[[WMG: At the end of Stone Ocean...]]
Irene has a jar of plankton given to her by her father that she takes care of as pets. They are [[spoiler:the AU version of Foo Fighters, thus ensuring that the whole group is still together even after Made in Heaven.]]

[[WMG: There will be a Rush related stand in Jojolion]]
So far, all of the Hagishikata's stand have the word king in them, right? The main antagonist will have a somewhat corrupted version of this. Way back when, Rush came out with an album called, of all thing "Farewell to Kings".

[[WMG: Araki wrote Stone Ocean as an attempt to get out of Shonen Jump]]
Parts 7 and 8 are published in a seinen magazine, and are on a monthly schedule, with better art, less monster-of the week fights, and more tightly written stories. I think it's possible Araki wrote all sorts of very not-for-kids content into part 6 just to get out of a Shonen magazine. For example, the arc starts with the main character talking about a guard seeing her masturbating.

[[WMG: Star Platinum caused Jotaro to slowly reverse-age since he first got his stand at 17]]
Compare his appearance in Part 3 and Part 6. ''He looks younger''.
* While Stands cause their users to age slower, the effects are not as strong or apparent as the Ripple. Jotaro on the other hand manages to look ''younger'' as the series progresses instead of slowly aging like his ripple-using ancestors. [[spoiler:Star Platinum also has a certain degree on time-manipulation]].
** Justified as a result of Araki's huge leap in [[ArtEvolution Art Evolution]], but since he is the most recurring character throughout the series he kind of [[IncrediblyLamePun stands]] out.

[[WMG: The frog Doppio ate after his battle with Risotto is the great grandson of the frog Zeppeli punched in part 1]]
** Not possible. Frogs don't live as long as humans do, so if the frog Doppio ate was a descendant of the frog Zeppeli punched, there would be far more generations in between-the frog Doppio ate would more likely be the great-great grandson of the frog Zeppeli punched, if they're related. On the other hand, Ripple and Stand users age slower than other members of their species, and we do know that animals can have Stands...
** Not to mention the fact that the frog Zeppeli punched was in England, while the frog Doppio ate was in Italy. Not impossible that the frog's descendants progressivly moved south during the intervening 113 years[[note]] Phantom Blood takes place in 1888, while Vento Aureo takes place in 2001[[/note]], though.

[[WMG: Toshikazu Hazamada suffered a similar fate to [[Creator/RoaldDahl The Twits]]]]
Think about it: the first time we saw him, Toshikazu was about as tall as Josuke. The next time we saw him he was only slightly taller than Koichi, and then after that we never saw him again. The reason for this could be that he's been steadily shrinking, until finally he got so small he winked out of existence. A possible explanation as to why Toshikazu shrunk is that one of the street punks who beat him up had a Stand power, similar to that of Little Feet.
** I distinctly remember him among the gathering of Stand Users at the close of "Diamond is Invincible".
*** Not only he reappeared several times (usually, in group gatherings), he also shares the same fate as "The Lock" guy. They're just two big bullies who get put in their place and stop looking as threatening as they did before (especially to the short and impressionable Koichi).
** "One of the street punks"? No, my friend, everything that was needed was a visit from Josuke to the hospital. One that ended with him getting very pissed off at Toshikazu and "fixing" him up good.

[[WMG: Okuyasu is a Time Lord]]
Despite having an incredibly strong Stand, along with powers of space manipulation (logically making him only slightly less powerful than ''Dio''), Okuyasu doesn't win a single fight in the whole series. This leads one to believe that he may be a pacifist of some sort, and always allows his opponent to defeat him purposely so they can feel good about themselves. It also explains how he managed to [[spoiler: essentially return from the dead]] during the final battle against Yoshikage Kira.
** I can't picture anyone from such an arrogant race of pretentious jerks allowing themselves the kind of humiliation Okuyasu goes through.
[[WMG: Leaky-Eye Luka's shovel was his Stand]]
...Called the [[IncrediblyLamePun Ace of Spades]].

[[WMG: In part 7, Steel Ball Run, assuming the Jesus foreshadowing is a red herring, then the corpse parts belong to either Santana or Cars]]

This is also assuming SBR is the world after Stairway to Heaven went off in part 6. The process tore one of them, likely Cars, apart. Being an immortal being, Cars still survived somewhat. The way the corpse parts merge with humans is reminiscent of how the Piller Men could eat humans. That SBR is an alternate Part 1 would match Cars reunification being an alternate Part 2.
** Mirroring the end of Part 1, Johnny will lose his body to either Dio or the Saint.
** Also, now that there has been an apparent immaculate conception in Lucy Steel, this could lead to the birth of Cars.
*** Now with Mangenta Mangenta's "death",This troper is less willing to believe Cars has anything to do with this immaculate conception.
**** All {{Jossed}} as of the end of Part 7.

[[WMG: Joseph of Arimathea will turn out to be a historic JoJo ]]

Why else would he have been brought up by name?

[[WMG:Gyro's not long for this world]]

Let's face it, the Zeppelli bloodline is not well-known for their long lifespans once they encounter a Joestar. Also, in Chapter 2 Johnny notes that Gyro was a mystery "from beginning to end". It could translate either as the end of Part 7, or the end of his life. First time I read through I translated it as end of his life, given the track record of the Zeppeli family.
* [[spoiler: Sadly, confirmed.]]

[[WMG:Giorno is still around]]

Gold Experience Requiem kept him from being ResetButton'd, but it couldn't do the same for anyone else. Plus Araki made some comment in Stone Ocean that Giorno "might be in Florida", why would he make such a comment if Giorno wouldn't ever show up ever again? ... of course this is probably wishful thinking.
* Well he is a son of Dio. Maybe he was being recuited but turned down the offer.
** The WordOfGod saying that Giorno was in Florida was just an AuthorsSavingThrow Araki pulled when asked by fans why the only son of Dio we knew so far never showed up at the gathering of Dio's children.
** Further evidence, in VideoGame/JoJosBizarreAdventureAllStarBattle, which has large amounts of TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything and MythologyGag, Giorno's Gold Experience Requiem [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMlzOTSQ-G4 isn't affected by Made In Heaven]]. That HAS to count for something.
** If I'm not mistaken, doesn't the non-canon novel Jorge Joestar show that Giorno survived the universal resets? That could count for something.

[[WMG: [=JoJo=] is a creative retelling of Araki's real-life bizarre adventures]]

Araki regularly fights vampires, immortals and people with insane powers all the time when he's not writing crazy awesome manga. Stand Users and Ripple Warriors also age slower than normal humans, and Araki doesn't age.
* By that logic Bruno Bucciarati is Tetsuya Nomura.

[[WMG: The Ripple is an early form of [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Spiral Energy]]]]

'Cause of... uh... the patterns they cause, and... er, it'd be neat? (I should have written more on this when the idea first struck me. Bother.)
* But then wouldn't Speedwagon have had access to it?

[[WMG: The Stand can manifest itself by the rage of a pure heart, like the Super Saiyan]]

Jonathan Joestar had his own Stand, a very short range one -- and so a very powerful one. This troper guesses that its power is something like fortify all the Joestar's bloodline to inherit Jonathan's force of will and body. I'm not making this shit up! It can be seen [[http://www.mangarush.com/manga/jojo39s-bizarre-adventure/12/p-19 here!]]
* So its name should be [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS5ER8HaIhU Father Abraham]], having a deepful meaning and also starting the musical groups ShoutOut.

[[WMG: TheFlash was the user of the Speed Force Stand. Then he outran his own Stand, who became the Black Flash]]

[[WMG:Diavolo is the son of DIO. ]]
* Dio sneaked in to the prison with the World to conceive a powerful minion for future use. Also he conceived Ungaro Rykiel, Donatello and Versace at the same time.
** Err - Dio wasn't exactly around to do this at the time. Furthermore, Diavolo was the one who originally discovered the Stand arrows, meaning Dio would not have The World at his disposal.
*** He could, however, be a descendent of Dio, probably from some mortal dalliance. Unless JJBA Vampires can have babies when they aren't attached to a not-quite-vampire body.

[[WMG: Dio never had a chance of becoming as strong as he once was after Part I.]]
* And it was Enya's fault, because she unlocked [[spoiler: The World]] and Dio became too reliant on it. Even without that Stand, Dio was using Jonathan's body, and as such, was restricted with what he could do, no longer having his own body. Freezing blood, for example...
** It's implied that it is because the neck scar wasn't fully healed yet, meaning that his head and Jonathan's body weren't fully synced yet. It is likely that the reason he was so determined to feed on the blood of the Joestars is because that was the only way to heal the scar. Supported by the fact that he became significantly stronger and his timestop increased only after he drank Joseph's blood.
** Dio appears to be physically stronger after gaining Jonathan's body than before, and he becomes more resistant to the Ripple.

[[WMG: Dio had kids to better sync with Jonathan's body.]]
* If Jonathan's grandson gave him such a big boost, imagine what would have happened if he drained Jonathan's biological son instead. Or three of them, as the case may be. It would also explain why he didn't seem to give his henchmen any orders to take Joseph alive. Being able to drain him then was a happy accident, rather than his main goal, and he already had his main plans well underway by that point.

[[WMG: Dio Brando is still alive, and is in fact SantaClaus.]]
The only way SantaClaus could be able to travel all over the world in one night is if he either A) can [[TimeTravel travel in time]] or B) can [[TimeStandsStill stop time]], and since there are no time travellers in the JJBA universe, it must be a time stopping ability. Because Jotaro is limited to stopping time for only 5 seconds, that means that Santa must be Dio under a clever disguise. It also explains why Santa only acts during the night: As a vampire, he would be killed by sunlight. Dio survived his battle with Jotaro, escaped to North Pole and took the guise of Santa. Giving out presents is just a part of his diabolical plan of creating a perfect world for himself and his followers. The elves are actually zombies and vampires Dio created.

[[WMG: The World was never Dio's Stand]]
it was Jonathan's all along. Evidence as such: A: Dio only used it after stealing his body. B: Stands are the manifestations of life energy. something Dio's vampiric body lacked. C:his descendant, Jotaro stopped time himself. further hinting at "The World" being Jonathan's Stand
* Then what about the vine looking Stand that looks like Holly's and Joseph's? Dio also shows to have the same ability Hermit Purple has. See two entries below.
* One of the art books identifies the Hermit Purple lookalike as Jonathan's contribution to Dio's stand power, so the World is probably more Dio's stand. However, given that Jotaro has something very similar, I'd say that Jonathan also had some sort of affinity for the World that he passed down.

[[WMG: The Red Stone of Asia is a meteorite fragment similar to the arrows]]
We knew next to nothing about the Red Stone other than the fact that it's used to grant supernatural powers so why not?
* The Stone isn't supernatural, though. There are many red stones like it that can amplify sunlight in the Jojo world; Kars actually has one in a flashback. The only reason that specific Red Stone is important is because it's the only one big enough to give a Stone Mask the strength to penetrate a Pillar Man's brain all the way through.

[[WMG: The World's power is not TimeStandsStill, but DittoFighter]]
The World is a concentrate of all Tarot cards. Dio was not only able to stop time, but also seemed to replicate Hermit Purple once, and his stand was able to fight on even ground with Star Platinum. When all of this happened? For the second, when Joseph tried to spy on him; for the third, when he was fighting Jotaro. In other words, Dio replicates the powers he is the target of or of those he is fighting. If we go with the theory that stopping time is Jonathan's power, then Dio is using a LoopholeAbuse by using Jonathan's stand to freeze time and his own stand to not be subjected and move freely.
* Except Dio stopped time several times, even when Jotaro was not present (against Abdul, Polnareff, Hol Horse, etc...). A more valid theory that is circulating is that Dio's / Jonathan's stand can replicate any Stand power of other Joestar family members that are alive at the time. That would explain both his Star Platinum-like abilities (and the humanoid shape of his Stand), and his Hermit Purple-like abilities (and the vine-like shaped Stand that we got a glimpse of). Jotaro's Stand had started manifesting before the story starts, so even if Dio's Stand ''needed'' Star Platinum to be active to copy it (which is not necessarily true), it's believable that it already was when Dio first faced Abdul.
* The World's Power is actually most likely [[AllYourPowersCombined the powers of all living Joestars]]. The official explanation about the Hermit Purple-like Stand is that it is Jonathan's Stand, but a flashback in Part 6 has Dio healing Pucci's foot. Either Jousuke or Giorno are alive at this point, and both Crazy Diamond and Gold Experience can heal others.

[[WMG: Soft and Wet refers to two Stands that have merged.]]
It stands to reason. [[spoiler: Josuke from Jojolion seems to be a combination of Kira and someone else. So it's entirely plausible that the Stand that he has right now is actually two stands merged to one.]] It might reveal other powers that Josuke didn't realize he had before.
* Since we see one of them looks like Killer Queen, the other may be Crazy Diamond. It should be noted killer queens abilities in this universe seems to be bubbles that explode, which is similar to the original. Crazy Diamond's ability lets him restore things. When you put those two together you get the ability to take something (Killer Queen) and make it part of yourself or put it under your control (Crazy Diamond)
* Soft & Wet is definitely of combination of two stands. This universe's Killer Queen, which had soap-like bubbles as a key component of it's power; bubbles are made of liquid, so they are therefor 'wet' and make things 'wet' when they pop against said things. The other stand it merged with must've had the ability to soften things or used soft things as a part of it's power.
** So...Trish Una's stand Spice Girl. Makes sense, between the fabulous~~ men in Part V that Trish hung around and Josuke's [[HelloSailor style of dress]], any feminine touch that would normally be present from being half-Trish would be redundant and impossible to detect.
[[WMG: Josuke is a merge of Kira and Jobin]]
He's the only other character who's yet to appear. And he has the whole '''Jo'''bin going on, so it's possible.
* Hmmm... But that would require him to be missing since Kira's death/Josuke's creation, and it's been stated multiple times that anyone missing that long would have had their loved ones on the warpath looking for them. It's possible that the Higashikata's are purposefully not causing a fuss because they already know what happened to Jobin; it's clear they have some sort of dark secret. Still, Jobin's wife and child at least would probably have said something by now if he had been missing for a significant amount of time.
* Jossed, now that Jobin's appeared.

[[WMG: Lisa Lisa uses the Ripple to preserve her youth, similar to Tsunade from ''{{Naruto}}''.]]
That's how she can look as great as she does, even though she's 50 in Part 2.
* I thought this ''was'' canon, if not at least outright implied, considering several ripple users used it to become OlderThanTheyLook. In fact, it was the cause of [[spoiler: Straits' FaceHeelTurn]].
** [[spoiler: But Straits couldn't use the ripple after using the Stone Mask. In fact, that's how he died: intentionally loading his vampiric body with the Ripple. Straits' youth is likely from the fact that vampires are immortal and could live forever by feeding on blood and not getting hit with Ripples.]]
** That's what I meant. [[spoiler: Straits realized that even the youth-enhancing power of the Ripple had limits, and [[LivingForeverIsAwesome he was not happy]]. So he did a FaceHeelTurn and became a vampire so he could live forever. :)]]

[[WMG: Jesus was the first [=JoJo=].]]

Hey, a man named '''Jo'''shua bar '''Jo'''seph who can grant people Stands? Not too far fetched in this series. Now whether the rest of the [=JoJos=] are descended from his siblings or if Jesus did the whole ''Holy Blood, Holy Grail'' thing and had kids is up for debate.
* It would explain Jesus's ability to walk on water. It also explains the Corpse Parts in Part 7 having such extraordinary powers.

[[WMG: The design of Dio's The World is a sneaky reference to the RonnieJamesDio song "Holy Diver".]]
Ever wondered why it looks like The World has a pair of air tanks on its back, like a diver? It might be another musical reference, referencing the name of the song "Holy Diver", which is made by the very artist that gives Dio - the owner of the Stand - his name. If Stands in Stardust Crusaders were named after bands, songs and albums like in later parts, it might even be possible that The World would have been called Holy Diver.

[[WMG: The Stone of Asia can amplify the power and abilities of Stands]]
The Stone Mask Fragments and the Arrowheads made from them all have the capability to instill Stands in various subjects, and the Stone of Asia can amplify the abilities of characters such as Wham, ACDC, and Cars, as well as amplifying Ripple abilities and turning Sunlight into something like a Laser beam, focusing and amplifying it. If so, what's stopping it from doing the same thing to Stand Powers? and would they then be called Amp-Stands because they would be Amplified Stands?

[[WMG: Buccellati is part of the Zeppeli family.]]
An Italian friend of someone from the Joestar family who [[spoiler: dies heroically trying to assist his allies]]? Sounds like a Zeppeli to me! Maybe he's descended from one of Caesar's siblings, or a descendant of Caesar himself, seeing as how he was a womanizer.

[[WMG: Part 9 will be an adaptation of parts 5 and 6.]]
Part 7 was a mix of parts 1 and 2, with minor references to 3. Part 8 seems to be a mix between 3 and 4 with a little bit of 5. So part 9 will be similar to parts 5 and 6. Bonus points if it leads to the 2 timelines merging at the end or a new one is created.

[[WMG: Part 9 will be set in space]]
Part 8 is in 2012. Araki pretty much only has the choice of going further in the future or using more AU/time travel shenanigans at this point, making sci-fi a likely genre change. Maybe Stands will have been discovered by science.
* He could go back in time or set it at the same time if it's sufficiently isolated from Part 8; part 5 could potentially have taken place at or before part 4 with just a few tweaks.

[[WMG: Mikitaki Is an alien, Sort of]]
He's cold easily be a separated piece of Cars or have been created through Cars ability to create living things. Cars was last seen floating around space. This would explain his power to shape-shift even though he isn't a stand user (maybe, because he didn't seem to see any stands when he should have if he were a user)

[[WMG: Why Giorno's mother was spared by Dio]]
She was one of the few women who did not hear Dio accidentally scream "Oh, Jonathan".

[[WMG: Part 8 Kira has the power similar to Rohan's.]]
Forcing someone to eat their own hand. What else can do that!

[[WMG: The reason that Jotaro wears a new jacket after Stardust Crusaders...]]
Is that [[Anime/DigimonSavers BanchoLeomon]] stole it.

[[WMG: If Kars hadn't been launched into space, he'd have gained an overwhelmingly GameBreaking Stand]]
Because that's just how Araki rolls.

[[WMG: Having a Requiem Stand kills you.]]
The shock of developing a Stand kills most people. Even if you survive that, being stabbed with a Stand arrow a second time is painful and can kill you. Stabbing your Stand with the arrow is said to be even more extreme. Why doesn't Giorno show up in Florida with the other sons of Dio? He didn't last long after using Golden Experience Requiem. This is also why Jotaro, who was keeping tabs on the events of Vento Aureo, never tries to unlock Star Platinum Requiem.
* He's all but said to be alive during part 6 by the narration.
* And he's explicitly said to be alive in Fugo's side story.

[[WMG:Diavolo is the son of Cars.]]
Hear me out on this. Every part of Cars is a live, viable organism, capable of endless adaptation. As Cars was banished from the Earth, one or more pieces of him broke off, and remained in orbit for years before finally falling to Earth. A piece of Cars wound up in an all-women's prison, where it somehow impregnated one of the inmates (Green Baby shows that stranger conceptions are possible). Her child was born after a strange pregnancy, and developed mostly normally until it had developed enough that Cars' personality began to take over - at that point, Diavolo abruptly began trying to obliterate all signs of his own existence while spreading the stone arrowheads (to create a new race of superbeings for his dominion of the world to "feed on"), and his original personality was suppressed into Doppio. Note that both prefer to go virtually (but not quite) shirtless, have flowing pink hair, and talk about being "at the top" while displaying almost no emotion.
* Even more interesting if...

[[WMG:The Stand Arrows are pieces of Cars' body.]]
Consider: they fell from space, have strange abilities which somehow make physical the effects of The Ripple, and are otherwise unexplained. Maybe Requiem wasn't trying to turn Earth's life into that of another world, but causing it to mutate into the traits of other beings from Earth, similar to Cars' "Ultimate Lifeform" abilities.
* The Stand Arrows would most likely predate Cars' defeat, though.

[[WMG:The things Jotaro saw and experienced during Stardust Crusaders turned his hair white with stress.]]
And thus, during Diamond is Unbreakable, he switches to a white outfit to make it less noticeable. Over the next 10 years, hair dyes began to improve, thus, he was able to get back his original hair color without it looking fake by the time Stone Ocean rolled around.

[[WMG: Part 8 is an AU version of Dead Man's Questions; everybody is already dead.]]
Everybody died during the earthquake, making this the first Jojo part to play completely in some form of afterlife.

[[WMG: Having Stand abilities causes mutations.]]
Since a Stand is a part of your own life force which has been twisted to keep outside of your body, and sometimes even act independently from you, it (ahem) stands to reason that it might alter the way the rest of your life functions - I.E., causing strange physical changes to develop over time. In most cases, these are fairly minor - Giorno's hair color, or Funny Valentine's impossible weight loss. However, for Automatic Stands, which remain outside their controller's will and thus twist their life further than usual, the effects can be much more severe. This is why some Automatic Stand users, like Polpo and Carne, barely even look human.
* Likewise, Heavy Weather causes normal people to just think they are slugs, and see others as slugs. Only Stand users physically transform, sine their Stands make such radical changes possible.

[[WMG: Diavolo got Notorious B.I.G. from Pucci]]
How else would he have known about it? Pucci (or, more likely, Dio) made a deal with Diavolo, and his end of the bargain was giving him a Stand disc which could be the perfect operative: deadly against Stand users, and totally incapable of gathering dangerous knowledge, since they would die during the mission.

[[WMG: Josuke from [=JoJoLion=] is:]]
* That universe's equivalent of Jotaro Kujo
** His DNA match states he's the same person as the man who took Jotaro's place in the alternate timeline. A possible hint could be his hat. It has the same badge which has an open hand like of that Jotaro's.
* A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and Okuyasu Nijimura.
** Or his alternate timeline equivalent. While Kyou already shares Okuyasu's family name, this might serve as foreshadowing to Josuke's true identity. The improbably reality-bending powers Josuke has using Soft and Wet are also vaguely similar to Okuyasu's The Hand.
* A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and Johnny Joestar.
** Supported by Jo2uke having the same Dark Will in his eyes like Johnny.
* A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and the person who took out Holly's brain parts
** Just a feeling. Soft and Wet can take out parts or attributes of people. Maybe the original stand of Josuke's other half can only take out the parts/attributes, but not restore them?
* A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and the Holy Corpse parts.
** The Corpse parts have been described to have "the power to remove" and Soft and Wet main power is to plunder properties from a thing. More evidence shows that [[spoiler: when Johnny used the Corpse parts on Rina to take away her disease, the disease was passed on to his son]], similar to Soft and Wet never permanently keeps the property of what it's stealing.
* Fated to become a time-traveller.
** The hero of part 8 (whoever he actually is) will, after adopting a pompadour hairstyle, travel to the first universe and save young Original Josuke's life, thus completing what at first seemed like an obvious time-travel plot that was dropped.
*** Mind. Blown.
* Similar to the above, Jo2uke's DNA is a mix between Kira and the corpse of the man who saved Josuke's life in Part 4, or the AU equivalent.
* A mix of Yoshikage Kira (who is already part Kira-part Jotaro) and the son of the Higashikatas whom we haven't seen yet, Jobin.
** As argued a little bit above, Jobin's wife and son would probably not be acting so normal if Jobin had been gone that long.
* A fusion of Yoshikage Kira and Katagiri Anjuro.
** Note that Aqua Necklace and Soft & Wet are both liquid-based stands that involve taking things away from people (AN can take away control of the body, Soft and Wet can take away many more attributes)
* A fusion between Yoshikage Kira and Enrico Pucci
** Part 8 Killer Queen can create explosive bubbles. The original White Snake could steal Stands and memories. A possible result could be bubbles that can "steal" anything.
** In [[{{VideoGame/JojosBizarreAdventureAllStarBattle}} All Star Battle]], one of the alternate costumes for Josuke shows that his skin is "patched" in two different colors.
** That would be [[VillainousValor holy]] [[PhysicalGod shit]] [[{{Determinator}} levels]] [[SuperpowerLottery of]] [[{{Badass}} badass]].

[[WMG: Alternate Diego Brando's The World isn't as physically powerful as Dio Brando's The World]]
Not only does it not look as physically imposing as the original The World, Diego never takes advantage of the original The World's SuperSpeed and SuperStrength even when it would be the obvious combination to kill Johnny without having to sacrifice his own leg.
** It could be due to the Original DIO being a vampire in addition to having his Stand. Since Diego lacks that boost in power he very well could be weaker.

[[WMG: A character in Part 8 has a stand similar to Crazy Diamond.]]
Crazy Diamond could fuse things together if Josuke was careless enough, and [[spoiler: Jojolion's protagonist appears to be a combination of Yoshikage Kira and someone else]]. Considering the parallels between Soft & Wet and Aqua Necklace detailed above, this could be interestingly ironic if the Stand user was an antagonist.

[[WMG: The D'Arby brothers were lying when they said their deaths would mean the souls they took would be lost forever with them.]]
How can we trust the two on their word alone when they say that their deaths would mean losing Polnareff, Joseph and Kakyoin's souls forever? They obviously never tried it before to see if it worked, so the most likely idea is that they flatout lied about this in order to avoid an angry Jotaro and his remaining pals smashing their faces in and getting their friends' souls back in the easier, old-fashioned way, as well as lure them into another vulnerable position.

Lying and cheating fits Daniel J. D'arby perfectly as well, though it might be harder to justify this for Terrence.


[[WMG: The D'Arbies were in fact telling the truth because it happened to one of them before.]]
This could be because one of the brothers, most likely Terrence, is a vampire. He probably died after gathering a bunch of souls but was brought back by DIO using his blood like he did with Vanilla Ice. However when Terrence came back, none of the souls he got up to that point came back with him so he started his collection anew. Daniel was probably there to witness it and figured the same thing applied to his Osiris as it did to Terrence's Atum.

I say Terrence might have been the vampire because Daniel is sitting out in open, very much legitimate sunlight in his chapter with no ill effects, and said sunlight plays a role in his chapter as well. As for Terrence being in open daylight? Remember that the room Terrence and the heroes had their battle in was an illusionary room created by Kenny G's Stand which cracked when Terrence was sent flying into the "horizon" by Star Platinum, and dispersed when Kenny G was beaten, so the sun seen in that room was a harmless illusion as well giving off no UV rays or vampire-killing rays of light or what have you.

[[WMG: AU-Jolyne and co. will return in Part 8]]
This is assuming Pucci's new universe from part 6 is the SBR universe.

The facts we know so far are that Jolyne, Anasui, Hermes, and Weather Report have AU counterparts (Irene and Anakiss for Jolyne and Anasui) and original Emporio transferred over intact, and most importantly that Irene is still part of the Joestar bloodline.
We also know that Jotaro as Irene's father has a counterpart. However, we also ''also'' know that Kira has already taken the place and lineage in the Joestar bloodline that Jotaro should have, which raises the question of just what Irene's parentage is.

So, to wrap things up and make clear where exactly Irene came from, they'll all be brought back. Emporio will also be back, still tagging along with Irene after the Made In Heaven screwed the universe, and provide a welcome callback to previous parts. Because the timeline during Stone Ocean doesn't apply to the new universe, the final chapter of Stone Ocean (What a Wonderful World), in which Emporio is reunited with Irene and co., could have happened before Jojolion.

Possible reasons for Irene's return:
* The person Kira fused with to become Josuke is actually Irene's father, so she arrives to get permission to marry Anakiss, as she stated at the end of Stone Ocean, only to be surprised by Josuke instead of her father. The reason Josuke is seemingly so young despite both halves being adults, according to this WMG, is due to lolwalleyesmagic.
* Kira was Irene's father (unlikely, since this WMG predicts Irene being marriage-age, if a bit young, at the time of Jojolion and Kira is 29 right before the beginning of Jojolion. But, hey, lolwalleyesmagic) and she arrives as per above.
* Kira has almost been established as an evil Joestar cousin (or counts as a Joestar cousin due to being the son of Holly Joestar), and Irene and/or Irene's still living father must take responsibility for him as true Joestars. At first, they will target Josuke for being so similar/his direct continuation. However, because Irene doesn't have "Jo" in her first name, she will realize that Josuke is more Jojo than her and thus defer to him as the truest Joestar. This is flawless logic.

[[WMG:Part 10 will star the son of Giorno, who survived Made in Heaven.]]
I know part 8 is still running so it's a little early to be making any guesses about part 9, let alone 10, but the logic behind this theory is a formula of sorts: If x is an even number, then let ([=1/2=])x=y. Now, notice that the protagonist of Part x is always directly connected to the protagonist of Part y. [[note]]If x is an odd number, the protagonist of Part x will only be directly connected to Jonathan by default. Jotaro has been the only exception to this rule so far.[[/note]]
* Joseph (2) is Jonathan's (1) grandson.
* Josuke (4) is Joseph's (2) son.
* Jolyne (6) is Jotaro's (3) daughter.
* Josuke (8) is Josuke (4) in an alternate universe.
If this pattern continues, part 10's protagonist will have direct connection to Giorno. And since Giorno could very well still exist in the current universe thanks to Gold Experience Requiem, the connection could easily be one of blood.
* The twist being that AU-Giorno (as a descendent of Diego Brando) also exists, and the original Giorno will be set up as the main antagonist (though perhaps not exactly evil, or the final antagonist) due to his mafia Godfather ways. The end of Stone Ocean said something about two equivalent characters not being able to exist in the same dimension, but SBR shows that they can cross-over as long as they don't touch, so the specifics of coexistence between AU counterparts is up in the air enough for it to work.
** The concept of the two not being able to touch would make for an amazing fight between original and AU-Giorno. Or the original could use Gold Experience Requiem to bypass that whole thing.

[[WMG: Guesses on the BigBad of Part 8?]]
* [[NobleDemon A selfish yet strangely moral cad]] who, in spite of his/her greedy goals, follows ethical codes he/she considers to be extremely important. He/she would make a good {{Foil}} to the last BigBad, a [[PatrioticFervor fanatic patriot]] who wanted his country safe from harm [[WellIntentionedExtremist by any means necessary.]]
* Norisuke Higashikata IV, as speculated on the character page. He appears to know more about Josuke's lost memories than he lets on, and seems to be planning on using him in malicious ways.
* A very normal, down to earth and well adjusted(maybe even likeable)family man with no real villainous tendencies, probably middle class with no real resources and merely a newly discovered penchant for [[TheChessmaster chessmastery]] (and great Stand power) that he doesn't particularly care about. He becomes the big bad due to a very personal and simple desire (maybe to protect his family from something or as a desperate attempt to get out of some sort of debt, maybe from Norisuke, for instance) that sort of balloons out of proportion requiring his machinations to become more and more complex and competent. This would be great contrast for the very eccentric and deviant Yoshikage Kira, who inserted himself into a family he has no affection for and had a great talent for reacting to threats but not really planning for them; Kira's entire ambition was to keep anonymous to continue as a serial killer, which approached humility from the other side compared to this theoretical BigBad. By the whole "opposites" logic, the new BigBad is trying to intimidate others to let him live his inoffensive life normally but screwing it up royally.

[[WMG: Joshuu is the only one in the family that didn't develop a stand naturally.]]
* Which is why he is locked out of the loop

[[WMG: Josuke (part 8) is a personification of Johnny's Spin and the power of the Corpse Parts]]
In addition to being partly Kira. Johnny is a local hero. His last act of using the Corpse Parts and then the Super Spin seems to have impregnated some parts of Morioh with mysterious power. The Wall Eyes create fusions of things that are in the ground nearby them, so they could probably affected by the lingering vestiges of Johnny and the Corpse Part's power in the earth.

The Corpse Parts have the power to remove (harmful) things. The Super Spin can give objects "infinite rotation"--the property of continuously staying, being attracted to, or sticking to a certain place (in addition to being metaphysically ripped apart, but that's another deal). Kira's stand created exploding bubbles.

Therefore, the Wall Eyes fused those aspects together into Soft&Wet--Kira's Stand's bubble to transmit the power, the Corpse Parts to remove attributes, and the Super Spin to apply them to other objects. This leads us to...

[[WMG: Josuke (part 8, again) will learn to use the Spin]]
As per above WMG, Soft&Wet's ability to transfer attributes is actually an application of the spin (the Super Spin's "infinite rotation" fixes things together at a fundamental level). Just as Johnny learned to use the Spin to synergize with Tusk, Josuke will do the same for Soft&Wet.

Now, since the Super Spin requires riding a horse-shaped thing at a certain speed, Josuke will accomplish the same feat via motorcycle, replicating Part 4 Josuke's epic motorcycle ride.

[[WMG: A fungus with a Stand will appear.]]
Because hey, there's been animals and plants with Stands, so why not add another kingdom of organisms to the ranks? Maybe it could be a whole colony that has the Stand, like a fungal version of Foo Fighters.
** In terms of large "organisms" and going weird places with Stand Users, maybe the entire town of Morioh has sentience (...for some reason. It's more or less magic already.) and its stand is/are the wall-eyes.

[[WMG: Nijimura and her Stand's name change]]
So, Nijimura's stand was originally named "Going Underground" after the Jam song. It was later retconned into "Born this Way" after the Lady Gaga song (or album). When the same thing happened with Pucci's Made in Heaven, the newer name had more relevant lyrics. Therefore, an analysis of the song lyrics will give some clues about Nijimura:

* "Going Underground" is about disillusionment with people in power (specifically, about the preference for weapons and war over caring for the people--this'd be very relevant to President Valentine from the previous part) and the singer decides to just get away from it all. This is already pretty relevant to Nijimura, who seems to dislike the powerful Higishikata family and whose Stand is able to escape and disappear whenever it wants. Therefore, it stands to reason that the new namesake for the Stand is even more relevant.
* "Born This Way" is more simple and generally about acceptance of one's personal identity, with LGBT and racial themes. The "Born This Way" album also has the song "Judas", which is about betrayal by a lover and accepting your demons stemming from that. "Edge of Glory" is a tribute to Gaga's deceased grandfather. The rest of the album is mostly about empowerment, feminism, and is full of religious references.

Pure speculation time, based on the songs present in the album "Born This Way":
# The song "Born This Way" indicates that Nijimura was NOT in fact born the way she is. Instead, at some point she was physically altered (possibly against her will) by the wall-eyes and thus had a part of her identity stripped away. For extra points, she was originally born a man before having her mind fused with a woman's body.
# "Judas" refers to a past betrayal by someone Nijimura loved. The most obvious culprit is her brother, Kira. The pre-reboot Kira was a serial killer who targeted women, so maybe this Kira also murdered women/a woman and at some point for some reason buried her and Nijimura under the wall-eyes, leading to point #1 above. This is why Nijimura was trying to stop Josuke, who she regarded as Kira, from reaching Holly.
# "Edge of Glory" might be a reference to feelings of honor for either her so-far-unseen father, Yoshiteru Kira, or perhaps all the way back to Johnny Joestar.
# The religious references throughout the album foreshadow the return of previous elements such as the Corpse Parts. Perhaps Nijimura will become a new host to the parts?

All said and done, the "Born This Way" album's song lyrics and themes could fit very well into a Jojo storyline, especially if it's in the vein of SBR. I rate this one ''heavily'' suspicious.

An alternate and less fun interpretation is that he changed the name simply because Nijimura's mother resembles Lady Gaga and he wanted to connect the two.
** A theory posted on the Jojo wiki's page for Born This Way (the Stand) is that the name change was simply because Born This Way (the Stand) takes the shape of a motorcycle, while Born This Way (the album) has a motorcycle on the cover.

[[WMG: Kakyoin is distantly related to the Zepelli family]]
He fills pretty much the same role that Caesar did in part 2, and aside from him, the only other [[TheLancer lancer]] with a roughly similar role and degree of relevance would be Hermes.
* Buccellati is much more similar to Zepelli,and is the same nationality. Kakyoin doesn't have all that many similarities to the Zeppelis other than dying while imparting information.
** It wouldn't be completely out of the realm of possibility for Kakyoin to be related to the Zepellis: Caesar had many siblings, so one of them could've married a Japanese person and have a child who would go on to have Kakyoin. That Kakyoin often travelled abroad with his family (he had gone to Egypt before the start of Part 3) makes this all the more probable. In addition, consider [[VideoGame/JoJosBizareAdventureHeritageForTheFuture the Capcom fighter]]. While Avdol and Iggy both survived in their endings when they died in the manga, Kakyoin ('''both versions''' of him) ultimately died in their endings. Definitely echoes of the Zepellis' curse: helping another at the cost of their own life...

[[WMG: If Hermit Purple had been a humanoid stand with RapidFireFisticuffs capabilities, its war cry would have been Dorarararararararara...]]
* This kind of thing seems to be hereditary in the Jojo-verse. Compare with Jotaro and Jolyne (father and daughter, both use Ora Ora Ora) or Dio and Giorno (father and son, both use Muda Muda Muda).

[[WMG: Rohan is able to use Heaven's Door on himself]]
This would explain why he is able to completely ink a page with no sketch, which impossible for all mangakas.
** Confirmed in ''Rohan At the Lourve'', when Rohan used Heaven's Door to [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain forget about the events of that story]].

[[WMG: The Wall Eyes are the stand(s) of Duwa-- I mean, Morioh Town]]
I mean, come on. It's perfectly plausible...

[[WMG: SBR Diavolo is a indirect descendent of Diego and Johnny and the next JoJo is a member of both Joestar and Brando family and its stand's battle cry is Mura (Muda and Ora combined) meaning unevenness. SBR Diavolo's battle cry is sakujo meaning erase like the original's time erase ability.]]
* Sakujo is Teru Mikami's mantra word. Teru is the name of Norisuke the First's wife and Yoshiteru Kira is Holy Kira's husband. "Kira" or Light Yagami considers himself a god like Dio and he's a [[DevilInPlainSight Devil in plain sight]], Diavolo means devil. OH MY GOD!!!! One of SBR Diavolo's parents could be a Higashikata or a Kira.
** [[SarcasmMode or SBR Diavolo's stand can breathe fire.]]

[[WMG: We, the readers, can see the Stands because we are all latent Stand users.]]
[[IDontCareIfItsStupid Because what's the alternative ?]] [[IWantItToBeRealDammit That it's only some artistic license from Araki's side ?]] [[StopCrushingMyDreams Don't be ridiculous !]]
** And this is because the manga ''makes'' whoever reads it into a Stand User.

[[WMG: Your Color May Vary is Canon, at least for the Stands.]]
AsYouKnow, Araki treats color shemes as something that is not absolute and can be changed at a moment's notice. However, in the case of Stands, this might be justified: why would it be impossible for a ''spiritual'' entity, something that lacks a ''physical'' form, to be able to change its color? As for the rest of the world, maybe light simply works differently in this series. I mean, according to ''All-Star Battle'', the sky in Morioh is ''brown''.

[[WMG: Mikitaka is [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs an alien Stand user]].]]
He just can't see Stands belonging to people from other planets (it's possible that Stands are new to his race as well). The Stand Arrow swerved away from him because his species repels whatever was in the meteorite that brought them to Earth.

[[WMG: Josuke (Gappy) Higashikata may never get his memories back.]]
Can also be considered a TearJearker. We know that he is part-Kira and part-someone else. As with the lemon and tangerine, Kira and another person switched some qualities, probably ranging from age to memories to looks. Jo2uke is, what, 19? He looks really young, basically. He's a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander, but he's very intelligent. He does not have his memories, though. It has been established that the Wall Eyes switch, transfer, exchange qualities, probably not even equally.

The Yoshikage Kira figure is pretty much dead. When we saw his corpse, he looked a bit older than 29, his chronological age before he died. There's a chance that both the memories of Kira and the other person are still with Kira, who's... you know. What I'm saying is that, if he is not an amnesiac by external trauma, his memories are already kaput. Maybe Josuke wouldn't want to know those memories in the first place. At least he can create new ones, with his new friends (well, Yasuho mostly). Awwwww!!!!

[[WMG: Jolyne's last name is spelled Cujoh instead of Kujo due to immigration.]]
Since she's American and Jotaro is Japanese when the move to America occurred the name was changed. As many immigrant families know, immigration sometimes alters names either purposely or through mistake. So while he Jolyne's last name was supposed to be Kujo immigration messed up and it became Cujoh

[[WMG: Jesus was a ripple and/or spin user.]]
Using the ripple (or spin in another universe, or possibly both techniques), he was able to heal all who came to him, using his own hands, or using water and mud as conduits. Jesus (aka '''JO'''shua bar '''JO'''seph)must have been a very powerful ripple/spin warrior. He'd better have a stand as well.

[[WMG: The prophecy about the Red Stone of Aja was a SelfFulfillingProphecy.]]
During Phantom Blood, we learn that Tonpetti was able to foretell a lot of details surrounding [[spoiler: Will Zeppeli's death]], but he wasn't able to determine when was that going to happen, he only gave a nebulous and cryptic lecture. So, masters of Hamon can tell the future to a certain degree.
Now, in Battle Tendency, we learn that Hamon masters and Pillar Men have been at war for centuries, and Hamon masters had the Red Stone of Aja, a MacGuffin that could make the Pillar Men invincible. So, why did they keep it for so long instead of destroying it, like Joseph suggested? According to Lisa Lisa, there was a legend that said that, without the Red Stone, the Pillar Men couldn't be defeated.
Where did that legend come from? Well, we know that Hamon masters have a certain degree of precognition, so what if, centuries ago, a Hamon master tried to see the future to learn how to finally defeat the Pillar Men? After Cars [[spoiler: became the Ultimate Being]], he was effectively invincible. He was also the last Pillar Man, and he was only defeated thanks to the Red Stone. So, a Hamon master saw that, learnt that the Red Stone would be neccessary to defeat the last Pillar Man, and created a prophecy that turned into a legend, ignoring the fact that [[spoiler: without the Red Stone there wouldn't have been an Ultimate Being at all.]]

[[WMG: Gregorio Zeppeli, Gyro's father, never made close friends because he knew about the Zeppeli curse]]
of guiding a friend to make him stronger, and then dying in the process. He probably couldn't bear leaving his family.

[[WMG: Diavolo survived the effects of Made In Heaven and made it into the SBR universe.]]
[[OffscreenInertia And he's still dying.]]

[[WMG: The World is Dio's Stand, while the Hermit Purple-esque Stand he is seen using once in Chapter 122 of the manga and Episode 3 of the anime is Jonathan Joestar's Stand.]]
Joseph and Holy manefested bramble-style Stands, as well, so it stands to reason that such stands are unique among the Joestar line. Jotaro's Star Platinum is different because the fights he gets into necessitates a Stand that's more battle-oriented, while Holy is pacifistic (hence why her own Stand also hurts her), Joseph hasn't done much fighting since defeating the Pillar Men, and Jonathan couldn't fight on account of being dead and stuck under the sea for a hundred years while Dio fused his head to his body.

[[WMG: In the SBR universe the Dark Will got passed on instead of the Golden Spirit.]]
In the original universe George Joestar and Jonathan passed on a spirit of heroism inherited by many of their decedents, mostly the other protagonists. However in the SBR universe Johnny ended up passing on the Dark Will, which is why even though Gappy is a nice guy he sometimes manifests it.

[[WMG: Dio's blood weakened Joseph's Hamon.]]
After Joseph received the life-saving blood transfusion from Dio's corpse near the end of Part 3, the vampiric nature of his blood would've caused Joseph's ability to use Hamon to weaken significantly. This can explain why he doesn't use Hamon in Part 4, as well as why he looked significantly older: the combination of time and weakened Hamon would've caused his body to age, whereas he was still relatively young-looking and physically fit for a man of 67 in Part 3, thanks to the youth-preserving properties of Hamon.
** Alternatively, Dio sucking out Joseph's blood caused complications that even the Ripple could not fix.

[[WMG: In the manga, Dio activating his Stand resulted in the Joestar birthmark.]]
The birthmark did not appear until the third arc of the manga. Thus, it can be assumed that just like how the Stands of all Joestars activated when Dio activated his, the birthmark would appear at the same time. Perhaps the birthmark appeared in the place where Dio pierced himself with the Bow and Arrow, too...

[[WMG: Giorno will show up in [=JoJolion=].]]
Think about it, if [[spoiler:he possibly wasn't affected by Made In Heaven]], there could be a chance of him showing up in the future, though he'd be in his mid-20s and would need some reason to be in Japan.

[[WMG: The reason Jotaro became a marine biologist...]]
...is because he rethought his life after being scolded by the Captain Tenille imposter for smoking on deck. Hey, just because someone's evil, doesn't mean the virtues they do have can't be inspirational!

[[WMG: One of the Higashikatas in [=JoJolion=] possesses some version of Diavolo's King Crimson]]
Because all their stands include the word "King".

[[WMG: Soft and Wet's fusion was between alternate Killer Queen and some power related to the holy corpse]]
The bubbles are able to take something from a person or object and send it somewhere else, the same way the holy corpse redirected misfortune.

[[WMG: Gappy is mostly non-Kira. ]]
Yotsuyu said that without Kira Josuke would be dead, and while he has pats of Kira's body, Kira's corpse was mostly intact. In addition to that there didn't seem to be another body near the Wall Eyes. So the majority of Josuke is the other person.

[[WMG: Yotsuyu is actually a Higashikata]]
He apparently plans to have the Higashikata estate and wealth for himself. While this could be explained as possessiveness towards the buildings he designed, that "H" amulet might just stand for "Higashikata". In which case, he may be a Higashikata who never was dressed as a girl in his youth--and thus, somehow, fell prey to the curse, in this case making him something akin to a golem, or a Pillar Men-style ogre. In any case, his motive in this scenario actually distills down to believing that ''he's'' the rightful heir to the Higashikata fortune and prestige, and Norisuke IV is a usurper who must die.

[[WMG: Before the reset, there was only one universe]]
& that was the universe parts 1-6 were set in. The Universal Reset did not just rebirth the old universe, it created many more. Furthermore, the SBR universe WAS the old universe, therefore the universe where every other universe was based on, & the one in which the corpse & D4C were unique to it.

[[WMG: Hermit Purple does not need the Camera to be smashed in order to make Spirit Photos]]
But because of Joseph's [[HotBlooded Hot Blooded]] nature or [[WorldofHam World of Ham]], he smashes it.

[[WMG: Rudolph von Stroheim's death]]
He's mentioned as dying in Stalingrad. Normally, his NighInvulnerability protected him from whatever the story threw at him. ''HOWEVER'' his head is not completely cybernetic. The Battle of Stalingrad was also the place where a certain Hyper-Lethal sniper of the Red Army was station. Vasily Zaytsev made 242 confirmed kills between October 1942 and January 1943, but the real number is probably closer to 500. What does this mean? Simple. Rudolph von Stroheim was dispatched with a [[BoomHeadshot shot to the head]].

[[WMG: Vanilla Ice has a counterpart in the SBR Universe, and he is named Macklemore.]]

[[WMG: By the end of Part 9, there will be a stand called dirty loops]]
[[http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/09/11-1/jojos-araki-draws-cd-jacket-illustration-for-swedish-band-dirty-loops It's not like Araki doesn't know who they are.]]

[[WMG: Requiem, the Stand Arrow and Kars are all related.]]
A previous WMG brought up the idea that the meteorite that was forged into the Bow and Arrows was a part of Kars' body. The meteorite landed on Earth about 50,000 years before the story, so that would normally make that particular theory impossible... unless it was a Kars from a previous loop.

The non-canon novel ''Jorge Joestar'' brings up the idea that Pucci's Made In Heaven has reset Earth a number of times. Each loop is slightly different, but the events of ''Battle Tendency'' happen in most of them, and since the resets are limited in scope to Earth, there's a whole bunch of different versions of Kars floating around in space (and a bunch on the planet Mars. It's a weird novel). As part of this WMG, a previous Kars was ejected into space during one of these loops, but didn't have enough escape velocity to escape Earth's gravity well, so remained in orbit around Earth. Just like in canon, Kars' body turned into a fossil and he stopped thinking, but since he was in space, he survived one or more resets. Eventually, his orbit decayed and he fell to Earth, his body breaking up during the fall, and one fragment was retrieved and turned into the Bow and Arrows.

Though Kars is catatonic, he's still alive, and his life force gives the Arrows their powers. Stabbing oneself with an Arrow infuses a small amount of Kars' life force into them, awakening a Stand in them if they possess the right qualities. The Arrow seeks out those who have the potential to control a Stand, but weren't born with one; the infusion of Kars' life force presumably mimics whatever process causes some people to have natural Stands. ''Jorge Joestar'' also implies that the Holy Corpse in ''Steel Ball Run'' is not Jesus, but a version of Dio that became the UltimateLifeform with the Stone of Aja and Kars' Stone Mask, so if we go by that, there is precedent that the body of an UltimateLifeform can awaken Stands in people.

But as we see, stabbing a Stand itself with the Arrow grants them even greater power, creating a "Requiem" Stand. When Silver Chariot becomes Chariot Requiem, it takes Polnareff's dying wish of protecting the Arrow to heart, but it also has its own agenda; it swaps the souls of every living thing in Rome (or possibly the entire world), which starts to mutate some people. The characters speculate that Chariot swapped some people's souls with those of life forms from another world.

However, according to this theory, both the Arrows seeking worthy users and people mutating due to Requiem is actually Kars' doing. He's still dormant, but either his abilities or his sheer willpower is strong enough that the Arrows made from his body still have a semblance of independence. By awakening Stands in people, they hope to eventually create a Requiem Stand, but since they don't have consciousness per se, anyone spiritually strong enough to sustain a Requiem Stand can easily override the Arrow's basic independence and control the Requiem Stand for themselves. Polnareff had the misfortune of dying shortly after gaining his Requiem Stand, so Chariot Requiem could directly act as the Arrows' proxy.

Kars' UltimateLifeform abilities to alter his own genetic structure is responsible for the mutations. When everyone swapped souls, a bit of Kars' life force piggybacked on each swapped soul. The goal here was to take control of every living thing on Earth, using the soul swapping as a distraction while he took over everyone's bodies and used his abilities to turn them into clones of himself. But since he's still catatonic, his abilities act more or less randomly by mutating people into possible forms of life. Once Chariot is defeated, everyone's souls are swapped back, excising the bit of Kars' life force in everyone during the process. Since Earth is reset a few years after this, the remaining Arrows, and the version of Kars they were created from, are destroyed for good.

[[WMG: Joseph wasn't born with the Ripple]]
Before [[spoiler: Lisa Lisa]] left, [[spoiler: she]] activated his Hamon breathing. This should explain why no one else is "born" with it.

[[WMG: Echoes's Egg Form has the ability to rewrite reality so that any person Koichi defeats and feels superior to becomes significantly shorter.]]
Notice that before Koichi beats Tamami Kobayashi and Toshikazu Hazamada, they are shown to be of normal height. Then after Koichi beats the two, they become significantly shorter since he no longer fears them and nobody else notices the difference. Remember that Echoes can go between forms at any time so the Egg Form could be something Koichi subconsciously activates when this ability happens. The reason this doesn't apply to Rohan, Yukako, and Kira is because he still holds some fear towards them even after they're defeated.

[[WMG: Pillar Men weapons are not normal weapons.]]
There's been a lot of speculation on why, if they possess even a fraction of the power their supposed to, why the Pillar Men not affiliated with Kars were shown using simple spears. The reason is that the Pillar Men have ways of fighting one another that simply don't come up when dealing with humans. For example the actual damage of the spear may not be from the stab, but perhaps a layer of the wielders cells covering the tip, which then rush into the opponent to attack their vital organs. There simply was never any opportunity or reason to go into their tactics when fighting one another.

[[WMG: Diavolo is a hardcore drug user.]]
Notice how emaciated and garish he looks when his face is shown for the first time. This could be a result of him abusing the drugs his gang has been dealing over the years and thus becoming more and more paranoid and scrawnier. He is going through a very long [[Film/{{Scarface1983}} Tony Montana]] phase but more prepared and careful in comparison since he goes to great lengths to make sure nobody knows who he really is.

[[WMG: Jolyne's mom was a Zeppeli.]]
Jotaro was said to marry an Italian-American woman, and true to Zeppeli family tradition, [[spoiler: Jolyne gave her own life to rescue her only remaining friend from danger.]]

[[WMG: The rock that Jonathan held all the way back in Part 1 is the same rock that [[spoiler:crushed Johnny's head in Part 8.]]]]
After Will Zeppeli healed Jonathan of his broken arm, Jonathan demonstrated his restored strength by carrying a large rock. When he dropped it, it rolled down a hill and went into a series of inexplicable events, which may or may not be caused by Funny Valentine's [=D4C=]. This eventually culminated in the final event where [[spoiler:Johnny's use of the Holy Corpse to heal his son]] causes that very rock to [[spoiler:crush his head out of nowhere]].

[[WMG: Every piece of art, animation, or writing, fanmade or not, that involves Diavolo or any form of him dying in any way is canon.]]
Gold Experience Requiem made it so that Diavolo would suffer an infinite amount of deaths with no end. Since that would involve an infinite amount of scenarios, any way he is thought to die would have to be considered canon.

[[WMG: Kars didn’t survive Made in Heaven.]]
If the universe [[EternalRecurrence has been repeating]], then unless its finite there should be an infinite number of Kars...yet there doesn’t seem to be any more than the one. And even assuming there have been previous Kars, who’s to say the Red Stone of Aja would garner complete immortality. Yes, Ultimate Kars can reconstruct himself on a cellular level…but eventually the very protons that make up those cells decay over time. As such, Enrico speeding up the universe to its end and back again may have finally given Kars peace.

[[WMG: Part 6 was set in 2012 for a reason.]]
The now inaccurate Mayan calender reset itself in 2012. Much of the same can be said to what happens at the end of Part 6

[[WMG: Part 8's BigBad will use TimeTravel.]]
They've utilized pretty much every time-based power for the villain ''except'' the obvious one: time travel. Said power would also allow Araki to have a reason to set future parts in the past, while still being connected to the events of Part 8

[[WMG: Parts 9 and 10 will focus on the rebooted version of Joseph's father and daughter.]]
With the CosmicRetcon, Araki's free to write about them without having to worry about continuity.

[[WMG: Where Rudol[[SpellMyNameWithAnS f]] von Stroheim's and Joseph Joestar's prostheses came from]]
The [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist Edward Elric]] couldn't leave Germany in time after it became a Nazi dictatorship and was forced to assist the SS in making military automail for their war effort. After [[spoiler:Stroheim was severely injured during his fight against Santana]], he was outfitted with the newest automail technology. After the war, the Americans got hold of the blueprints, automails and Edward Elric himself and he proceeded to make automails for military and civilian use. After Joseph Joestar lost his arm in the fight against Cars, he got himself one of Edward's automail arms as a replacement.