[[WMG: It will cause the 2012 apocalypse ]]
It's hibernation lasts roughly 27 years. The last time it woke up was in 1985 and It completely destroyed Derry. Now that King has revealed It's existence to the world, It will be forced to destroy the entire planet when It awakens in 2012 forcing humanity to start over so It can continue to exist in relative peace. At least until someone decides to write another book about It.
** This is either {{Jossed}} (if it ever needed to be in the first place), or after getting his face pushed in two awakenings in a row, Pennywise is sleeping in.

[[WMG: IT is a {{Youkai}}]]

[[WMG: IT was responsible for the [[VisualNovel/HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Hinamizawa Syndrome.]]]]

[[WMG: It being a woman wasn't omitted in the movie.]]
The "Kiss me fatboy" scene was just FoeYay.

[[WMG: The true form of the Deadlights is...]]

An innumerable number of "balloons" glowing with an orange light, floating endlessly. Within each balloon is the soul of one of the children that IT killed, causing them to float.
** That would actually make some sense.

[[WMG: The Beldam in Film/{{Coraline}} is related to It]]

She just uses a different tactic to get her food.
* There is a lot to suggest this. It's explicitly stated that IT is female. The final form is a [[spoiler: spider]]. It shape shifts for the purpose of MindRape. The other world could be near to the deadlights. Even the setting could be a cryptic clue to the Beldam's true nature. Oregon [[Film/StandByMe has doubled for Maine]] before, this is just Neil Gaiman (a Stephen King fan) doing the same with Derry as he did for Castle Rock. He only gave the setting as Ashland to keep the clue cryptic.
** And the cat could be a reference to the turtle, the intelligent, perhaps omniscient, animal who lives in ITs world and counteracts her will. Man, this is getting clearer and clearer.