[[WMG: The gang are unreliable narrators. The flanderizing in later seasons is an effect of this, because what we see on TV is not them realistically. ]]
They're cartoonish people. They were to begin with but have gotten more cartoonish as the seasons led on. In real life - without a room of writers constructing their dialogue - they'd be cringier and more depressingly, insufferably, irredeemably horrible and also a lot more mundane without the comedic relief. So we can assume that there's a lot in their world that we're not getting from what's shown alone.

We definitely see that there's so much we don't see in the confessions from "The Gang Goes to Hell: Part 2". There's a RashomonStyle clash of perspective in "Who Pooped the Bed?" that suggests that the gang's perspectives are tenuous. The show has always followed closely to the gang's point of view with regard to them navigating the world. We know they're drunks which can account for skewed perspective, as said in expanded in one WMG point. They're also angry people who hate each other in a lot of ways. In "The Gang Group Dates", Dee says "go find the dirty one or the gay one", pointing to that being how they see each other.

Them devolving more into unbearable 2-D versions of themselves could be read as a reflection of their interactions together. Like how Dennis has grown to hate Mac more and seems to be sick of him now. We don't really see a whole lot from any other side except for the grimaces on strangers' faces or the people who's lives they ruin. We don't see their internal monologues that would add more depth. We just now kind of got a sneak into that with "Being Frank".

[[WMG: "Milk Steak" is just Charlie's name for an egg.]]

Chalk it up to Charlie's poor understanding of the world in general, but that might be what he's referring to. An egg's albumen is white like milk when it's cooked, and he prefers them boiled "over hard". You ''could'' say it's actually cheese, but he does refer to the stuff by its proper name (plus, you know, you can't really boil cheese). He knows what eggs are too, yeah, but he's probably never made the connection that raw and cooked eggs are the same basic object.
** Unlikely. In Dee made a smut film, Charlie draws boiled eggs. He refers to them by name, and describes them as: "Like, uh... from a chicken." So he definitely knows where boiled eggs come from.

[[WMG: Charlie is [[Literature/FlowersForAlgernon Charlie Gordon]].]]
The following will spoil the ending of ''Literature/FlowersForAlgernon''.

Think about it. At the end of ''Literature/FlowersForAlgernon'', Charlie moved out of New York. Since this was an attempt to move somewhere where people didn't know him, he may have changed his last name to Kelly. He then got a job at Paddy's Pub (also cleaning), and he kills rats because they remind him of what he can remember of Algernon. He didn't remember his parents, so he probably met up with his "mother", who thinks Charlie is her real son because she's, well, crazy. Since Charlie's memory was decreasing, everything said about his past in the show was probably just made up by him, and everybody in the show plays along out of pity. The most clear evidence of this theory are Charlie's impossibly bad spelling, not to mention the fact that he's already borderline retarded.
** They did a ''Literature/FlowersForAlgernon'' parody in season 9 with Charlie. [[spoiler: The treatment was actually an experiment to see how he and the gang would react if Charlie thought he had become smarter.]]

[[WMG:The finale will be exceedingly dark and humorless and will be about the group realizing that Dennis is a serial killer]]
* Or, it will be the funniest episode. The gang will still realize Dennis is a serial killer, though.
** Is there something to back this up or is this just REALLY [[WildMassGuessing Wild Mass Guesing]]?
** It's more about the "IMPLICATION"
*** Dennis being an implied serial killer is somewhat of a running gag on the show, and it's been hinted at repeatedly, especially in the season finale of season seven.
*** Has it ever been implied that he's killed people? It's certainly been implied he's mentally capable of it but I can't recall anything to suggest he has actively killed anyone.
*** In the season 10 finale he convinces a man to set himself on fire, and the guy actually does. It's strongly implied the man died.

[[WMG: The Gang's flanderization is a result of their deteriorating mental health.]]

[[WMG: Green Man is Charlie's "safe" persona created to cope with being molested]]
Charlie mentions that being "Green Man" got him through vaguely reference some rough times. Like say, being molested by his uncle.

[[WMG: Dennis is a reincarnation of [[Literature/AmericanPsycho Patrick Bateman]].]]
He's a complete sociopath, a controlling neat freak, a witty deadpan snarker, and an implied serial killer. He even has the taste for eighties music.

[[WMG: The finale will have [[KillEmAll the whole gang die.]]]]
The [=McPoyles=] will come back for one last revenge scheme, and as they kill the gang, also end up killing themselves. Then Rickey Cricket comes out of nowhere and thinks it's a sign from God, only to have something fall and kill him too.

[[WMG: The Waitress' name is Nicki Potnick.]]
We know Nicki is a girl and Frank took her nametag. We know the Waitress couldn't find hers. The fact that the Gang knows of Nicki and apparently hung out with her in high school would be utterly in character with their forgetfulness of... everything about the Waitress.
** {{Jossed}} in a Tweet from Glenn Howerton.

[[WMG: The gang will eventually kill Cricket]]
And they'll make sure someone else is blamed for it.

[[WMG: The reason Mac's become more and more gay is because...]]
...he finds it harder and harder to deny who he truly is to himself and those around, but is afraid to come out which is why he's also more homophobic. Think about it. In the first couple of seasons, Mac came off as straight. Then Mac becomes AmbiguouslyGay with hints of homophobia. Though it wasn't to the extent it is now. Now he's so homophobic that he says [=AID=]s is God's punishment for gay sex and not even fooling anyone into thinking he's straight. He could be so homophobic yet less ambiguous because he wants to avoid being gay or outed as gay, but he just can't hide it anymore. So he just resorts to prejudice and calls it a day.

[[WMG: Dennis and Dee will make out.]]
* And Dennis will enjoy it.
** If they do canonize Dee[=/=]Dennis, I have some theories on how this will play out:
*** The [=McPoyles=] approve, [[YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame this creeps Dennis and Dee out]].
*** Or they play up Dee and Dennis' disgust at the [=McPoyles=] and their incestuous relations for HypocriticalHumor.
*** Given his screwed views on consent, Dennis might force himself on Dee. I'm not so sure about this one though. I know they've done BlackComedyRape jokes. But they never actually show it. So this one might be too dark even for this show. And even if it isn't, it could cross DudeNotFunny territory.
*** It is awkward (because y'know, it's taboo and all) and Dee and Dennis never speak of it again. Or if they do, it's really awkward.
*** They become an OfficialCouple and their relationship is terrible, but may stay together anyway because they can't do any better.
*** The rest of gang make fun of Dennis or at least, are confused by this because not only did he make out with [[BrotherSisterIncest his sister]], but also because [[HollywoodHomely Dee]].
*** Someone takes a picture of or video tapes them making out and blackmails them with it.
*** They were drunk.

[[WMG: Mac subconsciously wanted to ship Murtaugh[=/=]Riggs in the ''Film/LethalWeapon" {{Fan Film}}s.]]
* The ShowerScene between Riggs and Murtaugh. Okay, [[MaleGaze the reason why he put that scene in there was obvious]]. But listen to him defend the scene, saying it's a love story between two men. [[HeterosexualLifePartners It's clear what he meant]]. But it's also portrayed as a partial FreudianSlip. Why not take it a step further and think he actually wanted the TokenRomance to be between Riggs and Murtaugh?
* In ''Lethal Weapon 5'', the Police Chief tells Murtaugh his wife is dead. At first, this seems like it's for dramatic purposes. But think about it. His wife dying also makes him single which gives him and Riggs the opportunity to get together romantically.
* Riggs marries Murtaugh's daughter. This is a bit of a stretch, but he could have shipped them (or been okay with shipping them) because she resembles Murtaugh and it's closest to shipping Murtaugh and Riggs, [[HeteronormativeCrusader he'd be able to live with]].

[[WMG: The series finale will involve a KillEmAll ending]]
Either the gang dies at the hands of those they have wronged throughout the seasons or the gang will snap and kill each other.
* The episode will be titled "The Gang Goes To Hell 2: For Real This Time".

[[WMG: Mac isn't gay, he's bisexual. The Gang just can only think in absolutes.]]
He's a got a fetish for older women, at the very least. But the gang is so ignorant that the idea of anyone being something other than gay or straight is a totally alien concept to them.
** It is possible to have feelings during straight sex and be gay. Mac (along with the rest of the gang) is an emotionally immature, stunted, guy. It seems like it would be easy for him to become infatuated with someone or emotionally-dependent because he's so desperate and needy. Plus, Dee and Dennis's mom is the only example of that happening. That coupled with that we as the audience still don't know what was going on in Mac's mind during that incident is kind of flimsy. If anything, "The Storm of the Century" where Mac hides in the bunker enjoying gawking at the weather woman is more proof of any possible bisexuality.
** Mac brings up his fetish for older women again in "The Gang Gives Frank An Intervention", where he tries to hook up with Dennis and Dee's aunt. He even explicitly mentions that it was because the sex he had with their mom was the best sex he'd ever had in his life. Still, unless this gets directly talked about again in a future episode, all of these instances of Mac being genuinely attracted to women could be chalked up to EarlyInstallmentWeirdness and CharacterizationMarchesOn.
*** Maybe Mac enjoyed the sex with Dennis and Dee's mom so much because of his crush on Dennis
** Officially {{Jossed}} by the sixth episode of season 12, "Hero or Hate Crime." Mac comes out as a gay man for good.

[[WMG: Frank is responsible for most of the series]]
Unlike the rest of the Gang, his depravity comes from a conscious desire to be an awful person and he intentional tries to become worse and worse as the series goes on. As a result of his behavior, the rest of the Gang became much more depraved than they originally were to the point of becoming unable to function in society. Had Frank not entered their lives, the Gang probably would have continued to simply be self-absorbed but ultimately harmless nobodies rather than the dangerous psychopaths the are today.

[[WMG: Bruce is actually just as bad as Dee and Dennis]]
Bruce tried to arrange Frank and Dee to have sex, and was content with watching Dee masturbate instead out of a desire to humiliate the both of them. He also blames Frank for making his children terrible, instead of actually intervening when they were children. Sure you hear about all the good things he does, but Dee and Dennis tell people they do good things too and you never actually see Bruce do anything purely good on screen. He also had a lengthy relationship with Barbara who we know is unpleasant. Him arranging for Dennis to lose his mother's house could've been out of a desire for it to go to the next heir (which is probably Bruce). Bruce is just a Dennis who is better at hiding his sociopathy and evil. Yet again, he seemed perfectly comfortable with watching his daughter masturbate in front of him.
* This could work as a reflecion of the actor's real life problems.

[[WMG: Charlie and Mac will starve themselves at some point.]]
Because Dennis did it when people thought he was the fat-faced sex offender, Mac starved himself to get that gaunt, angular look for Chase Utley and Dee starved herself before going on Family Fight.

[[WMG: The Waitress's name is Mary.]]
In fitting with Charlie being TheDanza and Charlie Day being married to Mary Elizabeth Ellis in real life.

[[WMG: Rickety Cricket is the portrait to the gang's Dorian Gray.]]
In the famous story, Dorian Gray has a portrait that he thinks is perfect. He wants it to age instead of him so he can live an amoral, hedonistic lifestyle. The gang lives a similar kind of life. There is next to no physical effect on the gang, but a whole lot of physical damage can be seen on Rickety Cricket.

[[WMG: Danny Devito's character from Film/OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest is Frank.]]
When he got out he honored [=McMurphy=]'s memory by taking on his personality. Which could explain how different Frank is in later seasons.

[[WMG: Rickety Cricket will rejoin the priesthood at some point]]
Hey, it'd make a good episode

[[WMG: Charlie will be the only member of the gang left standing during the finale.]]
Wouldn't put it past the show in Dennis eventually snapping and killing the group, with Charlie barely surviving the ordeal. With the gang dead and Dennis incarcerated Charlie would not only move out of Philly but actually maintain a stable life without the group. Its this kind of tragic yet bittersweet ending is the only possible ending this series could have.

[[WMG: The continuos {{Flanderisation}} of the Gang ... ]]
... is simply due to their constant drinking. It's actually pretty obvious - anyone drinking this much for this long is guaranteed to suffer some rather unpleasant effects. Some of effects this can have (according to Wikipedia) include impaired development, irritability, antisocial behaviour, depression, anxiety, panic, psychosis, hallucinations, delusions .. remind you of anyone? The way the Gang acts now, in the 11th season, is just the logical consequence after years and years of drinking. This show does have a Status Quo (the Gang can never suceed), but there's also a lot of character development, and since the gang never had to face reality because of Frank's "endless goddamn supply of money", his crazy, depraved antics ''plus'' their excessive consumption of alcohol ''plus'' the occasional drug habit, the showrunners are simply depicting the effects this behaviour had on these characters as straight-forward as possible. Which might also be the reason why the show recieves more and more criticism as the {{Flanderisation}} continues - because watching a person fall apart due to the long-term effects of alcohol consumption simply ''isn't fun''. It might just be SeasonalRot, but it could also be an attempt to show that even though the Gangs weird antics and schemes are pretty fun to watch, their behaviour is seriously harmful to them and others. And even though the fans of the show can really appreciate really, really DarkComedy, there's a real chance there to make this show ''incredibly'' deep as well.
* This makes perfect sense considering the Flanderization really set in in Season 3, when the main 4 turned 30. [[FridgeBrilliance Their bodies can no longer process so much alcohol.]]

[[WMG: The judge from the recent episode is Carl Winslow]]
At some point in his life he had his name changed then relocated. Anything to get away from Steve Urkle. Which also makes Its Always Sunny a shared universe with Family Matters.

[[WMG: A variation of the above WMG, the entire final season will be played as completely straight, pitch black drama documenting the collapse of the Gang.]]

It could go down many different ways, focusing on their various issues. Like, Dennis gets arrested and put on trial for being a serial rapist and killer, ending with him convicted and in prison. Mac uses the media attention to spout ultra-conservative, homophobic rhetoric... then is recorded caught have sex with a man in a dance club bathroom and the video goes viral. He gets beaten to death by bigots on his way to pray for forgiveness at church. Frank's brain tumor and hedonistic lifestyle finally catch up with him, and he slowly dies in a hospital alone over the final season. Dee's sanity degrades under the media scrutiny of the trial and the knowledge of how monstrous Dennis really is, culminating when she sets herself on fire on the witness stand. Charlie finally pushes the Waitress too far, leading her to kill him during an argument.
** Given the tone of the series this would have made an excellent deconstruction of the group as a whole. Much like the Seinfeld finale. The only one that would come out of this on a positive light is Cricket. Who won a lawsuit that he filed against the crew for playing a part in the downfall that is his life. He wins the case and uses some of the money for surgery to repair the injuries the gang gave him then cleans himself up and leaves a better person.

[[WMG: Mac is a potential serial killer.]]
Dennis strikes more as an all talk but no action type. While he does have sociopathic tendencies he'd rarely act out on them but Mac has shown that he's capable of violent outburst and have came close to choking Dee to death once. Also Mac has tend to disturb even Dennis.

[[WMG: The show will end with the gang doing something unforgivable and pinning it on Cricket.]]
Dennis, or maybe the whole gang, will accidentally kill someone and to get out of it they will pin it on Cricket who will end up in jail. The final scene will just be them drinking in the bar picking back up a conversation was cut off at the beginning of the episode as if nothing even happened.

[[WMG: Dennis will be BackForTheFinale.]]
Someone like Dennis would not be happy [[spoiler: being a father in North Dakota.]] They also need to do the serial killer reveal.

[[WMG: The series will end with the Gang causing a series of inexplicable events that eventually lead to TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.]]
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an entire series about a group of people ruining other people's lives. So what better way to end a series like that than with the Gang ruining literally everyone's lives? It'd also make for a great parody of the finale of Dinosaurs, too.

[[WMG: Dennis will finally fully snap, and kill all main and recurring characters except for Charlie and the Waitress.]]
Charlie will unselfishly protect the Waitress, who will either legitimately see the goodness in him or succumb to Stockholm Syndrome.

[[WMG: Frank and possibly Mac are serial killers, not just Dennis. Or if they aren't already, they're going to become serial killers at some point.]]
Let's examine the evidence.
* In "The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis" Mac openly states that he will strangle a family if they refuse to purchase a house. In the same episode, Frank almost assaults the same family with an umbrella.
* At the end of "Mac is a Serial Killer," Gary the serial killer walks into his apartment to find the Gang is inside it. Then Frank revs up his chainsaw and he very obviously kills him when the credits roll.
* Also, Frank constantly pulls his gun out at the slightest provocation. Don't really need to explain that one.
Dennis might be a sociopath, but even he's openly talked about killing people before. With the three above points, I think it's safe to say that if Frank and Mac aren't serial killers already, they have the mindset and the violent tendencies needed to become serial killers.

[[WMG: There will be a first-person point-of-view episode for every single member of the Gang at some point.]]

[[WMG: The final episode will have a VillainTeamUp of everyone the gang screwed up out for revenge at the same time.]]
* The group will include; The [=McPoyles=], Rickety Cricket, The Waitress, and Luther [=McDonald=] (who either got a second parole or escaped).

[[WMG: Frank will die.]]
* Most of the episode will be a usual episode that shows the gang doing one of their ridiculous schemes. At the end of the episode, Frank will pass out drunk at Paddy's after celebrating the fact that one of the gang's schemes was successful for once. The next day, Sweet Dee and Charlie will wake up hung over, and have an argument about something irrelevant. They will try to wake Frank up do get him involved in the argument. Charlie: "Hey Frank, man, its time to wake up!". Dee: "Goddamn it Frank, get up; I'm trying to win an argument!". After Frank still does not wake up, and is clearly not breathing; Charlie and Dee will start to panic. Charlie: "Frank, come on, this isn't funny! Frank... come on, get up!". Dee: "Frank, don't fuck with us Frank! Come on ... get up... dad... dad?". Cut to title card: Frank Dies.

[[WMG: Cricket will make a speech similar to the Hobo's speech from Film/HoboWithAShotgun]]

[[WMG: Pappy McPoyle is one of the gods from American Gods]]
* Pappy McPoyle is an old man with a beard and a theatrical style of speaking, just like many depictions of the head deities of several religions. In addition, at one point, Pappy mentions that his children spring fully formed from his loins; much like how the children of gods such as Zeus were created. The eating of the babies may be a reference to Chronos the Titan. Also, Pappy's children are heavily implied to engage in incest with one another, much like the gods of many religions did. Therefore; it may be assumed that when Pappy goes on one of his rants; he is simply providing a literal, factual account of things that he has personally experienced.

[[WMG: Frank knows he's dying]]
* Frank didn't merely get distracted during "Being Frank" when the doctor mentioned his brain tumor -- he knew about it, and has known about it, for years. It's the reason he joined the gang in the first place -- he wants to go out the worst possible person he can be, no regrets, nothing left undone. It's like AboutSchmidt or TheBucketList, but for a {{Jerkass}}.