[[WMG: Ayano committed suicide because she knew about Takane and Haruka being used as experiments.]]
Her father is the same scientist who changed them correct? It's possible that she found out about the experiments that turned them into Ene and Konoha in some way. Ayano might have either known them previously, and were good friends with both of them, or alternatively was depressed over her father conducting such an experiment on people. The second reason might more likely be true, since there is no proof at the current moment that Ayano met with either Takane or Haruka before they were captured and changed. Also, they were both in a class for those who needed special attention for physical conditions, so even if they were in the same school before then there wouldn't be much of a chance of them meeting. So the most likely explanation is that Ayano killed herself off because of finding out the truth of her father. Obviously she told noone else of the experiments before her suicide, as her death was called sudden and the only clue Shintaro had that something was wrong was seeing her crying in an empty classroom the day before.
* It was shown in the second light novel that Ayano and Takane were friends. Acquaintances, at least. They knew each other through summer classes (since Takane's track record on her studies were less than stellar, same can be said for Ayano), not to mention how Kenjirou, Ayano's father, was her homeroom teacher. Takane even knows Shintaro! Though she looks at him with some contempt due to some of the events in the novel.
* Also, the scene where Ayano was crying in an empty classroom was implied to have happened when they were still in middle school (the seifuku gives it away, as the uniform for high school students -- what she was wearing during the instrumental in the middle of the pv -- is very different). We learn that she had committed suicide in her freshman year... This could imply that Shintaro suspected ''something'' for quite some time, and the guilt of not being able to do anything until Ayano took her own life was what pushed him into giving up on school.
* The PV for Ayano's Happiness Theory, has her finding the records of the experiments at least, though how directly they relate to the suicide is unclear.
** By the Light Novels, [[spoiler: she was attempting to contact the Heat Haze in order to get an eye power herself to save her family but didn't meet the requirement of dying in a pair]]
[[WMG: Kano was abused as a child.]]
In Yobanashi Deceive, pausing at the split second where we are shown a close up of younger Kano reveals that he has an alarming number of wounds -- nothing that could be from rough playing... unless he fell down a hill or something and hit the pavement really badly. This could mean that when he was younger he was abused, and he had developed his ability to make it appear as though nothing was wrong with him, or maybe even as a "present" from Azami? The abusers could've been his parents, his caretakers, or well... Extreme bullies, but considering how he is currently 16 and how the "monster" spoke to him ten years ago, that would be stretching it since... well... would 6-year-old bullies really be that harsh or brave enough to do that sort of thing?

The lyrics '''''"There's something unique, unusual about me; | I've disguised it as common, but it's always troubled me"''''' could refer to his history of abuse and '''''"One day - feels like it's been ten years now - a "monster" spoke to me, | Gulped down my heart, and said "Keep on lying!""''''' could be referring to Azami's "help".
* The PV for Ayano's Happiness theory gives further evidence, when showing the pasts of the Orphan Trio, Kano is slumped against a wall, clearly beaten.
* [[spoiler: Confirmed as per the [=MekakuCity=] Records booklet, which has details on their past. Kano was abused by his mentally unstable mother, and he wanted to hide the scars so no one would talk bad about her.]]

[[WMG: Ayano's eye allowed her to see the future. Shintaro's eye lets him see the past.]]
This explains the presence of the red and black versions of Shintaro in Lost Time Memory and their seeming coexistence in some scenes near the end. In some futures (Route 1), Shintaro breaks his computer when he meets Ene, leading him to join the Mekakushi Dan and begin to move past Ayano's death. This is red Shintaro. In others, when he doesn't (Route XX), he has no reason to leave and never meets the others. Both Red and Black will die in the near future -- Red will take a bullet for someone else, Black will kill himself.

The repeating display of August 15 and Azami's presence suggest that Black is caught in the Kagerou Days time loop. All of the time loop imagery and lyrics have Black. Red says that she's gone, but he says he wishes he could go back to see her before she was gone. Most notably, however, he says "the days I hid out of shame" -- past tense. Black says he'll "keep to yesterday's pace" and "embrace the hurt past" and "have a dream I won't wake up from." They're both obsessed with the past, but only Black is obsessed with reliving it. We know that Red will move past August 15th -- that's the day he leaves home and meets the members of the Mekakushi Dan, so he can't be talking with everyone like that unless time is moving forward. Red has no reason to keep looping, because he's started to move past her death.

But with that in mind, Red's death (or very likely death, since he was shot in the head) raises questions. If Black dies, he can loop again, but Red appears later in the song. If Ayano sees his eventual death before it happens, looking forward from her place in the past before her death, then the inconsistency is solved.

At the end, as Black is sitting with Azami, ready to loop again, Red walks past them. Note that, however, the imagery suggests that they are traveling back in time, suggesting that Red is doing the same thing: Red will some day use his own eye to look back in time. At this point, in the class room Ayano is shown with red eyes -- she's using an eye power for something. Kisaragi Attention suggests that red eyes are a sign that a person is aware of and consciously activating their ability, not that red eyes are necessary for the ability to work. Mary, meanwhile, knows about her power as a Medusa descendant and believes it's always on, so her eyes are always red. Red Shintaro not having red eyes doesn't show that he's not using an ability.

So Ayano is looking forward just as Red is looking backward, letting their eyes meet. Given that we know he'll die in the future, this is presumably an effort to save him before either of them die. If she was looking forward, she would know what he'll say and could react at the right times; if he was looking backward, he could react to what she said, because it's already happened. Ayano says "I died, I'm sorry," suggesting that she knows about her own future death. Black, looking back at that time, is shown running away from her as Red is shown moving toward her. Black pleads her not to go but Red smiles, showing that he's grown to accept her death. Red's eyes are red not because he's given a power, but because he's aware of it and accepted it, just like the end of Kisaragi Attention. Of course, she's also shown giving him her scarf. Red might have *two* powers now; we don't know yet.

At the end, it cuts to black Shintaro, back on his bed on August 15th. He hasn't accepted her death yet himself, but he's seen a future or alternative version of himself do it. This might mark the end of the Kagerou Days time loop, when black Shintaro rejects the loop and starts to move forward in time again. The question, then, is where black Shintaro fits into the rest of the story. Is the Shintaro of the rest of the story this Shintaro, after he's learned that he'll one day leave the time loop and join the Mekakushi Dan and move past her death, or is black Shintaro in an entirely different timeline?

If he's had "hindsight eyes" all along, though, this makes his two years as a hikkikomori worse than they first seemed. He doesn't have the red eyes yet, so he couldn't consciously control it, which suggests he's spent the last two years having random flashes of her before her death ''plus'' his own memories.

[[WMG: Hiyori is a [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica magical girl]]]]
She wished for the power to make sure that Hibiya survived, that power being the ability to reset the timeline like a certain other magical girl.

[[WMG: Kido has her {{Invisibility}} eye power because she was molested]]
Her past secret in Ayano's Happiness Theory has her sitting awkwardly as someone-possibly her father-reaching towards her chest. Wanting to hide from said person Azami gave her, her power.
* [[spoiler: Jossed. Her eye power was derived from her family's treatment of her, being the daughter of her rich father's second wife.]]

[[WMG: The ultimate BigBad of the series will be...]]
Route XX Shintaro Kisaragi, filled with envy for his Route 1 self.
[[WMG: The secret of Headphone Actor is...]]
That it's all a game... excerpt from a youtube comment:
--> "Haruka and Takene were creating a shooting video game for their school festival. When Haruka was designing the characters, he used Takene as a modeland created Headphone actor.... they tried to delete the game (thus the events in this song) but then Takene and Haruka's disease killed them, and then Her sensei transferred their consiousness to their Avatars from the game." - [=JinkoUTAU123=]
* Pretty much confirmed by the light novels and the manga.

[[WMG: Kuroha is the black haired boy from the heat haze.]]
* Maybe obvious by now but in ''Outer Science'', we see a glimpse of him waving at Hibiya as he gets into the car accident, a reminiscent from the Kagerou Project

[[WMG: Kano is Akama Yuto's (from the Mikagura School Suite Series) younger brother.]]
In ''A Lethargic Coup d'etat'' during a flashback scene it shows Yuto when he was younger getting his little brother taken away by their mother. Kano lived alone with his mother for most of his life with no mention of his father or any other family. Kano looks fairly similar to the little brother in the flash back (he even had a brown hoodie). Yuto and Kano also look pretty similar sharing the same eye and hair color, even having the same general color scheme. Their character songs are even similar theme wise (deceiving everyone by putting on masks and becoming unsure of who they are.)

[[WMG: Kano resents Shintarou and is looking for a route where only Shintarou dies.]]
* There are many theories involving Kano knowing about the time looping, and about him plotting something on his own, but what could he be planning? Maybe he resents Shintarou and blames him for Ayano's death. If he knows about the time looping, maybe he's trying to orchestrate a route where it's only Shintarou who dies.
** [[spoiler:The first part is confirmed.]]

[[WMG: Kano is actually female.]]
* In Yobanashi Deceive, we see a female Kano. The whole song is about how 'he' is always lying and at one point 'he' even says no one can see through 'him'.

[[WMG: Kenjiro is Momo's SecretSecretKeeper]]
* There is a likely chance Kenjiro is aware of Shintaro's existence either through Ayano or Takane and Haruka. Isn't it a weird coincidence that he happens to be teaching his sister. I'm sure Kenjiro has some idea that she is related to the Kagerou Daze incident.

[[WMG: Kenjiro isn't aware of about his experiments with Takane and Haruka]]
* This is based on his character page's quote about his exhaustion despite how much sleep he gets. It might because he overworking unconsciously through [[DemonicPossession his snake's actions]]. He possibly doesn't even remember what he did with Haruka and Takane.

[[WMG: Kuroha is the manifestation of Kenjiro's snake]]
* It is mentioned somewhere that Kenjiro is possessed by his snake. Kuroha seems to be so far the only manifestation of a snake with individualistic thoughts/actions (other than possobly Kano's, if Yobanshi Deceive implies anything). He might have been using Kenijrio as a way to break away from his dependent form (possibly creating Konoha as another vessel) and use it to gather all Eye-power possessed users so he can kill them