[[WMG:The entire cast will die in the last episode.]]
Courtesy of TheJerseyDevil. Far-fetched, but it sounds like the most awesome thing ever.
* Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly) jossed.

[[WMG: ''Series/JerseyShore'' is a post-modern satire about the U.S. education system.]]
Stay in school, kids!

[[WMG: Snooki is [[HalfHumanHybrid only half-goblin.]]]]

[[WMG: The people that work on this show are {{Trolling Creator}}s.]]
* As in, trying to troll all the people sick of how low MTV has sunk, and they're only making them madder.
* It's possible. In one confessional one of the guys said "Haters Gonna Hate" while lifting an eyebrow at the camera. Although they may have gotten on the show for obvious reasons, perhaps after being on it for awhile they are secretly getting GenreSavvy.

[[WMG: The Situation is doing a Batmana Gambit against Ronni and Sammi.]]

* In one episode, he tells Sammi that Ron is talking to Jwoww, which leads to Sammi making Ronni cry like a girl after Sammi hits him. The Situation may have planned this.

[[WMG: [[MyImmortal Tara Gilesbie]] grew up and got involved with this show.]]
Either she became one of the characters, or ended up working on the show. Logically she would really be Angelina, since Angelina at least realized how fake (read: preppy) the other characters are, and proceeded to verbally assault them.

[[WMG: Snooki is part [[Comicbook/TeenTitans Tamaranian]]]]
* Orange skin? Check. Large hairdo? Check. Occasional MsFanservice tendencies? Check. A person who's big on positive emotions to function properly? Check. The reason she can't fly or shoot starbolts is because her father or mother is human.

[[WMG: Snooki is part Tangerine.]]
* Well, it's just as likely as the one above it, that's for damn sure!

[[WMG: Snooki is a genetic splicing experiment between Amy Winehouse and a pumpkin or ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}.]]
* She has the same hairdo and is chunky and orange.

[[WMG: This show is just a Post Modern Art Piece that relays on CulturalCringe to remain popular]]
They are all paid actors, trying to live in new jersey, and imitate what they see....

[[WMG: Deena and Snooki are the same person.]]
Sometime between Seasons 2 and 3, the person who originally was Snooki split, like a parasite, into two seperate but identical beings. One took the name of its predecesor, while the other called itself Deena.

[[WMG: Jersey Shore is a front for the [[{{Series/Dollhouse}} Rossum Corporation]].]]
Someone realized that if they got a bunch of people to act like total dumbasses, they could make millions. Eight Actives and a phone call to MTV later, and Jersey Shore was born.

[[WMG: Jersey Shore was created to protect us from [[AlienInvasion invading]] [[EasilyThwartedAlienInvasion Aliens]].]]
The theory is that [[HigherTechSpecies we couldn't hold out against superior Alien technology]], and as a result the creators [[BatmanGambit devised a cunning plan.]] As we all know, AliensStealCable; therefore, the producers decided to create a show that was deliberately so [[DarthWiki/SoBadItsHorrible mind-blowingly awful]], the Aliens will conclude that [[HumansAreMorons we're going to wipe ourselves out in no time]] and [[NotWorthKilling aren't even worth the effort of destroying.]]