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[[WMG: 47 isn't the only surviving Ortmeyer clone]]
After the White House mission in ''Blood Money'', the paper [[TheReveal features the mugshots]] of the two escaped convicts who've been all over the news up until that point. In addition to being nearly identical to one another, they also bear a strong resemblance to 47, and one of them has what appears to be a barcode tatoo on his neck. In real life, Dr. Ortmeyer would've kept a backup copy of his greatest creation somewhere... Maybe 47 missed a spot.
* From memory those two guys that kept appearing in the newspapers was part of a viral marketing campaign for ''KaneAndLynch''.
* One of them turned up in ''Silent Assassin'', so it's entirely possible that there are still more.
[[WMG: Agent 47 doesn't cover up the huge barcode on his head, because he's so nondescript in looks, only his bald head and barcode are the things anyone really remember of him.]]
It's been hinted that Mr. 47 can blend into most places in the world, because his physical makeup contains enough features from people of those regions for people to not be as suspecting of him when they look at him. In that case, the only thing that would really stand out about him in a crowd is his bald head (which is hardly unique) and the big-ass barcode tattoo on the back of it (which you'd have to be up-close and looking dead-on to recognize as a barcode, and not something else entirely). Trying to recognize him without catching him in the act would be like trying to recognize an otherwise-nondescript man with a row of piercings down his ear; you'll only be able to recognize the piercings, and not much else. So despite the "urban legend" that formed around him by the time ''Blood Money'' came around, he's still able to slip by unnoticed, because all anyone in the public really knows about what he looks like is "bald clone with barcode tattoo on head", and "bald clone" is almost impossible to determine by looks.
* What always bugged this troper is the fact that the urban legend has him as a clone. How would someone know this only from the eyewitness reports?
** Because he has a barcode on the back of his head. [[EpilepticTrees QED]].
*** Remember in the "Asylum Aftermath" level in ''Contracts'', which takes place after the final level of ''Codename 47'', the Romanian SWAT Team had raided the place. This Troper thinks that they had found the bodies of the 48s, and thought that another clone had gone rogue, and since 47 has a similar barcode on the back of his head, people assumed he was that very clone (and were more right than they thought).
* He does try to cut it off and cover it up in ''Absolution'', but it's back at the end of the game. Perhaps it's encoded to come back after removal in his DNA a la ''Series/DarkAngel''.

[[WMG: 47 is a minor psychic, capable of diverting attention away from his barcode and fogging witness reports.]]
If 47's bald head and barcode have become part of the Urban Legend, why don't guards get suspicious when they search him and find the tattoo on the back of his head? More to the point, why do so many guards fail to mention that a bald guy with a barcode tattoo happened to enter a restricted area at around the same time the occupant of said restricted area turned up dead?
Clearly, Agent 47 has a passive psychic ability that makes people ignore his more obvious features even at close range, unless they're actively trying to kill him or aware of his true identity. This ability must also muddle the reports of witnesses, which is why most artist's impressions are so inaccurate no matter how close the witnesses are or what disguises 47 wears.
* I am not the assassin you're looking for.
** [[StarWars You are not the assassin I'm looking for.]]
* No, 47's REAL psychic power is precognition. He can endlessly play out events to come in his head, 'save' and 'reload' moments in time, and perfectly predict the movements of his targets.
* His other REAL psychic power is introduced in Hitman 2. His ability to know where everyone in the immediate area is, and his ability to tell how suspicious people are of him.
** [[DoingInTheWizard No, he uses ultra-high resolution satellite imagery to track everyone's location on a GPS device and is just really good at reading body language]].

[[WMG: 47 is going insane.]]
''Hitman: Contracts'' is a clear indication that Agent 47's brain is not a happy place to be, [[VillainousBreakdown especially in the event of a life-threatening injury.]] But as of ''Blood Money,'' he's no longer protected by the Agency, he believes that Diana betrayed him, and the Franchise apparently has a sample of his bone marrow to create it's own army of super-soldiers: [[KillEmAll killing an entire chapel full of enemy agents]] might have helped let off steam, but ultimately, 47 is clearly facing a complete mental breakdown. The results aren't likely to be pretty, but if he still has the [[DevilInPlainSight Demon Costume]] from "Dance With The Devil," he might find a very good use for it in the next instalment...

[[WMG: Doctor Ort-Meyer survived having his neck broken.]]
Unknown to Agent 47 and most of Ort-Meyer's associates, Ort-Meyer maintained a sideline interest in teleportation: though his laboratory teleporter burnt out after its first and only use, it worked well enough to transport him to the only place with technology capable of saving his life: [[Series/DoctorWho the planet Skaro, where he renamed himself Davros.]]
He is now in other parts of the universe, planning [[PunctuatedForEmphasis THE DESTRUCTION! OF REALITY! ITSELF!]]
* While that is of course entirely cracked, it seemed that in the original game they were potentially planning to have Ort-Meyer survive and come back later for revenge in a sequel (during his extended rant in the final battle, he talks about how he "can't die" and hints that his technology makes miracles (i.e. coming back from the dead) possible). However, the series has evolved quite a bit since then towards a more "realistic" universe, and I seriously doubt they'd revisit this potential plotline.

[[WMG: More clones then you think]]
Hitman 47 dies a lot in his missions, Diana just keeps cranking out the clones.
* How would all the failed assassination attempts and identical corpses go unnoticed by the public?
* Also, it's never indicated that clones can share memories, so there's no way he'd remember all his previous acquaintances.

[[WMG: 47 is retired.....again]]
how else can you explain the fact that there hasnt been a new installment in this series in almost SIX YEARS? I say stick a fork in this series, it's done.
* {{Jossed}}: Two things - a) an incredibly popular, lucrative series would ''never'' just be dropped like that by any publisher worth their salt, b) announcement trailer for Hitman 5 was released 10 May, 2011.

[[WMG: 47 is 'Mark I']]
In Blood Money, you meet Mark (Purayah) II and Mark (Parchezzi) III, both named after their being clones, but you never find out anything their 'Mark I' predecessor. This is presumably because they're modelled after 47 and the cloning process that brought him to life. Cayne claims the Ort-meyer files are 'in circulation' at the end of Blood Money, but who's to say that isn't just another lie in his story to Henderson? The most probable explanatino is that the Franchise got their hands on the files from an early point and used them to try and create their own super-assassins, which resulted in the Crows.
* The BigBad from ''Blood Money'' specifically states that they only got some of Ort-Meyer's work and they need 47's bone marrow to fill in the blanks.

[[WMG: Margeaux LeBlanc is the "Mississippi Client"]]
The Mississippi Client provides two missions is Blood Money, "Death On The Mississippi" and "Till Death Do Us Part". In the first mission, you are to kill Skip Muldoon (along with 6 Gator Gang members) and to steal photos from Skip's safe. In "Till Death Do Us Part", you are to kill Buddy Muldoon (who is Skip's son) and Pappy LeBlanc. The bride, Margeaux, is not to be harmed during this mission. Not to mention, if 47 is disguised as the priest and performs the ceremony, Margeaux is reluctant to do the traditional kiss....hmmm....
* Not so much WMG the newspaper clippings heavily imply that Margeaux ordered the killings. Not to mention that if you speak with her in "Till Death Do Us Part" she'll tell you where her father is, warn you that the area is off limits, and advise you on when you could "catch him". If she happens to stumble upon her fiance's dead body she'll say "finally." And the clippings from "House of Cards" suggest she went to Las Vegas with their drug money.

[[WMG:A future Hitman game will feature the eighth Saint.]]
The [[http://i.imgur.com/lusmM.jpg official picture]] of the Saints show eight members, but you only kill seven of them in Absolution. It's never explained what happened to the eighth Saint, and since 47 never killed her, she's likely to still be alive.
* Probably {{Jossed}}. According to the trailer "The Saints ICA Files", [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname "Boo"]] (standing first from the left in the picture above) was [[http://i.imgur.com/cGyjSnQ.jpg KIA]] before the events of ''Absolution''. The one who could make a return is their leader, [=LaSandra=] Dixon, who apparently survived her encounter with 47 and ended in a coma.

[[WMG: [[ButtMonkey Agent Smith]] will TakeALevelInBadass.]]
Heck, he might end up [[spoiler:rescuing 47]] just to cement this.

[[WMG: 47's five fathers had DNA from [[AssassinsCreed The Ones Who Came Before]].]]
Ort-Meyer manages to isolate and insert enough of the relevant DNA into the clones, giving them Eagle Vision of a kind, manifesting itself as the Instinct mechanic in ''Absolution'' and as the maps in the classic games.

[[WMG: 47's [[BulletTime Point Shooting ability]] is one he learned as a result of his gunshot wound during the "Curtains Down" mission]]
From ''Silent Assassin'' onwards, ingame 47 perceives the world in slow motion when he's dying. When he was shot by the albino clone, he canonically uses this ability for the first time (Assuming that he canonically completed ever hit in the previous games with a Silent Assassin rating) and learns how to control it after the funeral massacre.