[[WMG: This game is a prequel for the entire franchise]]
After all, the player is testing a human-to-pokespeak translator that's probably going to use in the Pokedex so that a human can issue commands to their Pokemon. Also Oak says he nevr studied a day-to-day activity of a wild Pokémon.

[[WMG: Flowers are part of a Pikachu's natural diet]]
Unlike other non-food items in the game, flowers don't make Pikachu react negatively when he eats them. Furthermore, when you bring him into the backyard he eats every flower in sight (completely ignoring the player until he's finished). Pikachus instinctively prefer the yellow ones because the pigment helps color their fur.

[[WMG:VideoGame/HeyYouPikachu was a testing ground for the gameplay that eventually became VideoGame/{{Nintendogs}}.]]
Kinda meta, here, but hear me out: in both HYP and ND, we have adorable virtual pets who can be spoken to with voice recognition technology, but they each do it a different way. In HYP, the user's voice is matched to pre-programmed data, which needs to be meticulously programmed for different accents and languages - the reason why HYP took two years to come Stateside and why it never made it to Europe. Nintendogs, on the other hand, simply records the user's voice enough times to "learn" - one reason why it managed to become a runaway international hit.

The technology as Nintendo uses it had to start ''somewhere''. HYP was a test for the pre-programmed version; when it didn't work too well, Nintendo sat on it, then brought the learning version to bear after Miyamoto got a puppy.

[[WMG:Nintendo made the game by crystalizing cute and using this to print the cartridges.]]

[[WMG:Pikachu only understands the truth.]]
* Words that Pikachu understands are represented by [[color:red: red]] text.
* In ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'', everything written in [[color:red: red]] text is true.
* We can conclude that Pikachu can understand the truth.
** {{Jossed}}. Pikachu also understands his own name, which is yellow every time it appears in text.