[[WMG:There is a good reason why Hiroyo's tattoo just disappeared.]]
It was a reference to the similar thing with the silver Lightspeed Rescue ranger, who didn't exist in Kyūkyū Sentai Gogo V. Therefore, it disappeared because that plot point never happened in Sentai, and thus never was resolved.
* Reference or not, it ''did'' disappear because Saburo Hatte removed that plot element.

[[WMG:The Akibarangers will cameo in the upcoming ''Film/KamenRiderXSuperSentaiSuperHeroTaisen'']]
In keeping with the Toei tradition of upcoming series making cameos in movies. Considering the subject of material of Akibaranger, it might even be a joke moment. With both debuting in April, it's a possibility.
* Considering the tone of the show, I doubt that the MoralGuardians will be thrilled about them appearing and luring kids into watching something they shouldn't.
** Very likely Jossed: Akibaranger will premier April 9, a little less than two weeks before Super Hero Taisen. All the other cameos were anywhere from a few days to a month before the new show. That, plus the fact Toei doesn't want kids to watch the show ([[ContentWarnings "Good kids, stay away from this show. Got it?"]]), makes a cameo highly unlikely.
*** Akibaranger did get a ShoutOut in the ''Super Hero Taihen'' net movies though. In the episode where [[Series/TokumeiSentaiGobusters Blue Buster and Gorisaki]] try in vain to solve the mystery of the meaning of the letter, a letter which turns out to contain the message "Please make Akiba official."

[[WMG:The Akibarangers will, despite their title, eventually become official Super Sentai]]
Humorous subject material aside, there may come a time when the Akibarangers will save the Earth in some fashion. In doing so, they'll be recognized as a Super Sentai on their own.
* Hiroyo said that their goal is save the world (from whatever), get an official primetime, and become official Franchise/SuperSentai. However, one can also be aware the possibility of eventually the Akibaranger embracing their unofficial status and still be heroes anyway.
** Maybe they will become the Official Unofficial Sentai
** The 36.5th Super Sentai? I can see it happening.
* Confirmed in a roundabout way. They become an Official Sentai at the start of Season 2... At the cost of replacing ''Series/GoseiSentaiDairanger''.

[[WMG:Akibaranger will make references, possibly even stabs, towards Kamen Rider]]
Referencing the real life fandom and divide between the two shows.
* Jossed. It's been confirmed that Kamen Rider does not exist in the Akibaranger World.

[[WMG:Akibaranger, despite the blood and sexiness, will be LighterAndSofter in tone than Gobusters.]]
* Confirmed. The series takes itself pretty much as a joke.

[[WMG:The Akibarangers will crossover with the current sentai Go-Busters, or at least make a cameo]]
* Confirmed in the Super Hero Taihen net movie. See the first WMG.

[[WMG:The Moe Morphers (for want of a better name) use the power of daydreaming.]]
Basically, the Moe Morphers force the users into Sentai themed group hallucination/daydream, where they believe they're actual Sentai fighting villains (which explains the sudden teleportation, random explosions and mook appearances, and how Akagi is actually right about a lot of things). Meanwhile, in the real world they're actually just being useful to the people around them (in the first episode they probably just cleaned the Sentai cafe and had a civil discussion with the vampire maids about health and safety regulations and how the owner is distressed about the direction they were taking the restaurant in). However, the Moe Morphers need a user that's a prolific daydreamer already, hence why Hasake picked the 3 people she did, and why she keeps going on about them having a great power. The fact that one of them daydreams about Super Sentai (and the character that forms the Moe Morpher/Magnum) is probably why he was picked to be the red Akibaranger: because in context his daydreaming would be the most "relevant" to the delusion.
* Partly confirmed. The Z-Cune Aoi dolls (whatever their name is) do work with daydreaming (or rather, delusions) as a power, and indeed, do send the Akibarangers into delusion-land. That said, they aren't even being helpful to others, they just do shadowboxing.
* Official name is the Moe Moe Z-Cune 01 or MMZ-01
* Except now it's broken out of the delusion world and into the real one.

[[WMG:Akibaranger will be DarkerAndEdgier]]
Why not?
* It's aimed at teens and adults so yeah why not.
** Jossed. It's actually pretty LighterAndSofter.

[[WMG:It will somehow manage to be both LighterAndSofter and DarkerAndEdgier at the same time]]
This is a required WMG.
* Depending on how you see the plot developments toward the end of the first season, yeah. Although the attempt to turn the show serious is still PlayedForLaughs.

[[WMG:The Sixth ranger will be a lesbian]]
Who DoesNotLikeMen. Including Akiba Red, at first. Resulting in a LetsYouAndHimFight. Now Red's harem is complete.
* There weren't even a Fourth and a Fifth, let alone a Sixth... But this isn't to say that it was completely Jossed: Yumeria tried this on Kozkoz in an attempt to keep the show dragging on. [[spoiler:It didn't work because Kozkoz was quickly rewritten as a closet lesbian who always secretly liked Yumeria.]]

[[WMG:Alternatively, TheSixthRanger (Fourth Ranger?) will be male and designated [[RealMenWearPink "AkibaPink"]]]]
Since blue and yellow are both girls, why not?
* If this were the case, he might end up being a WholesomeCrossdresser type.
** Can't he just be Camp.
*** Jossed. But if Saburo Hatte does manage to come up with an excuse [[spoiler:to bring them BackFromTheDead...]] You never know.

[[WMG:There will be {{yandere}}s in the show.]]

[[WMG:There will be a crossover with Film/KamenRiderG, as a parody of the Sentai tradition of VS movies]]
* Alternately, Goro Inagaki will just appear as himself, but the Akibarangers will try to get him to become Kamen Rider G again in order to have a crossover.
** Most likely jossed, given that Kamen Rider doesn't exist in Akibaranger.

[[WMG:The SixthRanger will have an Afro]]
It already has [[FunnyAfro molded hair]] and it would be [[AfroAsskicker awesome]]
* Jossed - the show is over, no sixth ranger.

[[WMG:This series will be a testbed]]
They will use the parody nature to hide the fact they are testing wilder ideas for designs.
* This could actually be confirmed, if Kyoryuger is the 1st time they've used guns as the {{Transformation Trinket}}.
** ToQger used IMAGINATION aka delusion as their power source.
[[WMG:Red is only TheOneGuy ''for now'']]
Which means another guy may come in down the line.
* Sorta confirmed, Red was temporarily replaced in #10.
* And brought back in #11.

[[WMG:Viacom is going to try to get Saban to get it adapted for either Spike and/or Comedy Central]]
It makes too much financial sense, and who else is going to air it?
* Creator/AdultSwim
* MTV is owned and run by Viacom, the owners and runners of Nickelodeon, who airs ''Series/PowerRangersMegaforce''. Thus, it'd be the perfect home for ''Akibaranger''. Not to mention that MTV has been known to air ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'' from time to time...
* Or Creator/TeenNick, At least after Series/The90sAreAllThat block.
** Not as much financial sense as you would think. Adapting it would be [[PragmaticAdaptation Pragmatic]] (the whole otaku theme really isn't that suited for as well for an American audience as it would be for a Japanese one, so trying to make it something different using the footage would be difficult (though not impossible) at best, and Saban would have difficulty marketing it to older Ranger fans. While it could work, it might be too big of a gamble in Saban's eyes.
** As Saban, and not Viacom, owns PowerRangers, the latter would have little leverage in trying to get the former to adapt it.

[[WMG:Red will be only TheOneGuy]]
Somehow this will turn into a Harem Sentai. No really, all of the other characters introduced (one way or another) are female.
* a reliable source (the same one that correctly called Akibaranger season 2) says that the fourth Akibaranger will possibly be a female played by a idol type actress. So this one may be all but confirmed.
* Pretty much true, yeah. For most of the show Nobuo is the only regular male character.

[[WMG:Former Sentai actors will appear in the show, but as themselves, rather than as their rangers.]]
From the first promo (with Akiba Red running into a Go-Busters production meeting and having Maskman merchandise) it seems like in the Akibaranger world, Super Sentai is a TV show. So the Akibarangers could easily meet previous actors. It could be an opportunity to spoof Gokaiger, by having the Akibarangers expect to learn how to be a good Super Sentai from the previous actor but not get anywhere.
* Might be true- the 2nd PV showed [[Series/GoGoSentaiBoukenger Bouken Yellow]]... but only visible on the back, so who knows.
** It may be Yumeria cosplaying but she's shown in front visible with the her costume's paws.
*** It's Kozkoz, actually.
* On the other hand, the [[http://www.jefusion.com/2012/03/hikonin-sentai-akibaranger-3rd-promo.html 3rd promo]] actually has Ban from ''Dekaranger'' appearing, so this might be entirely possible.
** Eventually confirmed in episode 2. Nobuo imagines meeting [=DekaRed=] but he actually runs into Ryuji Sainei, who's only in his costume because he's going to an event to promote the Japanese dub of ''Series/PowerRangersSPD''.
*** Turns out he's the only one, although a famous stuntman (Kazuo Niibori) later appears in episode 6.
** And some of the delusional Rangers are voiced by their original actors (namely [=BoukenRed=], [=KibaRanger=] and [=RyuRanger=] [[spoiler:once he is convinced that he is not China Red]]).

[[WMG:Red won't be TheOneGuy, but the next guy to be a ranger will be evil.]]
* There have been evil rangers before. Why not have one that's the only other male ranger in the series? He'll either try to win over the girls, giving Red a reason to man up and fight him, or he'll be an evil [[GayOption gay option]]
** Jossed, no sixth ranger period.
*** Akibaranger season 2 is reported to have a fourth ranger so Not jossed for now.
*** Still Jossed. This fourth ranger was a replacement to Akiba Blue, after the original got PutOnABus.

[[WMG:Another guy will be introduced, but get magically turned into a girl.]]
* Honestly, for a series involving Otaku and fetishism, why not? It's no less likely than a tentacle monster, is it?

[[WMG:Saban will adapt this series into a Power Rangers series for preschool]]
However, they'll end up being bankrupt spending too much money on censoring all the inappropriate parts.
* They could make this into a plot if that was ever adapted.

[[WMG:There will be an [[EvolvingCredits Evolving OP]].]]
Officially there's two singers credited for it, but one of them, who previously did the theme for ''Gaoranger'', is barely audible over the chirpy female vocals - as the show goes on and CerebusSyndrome kicks in, the volume for both vocals shift inversely, and the music changes from digital samples to brass and electric guitar, but the tempo stays the same, until the OP turns into a full-on HotBlooded theme well worthy of being counted among Super Sentai.
* Jossed. They didn't even take the opportunity to use Yumeria's and Kozkoz's cosplaying for {{Couch Gag}}s.
** Not really! Turns out from #10 onwards the OP starts to slightly change, to the point in #11 that even Hiroyo promises to have the OP changed in the next and final episode after all the plot twists.
** The opening went back to normal in the last episode, but something like this ''did'' happen: [[spoiler:during the final robot battle, Machine Itasshar's theme plays, but sung mostly by Yukio Yamagata rather than Haruko Momoi.]]

[[WMG:One of the extra rangers will be a gaijin...]]
...who is a Power Rangers fanboy and only knows about Super Sentai because of Power Rangers. Because of this, he will mix up Power Rangers facts with Sentai, annoying Akiba Red.
* Jossed - no extra rangers.

[[WMG:Hiroyo is Marushina]]
At least someone is making them imagine so realistically in Marushina.
** Jossed at least as far as season 1 is concerned The producers could pull a one 180.
** Completely Jossed. The two are different characters - and in Marushina's case, she's a drawing given life through the power of delusion.

[[WMG:The show will have a GainaxEnding.]]
Seeing as how [[spoiler:[[MindScrew #11 became such a clusterfuck of epic proportions]]]], I wouldn't be surprised in the least.
* [[spoiler:The end of season 2 could count.]]

[[WMG:There's a [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Dream World]] that the villains try to take over]]
That's the place where the Akibarangers fight all along!
* Jossed after a fashion: there ''is'' a dream world, but the goal of the villains is to get ''out''. [[spoiler:As of #9, they've succeeded.]]

[[WMG:Unofficial Sentai will happen annually]]
OP here ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin this is the first of a line of unofficial Sentai

[[WMG:The show will live up to the Bloodier, Sexier, and Edgier angle it built up to and hit CerebusSyndrome]]

[[WMG:Akibaranger and Super Sentai are MutuallyFictional]]
And if any time a TV is shown in Gobusters Akibaranger will be on it.
sorta confirmed Akibaranger is indeed as fictional as Sentai in-universe as well

[[WMG:One episode will show one of the rangers watching Gobusters on TV.]]

[[WMG:Hakase will transform at one point.]]
And become [=AkibaProfessor=]

[[WMG:Akiba yellow is actually a crossdresser.]]
Don't ask why I just have a strange feeling they are gonna do this
* [[spoiler:Her voice changed when her cat headband fell off in #2]]
** Whether actual a man cosplaying women or a woman cosplayer this is very likely confirmed
*** Confirmed that she crossdresses, since as of episode 3 she's been both a catgirl and a schoolboy.

[[WMG:Alternatively, Akiba Yellow is incredibly serious and businesslike when out of costume.]]
* Well, kind of. She can do her job properly (at least so we think, or else she would've been a layoff at any given point), but she still fantasizes about yaoi out of costume to the point of drawing her fanzines at work.

[[WMG:The Stema Corporation aren't the true villains]]
Towards the end, it'll be revealed that the Akibarangers' powers as well as the villains are all being generated by an evil force for it's own amusement. Even if the Stema Corporation are defeated, it'll simply create new villains, and if the Akibarangers refuse to fight it, it'll make new rangers to combat it (a parody of the longevity of Super Sentai). In the end, they must choose between saving the world for good and losing their powers, or remaining the Akibarangers and have to combat evil forever.
* And then they TakeAThirdOption?
* [[spoiler:Confirmed...sort of. It turns out the ''real'' antagonist was Toei itself (by way of Saburo Hatte), who is controlling the Akibaranger's world.]]

[[WMG:Before Super Hero Taisen]]
In a short waiting in line to see it

[[WMG:A ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' actor will show up at one point]]

[[WMG:Marushina does not exist]]
Everytime she does things, it is usually having the Akibarangers transform and she just poofs out when the enemy is defeated. Therefore, Marushina is a figment of the Akibarangers' delusions and doesn't exist in real life. Which means, there's nobody who are thinking to make Akihabara the second Shibuya, Marushina exists, plots and whatever because in such delusions of a hero, a villain is needed, and the plan to make Akihabara the next Shibuya was merely a personification of the fears of Nobuo, Mitsuki and Yumeria to be shunned by the public if their otaku style were to be discovered in public... ''especially Shibuya''.
** Well, she was just a delusion originally, but [[spoiler:now she's emerged into the real world.]]

[[WMG:Malshina does actually exist, and knows/worked with Hiroyo in the past]]
The two of them worked on the Grand Delusion project together, but for some reason the two of them went their separate ways before it was complete with Malshina wanting to use it for evil (or just plain sell out, which explains why her mooks are Corporate Drones) and Hiroyo wanting to use it for good/altruistic purposes (hence why she seemed so convincing when she asked Akagi if he wanted to protect the world, whereas her saying she made it for no real reason seemed a bit... odd). Both of them tried to finish it on their own, and by coincidence managed to finish around the same time, albeit with different devices, leading to the events of the series.
** Jossed. Dr Z created her originally as a villain on Z-Cune Aoi who was rejected.

[[WMG:This story, of all things, will have AnAesop]]
The aesop being: "You can turn your delusions into reality... if you try hard, and not constantly delude yourself." As of the moment, all the Akibarangers can only delude themselves, but then there will be a point that the crisis extends to real life and they managed to bring what they deluded into real life and as Hiroyo stated, 'Be a better person'.

[[WMG:Hakase is going to use the Akibarangers for her own purposes]]
She is planning to control them through delusions to do something for her. Like robbing banks.

[[WMG:If Akibarangers have [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Ranger Keys]]]]
When Gokai Blue becomes, Akiba Blue, the helmet retains, but the body suit will be similar to Akiba Red, sans the polar bear print on the back of the pants.
* Alternately, it'll keep the polar bear print for RuleOfFunny.
** Confirmed that they do have ranger keys in the toyline, but jossed since they don't work.

[[WMG:Mitsuki represents the normal sentai fans watching Akibarangers]]
Basically, she represents the fans who have no idea what is going on in Akibarangers.

[[WMG:The Itasha Robo will only work when the Sixth Ranger comes]]
Hakase said that they don't have enough delusional power to make it useful, so many a person or two might make it functional, as the delusions are channeled through the Akibarangers.
* Jossed. They get it to work properly in Episode 7.

[[WMG:Akibaranger Ranger Keys will show up in Gokaiger Vs Go-Busters...]]
...or some other Super Sentai movie involving the Gokaiger, thus allowing the Unoffical Sentai to cameo as a Gokai Change. No in-verse explanation will be given for this whatsover, but an Akibaranger Ranger Key set will [[BlatantLies coincedentially]] be available for purchase, possibly as a Tamashii Web Exclusive.

[[WMG:The Stema Corporation will somehow break out of the Akibarangers' delusions and appear in the real world.]]
** It happens in episode 6.

[[WMG:There ''won't'' be a SixthRanger.]]
This show ''is'' subverting all the tropes, after all...
* Alternatively, we can have an initial MarySue character as a sixth ranger, but when things do not go well, (s)he'll chicken out and will not be seen again.
** If there is a MarySue SixthRanger, it will be [[Anime/SmilePrettyCure Cure Candy]]. Because hey, it makes as much sense as half the other shit on this page.
*** Confirmed, no sixth ranger.
*** Season 2 will reportedly have one.

[[WMG:Moe Moe Z-Cune will get her own show.]]
Because why not?
* Supporting this, there is an opening that appeared in episode 8.
* Also there has been confirmation of a Z-Cune Manga.
* The character's name is Z-Cune Aoi, Moe Moe Z-Cune is the name of the Akibarangers' morpher.
** Actually, the ''anime'' is called ''Nijiyome Gakuen Z-Cune Aoi''. The ''character''[='=]s name is Aoi Ichikawa.

[[WMG:[[Series/ChoujinSentaiJetman Red Hawk]] will appear in an episode.]]
This might sound like a completely out of left field WMG... unless you look at the release dates for this summer's SHFiguarts. The Akibarangers' figures and [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger Deka Red]]'s were announced for release around the same time, and Deka Red just happens to come with the Deka Wapper that Akiba Red used. And in the months after that, Bouken Red will be released as well... and so will Red Hawk. This certainly can't be a coincidence.
* Confirmed. Red Hawk appears in episode 6. I suppose this means we can expect [[Series/HimitsuSentaiGoranger Akaranger]] in a future episode as well.
** Akaranger jossed - they don't have the rights to Ishinomori Productions (Goranger and JAKQ) and are out of time anyway.
** They do show Deka Blue and Black Condor in #13, though; their figures went on preorder at the time the show was airing. And then the narrator lampshaded the whole thing.

[[WMG:The series will end with a Cease and Desist order from Toei given to the Akibarangers.]]
Because it would be the perfect way to end the series.
* Partially Jossed as the basis of episode 9 will be the Akibarangers being disbanded. Whether it's by Toei or not is up for grabs.
** They do get a letter from Toei in episode 13. But it isn't a cease and desist notice.

[[WMG:The series will end with the making of the series itself.]]
Perhaps the Akibarangers will make one final attempt at being made official, and will be met with a response from the executives along the lines of "well, we can't make you the next Sentai for kids, but how about we make a show for adults?"

[[WMG:There will be a DigitalPiracyIsEvil plot.]]
Featuring a RuthlessModernPirate MonsterOfTheWeek and a Gokaiger or Hurricanger cameo.
* Or Gingaman

[[WMG:Akibaranger exists in the Z-Cune Aoi universe.]]
Aoi herself will be shown at some point with the three Akibaranger on a keychain.

[[WMG:The three actors playing the Akibaranger will go on to play three of...whatever the 37th Super Sentai is called]]
...thus giving the Akibaranger their dream (kind of) in a way that doesn't actually require Japanese kids to see Akibaranger.
* Quite obviously jossed considering Akibaranger has a second season and the 37th Sentai, Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger, has already started. Maybe the 38th?
** Jossed too. None of them appears in ''Series/ResshaSentaiToqger''.
*** Jossed for the 39th and 40th ones as well, since none of them appear in ''Series/ShurikenSentaiNinninger'' or ''Series/DoubutsuSentaiZyuohger'', and seeing as how Akibaranger hasn't been renewed for a third season, it's pretty much jossed for good

[[WMG:Mitsuki is TheMole]]
Or at least, she's been working with Hiroyo since the beginning; we didn't see her being recruited, and she gave a rather flimsy excuse for sticking around in #2. In actuality, her mission is to:
* test her teammates, learning how they react to the delusions and trying to understand how they function, and;
* act as a failsafe system in case something goes wrong.
Indeed, we can see that she:
* is both [[OneOfUs familiar enough]] with otaku culture to get along with her teammates' delusions and [[OnlySaneMan "normal" enough]] to remain somewhat in control;
* has martial arts training, which might have been necessary to handle oneself in the delusions ([[SubvertedTrope it wasn't]]), and;
* is underage, which gives her an excuse not to partake in the craziest of experiments (like drinking in #3).
Obviously, she too has been kept in the dark about what the purpose of all this is (she must have been told that it was some kind of "experiment"). On the other hand, as demonstrated by #4, she is allowed to take initiative: when she announced she wasn't going to transform anymore, Hiroyo was genuinely surprised and took some time to understand what she was up to (and even then, Hiroyo was unaware that she was in fact in Akihabara).
* Jossed.

[[WMG:The Akibarangers are test subjects for a new product]]
The Moe Moe Z-Cune are prototypes for a new form entertainment, a way of making virtual reality through brain waves. It could easily become the most immersive form of entertainment ever, as well as making telepathy possible eventually. However, the technology is still being tested. Among other things, one needs to determine whether delusions can be dangerous in and of themselves, whether they can leave long term damage, and whether they can cause addiction.

[[WMG:Should Akibaranger be adapted, it will be as a ''Series/PowerRangersRPM'' sequel.]]
Think about it. [[Series/EngineSentaiGoOnger The season RPM was made from]] was insanely goofy, but ''RPM'' has a DarkerAndEdgier AfterTheEnd story going on. Of course, that would require a lot of original footage...
* Except that series was an official Sentai series; also, considering that it would be a lot easier for Saban to adapt ''Go-busters'' if they were going to make an RPM sequel (ignoring the fact that RPM is a Disney-era show), it's probably safe to say that this one is likely jossed.

[[WMG:Nobuo is [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Gai]]'s father]]
* Jossed if it is biological. They have only about a decade in their age differences.
** And even if you assume Nobuo just becomes Gai's father in the future, in the first episode, Nobuo thinks the Akibarangers will be the 37th Super Sentai, which wouldn't make sense if a member of the 35th Super Sentai hadn't even been born yet. Then again, someone from a world in which all the Super Sentai are fictional becoming the father of someone living in a world where they all really existed would require some sort of interdimensional travel in the first place, so maybe time travel could be involved as well.

[[WMG:Members of Music/{{AKB48}} will make a cameo at some point.]]
It's set in Akibahara, after all. Minami Takahashi may be the most likely choice, especially if they do an episode where [[Series/NinjaSentaiKakuranger NinjaRed]] appears, due to her childhood heroes being the Kakuranger.

[[WMG:The Akibarangers will [[EpicFail accidentally kill]] their SixthRanger just before (s)he can join]]
The SixthRanger will start off working for the bad guys, but display obvious hints that (s)he can be redeemed. Eventually he'll drop his weapon and declare he doesn't want to fight any more, at which point a GenreBlind Blue will shoot him.
* Jossed, they never got a Sixth Ranger.

[[WMG:The fourth ranger will be purple]]
The purple ranger on the pictures in the classroom in the movie episode will be the team's [[SixthRanger sixth (fourth) ranger]].
* Jossed.

[[WMG:The Akibarangers will eventually get a proper HumongousMecha and/or CombiningMecha.]]
Possibly with the advent of their additional Rangers, who will bring with them a giant mecha about the same time the Chief Clerks find a way to MakeMyMonsterGrow, causing Akiba Red to complain they don't have one. Either Itashar Robo will dock with said Mecha to power it up somehow, or they get their own HumongousMecha shortly afterwards. This will also allow them to use the typical people in rubber suits as opposed to full CGI models, which they can parody.
* Confirmed, Itassha Robo actually grew to giant size in episode 12.

[[WMG:The additional rangers will have powers stemming from a different source and be an "offical Sentai"]]
Now that the battle has entered the real world, the JSDF or some other group there will create their own duo of Rangers to face the monsters, who are "real" and don't use the delusion power. They will treat the Akibarangers as vigilantes while they themselves are "offical" and recognized by the government/Toei.
* Jossed.

[[WMG:An official version of Akibaranger will be the next sentai series]]
Akibaranger will end with the heroes being hired to play themselves in an official series based off their adventures. It will have no in story connection and can be watched separately, being more in line with a true Sentai series, but have the same actors, with the characters credited as the actors. It'd be a nice way to give the series an EarnYourHappyEnding ending.
* Jossed. The next official series was ''Kyoryuger''. ''Akibaranger'' only ever becomes official at the start of Season 2... And that's only because someone had been tampering with their reality and made them replace ''Dairanger''.
** Jossed even more by the fact that after ''Kyoryuger'' finished, the next official series was ''ToQger'' - combine that with the fact that ''Akibaranger'' was not renewed for a third season, and you've got pretty much conclusive evidence that this one has been jossed.

[[WMG:Sayaka is an {{Otaku}}, too.]]
She's just much better at hiding it than the Akibarangers.
* As an extension of this, Sayaka is Aoi's secretive voice actress.
** VA part is jossed - Aoi's voice is Hiroyo!
* Confirmed in episode 12! Sayaka loves Sentai too!

[[WMG:Sayaka will be the fourth-SixthRanger]]
In relation to the above theory.

[[WMG:If an American version is made]]
[[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Lewis]] [[WebVideo/HistoryOfPowerRangers Lovhaug]] will play Nobuo's American counterpart.
* And Jason David Frank will play the male version of Hiroyo (assuming he doesn't end up in Gai's role when they make the American version of Gokaiger).
** How about Johnny Yong Bosch? With all his time dubbing anime, he's even earned his otaku card. Oh, and Kelson Henderson gets the equivalent role to Kozkoz.

[[WMG:Malshina is Hiroyo's father's creation.]]
It's so obvious.
* As of episode 7, confirmed.

[[WMG:Expansion to the above: Hiroyo's father created Malshina to be his waifu]]
She didn't like being an object one bit and is doing something to get an identity for herself.
* Jossed. He created her to be the villain for the ''Z-Cune Aoi'' anime, but his designs were all rejected.

[[WMG:The transformation trinkets for the additional Akibarangers' will be based on Seed Jeanne from Nijiyome Academy Z-Cune Aoi.]]
They would be recruited by Malshina as her EvilKnockoff versions to fight the originals in order to build up delusion power and keep them busy but they later pull a HeelFaceTurn and join up with the original 3.
* Jossed. Such a transformation trinket does exist, but Malshina uses it to gain new armour.

[[WMG:Akibaranger will have about 12 episodes]]
* There are four [=DVDs=] currently scheduled for release, each with 3 episodes, for a total of 12.
** The series has been confirmed for 13 episodes.
** Well, technically it's 12 plus one ClipShow...

[[WMG:Akibaranger will have more than 12 episodes]]
* Both this and the above theory are confirmed. 13 episodes total.
** Season 2 makes it 26.

[[WMG:Hakase will be the SixthRanger]]
Kozkoz acts as MissionControl in episode 8, so we know that Hakase doesn't have to be the one doing that job. With the revelation that Malshina was created by her father, maybe she'll want to do something about that?
* Furthermore, she'll be Akiba White, given her white lab coat (to go with Nobuo's red jacket, Mitsuki's blue uniform, and Yumeria's yellow wig).
** Jossed.

[[WMG:Hakase's father is the BigBad]]
And Malshina appeared as part of his plot to get revenge on the Aoi studio for letting him go.
* And he's that creepy old guy who was with Malshina at the end of #8
** Confirmed in episode 9.

[[WMG:Doctor Z will be a KnightOfCerebus.]]
Confirmed... Somewhat. While he appears as a bigger threat to the Akibarangers, the constant InUniverse ExecutiveMeddling keeps him shifting in and out of this role.

[[WMG:Yumeria's mom is just one of several [[ChekhovsGunman Chekhov's Gunmen]]...]]
...who return for the last episode, where an overload of delusion power from every civilian in Akihabara supporting our heroes by watching them in action causes damn near every Red ranger and then some to appear alongside our heroes. Bonus points if ''Kozkoz'' is dressed as a mecha instead.
** Unfortunately, Jossed.

[[WMG:Their delusional powers will recreate the Legend Wars]]
Similar to above, but the delusional powers cause everyone to become a Sentai member. How this goes down is unknown. Either they make it a farce and [[AntiClimax not show it]], or go with it and [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome show it]].
* Jossed. Although season 2 starts with a faux-Legend War with just four teams (Akibaranger and the three past Sentai they've met).

[[WMG:The crossover to reality is a mass delusion]]
Remember the MMZ-01's ability to broadcast brainwaves? It's actually been getting stronger due to the Akibarangers' delusion power, and it currently affects the entirety of Akihabara, with the potential to affect the whole world. Unlike the usual delusion, they're well blended with reality, making things like everyday functioning coexist with delusional elements. This would mean that the sign gun, for example, not only didn't transform, but was never blown away from where it hung to begin. Being the MMZ-01 an electronic device, it would also cover the photos of the Akibarangers in action; a traditional camera would've led to a TomatoSurprise, but such device is practically nonexistant in the electronic town of Akihabara.
* In a case of FridgeBrilliance, it would validate the ''"battles that exist entirely in their heads"'' piece of the opening monologue for the remainder of the series.
* Jossed. Episode 10 reveals that the Delusion World is an actual parallel dimension.
** That's not necessarily Jossing though. It could be that that explanation is itself part of the delusion.

[[WMG:The entire plot is in-universe ViralMarketing.]]

[[WMG:Both Hakase and Sayaka are gonna become Akibarangers]]
And they will have a long InTheNameOfTheMoon speech
* Jossed.

[[WMG:All of the other Sentai teams had their start via Grand Delusion]]
In-universe, the actors that played the other Sentai teams were recruited and trained through Grand Delusion. The Akibarangers were the first to have theirs [[spoiler: come to real life]].

[[WMG:Doctor Z is not actually a cyborg. He's just wearing a costume.]]
To go with the Showa-era vibe, his robotic parts have a rubbery, cheap-looking vibe to them. This is intentional. It's all just a costume that he made himself in order to look more intimidating.
* Then how did his "fake" claw apparently tear through a steel door?

[[WMG:The show was created in part because of restrictions on Gokaiger]]
While Gokaiger reffed just about every last Sentai member ever, there were things the show couldn't do, lampshading its core audience could not deal with, fourth wall breaking that could have gone too far. This troper believes Gokaiger was forced by its premise of respectful homage to bypass a lot of good jokes that Akibaranger has become the recipient of.

[[WMG:Nobuo will transform without the Moe Magnum]]
In the preview for Ep 11 the new guy takes Nobuos place as Akiba Red and his Moe Magnum, and since he's the man nerdy enough to break down the wall between reality and delusion he will transform on his own.
* Bonus points if he creates a new Akiba Ranger form for himself.
* Jossed for the first one, but Season 2 confirms the new form thing with the Moe Moe Zubaan.

[[WMG:The Akibarangers will somehow create The universe of the Tenth Franchise/PrettyCure Series through a Heroic Sacrifice of their Universe]]
Hakase is Transformed into Aoi to represent Aoi in the Seven Magical Girl Series that have been bonded to the Fused Universe of Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Gundam.
#Nijiyome Gakuen Z-Cune Aoi

[[WMG:Takuma is secretly evil or working with the villains]]
This guy seems almost too good to be true. Not to mention that he comes in with a trumpet when he is declared the next Akibared. [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger What other red-clad character do we know that carries a trumpet in recent Sentai History]]?
* Bonus points if he happens to be the human form of [=DeluKnight=].
* Jossed (he was the only one unaware of the series' nature as a TV show, but he left it once he realized), and Jossed (they even fight each other with Delu-Knight acknowledging Takuma as his rival).

[[WMG:The Pentagon is a trap]]
Have we forgotten Malshina's ability to mimic other people?
* Not so. Somehow the preview shows an American man along with several bodyguards alighting off a car.
* [[spoiler:Confirmed, it was a trap to get Nobuo off the show.]]
** Retconned in season 2. Now it's not a trap and is the explanation for Mitsuki being PutOnABus.

[[WMG:The real mastermind behind this came from the delusion world]]
Its/His/Her power includes turning a reality into a TV show.
* Jossed, it's the Toei staff writer pseudonym, Saburo Hatte.

[[WMG:Pentagon is WordOfGod ]]
* Pretty much confirmed. [[spoiler:The Pentagon plot was part of Saburo Hatte's retooling of the show.]]

[[WMG:There will be a WriterRevolt in the RecapEpisode that results in a second season.]]
There are a few clear signs in the show that not all the staff members agree with the new direction. For one thing, Dr. Z's backstory involves him being frustrated by ExecutiveMeddling on his own show; it would seem strange that those responsible for creating that part of the plot would then go ahead and do it to the show they're working on themselves. There's also the fact that the music in episode 11 is always played as sympathetic to Nobuo and Malshina's efforts to fix things. And it seems weird to have the last episode of a show be a RecapEpisode that doesn't do anything for the story. Thus, it's possible that the staff members who liked the original plan for the show will pull a HeelFaceTurn and ally themselves with the Akibarangers, giving them another season.
** [[spoiler: Seems to be Jossed. "Saburo Hatte" seems to be one person, making him an Author Avatar, and the real mastermind behind Season 2's existence is Malshina, who has RageAgainstTheAuthor instead.]]

[[WMG:The original Akibarangers will become "villains" in the second season (while really trying to be good guys).]]
In episode 12, [[spoiler:the Akibarangers end up trying to lose their final battle, and thus keep the villains around, in order to keep the story going. It's not a huge logical leap from doing that to the realization that what they really need to do to continue the story is ''become the new villains''. Since Malshina's still around at the end, and was already trying to work with them to find a way to stop Toei's meddling, they could start working for her. Of course, there would be a new Akibaranger team; they, like Takuma, would be fully controlled by Toei and unable to be made aware of the fourth wall. The story would continue to center on the original Akibarangers, now the "Stemarangers", as they fought against the new Akibarangers to keep the heroes from winning and ending the show (as well as possibly Hiroyo, who'd be forced to act as the mentor to the new Akibarangers, and might actually be trying to sabotage their efforts from the inside). Their transformation devices would of course be based on Seed Jeanne from Z-Cune Aoi.]]

[[WMG:The ''real'' finale will actually be...]]
A televised live show from Toei studios. [[spoiler:The Akibarangers break through the fourth wall before fighting Saburo Hatte himself, who will command monsters created by a writer standing nearby which instantly enter the real world. The Akibarangers will get beatdown, then, Akiba Red [[GenreSavvy realizes that this is]] when the HeroicSecondWind kicks in and they encourage the crowd to cheer for them, then proceed to defeat the monsters until [[CrowningMomentOfFunny the writer runs out of ideas for monsters]] and they get their hands on Saburo. The president of Toei will then show up, chew Saburo out for messing up the show so badly, and tell the Akibarangers that, due to the support of the crowd, he's been convinced to make them canon to sentai as a whole, thus preventing their show from ending.]] If they don't do this, someone please write a fanfic of it!
* Jossed. But the fanfic idea is still here.

[[WMG:Season 2 will start out the same as season 1, but the characters will make different decisions to turn the story in a different direction.]]
All the talk of "flags" in the show might make one think of a VisualNovel. And of course visual novels are known for having multiple paths and endings that you have to play the game multiple times to get. Not to mention that [[spoiler:the letter they get from the show's creators in the 13th episode says they would learn what they did wrong by watching the recap. Maybe they got the "bad ending" the first time around.]]
** Alternately, this will be the plot of TheMovie if one is created.
** In the end, one might call this confirmed... except it's ''Malshina'' who's "playing" and not the Akibarangers.
** Jossed. It continues from a TimeSkip after the end of the first season, except with some stuff changed around [[spoiler:due to Malshina's actions affecting reality.]]

[[WMG:Since episode 9 the MMZ-01 has been a MagicFeather]]
That's when they first transformed in the real world, based solely on Nobuo's [[HeroicResolve will power]]. So I believe that in the real world the MMZ-01 is a MagicFeather for said [[HeroicResolve will.]]

[[WMG:Season 2 episode 1 will start out exactly the same as Season 1 episode 1]]
But after an episode to an episode and a half they'll realize they've been reset and the story will go into the true new story
* Jossed.

[[WMG:Doctor Z was a parody of [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Lord Zedd's]] treatment by MoralGuardians]]
Started out as a KnightOfCerebus, then got turned into a nearly completely different and less evil character by ExecutiveMeddling. It's also an explanation for why his name has a Z in it.

[[WMG:There will be no second season.]]
If there is a new Unofficial Sentai, it'll involve a completely different story, thematic, and characters.
** Instead of a season 2 of Akibaranger, there will be a sequel that goes one level up: a group of fans of ''Akibaranger'' itself, who form their own unofficial Sentai team to emulate the show, and fight to get it a second season.
* Jossed.

[[WMG:The live show aka episode 14 is Cannon]]
If there's a second season the'll have the 3 new Official Powers already
* Jossed.

[[WMG:After becoming good, Dr. Z re-nicknamed himself as "Dr. ZZ".]]
Just for the ActorAllusion.
* Jossed.

[[WMG:A PowerRangers Adaption if any will be a Movie]]
Well a Trilogy anyway.
** and it'll be a not-so-adult version called "Power Rangers Dream Realm", while nonetheless still being a spin-off show with wacky stuff, shown on Vortexx.

[[WMG:A second season will acknowledge..]]
As said above, the episode 14 events will be acknowledged even if just in the form of the 3 new weapons (Checkker Flag, Big Pen and Microphone), but also make reference to the joke movie 'Akibaranger the Movie: Treasure of the Maid Empire" as having happened.

[[WMG:The second season will bring in a few Sentai tropes that were missed.]]
* The Akibarangers will get a SixthRanger, or Fourth Ranger at least.
** The same source who broke the season 2 info says their will be a 4th ranger an idol type actress who will be Akiba purple. So this is likely.
*** Jossed, that character was a replacement Akiba Blue, not a SixthRanger.
* Malshina will have a OneWingedAngel form, like Basco in ''[[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Gokaiger]]'' and Enter & Escape in ''[[Series/TokumeiSentaiGobusters Go-Busters]]''.

[[WMG:In season two, the Akibarangers will have control of their own destiny.]]
They're now aware of their nature, thus the execs can't manipulate them directly anymore, so they'll stop trying and let them do what they want, since unpredictable results will be good ratings.
* Jossed by CosmicRetcon.

[[WMG:AkibaRed's SuperMode is Sayaka]]
As a parody of [[EquippableAlly Equipabble Allies]] that can turn into armors in [[Series/KamenRiderDenO Den-O]] and [[Series/KamenRiderKiva Kiva]]. He will also reference the fact that [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger DekaRed]], his idol, has a similar armor.
* Jossed. His super mode is actually Aoi-tan!

[[WMG:In season 2, a villain will attempt to conquer reality... [[ArtShift by destroying the third dimension]], [[{{Anime}} leaving us in a two-D world]].]]
The Akibarangers will have to reach a whole new level of delusion in order to maintain the boundary between 2-D and 3-D... possibly resulting in an InUniverse crossover with Aoi-tan. And it will be played for [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome as much epic as possible]].

[[WMG:The Kyoryuger Inordinate Power is a pair of dancing shoes]]
... ''metal'' dancing shows, given to AkibaYellow. Admittedly, it may be the next Stage Show before this becomes possible.
* Jossed.

[[WMG:©Na will become AkibaPurple in season two]]
The trailer for season two showed her using one of the henshin devices, and she may start off evil, then turn good (like many other 6th Rangers). Of course, it will be mentioned the weirdness of her being 6th Ranger, even though she is 4th. Bonus points if someone needs to reference Go-On Silver if it is said ©Na is the first female 6th Ranger.
* [[spoiler: While the season isn't over, it'll take a Gainax Ending even more confusing that Season 1's to pull this off now that Malshina's the Big Bad and ''more powerful than Saburo Hatte.'']]
* Jossed. She's able to transform, but into a powered version of herself, not an Akibaranger. Plus, she went back to being a villain simply because there has to be a villain for the hero to fight in order to have a show.

[[WMG:Someone will comment on the new actor for Akiba Blue]]
Either by saying she's the same Mitsuki having gone to a "training camp" or was in an accident that required surgery, or having Kozkoz trying to point out that she's different now but everyone else not noticing.
* She is in fact a different character entirely.
** Jossed then.

[[WMG:The new Akiba Blue will be treated as an InUniverse ReplacementScrappy.]]
Jossed, she seems to get along reasonably well with everyone.

[[WMG:Kiba Ranger will become the White Akibaranger.]]
If only for the pun potential.
* Confirmed, shown in season 2 episode 2.
** ZigZagged by episode 3. Kiba Ranger was indeed going to be a member of ''Five-Star Squadron Akibaranger'', but the show was cancelled before his debut.

[[WMG:The plot of season 2 will be trying to make Akibaranger good enough for a third season]]
Trying to delay the ending didn't work, so this time the Akibarangers will try to make the show so good that they get a third season.
* Jossed.

[[WMG:The Akibarangers' world is actually a delusion world of the world that Hatte Saburo inhabits.]]
He actually discovered the principles behind the Moe Moe Z-cune and used them to make a semi-autonomous world that he could use to make TV shows more easily, testing it out with a show spoofing Super Sentai so that any irregularities could be passed off as jokes. He included the delusion world concept as FictionAsCoverUp. Of course, what Hatte Saburo doesn't realize is that his own world is ''also'' a delusion world of an even higher-level reality (after all, Hatte Saburo isn't a real person, but a pseudonym for the Toei staff). It's delusions all the way up!
* [[spoiler: It's confusing, but it seems that this is semi-confirmed. Saburo Hatte, who does seem to be one person in his universe bizarrely enough, created Season 2 in his head while hospitalized, though this time, Malshina influenced him.]]

[[WMG:The retconned plot of Season Tsuu is going to be noticed]]
More likely Hatte Saburo decided to set the show as diverging before the delusion breaking stuff in Episode 7 of the original so that it would rob the Akibarangers of their power to change in reality and their awareness of the fourth wall. However not only is it badly done, but eventually this is going to break down all because of Nobou. He was the first to start noticing this in the first season, and its unlikely a CosmicRetcon will keep him down for long. This may or may not result in the actress' for AkibaBlue switching again. Alternatively it will be either the new AkibaBlue or Maalshina who figures it out.
* Maalshina seems to be showing early signs of remembering season 1. In episode #2-3, she tells the MonsterOfTheWeek to handle the rest of the fight without her (which was pointed out in early season 1 to be an EventFlag signaling that the [=MotW=] is going to die). As soon as the words leave her lips, she falls silent and visibly hesitates, as though she was experiencing deja vu.
** Episode #2-11 reveals that [[spoiler: Maalshina never forgot about season 1 in the first place.]]

[[WMG:The [[spoiler: third Goraiger is Akina]]]]
General Pain did say he was saving it for something special and was clearly teaching her about Sentai. Then, on her side, she did say that she would never let Luna get ahead of her, so Pain might have told her that Luna is Akiba Blue.
* Jossed; she's just another one of General Pain's monsters.

[[WMG:The person in hospital]]
Is one of the following:
* Hatte Saburo, who's delusions have created the world of Akibaranger and is why he has supreme power in their world.
** [[spoiler: [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/45cb8c9e6c3027e71b60392e57017db4/tumblr_mo1bb5SQRm1qfm4dno2_1280.jpg CONFIRMED!]] ]]
** [[spoiler: Given this confirmation, and the fact it seems Malshiina is based on his nurse, the rest of the cast are also based on people in his life]]
*** [[spoiler: This bit of speculation is jossed, but in a really cool way. Maalshina isn't based on Hatte Saburo's nurse. She '''IS''' Hatte Saburo's nurse.]]
* Mitsuki, who from her own memory has wound up in hospital after episode 12 as opposed to how the others remember the first season, but is now a firm fan of Sentai, but doesn't remember well how the delusion world and real world interacted and so her mis-remembering has caused the delusion world to affect the real world.
** This might be further supported with the end of S2E8, where the show that's being watched is Boukenger. Mitsuki watching Boukenger was a pivotal moment for her character.
* Dr. Z, who remembers season 1 exactly and was confined to hospital by Hatte Saburo to keep him out of the picture, and Malsheena is using Tsu and the Akibarangers' delusions to inspire his imagination and wake him up.
** Now more likely given the reveal in S2 E9 that Malshiina's the nurse. Adding to that the fact that Hakase's curse has suddenly reappeared for the first time, and Tsukishima Alpaca is similarly set to appear again for the first time, it seems that something must have happened to Dr. Z and he's only now recovering to influence the delusion world.
* Possibly Sayaka.
* Nobuo Akagi, possibly imagining all the events after falling off his bike at the start of season 1's first episode.

[[WMG:The Baros lol Kaijin will be retconned into being part of the series they're designed from for an episode.]]
The obvious anachronisms of this with Smarpho Monger and HV1 will either be completely ignored, or result in technology being much more advanced than it should be in the present day.
* [[spoiler: Implied to be confirmed in a different way. In the Super Malshina version of Gekiranger, the Gekiranger monster General Pain created is present with Malshina-Long.]]

[[WMG:The reason Nobuo's boss at the delivery company was hanging around the cafe more often in the first few episodes, but hasn't done so as much since then]]
It was because of the change to history that caused Akibaranger to become official. After all, it's shown that in that timeline, Akiba Red's civilian outfit is the same as Nobuo's, presumably including the logo of the delivery company. That must mean that they had an agreement with Toei for ProductPlacement in the Sentai series, and thus the company's management would be friendlier to Sentai than it was supposed to be.

[[WMG:The SequelReset was staged]]
It was actually a deal between the Akibarangers and [[spoiler:Saburo Hatte]], which Nobuo was about to comment on during his live announcement before the season started, and for which Mitsuki sacrificed herself so the others could have another chance. And now that [[spoiler:Hatte dies]], they are free to acknowledge the first season and everything in between. The [[spoiler:scorpion tattoo returning]] was just a sign of the reset weakening.
* Close. The second season turned out to actually have been caused by [[spoiler:Malshina influencing Hatte]].

[[WMG:Someone will try to henshin using Tsuu Shogun's MMZ-00]]
It'll either do nothing, or transform the user (I'm guessing either Luna or a returning Mitsuki) into an evil Akibaranger.

[[WMG:The climactic sequence of season 2 (or perhaps all of episode 12) will take place on the day of the premiere of the Z-cune Aoi movie]]
The characters have been excited for the movie all throughout the season, and in episode #2-10 Nobuo mentions that the premiere is only three weeks away. Seems like Foreshadowing to me.
* Seems to be confirmed with the teaser at the end of Episode 11, in which Nobuo can't stop talking about the movie.

[[WMG:The first what-if retcon of Season 2 wasn't the Akibaranger/Dairanger/Chinaman event]]
It was actually the delusion of a hospitalized man; 'What if Akibaranger never broke the fourth wall, and continued on from there?'

[[WMG:Sayaka and General Pain will become [[EleventhHourRanger Eleventh Hour]] [[SixthRanger Sixth Rangers]] in the finale to Akibaranger 2.]]
Sayaka has barely been seen or discussed this season, and [[spoiler: General Pain has been reduced to a normal person as of S2 E10.]] What better way to finish off the season than turn the three-man Sentai into a full five-man one? [[Series/NinpuuSentaiHurricaneger It's]] [[Series/BakuryuuSentaiAbaranger been]] [[Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger done]] [[Series/TokumeiSentaiGobusters before.]]
* Given the final moments of episode 11, [[spoiler: Hakase]] might be one of the sixth rangers as opposed to Sayaka. Plus, she has General Pain's business card.

[[WMG:Nobuo eventually gains the ability to transcend time and space, and becomes [=AkaRed=], watching over the official Sentai worlds to protect them from any further meddling.]]
This is actually a theory that's been going around for a while. It would be pretty amazing.

[[WMG:The Powerful Rangers were just a misunderstanding.]]

They are ''not'' the Power Rangers- In her ignorance to Power Rangers, Luna managed to summon the Dino powers of the morphing grid- but in suit, that's [[ThoseTwoGuys Bulk and Skull.]]
* Yes, and the morphing powers allowed Bulk to lose 50 pounds, kind of like how it allowed Justin to grow in [[Series/PowerRangersTurbo Turbo]].
[[WMG:Each of the Super Malsheena Series features her as the leader of 5 villains.]]
We've seen that at least the Gekiranger and Zyuranger versions had that anyway. It may also be that later seasons would also feature 6th villains to match the 6th ranger trend of Sentai.

[[WMG:[[spoiler:The death of the Akibarangers was planned by Saburo Hatte, in the form of YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness]].]]

[[WMG:Akibarangers is a Kamen Rider show with a Sentai Theme.]]
Sure, we have a 3 man color coded team, which is a sentai thing. Not to mention they don't have a rider style belt. But what are the basic themes of Kamen Rider? Each rider is powered either by the bad guy or have the same power source as the bad guys, like how the bad guys are delusions of the Big Bad and the rangers are powered by Delusions. There is no consistent Giant Mecha battle, and even when there is, the team's "mecha" is something more of an exoskeleton type similar to the ones seen in Fourze and the Watermelon Lock Seed of Gaim.

[[WMG:[[spoiler:Saburo Hatte's true identity is [[Manga/{{Kikaider}} Hakaider]]]].]]
[[spoiler:Despite Kikaider doesn't exist in Akibaranger-verse, Saburo Hatte seems to share his first name with Saburo/Hakaider, who's one of the villains in Kikaider.]]
* [[spoiler:And Hakaider is one that controls and [[MeaningfulName deploy destruction]] to the world. You know why.]]
** [[spoiler:In second season, Hakaider sparred Akibarangers for a HeelFaceTurn AntiHero role but is ambushed by Malshina.]]

[[folder:Season 3/Future WMGs]]
[[WMG:If Mitsuki ever returns she'll be able to use the MMZ-02 to take on a super mode]]
Since she was the other big Aoi fan after Nobuo

[[WMG:If there's a third season Hatte Saburo will just asspull the team surviving and maybe finally add a new ranger.]]

[[WMG:If season 3 happens the Official Sentai for the season will be Bioman, Timeranger and Abaranger]]
Because of the final scene of 2-13.

[[WMG:Series 3 will be the Power Rangers Adaptation]]
In Season 2 episode 12, the Vs movie was named as an example of how Sentai can go on beyond the end of their series. However, there is another way, namely being adapted into [[PowerRangers "Powerful Rangers"]]; Malshina, guided by Saburo Hatte, will manipulate Haim Saban to make the adaptation. Nobuo, Yumeria, and Luna will be reincarnated into a new, ButNotTooForeign, cast in a show that starts off by reusing a mix of footage from Seasons 1 and 2, creating its own unique story until the Rangers remember their old selves and return to being their Akibaranger selves.
* Though I love the idea, sounds a bit too meta for Saban...

[[WMG:If there is a third season...]]
...the Akibarangers will [[spoiler:be entirely new characters, recruited by Hiroyo and Kozkoz to replace the ones that died. Red will be female, while Blue and Yellow will both be male.]]
** Alternately, [[spoiler:the season could take place in heaven.]]
** Or alternatively, the world is in a form of trouble that no one notices, but the Akibarangers, in ghost forms, come in to save the day.

[[WMG:The third season, should it be made, [[CerebusSyndrome will be much more grim and depressing than the previous two seasons.]]]]
The reason? [[spoiler:The season will partially be about Hiroyo, Kozkoz, and everyone else trying to cope with the deaths of the Akibarangers. One character who will be particularly hit hard by their deaths will be Malshina, who, because she has no one to oppose her anymore, will lose the will to become evil.]]

[[WMG:Future cosplays for Yumeria!]]
* Something resembling [[Manga/AttackOnTitan the Scouting Legion]], except Yumeria claims the monsters are something else entirely. [[AscendedMeme Maybe gigantic moe girls?]]
** Adding to it, perhaps a cosplay that carries over into the Akibaranger form. In keeping with the Survey Corps example, perhaps it's a green cape with DualWielding {{Absurdly Sharp Blade}}s, and to emulate the 3D Maneuvering, the fighting done is a throw-back to Koichi Sakamoto's WireFu.

[[WMG:Possible future episode parodies]]
Very well, tropers. Share to us what would be a premise of episode in Akibaranger!
* There will be an episode which Malshina and the rest try to replace manga with normal picture books for children, which infuriates Nobuo (Mitsuki included) as not only he is an otaku and really respects manga, there has been two instances that picture books have been used by Sentai villains for havoc: Either by [[Series/DaiSentaiGoggleFive trapping kids in it]] or [[Series/KousokuSentaiTurboranger hypnotizing kids to do ridiculous things]].
* A spoof body-swap episode in which Yumeria cosplays as Nobuo and forces him to dress as her.
* An episode where a dimension-traveling villain results in Nobou teaming up with ''Hikonin Rider Akiba'', an alternate version of himself from a world where the Franchise/KamenRider show exists, but Super Sentai doesn't; Mitsuki is rather disturbed to learn that her counterpart from the other universe is KR Akiba's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Malshina meets her (male) counterpart, who fills her in on how to make monsters grow giant...
** Alternately, The Akibarangers will team up with ''Hikonin Senshi Akiba-Fighter'', a team of alternate versions of themselves who come from a world where the ''Franchise/MetalHeroes'' genre exists, but ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' doesn't.
* A heartbreak episode, involving Nobuo's relationship with Sayaka. When Sayaka reveals the reason she doesn't have a boyfriend because she's interested in woman, Nobuo will quit the team (again), until he develops a new crush on Malshina.
* A flashback episode, where none of the flashbacks are actually the way they happened.
** Confirmed as the plot of season 2 episode 1.
* A team-up episode with a nonexistent ranger team.
* A Sun Vulcan tribute episodes, involving green and pink team members.
* The Akibarangers meet the Ressha Sentai Toqgers and the two combine their powers of imagination.
* [[Series/KamenRiderDecade Decade]] will somehow enter the world of Akibaranger, and the Akibarangers will learn of the existence of Kamen Rider - although they'll at first believe Decade to be the [[Main/SixthRanger Fourth Akibaranger]], and dub him [=''AkibaMagenta''=] (or if they want to do it comedically, they'll keep on mistaking him as [=''AkibaPink''=]); eventually, they'll realize he's not an Akibaranger, and after he says his CatchPhrase, they'll stare at him, then ask what a Kamen Rider is; and decide that if they can get a crossover with Kamen Rider, they will be one step closer to being official. Then, either they'll convince Decade to bring Film/KamenRiderG into the world of Akibaranger for a crossover, or Decade will inspire someone to become a Kamen Rider in the same vein as [[Series/KamenRiderAgito G3/G3-X]]. Bonus points if the latter happens and it's a costume that looks terrible on purpose. So in other words, the introduction of Kamen Rider to the world of Akibaranger will also be Decade's fault.

[[folder:A word on Z-Cune Aoi]]
[[WMG:Moya Moya Z-Cune Aoi is the main villain of the Z-Cune Aoi Z film]]
Given the fact that Z-Cune Aoi already has an evil, or at least rival, Aoi in the form of Seed-Jeanne, there is no good reason, beyond sculpting issues, to just make the evil MMZ-00 just a generic black repaint. If she'll exist as an actual character though...
** That character does in fact exist (see the upper-right corner of [[http://www.akibaranger.jp/z_cune_aoi/ this page]]).

[[WMG:The plot of Shin Gekijoban Z-Cune Aoi Z]]
Based off the spoilers given by Smarpho Monger and [[http://www.akibaranger.jp/z_cune_aoi/ the poster]], the following happens:
* Aoi befriends a new student of Nijiyome Gakuen, or otherwise just meets a man who she befriends.
* An evil version Aoi (the one the MMZ-00 is based off) appears from another world, and attacks Satomi, grievously injuring her.
* Evil Aoi is either working for someone else or on her own. Aoi attempts to fight her but fails. Aoi's new friend is revealed to also possess seed power and takes on an armoured form to fight the evil Aoi off temporarily.
* As Aoi is in no condition to fight she's left with Satomi and the new friend, while Jeanne, Mamo and Bemuko attempt to fight Evil Aoi. A group of Aois from other worlds (who may have appeared before in the show) who have also fought and lost to Evil Aoi arrive and help fight her. Aoi realises the situation is still hopeless and forces Satomi to give her a dangerous upgrade into Zubaan Aoi.
* Aoi arrives at the battle and defeats Evil Aoi, possibly getting her to join her, but probably not.
* The true villain of the film appears and Aoi and the new friend go to fight them but are unable to defeat them.
* Aoi, sure the end is near, confesses to her friend that she loves him, and kisses him, transferring either all or some of her Seed power to him. If she gives all of it she dies tragically.
* With the power boost afforded him by Aoi's kiss, Nobuo is able to defeat the final villain.