, seeing as how Beast is confirmed to be host to the Chimera Phantom?
** He could get his magic from eating other phantoms, and the Chimera is an amalgamation of all those phantoms fused into one
* #18 reveals his backstory, where he found the Beast Driver in an old ruin. The moment he equipped the belt and transformed, Chimera appeared before him and granted him great magical power, but in an exchange for a need to supply mana for chimera.

[[WMG: Beast will using the Griffon Ring with the Dice Sabre]]
Given how that ring is shaped like the Chimera Color rings.

[[WMG: Beast could have replenish his mana easily]]
He could either eat sugary food or those high in carbohydrates just like Haruto or wear a Please Ring for Wizard to activate whenever he's low on mana.
* Jossed in the former case, he's eaten donuts twice with no such effect.
* Actually, it's high calorie that replenishes Haruto's mana. But since Mayonnaise is high in calorie, yet Beast still needs to KO and consume mana from other phantoms, this is fully Jossed.
* In #20, Nito commented on not eating Phantoms for days. The extra mana that let him survive had to be somewhere.
** It could be that the consumption rate is just enough that normal food will keep him alive for a while, or the Ghouls that he's consumed gave him a bit of a buffer.

[[WMG: Chimera is lying about the mana consumption thing.]]
[[AlwaysChaoticEvil Oh come on, it's a Phantom]]. The episode already has one of them taking advantage of Beast being an idiot to do what they want, who's to say Chimera wasn't too? Chimera could easily be doing the same thing Medusa was planning, or it just wants more power for itself.
* Or, similar to Dragon, it eventually plans to leave the belt and is building up mana to do so.

[[WMG: The purpose of consuming other Phantom's mana is to make a ring]]
Specifically, one that gives Beast a SuperMode.
* Jossed. The Hyper Ring was found in an separate excavation site.

[[WMG: Beast CAN use the Wizard Rings.]]
Instead of using them in the slot he uses for his Mantles, he has to use them where he uses his main transformation ring.

[[WMG: Beast Thoughts]]
Beast will eventually become friends with Wizard since Wizard doesn't need Mana to live and in fact produces it. Leading to fast Bash Brothers with Wizard calling in Beast to eat the Phantoms and Ghouls he mops up.
* Also Maintaining two dolls will cause him to regen mana faster like working a muscle, leading to his super form.
* And once all the phantoms are gone Wizard with continue to fuel both dolls for the Movie Sequel.
** Well, Koyomi's Please Ring didn't work with Kosuke...

[[WMG: Wizard will, somehow, gain the ability to use Beasts Mantles as an alternate/further power-up... ]]
...with each mantle being paired/merged with a particular Style, resulting in Flame Falcon Style, Water Dolphin Style[[note]]Well, duh...[[/note]], the colour-mismatched Land Buffalo Style and the sounds-strange-but-is-surprisingly-effective Hurricane Chameleon Style (not necesserily in that order)
* Recent scans show they ''can'' use each other's rings, though not known to what end yet.

[[WMG: Alternate Beast Spells]]
We know that when used with the Wizardriver the Beast rings give different spells
* Dolphin- Swim through the ground
* Falcon- Turn into feathers from physical contact
So what will the other two do?
* Buffalo
** Gives the ring wearer SuperStrength like the Excite Ring, but without the visual muscle-up effects
* Chameleon-
** {{Invisibility}}

[[WMG: Mayu will return in a later episode as a female tertiary Rider....]]
Possibly named Kamen Rider Witch.
* Confirmed, though her name is Kamen Rider Mage.

[[WMG: And she is doomed.]]
Though it was once law, it hasn't happened since Decade, even teased but averted with Nadeshiko... ''and that's why it will happen this time.'' You're no longer expecting it, no longer desensitized. Mayu will return in a few episodes, suit up, be awesome, [[TakeAMomentToCatchYourDeath and get killed the second everyone relaxes]].
* During the movie. The way this troper sees it, she will vanish for a few episodes to "train" then show up to do something like "Classic Gavan saves New Gavan" like in the Gavan movie but never really reveal herself until the movie where she makes a show of it... then dies. Basically, she will be a tease for a movie exclusive Rider.

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Mayu being the new Kamen Rider]]]]
May as well post the ideas here. For those who don't know what happened, [[spoiler: Mayu can hold back her Phantom like Haruto, and thus, White Wizard took her so he can train her to be a new wizard, aka, a female rider.]] So, post you ideas. The ongoing theory is that [[spoiler: she will be Kamen Rider Witch, and have the ability to summon a Phantom's inner gate.]]
* [[spoiler:Jossed. She's just a Mage]].

[[WMG: Beast's mana-consuming capabilities were an inspiration for whoever developed [[Series/KamenRiderOOO the purple Core Medals]].]]
The Medagabryu axe "eats" cell medals (tangible desire) and it makes the same noise as when Beast consumes mana.

[[WMG: [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer All Mayu has is only one ring]]]]
But it's a SwissArmyWeapon Ring, where she could use it in ''many'' ways.
* Jossed, she has several rings like the White Wizard, but not as much as Haruto.

[[WMG: All Kamen Rider Mages will be controlled by the Movie BigBad]]
Turning them all into mind-controlled {{Mooks}}.

[[WMG:Mayu's Mage is stronger than the {{Mook}} Kamen Rider Mages.]]
* From the trailer, having an Inner Phantom ''isn't'' needed to turn into a Kamen Rider Mage and it takes three of them to give Beast trouble. Mayu ''has'' an Inner Phantom and is powerful to stand up to Medusa. Mayu isn't a generic one rather than a ''true'' Kamen Rider Mage.

[[WMG: Kamen Rider Beast do not just have to feed on Ghouls or Phantoms]]
Any other magic-based monsters (or any other forms of victims) will do, too.

[[WMG:Kosuke Nitoh or Kamen Rider Beast in #51-52]]
Does not originate from the exact same world as Haruto.

[[folder:A word on Phantoms]]
[[WMG: The Monsters of the series will be called on using rings]]
Between the magic element of the series and the rings as a transformation device, this just seemed too logical to not put in. Bonus points if they're named after Goetic Demons.
* Nope.

[[WMG:The MonsterOfTheWeek will have card motifs]]
Something close to Series/KamenRiderBlade.
* Jossed, they've got mythological motifs.

[[WMG: MonsterOfTheWeek will have based on Mythical Animals]]
If Rings are to be used by the villains too, and the Fire Style's Dragon implies anything.
* The main bad guys certainly do, as did the first MOTW. All Greek so far.
** Seems like mythical creatures is the new motif this year, with Phantoms like Phoenix, Medusa, Hellhound, Minotauros, and Cait Sith appearing. So this is confirmed.

[[WMG: MonsterOfTheWeek will be based off tarot cards]]
There's about twenty-six of them, and that's usually enough Monsters of the Week to last a Kamen Rider show these days.
* Jossed; they're based on Western Mythical Animals.

[[WMG: There will be at least one Gate surviving a Phantom bursting out of him/her]]
* Perhaps by taking over the Phantom's body from within in an ''inversion'' of how they're born?
** Sounds like a good back story for the second rider to contrast with Haruto's never giving up hope.
* Maybe they could regain their hope after they turned into a Phantom and they become the second rider that way.
** It doesn't seem to work that way - when a Phantom hatches, it destroys the host and wears it. You don't "become" a Phantom any more than a spider with wasp eggs planted in it "becomes" the wasps that hatch and eat it from within on the way out. It really is one of the darkest monster-creation methods we've seen. Every Phantom is wearing the skin of someone it drove to DeathByDespair. ''However,'' what if someone's hope is strong enough to beat the Phantom on its own like Haruto, but the Phantom had been in the ''process'' of hatching, like closer to the surface, and the host can use some of the Phantom's powers?
* [[spoiler:Maybe THIS is how Koyomi came about.]]
** [[spoiler:Confirmed in episode 5. Koyomi is what is left of her Phantom being freed]]
* [[spoiler:According to #34, Gremlin might also be another.]]

[[WMG: There will be a Phantom who thinks it ''is'' its Gate]]
[[Series/KamenRiderKabuto They've done it before]].
* According to official material, Koyomi may be this.
** She's not.
* [[spoiler: #34 implies that Gremlin might be this.]]

[[WMG: Each of the unborn Apparition take on a bestial version of their born selves]]
It also explains why Wizardragon is bestial. Haruto said himself he didn't give up hope and instead houses a Phantom within him. The only question that remains is what would Phantom would have been born from Rinko.
* The Jabberwock, apparently. Guess the [=WizarSwordGun=] is a vorpal blade. Even if it doesn't go snickety-snack.

[[WMG: The Phantoms are doing what they're doing for the greater good]]
If their similarities to [[spoiler:[[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica the Incubators]]]] are anything to behold, [[spoiler:they might be saving the world in the long run]]. Expect the heroes to call 'em out regardless.

[[WMG: A second race of good Kaijin will be born of Hope.]]
There will be a race of angelic beings born of Hope, the GoodCounterpart to the Despair born demons that are the Phantoms. Normal Phantoms can become them as well, but only under special circumstances.
** Perhaps Wizardragon will eventually do this, perhaps giving Wizard an upgrade as well.
** Or maybe [[Series/KamenRiderAgito the "good counterparts" of the bad guys will be even worse bad guys]].

[[WMG: The Hellhound is immune to fire]]
And that's why Kamen Rider Wizard's finishing move in #2 did not work.
* Jossed, #3 revealed that he can merge with shadows and that's how he escaped.
* But that phantom was directly shot by Wizard a few times! Those shots are also FinishingMoves and would normally kill Phantoms. Escaping is pointless if the Hellhound Phantom can't survive it in the first place.
** Could be the reason why Wizard used Water Style to kill Hellhound.

[[WMG: The Phantoms are metaphors to RealLife people.]]
Those who succumb to despair turn for the worse.

[[WMG:Phoenix can regenerate FromASingleCell.]]
* Phoenixes rise from their own ashes. Phoenix can regenerate so long as his body isn't completely destroyed, even ashes. The only way to kill him for good is to completely obliterate his body.
* Seemingly Jossed. [[spoiler:Haruto had to trap him in the sun to keep him from coming back.]]

[[WMG:Phoenix will avert VillainForgotToLevelGrind]]
Phoenix was defeated by Wizard, but not KilledOffForReal. He doesn't seem like the kind of person to take someone being stronger than him. He'll find a way to get progressively stronger and be TheRival.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Phoenix was kicked into the sun by Haruto. After getting stronger and stronger every time he gets killed.]]

[[WMG: A {{Muggle}} will bring a Gate into despair and turns him/her into a Phantom]]
Intentional or otherwise.

[[WMG: Koyomi's Phantom is so small]]
That it could squeeze itself from Koyomi's body instead of bursting inside-out.

[[WMG: The Phoenix Phantom can by [[KillItWithWater killed permanently by water.]]]]
Because Fire-types are weak against Water-types.
* In that case, perhaps he'll meet his end at the hands of Water Dragon Style.
** Haruto tried. It didn't take.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Phoenix had to be kicked into the sun to keep him from coming back.]]

[[WMG: The Phoenix Phantom can only revive a set number of times.]]
It's a matter of how many.
* [[spoiler: Now that he's put into the sun, we will never find out.]]

[[WMG: The Phoenix Phantom needs a HUGE amount of mana to revive.]]
So, to [[KilledOffForReal kill him off for good]], just stall and tire him out first.
* Which means in #11, Haruto could have killed him for good if he just cut the crap and went into Flame Dragon Style and did a repeat of the CurbStompBattle of #9 (Phoenix had just recently revived and was "weak"), rather than just arsing around in Hurricane and Water Style and getting his sweet ass kicked for no reason.
** Perhaps so. Alas, the writers need Phoenix alive for 10 more episodes or so... [[PlotInducedStupidity So they have the Rider be an idiot and fail to use a Dragon Style.]]
** Maybe not since Phoenix was later shown immune to the same attack. He didn't show signs of lacking mana in episode 11 when they fought. Besides he ran away pretty quickly
** [[spoiler: Phoenix is now stuck in the Sun. But we may never find out if Phoenix continues to reincarnate.

[[WMG: If a Gate can use magic from his/her own mana,]]
Despair will not create a phantom within.

[[WMG: Medusa will die mid-way through the series]]
To be replaced with another higher Phantom.
* Jossed. It seems it's Phoenix who will be replaced instead.

[[WMG: Gremlin will officially take Phoenix's place as Co-Dragon with Medusa.]]
The Gremlin Phantom finally gets named in the same episode Phoenix [[spoiler:gets kicked into the sun]], so it seems possible.

[[WMG: Meanwhile, back in the island,]]
Most female phantoms are bred by one single male phantom, giving birth to lots of baby phantoms.
* Uh... pretty sure that's not where Phantoms come from...
** But who said there is only one way to make phantoms?
*** Oh, I dunno... maybe ''the show this page is for?''
*** IKnewIt - [[spoiler:#48 confirms that Fueki created Carbuncle Phantom himself using science before injecting it into himself to become Wiseman and The White Wizard. Where's your "burden of proof" now?]]
* But this is jossed anyway since there was a female phantom (Siren) few episodes earlier.

[[WMG: All Ghouls come from one single phantom]]
* Jossed, Ghouls are formed from magical rocks.
* What I meant was that a Phantom has a unique ability to produce Ghouls on its own in the form of magic rocks. Then, he gives the rocks to other Phantoms to use.
** Gravel Phantom? Sandman Phantom?

[[WMG: That guy wearing a hat and who gave Koyomi the yellow magic stone is another Phantom entirely]]
Dude has a completely different personality compared to Wiseman's.
* Confirmed with the revelation that that Phantom is Gremlin.

[[WMG: Phoenix will still came back from the dead even when defeated by Kamen Rider Beast.]]
However, it will take a couple of episodes for a phantom to use its abilities to summon mana for Phoenix to somehow use in order to revive.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Phoenix was kicked into the sun and isn't coming back.]]

[[WMG: The guy with the hat is another Leader Phantom. ]]
Maybe Phoenix will die soon and he'll replace him.
* [[spoiler:Phoenix didn't die, but let's say someone has to take his job, for now.]]

[[WMG: Phoenix will finally die in the next episode (#20).]]
It appears that that episode will be revealing the story of his Gate,
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Though he may or may not die in the upcoming story arc. After all, Wizard and Beast do seem to be out for blood now.]]
** [[spoiler:He's now permanently stuck in the middle of the sun.]]

[[WMG: Before Phoenix was born]]
Yugo (a Gate) was in a receiving end of DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale by his wife. Bonus point if Phoenix ended up [[KickTheSonOfABitch kicking the bitch.]]
* Jossed for now.

[[WMG: There will be a new type of Phantom that comes about when a pre-existing one somehow falls into despair]]
A being brought into this world through the despair of its host falling into despair itself seems like something that would have some interesting potential.

[[WMG: The Gremlin Phantom will be killed by Wizard Land Dragon]]
The biggest regret that phantom could make was to have Haruto a source for that form.

[[WMG: Medusa will be the one killed in the next episode (#23), not Phoenix]]
After being blasted by Wizard's finishing move, Phoenix revives once again. Then Medusa is instructed to finish him off, only to be successfully fought back and fried by him.
* Jossed. [[spoiler: Neither dies, but Phoenix got stuck in the sun so he won't appear again.]]

[[WMG: Gremlin is going to be the ''real'' Big Bad.]]
He's almost definitely one of the higher Phantoms, considering that he seems to be on an equal level to Medusa and Phoenix, even if he is helping them both out (albeit for his own purposes). However, compared to Phantoms like those two, and Dragon and Chimera, a gremlin seems really lackluster. Watch as he reveals that he has a powered-up form that evolves him into a more suitably awesome creature, taking over the whole Phantom organization (maybe even stabbing Wiseman in the back while he's at it). Plus, his Gate's name means "sky," a good counterpart to the two Riders whose Phantoms are both flying creatures.
* So he would be like Enter becoming the new Messiah?
** Possibly, or Wiseman was a front and Gremlin was the true mastermind all along.

[[WMG: Phoenix will get so strong that he will [[spoiler:withstand the sun's flames]]]]
[[spoiler: and become an immortal god]].

[[WMG: Phoenix will be the BigBad in a movie]]
Either Wizard's upcoming movie or the next magic-themed Franchise/KamenRider's.

[[WMG: Phoenix will [[spoiler:return later in the series, stronger than ever.]]]]
[[spoiler: He will leave the sun somehow, even stronger than before, and will appear just in time to fight a Rider's new SuperMode. Possibly, Beast could absorb him and gain enough power to access his SuperMode.]]

[[WMG: Gremlin had a reason for egging on Phoenix.]]
He is trying to get closer to the Wiseman, and saw Phoenix as an obstacle, [[spoiler:so he tried to get rid of him by getting him to fight Wizard.]] As for why he would do that, it's possible that he is TheStarscream, and is looking to betray the Phantoms and take over.

[[WMG: Gremlin is the White Wizard's Phantom.]]
He is playing the Phantoms from within to try and stop them. The playful trollish attitude is just a cover he's trying to maintain, and the reason why he went to Haruto as himself instead of the White Wizard was because he was trying to maintain his cover. He also seemed to know that [[spoiler:Wizard beat Phoenix]], similar to how last season, Tachibana knew that Cancer was defeated, [[spoiler:foreshadowing his reveal as being Virgo.]]
* Medusa was aware of Phoenix's defeat too, though. It's not unlikely that the Phantoms would have scrying powers like our heroes do via their familiars.

[[WMG: In Medusa's previous life, Misa was a fashion model]]
Judging by her clothing.
* But Yugo never wore anything like Phoenix's wardrobe. The two of them, at the least, seem to have abandoned even the pretense of being human, so they can wear whatever they want since they don't have to pretend to be their Gates.
** Now jossed.

[[WMG: Phoenix is [[spoiler: actually gone for good.]]]]
Crazy, I know, but it could be possible...
* To add on to that, by having his mana slowly drained from all the revivings to the point where he no longer has enough mana to revive again.
** Plus no telling what happened to his mental state while this is going on....

[[WMG: In order for a Gate to become a Phantom another Phantom must be present]]
The other Phantom would act as a beacon to the new Phantom when the Gate falls into despair. Otherwise Phantoms would be created all the time whenever some Gate falls into despair on their own. This could be why the original ceremony was needed to create so many Phantoms at once.

[[WMG: Gremlin will try to pull an 'Enter'.]]
He will try to overthrow Wiseman and replace him as the new Wiseman. The key difference, however, will be that he will fail. Wiseman will either kill him, weaken him, leave him to be killed/absorbed by the Riders, or somehow steal all of his mana himself.

[[WMG: Medusa will be replaced]]
By a phantom coming from her own sister.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Twins create the same phantoms]]
Medusa's case will be an example.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Mayu's Inner Phantom looked nothing like Medusa.]]

[[WMG: A phantom has to be sacrificed in the Sabbath Ritual, to turn the Gates into new Phantoms.]]
A strong one, particularly.

[[WMG: IF Phoenix came back]]
He'll just be yet another MonsterOfTheWeek.

[[WMG: Phoenix will return...]]
...in a crossover movie. The movie's main villain will have the power to get him out of the sun. But he ''is'' out of Wizard's storyline for good.

[[WMG: Guesses for Mayu's Phantom]]
* One of the other Gorgons
* Siren
** Already taken
* Rockbiter... What? It can happen.
* My guesses are either Golem or Carbuncle. There were crystal spikes jutting out of her back.
** Former is a Plamonster while the latter is [[the BigBad]]. Not likely to be used the second time.
* Elemental in general, Earth one if specifically

[[WMG:Gremlin's Gate has influenced him in someway]]
They've been hinting at the idea that the Gate could be alive somewhere inside the Phantom with both Phoenix and Medusa, though both were shot down pretty quickly, with the latter's case having Haruto state that they're just using memories from the Gate. From his hesitation to comment further, it could be that he doesn't really know himself, and thus the possibility is there, just not as high as we expect it to be.

Enter Sora, who had appeared around the time Phoenix was getting the shaft. He's different from the other two Phantoms, in which he's pretty friendly, if trolly, and addresses the Phantoms by their Gate's name. Definitely not something you'd expect from a Phantom. Could it be that the Gremlin's Gate has some influence surrounding him and is alive somewhere? Might explain why he helps the heroes at times and how he takes being called a Phantom.
[[spoiler: Confirmed. Gremlin denies that he is 'Gremlin' to Wiseman, and identifies himself as Sora.]]

[[WMG:Gremlin is TheMole for the White Wizard]]
He's helped out the heroes on a few occasions and knew Medusa's plan, even though there's no indication she told him (her reaction implies she didn't), but Cerberus was seen watching Medusa and Maya, meaning the White Wizard ''did''. This could also explain why he's trolling Medusa.

[[WMG: Medusa will turn Gremlin into stone]]
Bonus point if he didn't see it coming.

[[WMG: Gremlin is going to replace Wiseman and become the TrueFinalBoss near the end of the series]]
Gremlin seems to have a bit too much ambition for the writers to just abandon as a monster of the week later on. Also, he bears a striking resemblance to Cazali from OOO. (Also JK from Fourze, but irrelevant) They were pretty much the schemers and trolls in a way. Also remember that he was the guy who got the most core medals at one point before biting the dust.

[[WMG: Gremlin is on his own side, with his goal being to find the truth]]
Much like Kaji in Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion, Gremlin is playing all sides, good or evil, to get closer to the truth (in this case, what the deal is behind the Sabbath, Wizards, and Philosopher's Stone), even it it will get him killed.

[[WMG: Legion is based off of a Dragoon]]
He wields a spear, his armor is fairly streamlined, and the head resembles the open mouth of a Dragon, like most Final Fantasy Dragoons. Specifically similar to Kain Highwind. Plus, he kills WizarDragon with a jump and stab through the head. The reference can't be an accident.

[[WMG: Gremlin's first order of business as TheDragon to Wiseman will be...]]
..that all Phantoms must go by their Gate's name. If only to annoy the heck out of Medusa more than he already is.
* Jossed-his first order is for Medusa to throw away his gum.

[[WMG: Gremlin is a half-phantom, half-human.]]
He did not actually kill and take over his human host (Sora) during the Sabbath ritual. Instead, they both somehow merged.
* [[spoiler: Gremlin had claimed to the heroes that he is a human in phantom's body, and actually saves a Gate for some reason.]]

[[WMG: Koyomi's Phantom is...]]
* Siren
** Bonus points if she uses Haruto's feelings for Koyomi against him
* Witch
* Harpy
* Mermaid

[[WMG: Phoenix will return as a OneWingedAngel in the final episode]]
Every time he dies, he gets stronger. [[FridgeBrilliance So, naturally, he'll become so strong, that he'll be able to escape the sun]].

[[WMG: Gremlin is lying.]]
He is a trickster after all, and he may just be playing the [[spoiler:human in a Phantom body]] shtick to either manipulate everyone else or just get in their heads.

[[WMG: Gremlin is gonna bite it by the end of #35]]
It's building up his character, much like Phoenix, so he might get himself killed like he did.
* [[spoiler:Jossed he dodged away Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity's Shining Strike.]]

[[WMG: A Phantom's humanity depends on their kindness as a human]]
A comment on episode 35 made this point. [[spoiler: Phoenix and Medusa]] were shown to be nice people when they were human. However, [[spoiler: Sora was a SerialKiller, and for some reason, kept his humanity]]. Basically, the more evil you were, the more control you get.

[[WMG: Medusa will be [[spoiler:Gremlin's next target.]]]]
Medusa has long black hair, [[spoiler:just like all of Sora's other victims]], and the two have a somewhat strained relationship. Maybe he will wait until the two are alone or until Medusa is weakened before finishing her offf.
** It seems to be long black hair ''and'' a white dress that sets him off.
** Well then, let's just hope Medusa doesn't wear white.

[[WMG: Raum is behind the arson!]]
It magically make fire to frame his Gate target.

[[WMG: Phantom only take the negative aspects of their Gates]]
For example, Phoenix's aggressiveness is from Yugo's inner [[StepfordSmiler frustration]], Medusa's manipulative tendency is from Misa's intelligence (albeit used for Medusa's own selfishness) and Gremlin's, well....

[[WMG: Siren is to be killed by Mayu]]
See also: DesignatedGirlFight
* That's implying if Siren even is a woman. We had all male Phantoms before, even for ones that would have made more sense if they were the opposite gender (Valkyrie and Sylph, anyone?).
** #44 outright shows that Siren is a woman, and even before so, the trailer for #44 gave us said implication.
* Jossed. Siren was finished by Wizard Infinity Style's Plasma Shining Strike.

[[WMG: Medusa literally died from despair.]]
In fact, it did not matter if she was blasted with magic or [[spoiler:backstabbed by her superior]] beforehand.

[[WMG: WhatCouldHaveBeen: Phantoms in forms they were never seen in]]
* '''Caitsith''' as an inner Phantom is a giant fluffy cat, its fur concealing jaws and teeth in places there shouldn't really be jaws and teeth. Its only weakpoint - that overly obvious gold crown on its head.
* '''Valkyrie''' as an inner Phantom looks like a feminine coat of arms, which conceals teeth and jaws in every gap. Only hitting the giant eye under the faceplate can kill it.
* '''Hydra''' as an inner phantom is basically a giant plant, [[WhenTreesAttack at least until its branches and roots]] become CombatTentacles with leech-like mouths or large blades. Must be killed by finding its trunk, as even its roots can defend themselves.
* '''Beelzebub''' as an inner Phantom is basically a giant floating head, still able to use his parasites as they drip from his ears. Its mouth is actually a portal it can use to trick the heroes into being teleported away.
* '''Weretiger''' as an Inner Phantom is basically giant jaws on legs, until it opens its mouth to reveal a torso and face, very Syrian Sphinx-like in design.
* '''Spriggan''' as an inner Phantom is actually ''two'' humanoid creatures with different weapons, able to fuse back to back to become a sort of limbed mobile fortress, their heads locking back to back and able to rotate at uncanny angles.
* '''Legion''' is ''exactly the same as an inner Phantom'', given that he can enter and exit freely. You're thinking about his OneWingedAngel form, only possible in an Underworld when he's near death, where he resembles a massive tripod-alien made by fusing multiple men together against their will, by the heads and feet and sides and whatever, and their combined screams of pain and terror may distract you from your impending painful death.
* '''Bogy''' as an Inner Phantom basically IS the Underworld... from appearance, as it can manifest its massive eyes or mouth anywhere it wishes. Attacking the eyes just makes it hide again - the only real way to beat him is to charge into the mouth and destroy him from inside.
* '''Argus''' as an Inner Phantom is basically Sakakkumon from ''Anime/DigimonFrontier'', down to the different configurations for certain abilities.
* '''Raum''' as an Inner Phantom is really a massive glorious multicolored bird, intended to make people dazed with its beauty and never notice that ''its every move damages the scenery''.
* '''Bahamut''' as an Inner Phantom... [[Franchise/FinalFantasy may be obvious at first]], but is actually a web of dragon body parts held together with sinews. Think Kamen Rider Core, but symmetrical.
* '''Sylphi''' as an Inner Phantom would be a pair of massive disembodied wings which hurls FeatherFlechettes.
* '''Sphinx''' as an Inner Phantom would be a mobile statue much like the Obsidian Statues in ''VideoGame/WarcraftIII''.
* '''Siren''' in her Inner Phantom form would be something out of {{Hentai}}, and that's all we'll say about that.
* '''Jabberwock''' if released would be a feminine take on Legion, but with added wings, and not!Rinko would be TheBerserker and an UnkemptBeauty. This is primarily because the Phantom not only still identifies as male, but has Rinko's sense of justice permanently nailed in its psyche and at odds with the rest of it, and is ''constantly angry at his current state''.
* '''Cyclops''' if released would be a deliberately oversized Phantom, shrinking back to not!Shunpei when he turns back rather like [[Series/KamenRiderKiva Arc.]] Without its [[CarryABigStick big stick]], it relies on {{Improvised Weapon}}s like lampposts or postboxes, or combining them using power lines for an EpicFlail, a perversion of Shunpei's vivid imagination.
* '''Jörmungandr''' if released would grow to adult height and shrink back to not!Naoki every time. It will be serpentine in design and can stretch all its limbs and neck into CombatTentacles. It has a special preference for killing older males, perverting Naoki's DisappearedDad issue. The only way to defeat it is to trick it into biting itself.
* '''Hekatonkheir''' if released would be the least gimmicky but still most effective Phantom (think Bahamut but ''faster''), perverting its host's repressed aggression. It's mostly yellow and easily ascends to CoDragon rank, primarily because it's the most resistant to Sora's manipulations.
* '''Bandersnatch''' if released would appear to be a regular bat-styled Phantom, but able to explode into multiple clones temporarily and easily CurbStompBattle anyone. Tricking it into attacking each other fails as ''they only pass through each other.'' Wizard exploits this by using Bind to force them together, then use any FinishingMove.
* Mayu's inner Phantom would be '''Yukiki''', the fabled female snow ghost and best known WomanScorned in Japanese horror fiction. If you thought Medusa was different enough from Misa, Yukiki is always an UnkemptBeauty and ''nucking futs'', killing any male on sight with an impaling icicle barrage.
* Nemoto's Phantom would be '''Daedalus''', a fat grotesque somehow blessed with wings that cannot carry it. Upon release, it's very much TheBrute, with a vendetta against anything airborne, which it acts out by throwing ''anything at hand, with incredible range''.
* Yuzuru's Inner Phantom would have been '''Anansi''', a TricksterArchetype even more random than Gremlin. Its primary ability would be modeling things, ''any things'', purely from webbing, like clones, disguises, effigies and even extreme sports equipment like a surfboard thanks to Yuzuru's influence. It's mostly black and gets to be CoDragon.
* '''Gigantes''' if released would have extra-large arms with chains around them. Rather than being TheBrute, it's more of an intellectual, laying traps for the heroes, and can even remove its oversized gauntlets to go LightningBruiser.
* And of course, Yamamoto's Phantom [[ActorAllusion would be a giant crab in Inner form and]] [[Series/KamenRiderHibiki a green Oni upon release.]]

Finally, an {{Omake}} has all the five CoDragons together, learning to unite their powers in a perversion of Toei's [[SuperSentai other major work]]:
--> "The burning Phantom! Phoenix Red!"\\
"The many-faced Phantom! Anansi Black!"\\
"The lifesucking Phantom! Medusa Blue!"\\
"The secretive Phantom! Gremlin Green!"\\
"The talented Phantom! Hekatonkheir Yellow!"\\
"THE MOST HORRIFYING PHANTOMS IN HISTORY! '''GENMA[[note]]"Illusion" and "demon", together can mean "phantom"[[/note]] SENTAI! HAKKAIGER!'''[[note]]"Break" and "soul", can be read as "destroying"[[/note]]"

[[WMG:Ogre ate a phantom]]
which has the ability to bring all other phantoms back into action, whether they were dead or got stuck in the sun for all eternity.


[[WMG: The Solar Eclipse Ritual and the fact that the two survivors were there to begin with will be a major plotpoint.]]
Doesn't anyone else think it's a bit too coincidental that someone just happened to have the transformation belt on hand to give to Souma when he survived the Ritual. I'm thinking a magic user from the future, maybe even a reference to [[VideoGame/{{inFAMOUS}} Kessler]] for the greater plot behind this.

[[WMG: This year's supporting character hang-out will be a casino or casino-themed business.]]
What do Wizards (magicians) and Dice have in common? They're both featured in casinos.
* Jossed. It's an antique shop.

[[WMG: Shunpei is going to die towards the end of the series.]]Right now, we're 3/3 on the "close associate of the main Rider" character dying at the end of the series (them being [[Series/KamenRiderDouble Philip]], [[Series/KamenRiderOOO Ankh]], and [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Kengo]]). Shunpei being the "young apprentice" would probably make him the most likely target. [[note]] I get the feeling that said position is becoming more lethal to a character than the position of Female Rider.[[/note]]
* It seems far more likely that this will be dealt to Koyomi. She shares the same role as the previous three characters mentioned. She's a mysterious figure with a connection to the new villains. Chances are if anyone dies, it'll either be Shunpei or Koyomi.
** Of course, all three got better.

[[WMG: The ritual is sponsored by Foundation X.]]
They've been the BigBad since Series/KamenRiderDouble, appears in Series/KamenRiderOOO (The movie though) and reappears again in Fourze. It seems the writer intends to make Foundation X the BigBad in the 10th Kamen Rider series counting from Series/KamenRiderDecade.

[[WMG: Great Leader from Series/KamenRider will appear later on in the series as the GreaterScopeVillain]]

[[WMG: Kamen Rider 1 will appear in the GrandFinale.]]
* Jossed. [[spoiler: However, after the GrandFinale, [[Series/KamenRiderDecade Decade]] will appear with the other Heisei Riders to help Wizard in a two-part special to introduce ''Series/KamenRiderGaim''.

[[WMG: The Solar Ritual was a set-up scam.]]
It invites people with empty promises of instant successes, only to trap them in an island. While the ritual is performed.
* Jossed- Episode 2 states that the victims were kidnapped.

[[WMG: At some point, something similar to the [[Series/KamenRiderKuuga Nerve-Breaking Bullets]] will be developed.]]
It's pretty clear Rinko's chances of being the Second Rider are, well, pretty awful. But this would let her actually do stuff while not getting in the way of those sweet, sweet stay-at-home-mom ratings.
* Well, the Phantoms do seem to be vulnerable to silver bullets. If the police is informed of this, they would theoretically have a way of combating them.

[[WMG: Here is how the Fourze X Wizard movie Villain works]]
First, he had been using a Zodiarts switch out of vengence of other stuff. He has also been working with the Phantoms, only to be double-crossed. In a DespairEventHorizon, the switch activate is Last One phrase. The bad guy transforms, leaving his body behind. The body then cracks and pops out a new Phantom. Bonus point if both the Zodiarts and Phanton combine into a bonus boss.
* Double bonus points if the combined form is based on Ophiuchus.

[[WMG: At some point a Lunar Eclipse will be a plot point]]
* As a counterpoint to the Solar Eclipse during the sacrifice.
** Perhaps the White Wizard was empowered during a similar event during a Lunar Eclipse and has been fighting the good fight until he found Haruto and passed the torch on to him.

[[WMG: Agent Kizaki (specs National Security Agency Section 0 man in Ep. 2) is the Hellhound Phantom]]
And he really doesn't want the police's 'help' one bit.
* Jossed

[[WMG: Agent Kizaki is a Phantom]]
* Most likely disproved, as Koyomi would've said something if he was.
** Close enough-his dead friend's son almost become one.

[[WMG: Agent Kizaki is a Gate]]
* Close enough-his dead friend's son was one.

[[WMG: Koyomi is an automaton being]]
She is like a robot, except powered by magic.
* So...a golem?
** [[OurHomunculiAreDifferent Homunculus]]
** Seemingly confirmed in episode 4.Koyomi has a ring similar to the engage ring,but it used to channel energy into her.Viewers should note how this is similar to how Haruto summons/keeps the PlaMonsters active.
*** Actually Jossed. According to episode 5, Koyomi is the human side of her Phantom that somehow managed to stay alive enough for the White Wizard to find her. She needs Haruto's energy to keep her half-life going.

[[WMG: Shunpei's Magic is from Hellhound]]
Just so he can build up his hope and then dash it to pieces to induce the DispairEventHorizon
* [[spoiler:Confirmed]]
* In expansion to this, the Hellhound Phantom has settled the deal with Shunpei into making a magic show and warns him should he be killed, Shunpei could no longer cast magic.
* [[spoiler:Jossed; he humiliated Shunpei publicly and burn his book through him.]]

[[WMG: Koyomi will end up being the Wiseman.]]
Mainly because we've had character-based plots like this for the last three years:
* [[Series/KamenRiderDouble Phillip]] was a child of the family distribting Gaia Memories.
* [[Series/KamenRiderOOO Ankh]] was a Greeed, and Eiji became one.
* And most recently, [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Kengo]] was the avatar of the Core Switch.
So following this pattern, Koyomi should be related to the Phantoms in some way, and what better than being their mysterious leader, hidden in plain sight?
* Except we've seen the silhouette of the Wiseman's human self, and it was clearly a male human. Not to mention Wiseman is capable of assuming his human form.

[[WMG: The Donut Shop has a BaitAndSwitch scenario]]
Contrary to their stereotypical mannerism, the manager isn't the gay person. His assistance is. In fact, the manager intentionally behave like a woman to avoid sexual harassment.
* Jossed. The assistant is one of the victims of an attractive lady swindler in episode 6.

[[WMG: Wajima will make a Flame Ring]]
* The White Wizard gave Haruto his Driver and a Flame Ring. It's implied that Wajima made the rest from the time that they met until episode 1. Assuming that Wajima didn't give the Flame Ring to the White Wizard, he still has the potential to make one through the whispering of the voices.
** It's shown in one of the episodes that [[spoiler: The White Wizard gave Wijima the four stones to make the rings]].
** So, we might get a plot where the Flame Ring gets eaten/broken? Sounds more Sentai than Rider to me.
** If the TimeTravel theory pans out and Haruto is the White Wizard, he might use the Time ring to give his past self the new Flame Ring and a Driver.

[[WMG: Foundation X is involved somehow]]
* In #3 a government cover up is mentioned and that kind of thing shouts Foundation X.

[[WMG: Alternatively, the ones responsible for the coverup are not Foundation X but...]]
...the Showa Riders themselves, having cut off Foundation X's connection to the Phantoms (and never learning about Wiseman till it's too late), and ruling that it's for the good of mankind that the truth doesn't get out until they can fix things. This involves watching over the current Riders to make sure they're up to the job.

[[WMG: It will be revealed that during the Eclipse Ritual, the [[BigGood White Wizard]] and [[BigBad Wiseman]] were fighting it out]]
That's why White Wizard just happened to be there; he was trying to ''stop'' the ritual (which may very well be what Wiseman's Sabbath is (they said 'once again' meaning he's done it before), but Wiseman interfered and [[TheBadGuyWins stopped him]]. He did, however, manage to save Koyomi. [[MyGreatestFailure He gave Haruto the Wizardriver out of guilt for not stopping the ritual]], as well as to have an ally that could help him in the future. As for where he is now, he's off trying to track down Wiseman, knowing he can trust Haruto to handle the Phantoms in the meantime.
* [[spoiler: Jossed, [[FridgeLogic since for the White Wizard to fight Wiseman, he'd have to fight himself]].]]

[[WMG: We will [[RememberTheNewGuy remember ALL the new guys.]]]]
All of the phantoms we see in the Ritual flashback will appear in the series, one way or another.
* Jossed. In the flashback, the only people we recognize are Haruto and possibly Medusa (Misa) and Phoenix (Yugo), all the others are just random people who we don't see later. However, on some occasions when a Phantom (Minotauros, Valkyrie, and Lizardman) reveals themself in their [[ThatManIsDead "that man is dead" speech]], we get a brief flashback to the ritual where we see their Gates die and the Phantoms being born.
** Congrats, you worked out the meaning of the "Remember the New Guy" trope. That's exactly what that trope ''is''.

[[WMG:Related to the above...]]
We will meet assorted people Haruto had helped between the ritual and #1. Just a shot of their rings will be enough.

[[WMG: If Wizard ever teams up with ''Series/TokumeiSentaiGobusters'', there will be a problem involving a shortage of sweets.]]
Since both Haruto and Yoko need them to fuel themselves...
* Both Haruto and Yoko are going to be focal characters in Super Hero Taisen Z. Prepare yourselves.
** And nothing happened.

[[WMG: Rinko will reveal she has an uncle...]]
... Named [[Series/DenjinZaboga Yutaka Daimon]].
* Alternately, she's related to [[Series/KamenRiderKuuga Detective Ichijo.]]

[[WMG: The series is [[Literature/TheSilmarillion Morgoth's]] attempt to escape the Void and conquer Earth/[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Arda]].]]
(Expanding from the related WMG above)

After Sauron's defeat, Morgoth appears to his remaining followers in their dreams and instructs them in the Phantom-creating ritual. Their leader--who would become Wiseman--does so, and on a day of a solar eclipse the first Sabbath occurs, unleashing the first Phantoms upon Middle-Earth. Morgoth's plan is to cause enough death and despair to disrupt the balance of Arda and open a doorway, allowing him to re-enter the World (a la ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'').

Alarmed, the Valar summon Celebrimbor and the Gwaith-ir-Mirdain from Mandos' Halls, and the Istari. Celebrimbor and his smiths begin forging new Rings and weapons to counter the rising threat; it is during that time that Cemenya, the Ring of Earth is forged. It, along with the Three Rings Vilya, Nenya and Narya would become the basis for the four Elemental rings.

The Istari would then become the first Kamen Rider Wizard(s). They are sent back to Middle-Earth, and, in a cataclysmic battle that would claim the lives of the other three Istari, they manage to defeat the Phantoms, with Wiseman swearing that they will one day return to fulfill Morgoth's plan. Mithrandir decides to remain in Middle-Earth, in preparation for Wiseman's eventual return.

And the rest, they say, is history.

[[WMG: Koyomi is Haruto's sister]]
That will be the big reveal down the road.
* Jossed. If she was, she would have been there to see their parents dying. Also, Haruto would know her a little more intimately than he does in the show. [[spoiler:Not to mention her dad was Fueki the whole time.]]

[[WMG: Shunpei will learn white magic.]]
As in using tricks and secretive, yet logical methods instead of using sorcery.

[[WMG: Wizard has a second Phantom inside him named "Please"]]
This is why his upgraded Flame Style causes the WizarDriver to switch from "Flame, Please" to "Flame, Dragon" (rather than "Flame Dragon, Please"); it's switching power sources.

[[WMG: The car crash that claimed Gentaro's parents are the same as the ones that claimed Haruto's]]

[[WMG: The car crash was caused by a Phantom, or another monster]]

[[WMG: In the crossover movie, there will be a scene were Haruto and Gentaro talk about how they both lost their parents.]]

Both's parents were claimed by a car accident. Both didn't give into despair (though Haruto has SurvivorGuilt), perhaps both with bond by talking about the tragedy they both suffered.

[[WMG: The next few story arcs will debut the following:]]
Wizard Water Dragon Style, then Kamen Rider Beast, then showcasing the latter in an underworld battle and finally, Wizard Land Dragon Style.

[[WMG:The show has a BolivianArmyEnding.]]
As the Phantom threat reaches a peak, Koyomi makes a HeroicSacrifice - she reopens as a Gate to let Haruto[=/=]Wizard ''enter in the opposite direction''. He passes through Koyomi's Underworld, finds the point of Phantom origin and charges at it in All Dragon form, shoving it back where it came ''while following it in'', forever sealing himself in the Phantom world where he lures Phantoms away from Gates and towards himself, and goes on a rampage and kills them all... eventually.

[[WMG:Tsuyoshi Kida or Junko Kōmura is a pen name for Creator/GenUrobuchi]]
He learned from what happened at Madoka, and so he decided to get a pen name a la Saburo Yatsude.
* Jossed for the former: [[http://risingsuntoku.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/20_01.jpg?w=610 Tsuyoshi Kida]] looks nothing like [[https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWWZag1HbyqLJFl9l3PfQi1yYXpNdGwVIsMWoO1vdrZRc3T7nOmhdOndY Gen Urobuchi]].

[[WMG: Koyomi's going to bite it, whether permanently or temporarily.]]
See also: [[Series/KamenRiderDouble Philip]], [[Series/KamenRiderOOO Ankh]], [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Kengo]].
* Alternatively, it will be the Dragon Phantom that will bite it, given how it and the three mentioned have relations to the monster group, but not necessarily the villains.
* Dragon doesn't fit the "mysterious origins" factor, though. We know who and what it is.

[[WMG: The White Wizard and Wiseman are playing a "game" of sorts, and one of the rules is that neither can directly interfere.]]
Which would explain why they haven't both just gone and fought each other already. The stunt that White pulled with the red magic stone was pushing it greatly, so he stepped back a bit and got the next two to Haruto via less direct means.
* [[spoiler: How can you play a game like that with yourself]]?

[[WMG: Wiseman is the White Wizard's Phantom]]
* Confirmed. [[spoiler: Fueki became Wiseman by implanting the artificial Carbuncle Phantom inside of him.]]

[[WMG: There is an in-universe reason to why magic is no longer used]]
It has something to do with the phantoms.

[[WMG: Either the White Wizard or the Wiseman is the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouroboros Ouroboros]] Phantom.]]
Serving as a counterpart to Haruto's Dragon and use of rings.
* Ironically, the Ouroboros Phantom appeared in TheMovie, but it's just an orphan who has that Phantom.

[[WMG: The people chosen for that ritual are specifically selected]]
Not only they are Gates, but being abandoned in an island out of nowhere makes them vulnerable to despair.

[[WMG: Wizard's SuperMode will be necessitated when a new form of Phantom arises]]
In a tie-in to the previous WMG, this new Phantom will require a more powerful form to combat.

[[WMG: Both Wizard and Beast will take Phoenix down together.]]
Bonus points for Beast dealing a finishing blow. Or absorbing mana after Wizard finished Phoenix off.
* [[spoiler:Jossed; Haruto finished Phoenix off once and for all. By blasting him to the sun.]]

[[WMG: Medusa will try to absorb mana from Kamen Rider Beast]]
Or the other way around.

[[WMG: Beast will save Wizard at the beginning of #23 and kick Phoenix's ass, forcing the phantom to retreat.]]
Phoenix has never battled Beast, with without any resistance against his magic, Beast is going to whoop him.
* [[spoiler:Confirmed, though he only held him back enough to let Wizard escape with Rinko.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Rinko's decision to treat all Phantoms like the monsters they are will bite her in the ass.]]]]
[[spoiler: A phantom who really is good (like what she thought Phoenix was) will show up, but because of past experience, she will treat it like a villain, leading to numerous [[InterruptedCoolDownHug interrupted cooldown hugs]] and NiceJobBreakingItHero moments worse than what happened with Phoenix.]]
* [[spoiler: Like the phantom would pull of a ThenLetMeBeEvil moment?]]
* [[spoiler: Bonus Point if the gate who turned into that phantom is an AssholeVictim.]]

[[WMG: #25 is the episode]]
Where Beast recognize himself as a Kamen Rider.

[[WMG: Phantoms getting killed off are still part of Wiseman's plan.]]
Even if the phantoms were unreleased.

[[WMG: Wajima is a Phantom who doesn't know that he's a Phantom.]]
Like they say above, [[Series/KamenRiderKabuto they've done it before]].

[[WMG: Infinity Ring will come from Mayu instead of Wiseman]]
First hint is her phantom's crystal bodies.

[[WMG: Mayu will become Young Masked Belle Poitrine]]
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Mayu will not return as a Kamen Rider]]
Instead, she becomes a Franchise/PrettyCure. Still refered to as a magician though.
** Jossed.

[[WMG: The next Kamen Rider will involve international travel]]
Turns out the past few Kamen Rider correspond to an earlier string of Franchise/SuperSentai:
* ''Series/HyakujuuSentaiGaoranger'' to ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'' - both {{Milestone Celebration}}s
* ''Series/NinpuuSentaiHurricaneger'' to ''Series/KamenRiderDouble'' - both have wind as a pivotal element
* ''Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger'' to ''Series/KamenRiderOOO'' - dinosaurs are an important plot point
* ''Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger'' to ''Series/KamenRiderFourze'' - scifi and space theme
* ''Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger'' to ''Series/KamenRiderWizard'' - magic themed, of course
Thus the next Kamen Rider will follow ''Series/GogoSentaiBoukenger.''
** Jossed. Apparently Kamen Rider Gaimu is samurai-themed, connecting to ''Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger''.

[[WMG: There will be an episode where Haruto fails to save a gate]]
This will lead to a HeroicBSOD, which allows the Dragon to take more control over him.

[[WMG: Wiseman's goal isn't to create Phantoms]]
Instead his goal is to create powerful mages. The Sabbath ritual was just some trial by fire to gather a whole bunch of potential candidates, in this case Haruto ended up being the single individual who didn't give into despair is able to become a mages. Now, he makes Phantoms attack Gates, in the chance that a mage is created instead of a Phantom.

[[WMG: Koyomi actually survive the Sabbath ritual]]
But her phantom escaped and has the ability to suck life force out of people. Destroying the phantom will turn Koyomi into a completely normal person.

[[WMG: The next MonsterOfTheWeek (the Legion Phantom) can disable magic completely.]]
Only Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity is immune to its effect.

[[WMG: Mayu will become a female Kamen Rider]]
But only as a movie exclusive, because tradition states that. She'll probably be more of an apprentice character if she is not booted out of the series, since magic training from scratch might take a while.

[[WMG: Mayu will come back as a new Kamen Rider]]
Only to get killed by Wiseman or Medusa quite easily. This will cause Haruto go on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge while also giving the White Wizard a WhatTheHellHero moment.
* Bonus points if Mayu only used her ring that faked her death (Like [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 the Dead Ringer]]), and Haruto [[NiceJobBreakingItHero got in her way]].
* [[spoiler:Jossed. She's holding out on her own pretty well, a feat for Female Riders]].

[[WMG: The Dragon Styles are dead like with [[Series/KamenRiderDouble Fang Joker]] (see WMG for that theory of why it's no longer attained)]]
[[spoiler:With the lack of a Dragon to power it up, there's no use for a Dragon Style, though if Dragon comes back, it might not be in a way that can still be used with Dragon Styles... though this may be jossed soon.]]
* Jossed. Though Dragon seems to be made from Hope now, rather than Despair, nothing has changed about the Dragon Styles or any other way Haruto can tap into his power.

[[WMG: The children from episode 30 will wind up being the key to Haruto getting his magic back]]
Whether through faith in him, extreme motivation, or perhaps having some innate magic of their own, the children will come to help Haruto in his showdown with Legion

[[WMG: The final battle with Legion takes place on the Sabbath site.]]
If you watch the preview, it looks a lot like the beach where the Sabbath flashbacks occur.

[[WMG: One Philosopher's Stone is made up of phantoms]]
''Lots'' of phantoms.

[[WMG: The Philosopher's Stone was used in the first Sabbath to create the phantoms]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Koyomi is the Philosopher's Stone]]]]
Think about it.
* Confirmed.[[spoiler: Though to be specific, it is inside her.]]

[[WMG: Wiseman will bring Haruto to an ultimate despair]]
By simply saying that all the phantoms could have been saved. Haruto have murder a lot of innocent lives already.

[[WMG: The Sabbath will happen again]]
[[YouCantThwartStageOne Or at least will begin and the heroes have to stop it]].

[[WMG: The Magic Land is someone's Underworld]]
Probably a guy who imagines himself to be Kamen Rider Sorcerer.

[[WMG: The real villain of the movie is....]]
Kamen Rider Sorcerer's ''phantom'', who is the source of the Golden Magician's magic in return of controling his body to do evil things once in a while. Afterwards, when things get out of hand, Kamen Rider Wizard will use the Engage Ring on Kamen Rider Sorcerer to wipe it out.
* It would be an interesting mirror to the ''[[Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger Kyoryuger]]'', where the evil Deathryuger forcefully controls the Zyudenryu Tobaspino.

[[WMG: The reason why Jun Watanabe is suit actor for Beast rather than Eitoku is...]]
Because of the events of ''[[Film/KamenRiderXSuperSentaiSuperHeroTaisen Super Hero Taihen Kamen Rider Murder Mystery]]'', where Eitoku, tired of being suit actor for [[SixthRanger secondary Riders]], was revealed to be trying to kill [[TheHero protagonist Rider]] suit actor Seiji Takaiwa by murdering his previous roles [[Series/KamenRiderDecade Decade]], and [[Series/KamenRiderDouble Double]], [[Series/KamenRiderDenO Momotaros]], only managing to kill Jun Watanabe, Jirou Okamoto, and Yuugo Fujii, as Takaiwa was inside [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Fourze]] at the time. Then at the end Decade, Double, and Momo turn up BackFromTheDead, so clearly Jun Watanabe got better.

[[WMG: The Wiseman is an AbsoluteXenophobe who see Phantoms as the MasterRace.]]

[[WMG: The Magic Land is something like a parallel universe.]]
Which has its own version of Wajima, Pheonix, Medusa and Sora/Gramlin.

[[WMG:Kamen Rider Mage is just a training form for magicians]]
This explains why they're all so uniform, because it's meant to be a form for training so that the magician can get used to their newfound Phantom-powered magic before branching off into their personal magic. The reason why there's many Mages running around the Magic World is because their magic is developed differently, and thus their inner Phantoms aren't enough to give them an unique powerset (or there's a lack of a Phantom, in the case of Shunpei or Rinko).

[[WMG: The Eclipse Ring does ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.]]
The Eclipse Ring will be used to create an eclipse and start the Sabbath again.

[[WMG: After Kamen Rider Wizard ends, a mini-Metal Hero show will air in September.]]
It was recently confirmed that the next Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Gaimu, will air in October as opposed to September. During September, a different show will air that will take it's place until Kamen Rider Gaimu airs. My guess is that it will be the long awaited Space Sheriff Gavan type-G show.

[[WMG:... Or a long awaited sequel to a Kamen Rider Show]]
Decade, anyone?
* Or ''Film/KamenRiderG''?

[[WMG: Or Wizard will go longer than usual]]
Hence why Gaimu is in October.

[[WMG: Despair will be recognized as a part of life.]]
NecessaryEvil or not.

[[WMG: The White Wizard or The Wiseman (maybe both) are aiming to revive someone]]
This goes a bit back to there being a WholePlotReference to Manga/FullMetalAlchemist. AsYouKnow, the whole mess started because the Elric brothers tried to revive their mother, something that was pretty impossible to do. However, perhaps through the use of a shit ton of mana, they might be able to pull it off. Who are they reviving, you may ask?

[[WMG:Fueki's daughter is Koyomi]]
[[spoiler:CALLED IT!]]

[[WMG:Fueki's was responsible for Koyomi's lost of identity]]
Most likely by killing her inner Phantom after it successfully took over her body.

[[WMG:Mayu will die in #43]]
It's setting up for a massive WhamEpisode, and it's pretty much expected that Mayu will kick the bucket (don't blame the fanbase, they've just been accustomed to female Riders having a low life-expectancy). [[spoiler:Plus the way she protects Kousuke might remind a few people of [[Series/KamenRiderKiva Mio's death]].]]
* Jossed.

[[WMG: In the end all the magic users will lose their powers]]
The riders will go on to live normal lives in the end. Until Movie Wars forces them to have their powers back.

[[WMG: Sora killed Koyomi before]]
And thus triggered the events of the show (if the goal from the BigBad is to revive her). She had the criteria for him to consider killing her.
* Jossed. Koyomi died of an illness.

[[WMG: Koyomi's death drove Fueki to despair and created his phantom]]
Which became the Wiseman... That or Fueki held in his despair and worked on the rings to make him the White Wizard.
* Semi-josed. Koyomi's death drove Fueki to despair, resulting in him creating the artificial Phantom Carbuncle, which he implanted in himself so he could become a Wizard to perform the Sabbath and revive Koyomi.

[[WMG: The Arachne Phantom is Yuzuru]]
Yuzuru's inner phantom had spider legs, and the Arachne has spider motifs. Kind of obvious...
* [[spoiler:Jossed. Yuzuru became a Mage like Mayu.]]

[[WMG: Yuzuru will go the way of [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Sugiura]] and never be mentioned again]]
* [[spoiler:Jossed. Yuzuru returns as a blue version of Kamen Rider Mage.]]

[[WMG: Sora does not really want to become human again]]
He's gonna get arrested now that he's found to be a serial killer. He really needs his phantom powers.

[[WMG: Alternatively, Sora wants to become a Wizard.]]
Assuming he'd return to being a Gate, he could probably tap into his magical powers with Wizard equipment.

[[WMG: Alternatively to the Alternative, Sora was already a Wizard.]]
We now know as of 48 that the Sabbath requires four mages (presumably one of each element) to begin the ritual. This guess presumes that said Mages, post-ritual, are driven to an artificial despair, so to speak, and become "pure" or "true" Phantoms. And the four mages at the first Sabbath included Inamori Misa, Fujita Yugo, and Takigawa Sora- Mages powered by their contained Phantoms Medusa, Phoenix and Gremlin. This explains why those three are the most powerful of the Phantoms seen in the show (but still doesn't explain why Sora still has his original personality).

[[WMG: Foundation X will have some hand in all this]]
Either Fueki used to work for them or [[spoiler:gave him the idea to do an eclipse]].

[[WMG: In the last episode someone notices a group of young men having a [[Series/KamenRiderGaim dance battle]] ]]

[[WMG: Phoenix [[spoiler:will be thrown to the sun]]]]
[[spoiler:''again'', in the movie.]]

[[WMG: The real reason behind Koyomi's red crack on the hand]]
was related to Wizard using the Please Ring on her in Infinity Style, resulting in an overload.

[[WMG: The White Wizard has a Trance Ring.]]
It's redesigned not to be as silly as the Dance Ring. And it's responsible for controlling the other two mages.

[[WMG: Beast will be a SpannerInTheWorks]]
[[spoiler: Fueki will begin the Sabbath, but it will cause side effects, such as causing Gates to go into despair like before. Nitou will have to consume all the mana to stop the ritual, almost killing himself but also freeing him from Chimera's curse. Thus, Fueki's plan is ruined.]]
* [[spoiler:Seems to be confirmed]].

[[WMG: Alternately, Gremlin will be a SpannerInTheWorks.]]
[[spoiler:Knowing Wiseman's true identity, he tells all the other surviving Phantoms about it and they attack the Sabbath ritual IN MASS. forcing an EnemyMine with Fueki as even he isn't strong enough to fight so many Phantoms at once. Gremlin might obtain the Philosopher's Stone and go OneWingedAngel to become the FinalBoss.]]
* [[spoiler:1st part (enemy mine) jossed, 2nd part (Gremlin and the Stone) confirmed though.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Kosuke will get his powers back]]]]
[[spoiler:The Neo-Heisei Riders, the ones that live, aaaaaaaaaaalways get their powers back for Movie Wars. Toss your coins in a black hole? Some guy from the future will come and give them back. Toss your belt into some lava? Time travel and jack your past self's belt.]]
* Well, [[spoiler:he is looking for Chimera at the end of the series,]] so it's not jossed yet.

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Koyomi will be BackFromTheDead]]]]
[[spoiler:She's the Phillip/Ankh/Kengo of the MC group... The "Special Member", if you will. They all died at some point only to be revived either by the finale or by Movie Wars. And besides, they already did one Neo-Heisei Rider cliche (The mentor is allied with the villains but has noble intentions).]]
[[spoiler: Jossed as of the series' end.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Koyomi will stay dead]]]]
[[spoiler:Remember how she said that she should stay dead? Maybe Haruto and Fueki will respect her wishes. And maybe Fueki will do so by being TogetherInDeath.]]
[[spoiler:Confirmed for now.]]

[[WMG: The White Wizard's Hamel Cane weapon will appear later on, most likely in the Movie War with ''Gaim''.]]
Last we saw of it, it was in Sora's hands. When Haruto retrieved the Philosopher's Stone from Gremlin thus depowering him, he dropped the Hamel Cane before Haruto destroyed him with the Hope Ring's finisher. The Hamel Cane could still be seen on the ground after Sora faded away, but with Haruto more concerned with making sure the Hope Ring is kept in a safe place and never used again, we didn't see what happened to it. If he forgot about it, who knows who could find it, and what could they use it for.
* [[spoiler: Confirmed. Though details are yet to be known, it has been revealed that Koyomi will return and transform into the White Wizard, wielding the Hamel Cane.]]

[[WMG: The Hope Ring will be used to drag in Haruto for Movie Wars]]
One of the best ways to get a player to do what a GM wants in a roleplaying game is to steal his stuff. Considering that (if you interpret the Dice Saber as such) the show ''has'' made a reference to tabletop roleplaying games at one point, this might be possible.

[[WMG:The three Mages were intended to be each unique when the White Wizard started his plans.]]
But since Koyomi's condition was worsening and they rejected his offer, he had to speed up and just make duplicates of Mayu's gear for each of them.

[[WMG:The kid in the Magic Stone world is an AU version of Haruto]]
* Confirmed in #53's [[TheStinger stinger.]]

[[WMG:Decade was right.]]
The world in the Magic Stone ''is'' Wizard's World...as in, the Alt World that Decade ''would'' visit.

[[WMG: Only wizards with greater Phantoms get unique looks]]
That's why Haruto and Nito look different.
* Well in Nitou's case, as stated before, Beast isn't really HIS Phantom. Presumably, anyone who partnered with Chimera would look like that.

[[WMG: The Koyomi in the Movie Wars]]
We already know that the movie will involve an Ogre Phantom who eats Phantoms, at least 3 Carbunacle Phantoms and a Koyomi who transforms into The White Wizard, who Haruto claims isn't Koyomi. My theory is that while she isn't the one he knew, She's an attempt by Ogre to create a vessel for the Artificial phantoms, replicating Koyomi's nature as an empty shell to make it easier to put a Phantom in for him to consume. Only this one managed to escape.

[[WMG: The Phantoms actually existed before being born inside their Gate]]
This may be going into headcanon territory here, but bear with me here. In Movie Wars Ultimatium, it's established that the Earth has an Underworld. Said Underworld is stated to be "the home of the Phantoms", implying the Phantoms existed here at some point. Next, consider some of the Phantoms that were born and how quickly the Wiseman responded to them. The Phantom with the ability to sense Gates becomes his Dragon while the Phantom who rips apart the Underworlds of humans, Gate and non-Gate alike, is imprisoned. It's not said how far in between the Eclipse and those events occurring took (as in that sum of time, they had some Gate-hunting done, since Phoenix killed one and got KickedUpstairs). It could be that [[spoiler:during his creation of the Carbuncle Phantom, Fueki studied on Phantoms, particularly the ones that were in the Underworld or were said to be in the Underworld,]] and thus would know what to do when people like Medusa or Legion appear. This has a lot of holes though.

[[WMG: Kamen Riders X, Super-1, and J could have beaten Amadum.]]
Amadum could only steal Riders' powers due to his connection to the Cross of Fire, the symbol of how Riders drew power from the same source as their enemies. However, X, Super-1, and J don't have this trait, the former two having been created from research intended for exploration and the later as Earth's guardian. As such, Amadum couldn't have stolen their powers and, as with Gaim, they could have beaten the powers out of him.

[[WMG: Phoenix will be the antagonist of a crossover film for a future magic-oriented Rider.]]
Basically, he falls into a DespairEventHorizon due to his apparent inability to escape the sun, and somehow undergoes a further transformation into a new form--the [[LightIsNotGood Lucifer Phantom]], in effect serving as an EvilCounterpart to Wizard's Infinity Style.