'''> Investigate unfocused predictions.'''

For no readily apparent reason, you think you'd like to see what others have to say on ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''. [[RunningGag THIS IS STUPID]]

The Homestuck Forums have a very popular series of threads devoted to this subject. Known as the IDE/THEORY thread, the most recent version can be found [[http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?57699-IDE-Theory-32-Paradox-Space-is-100-Canon here]]

'''Note: These pages are currently being organised. Please put your WMG in the appropriate subpage.'''
* '''Recommended Guidelines:'''
** Place each WMG in the most relevant section; use Unified for theories that span more than one character group.
** Remove Jossed or Confirmed theories to the appropriate pages as the plot develops, giving some time for the OP to see the judgement.
** If a theory is completely incomprehensible, it may be deleted after an explanation is attempted, or simply moved to Jossed. Use your own discretion.
** No spoiler tags.
** Pages have been recently cleaned up and sorted somewhat! Try to keep them that way please.
* [[WMG/HomestuckUnified Unified Theories]]. This is the appropriate section to put theories that cover multiple characters or theories about mechanics of the game. Please don't put it in one of the other sections.
* [[WMG/HomestuckKids Kids]]
* [[WMG/HomestuckAlpha Alpha Session]]
* [[WMG/HomestuckTrolls Trolls]] (Including Pre-Scratch)
** [[WMG/HomestuckJossedTrolls Trolls (Jossed)]]
* [[WMG/HomestuckSprites Everyone Else]]
** [[WMG/HomestuckJossedFelt The Felt (Jossed)]]
* [[WMG/HomestuckConfirmed Confirmed]]
* [[WMG/HomestuckJossed Jossed]]
** [[WMG/HomestuckJossedTwo Jossed (cont.)]]
** [[WMG/HomestuckJossedThree Jossed (cont.)]]
** [[WMG/HomestuckJossedFour Jossed (cont.)]]
* [[WMG/HomestuckJokes Joke Theories]]
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