[[WMG: Manny is gay for Mr. Lopart]]
This is so obvious that Captain Obvious wouldn't explain it.

[[WMG: Mr. Lopart's shop is cursed.]]
Which explains how Lopart manages to break everything, the curse of the shop is following him around. And in one episode where Manny had to watch the shop, all the machines and a pinata Lopart was working on for a client broke anyways, so Manny and the tools had to fix everything.

[[WMG: There is going to be some kind of spinoff that still involves Manny's tools, but it'll be focused more on them]]

[[WMG: In the same vein, there will be some kind of spinoff that involves the tools, but with another member of Manny's famiy taking over because of another thing that Manny had to take care of.]]
With Manny out of the picture for a while, someone needs to watch the tools, so a family member will have to do it until he returns.

The nice thing about this idea is, the series of series could in theory run forever -- there would always be someone to run the shop.

[[WMG: Manny's Uncle Hugo is really a !]]
Didn't Manny say Flicker originally belonged to his Uncle Hugo:
-->'''Manny''': Uncle hugo doesn't speak english either. He wanted me to have this. Something only I could take care of
Then why did the Tools scream in horror when they heard Flicker shout "Hola"?
-->'''Turner''': (freaked out) I-i-it's a talking flashlight!

Is it possible Flicker was created in a lab? Yes maybe only MadScience might be this case. So it probably explains why everyone freaked out over it.

[[WMG: Tools age slower than humans]]
The tools may seem to follow up in human years but think again.
** Dusty's supposed to be in her mid-teens but she has a high pitched, childlike voice.
** Flicker is three years of age but he seems to be physically an infant as well as having infant-like behaviours. Despite the infant behaviours, Flicker does speak in short sentances but he can still talk but he speaks spanish and [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/8/81/Flicker.gif he has a mouth full of teeth]].
** They don't seem to have knowledge of everything except Stretch. The only tools that seem to act their age is Lily and Lefty (who are full grown adults).
** Not to mention, Lily acted like a teenager three times in the series. And Lefty only acted like a teenager once. Possibly Lily acting less mature than Lefty a little often might be because she's younger than him. But despite the occasional behavior, they act still act their age.

[[WMG: Tools can have babies]]
There's been a mother, a father, and a son: [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/9/9d/Lily.gif Lily]], [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/8/83/Lefty.gif Lefty]], and [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/6/68/Juniorwrench.gif Junior]].
** How could that be? A whole family! There has to be something behind this.
I bet the tools get together and mate like animals then they get pregnant and give birth to a little baby tool then their together raising the baby tool into an adult. Not to mention Pat's family there's a baby hammer in it.

That might be the case!

[[WMG: Nobody wants Beamer]]
Okay Beamer's been Kelly's shop maybe way too long. That's probably why he wants to be Carmella's own tool because no one wanted to get him.

[[WMG: Junior was really named after his father]]
Junior might be really Lefty Jr. but they go by "Junior" because it's shorter.

[[WMG: Felipe is really Turner's biological brother]]
Felipe and Turner are both screwdrivers, right? Their just different kinds. So Turner might be really a [[ChocolateBaby chocolate baby]].
** There has been cases of [[SiblingRivalry sibling rivalry]] and Felipe tried to [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/5/57/Felipe_and_turner.jpg bond with Turner]] sometimes. So that implies he's Turner's sibling biologically.

** There has been a set of twin brothers: [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/3/37/Ticks_and_Totts.png Ticks and Totts]] if there has been a family and twin brothers. Maybe Felipe is really Turner's brother.

[[WMG: Manny is really the father of his nephews]]
Notice Manny's nephews look like small copies of him. Possibly he's there father besides, Lola's husband is never seen.

[[WMG: Dusty had a birth defect]]
Dusty's female but has no eyelashes. She's not a transsexual tool because she's had feminine behaviours such as taking an intrest in feminine hair products.
-->Dusty: (gasps) ooh! what about this hairbrush? It's so pretty!
Besides she's kind of round at the body and saws are rectangular shaped.

[[WMG: Rusty was really a [[DoorstepBaby door step tool]]]]
Rusty's afraid of everything, what caused this? Maybe a bad past might of caused this. So maybe Rusty was just brought to Manny by someone because maybe [[AbusiveParents he was badly mistreated]]. So that probably might be the case of his fear of everything even at his teenage age today.

[[WMG: Sneeze always watches movies and TV]]
How did Sneeze get his dream of being actor? He's only a vaccum cleaner. Maybe he watched too much TV and wanted to be like the actors he saw on the screen.

[[WMG: Sneeze has the weakest immune system]]
Sneeze sneezes often that's why he's named Sneeze. He probably just has a cold that he can never heal from.

[[WMG: Zip has speech disorders]]
Zip talks too fast naturally. You can barely even understand him. This must be the case.

[[WMG: Tool's tears are not made up of aqueous]]
Even though the tears appear clear like human tears [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/f/f3/Turner_crying.png like take Turner as an example.]] The tools probably cry tears of another fluid. Possibly made up of 90% water since it makes a tool whom who has a face at the medal part of them rust.

[[WMG: The tools go to scrap once they get old]]
Well like humans: They age, eat, and drink. But however there's some lines that explictly tell that they grow like all living organisiums.

Like some examples:
-->''Beamer'': Hey, I think I'm growing. (After Stretch measured him)
-->''Dusty'': But when I got a little older I realized that a loud noise is usually nothing to be afraid of.

So maybe the tools probably go to scrap at some point once they get old.

[[WMG: Turner was born with great dancing skills]]
Turner can dance really well, it's like he's professional. Even though he says he's not when you caught him dancing. Even at a young age he was that good.

Turner wanted to see a picture of himself dancing at young age in Manny's photo album:
-->''Turner'': Okay, we don't have to look at that one. (Regreting the picture of Felipe singing the talent show)
-->''Kelly'': (giggles) you were dancing, Turner. And you were pretty good. (Discribing the picture of a young Turner dancing)
-->''Turner'': Yeah, you think so?

How was Turner able to dance extremely good? Even at a young age. He probably was born with that skill he just doesn't want to say it.

[[WMG: Manny covers his head because he hates his hairsyle]]
[[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/9/92/Manny_and_Reuben_Garcia.png Manny's hairstyle seems pretty basic]] no bangs hanging down, no hair coming out at the sides, no nothing. Maybe if he had better hair he'll leave it off more often. I doubt it's the climate because the desert is hot and arid.

[[WMG: Manny never changes his clothes]]
I recall an episode where he was actually in bed at night. He wasn't wearing any pajamas. I bet Manny in real life really smells bad due to wearing the same clothes for maybe years that has been soaking up sweat and other stuff.
* He is Mexican, and nobody seems to pay him for his services. Look at it. Everyone else in the show is Caucasian, except for a few. They call Manny for his services, but they don't even pay him. If they don't pay him, he wouldn't have money for clothes.
** Maybe he's paid offscreen, you never see anyone getting paid for their services.

[[WMG: Turner, Felipe, and Stretch are stray tools adopted by Manny]]
[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJpQL-3gyYU The flashbacks! why are there lesser tools?]] Well it tells how exactly Manny got them. It seemed more like Turner, Stretch, and Felipe came out in the middle of nowhere just like stray dogs looking for homes. Possibly their old owners abondoned them on the streets and they saw Manny, Dusty, and Rusty as family. Lol when Dusty was screaming and crying.

[[WMG: The tools are really soaked in chemicals to make them alive]]
There has been several cases where you would see a faceless tool just laying around in the background. Even Kelly's sign features faceless tools. How is that? maybe they got soaked in chemicals or something which allows them to have faces, emotions, speak, eat, drink, sleep, and age.

[[WMG: There will be alive garden tools]]
Duh. Flicker's a talking flashlight then we have Sneeze whose a vacuum cleaner and a tool chest named Roland! so what if there was a talking shovel, spade, and a talking rake. Since there was construction tools, a flashlight, a tool chest, and a vacuum. why not garden tools?

[[WMG: Manny lives in his Workshop]]
He does probably they almost never show him in a house. It's been [[LampShade Lamp shaded]] once when Manny broke his vacuum.
-->Manny: Maybe we should take it to a repair shop.
-->Stretch: [[YoureInsane This is a repair shop.]]
-->Turner: Oh right.

It probably explains the lack of clothes.

[[WMG: Kelly was the one who dressed up the tools in "Wedding Day"]]
[[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130120105057/handymanny/images/c/cc/The_Wedding.png Just look at Dusty then look at the tools]] notice their all dressed nicely. (plus Dusty with mascara applied at her invisible eyelashes). Who could of done that? I doubt Manny would because men don't dress up their pets and other things like women do. And the tools couldn't do it their selves (no arms, no legs) so probably Kelly was the only person who might have done them up (make up and everything) because the other people were too busy to even dress a tool up.

[[WMG: Dusty was really wearing mascara]]
Okay her ballerina outfit (halloween) then her outfit she wore to the wedding. [[RecurringExtra Notice she has long, thick, dark eyelashes nothing like her usaully.]] How did the eyelashes become visable? It has got to be mascara. [[YourMakeupIsRunning Now we have to see her cry to test if she really was]].

[[WMG: Junior is really Lily's second child]]
Lily is an overprotective and overbearing mother. She thinks bad things will happen to Junior (such as getting hurt or damaging his medal skin) when Junior is really going to turn a bolt. Usually a mother is overprotective when something happened to her previous child. [[NoodleIncident So probably her baby wrench ran into the streets and got ran over by a truck or got taken away from her somehow. So she had Junior and decided to be overprotective so the same thing won't happen.]]

[[WMG: That toy truck is really Junior's]]
The tools seem to entertain themselves like humans do. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNNiiW_m1oQ go to 0:29 and pause it.]] Junior seemed to be the only tool who was very sad (others looked happy and some looked worried). The toy truck was broken. If the truck wasn't under Junior's ownership he wouldn't be that sad. He seemed very sad. And yeah he's supposed to be three or four in which a child will get very sad or have a blow out if a toy of their's broke. And also to note Junior seemed happy when they were fixing the truck. So that's evidence it's his.

[[WMG: Lily was so happy she didn't care about her saftey]]
At some point during Hank's Birthday, during the boat scene when they were singing "Vactions never end" Lily was almost hanging out at the way edge of the boat like as if she's getting ready to jump and dive into ocean. I mean it looked like she wanted to commit suicide. She didn't so that's a relief.

[[WMG: Lefty has mood swings]]
In Hank's Birthday, when Lefty was depressed like the other he smiled for only a few seconds then he went back to frowning. The only guess is mood swings? But Lefty's not female. Lily should have been the one.

[[WMG: Lily's pregnant in her first trimester]]
The "disappearing Lily" in The Great Garage Rescue. And she cried when she was depressed. Pregnant women are tired, sick, and their body chemistry is wacked out during the first trimester. To test this WMG we need to see a part of her getting bigger.

[[WMG: Manny's parents are dead]]
We never saw them physically on the show we only saw them in pictures or mentioned by Manny. Even in flashbacks with Manny as a child the little boy is unknownly alone. [[ConvenientlyAnOrphan So it's possible Manny was orphaned during late childhood.]]

[[WMG: Lefty cried off screen]]
In Handy Manny's School for Tools, [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/4/44/Proud_Lefty.png Lefty made a face like he was ready to cry.]] He didn't actually cry. Let's all just say he cried off screen when Junior was tightening the bolts.

[[WMG: Gary's really in his late teens]]
Gary's possible a teenager there's evidence. [[http://images.wikia.com/handymanny/images/4/40/Gary.png First off look at him.]] He looks fairly young. Also if you go into the details and look at how Gary talks he sounds like a teenager. He greets Manny informally whenever he sees him.
-->''Gary'': Hey, Manny! How you doing?

See adults use "hi" or "hello" not "hey". Gary must be a teenager. Other than his facial hair but some teenagers get facial hair. If he's a teenager? Then why does he have his own auto-repair garage? That or maybe his father had long ago then let him work there.

[[WMG: Roland has damaged him memory when he was younger]]
Roland can barely remember anything. As soon as you store something in his drawers he will forget what exactly it is.
-->'''Roland''': Fruit... (remembers and checks another drawer) There it is! Apple Juice!
** Even in Manny's School for Tools.
->'''Roland''': Oh, I've got the perfect drawer to take a nap in. (opens up drawer) In here. (opens another drawer) No, wait. In here. (opens another drawer) mm, maybe this one is better. (keeps opening up drawers) (everyone laughs at him])

[[WMG: Lily, Lefty, and Junior are Belgian (from Belgium)]]
Because in Handy Manny's School for Tools (not sure about the series). Junior doesn't call his parents "mom" and "dad" he calls them "ma" and "pa". So this implies their foreign crescent wrenches. But ironically, they don't have Belgian accents. And there are not just Mexicans in the series occasionally you will catch a few Asians (the Lee family and others also Gary looks like he's part Asian). So it makes since for them to come from Belgium.

[[WMG: Gary has the Hoarding Disorder]]
Gary's garage looks unorganized like a person with the hoarding disorder. I guess he's getting help for it (therapy).
-->'''Gary''': Not everyone has all this extra space, but you don't have to keep everything like me.
** This shows Gary possibly has the hoarding disorder but had been getting therapy for it.

[[WMG: Lily and Lefty have the Rusty Syndrome (fearing everything and being a worrywart)]]
Lily is overprotective and worries about the littlest things. Lefty on the other hand (watch "The Great Garage Rescue") Lefty will become frightened over something that he shouldn't fear (like Gary's hand). No noises he'll just hide. Even his whole family was scared at some point and their huddled together like cold penguins in the artic winters. Are they stereotyping wrenches and having EVERY wrench be like Rusty?

[[WMG: The Sledgehammer is not Pat's biological brother]]
Pat has a Sledgehammer brother. But it's physically impossible for him to come out of his mother. So he's possibly adopted.

[[WMG: Pat's parents thought that Pat was gonna be a girl]]
The baby hammer is Pat. But why does he have a pink bonnet? Either it was thought they were gonna have a girl but they ended up having a boy.