[[WMG:Japeth the Goat is a secret agent]]
He works for that Happily Ever After Agency that Twitchy talked about.

The evidence: he's CrazyPrepared for anything, including a quick getaway route; he's faking an eccentric facade (it slips once at the very beginning); and he's the only minor character from the first movie to get a role in the second.

[[WMG: {{Soul Jar}}s or past-changing time travel (or soul jars ''in the form of'' past-changing {{Save Point}}s) exist in the continuity of ''Hoodwinked''.]]
"...unless you've got a spare, you've only got one life to live so always be prepared". Out of context, and possibly in context, it sounds like Japeth was singing about a literal spare life, as in a SoulJar that uses an extra soul instead of keeping your only one safe from harm. However, in context it makes more sense the way a video game character or a time traveler has extra lives, in that they have a "do-over".

[[WMG: The Pucket family are deescendants of [[{{Precursors}} Those Who Came Before]] from the Assassin'sCreed series]] This explains how young girls and old grannies can be a Black Belt and a top league extreme sports athlete respectively

[[WMG: In the sequel...]]
Okay, we have two little kids named Literature/HanselAndGretel who tried to eat an old witch's house of gingerbread. She ties them up and presumably holds them hostage. There's Literature/ThreeLittlePigs that the cause mayhem and use explosives and weapons on the heroes from the first movie. Now, considering how the first movie went... [[spoiler:The Three Little Piggies are a terrorist squad of some sort working for Hansel and Gretel. The evil witch is actually an undercover cop of some sort, or otherwise a paranoid baker who the evil siblings want to steal something important from, similar to Boingo.]]
** That looks likely...I know TrailersAlwaysLie, but one commercial shows [[spoiler:the siblings with rather devious expressions, with Hansel shouting "You've been [[TitleDrop hoodwinked!" ...and then Gretel adds "Two!"]]]]
*** Were they in [[spoiler: a room full of monitors?]] I just saw that trailer a few minutes ago. I immediately pointed at it and started screaming IKnewIt.
** [[spoiler: Your guess about the pigs is correct, but the part about the witch has been {{Jossed}}.]]

[[WMG: At some point, Red and Wolf will hook up.]]
* Yeah, my shipper goggles appear at the strangest of times. In the first movie, during the scene in the woods, it just seemed so obvious to me that Red had something of a crush on Wolf. In the second movie, Red still looked the same, but there were a lot of subtle implications she was now an older teenager or a young adult and Wolf was definitely crushing on her. Granny and Twitchy seemed to be playing [[ShipperOnDeck Shippers on Deck]]. Whether others consider this a CrackPairing or not, I stand by my ship, and if there's a [[{{Hoodwinked}} Hoodwinked 3]] and they don't end up an OfficialCouple, I'm calling shenanigans.
** Well, that scene in the train car where Twitchy was shouting at Wolf to "tell her how you feel" ''was'' [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything reminding this trooper of something else]]...

[[WMG:The film takes place somewhere in Colorado or Wyoming]]
The environments of the film seem to remind me of trips I've taken into the Rocky Mountains (this troper lives in Colorado). The vistas of snow-capped peaks in the distance during Red's treehouse scene almost bear a striking resemblance to views I've seen of the mountains around Yellowstone National Park. And mountain views like one that is a background shot when Red is approaching Japeth's shack remind me of the areas around Vail Pass in Colorado.

[[WMG:Wolf is from ''Zootopia'']]
Because why not. He even wears pants and doesn't wear any shoes like most Zootopians.