[[WMG: In an alternate dimension, John Frusciante died at age 27.]]
It's an odd pattern, but many musicians, entertainers and such die at age 27 -- most prominently, Music/RobertJohnson, Music/BrianJones, Music/JimiHendrix, Music/JanisJoplin, [[Music/TheDoors Jim Morrison]], Music/KurtCobain and Music/AmyWinehouse. John Frusciante could well have joined the ranks of the "27 Club": he had crippling heroin, cocaine and alcohol addictions and was literally wasting away, with severe infections and blood diseases. Not to mention his own rather carefree attitude to life and death, publicly stating "I don't give a fuck whether I live or die." But instead, 27 was the age when John Frusciante turned his life around: he quit heroin cold turkey, entered rehab for his cocaine and alcohol addictions, received medical treatment, and was completely clean and healthy by February 1998 -- one month before his 28th birthday.

In fact, it's practically a miracle that he didn't die... so much so that the wild-mass-guess-minded could very well speculate that, in the original course of events, he ''did'' die. And then someone or something came back in time and saved his life. Somehow gave him the strength of will to kick his heroin habit, and the desire to keep on living, and let him do the rest...