[[WMG:Hancock is Horus]]
Given the repeated imagery of Eagles, that he's possibly thousands of years old and was once part of a people that were considered "Gods"... he may have originally been Horus.
** The name Horus' has both the meaning "One who is above" and "The distant one", which both describe Hancock's personality rather well.

[[WMG:The symbols Hancock draws all over the walls of his cell are related to the symbols [[Film/TropicThunder Kirk Lazarus]] drew on that poor guy in the bathtub during his Main/CreatorBreakdown.]]

[[WMG: Hancock and the other immortals are the result of yet another [[Series/StargateSG1 Goa'uld attempt to create the perfect host]] during their rule over Earth.]]
It worked too well. The immortals rebelled against their creators and, with the aid of the native human populace, forced them to retreat. Then they took up the roles that the Goa'uld had held, ruling entire kingdoms as [[PhysicalGod physical gods]] until they found their destined partners and became mortal.

[[WMG: [[Main/EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory Hancock is Jesus]].]]
Literally. The name ''"Mary"'' is not a coincidence. He was crucified (more precisely, was ''crucifiable'') because he and Mary were together at the time.

She does specifically tell him that his purpose on earth is to save humanity.

[[WMG:Hancock is [[Film/IAmLegend Neville]].]]
He started to develop powers without noticing and survived the explosion with only some scratches and amnesia. He's in the repopulated world, which would mean that he's probably not aging. Any location changes, year inconsistencies, etc. come from people rescuing him and taking the man somewhere else, and changing their calendar. He's probably really over 2000 years old.
* Mary says they've gotten engaged and broken up every century since 3000 B.C. Definitely over 2000 years old.

[[WMG:Hancock and Mary have a child.]]
Mary met Ray when he was shopping for diapers. Ray, being a clueless new father, needed help choosing between brands. According to Ray, Mary helped him out and eventually they formed a relationship. It's possible that Mary was able to help Ray because she'd had a child of her own. She and Hancock had been together for millenia, and effective birth control was rare in the past. Assuming they're capable of reproducing, it'd be fairly surprising if they didn't have a child. This could go one of two ways:
* The child is immortal. It would be an adult by the time the movie takes place, and likely off on it's own somewhere. Mary didn't mention it because a)she just never had a chance to bring it up, or b)their child has been off having his/her own adventures for so long that it's all but forgotten.
* The child is mortal. If the child were conceived and born when Hancock and Mary were sticking together, and thus mortal, the child is probably mortal as well. Once Mary and Hancock split, Mary regains her powers, but since the child was born mortal his/her powers never manifest. Mary had to give up her child so that it could live a happy mortal life.
** Which means the child is long dead.

[[WMG:Hancock is a Time Lo-'''THONK!!!''']]
We apologize for the previous WMG, the troper responsible has been restrained and sedated.

[[WMG:Hancock really [[spoiler:died in the end]].]]
Look closely, and you will realize that he is ''out''. Whoever created the immortals decided that he was still needed, so they sent him back.

[[WMG:Hancock and Mary's Son was [[Film/TheHumanCentipede Dr. Josef Heister]].]]
Think about it, Hancock has a really weird fetish of sticking people's heads up asses and this later went on to Dr. Josef Heister and this is how he actually wants to create a Human Centipede because he saw his pa create millions of them over the years. But he later died because both his mother and father actually met each other before.
[[WMG: The french kid is really Michael Myers.]]
Their played by the same actor, the kids name is Michel (Pronounced MeeShell) and they both start out as Jerks.

[[WMG: Supers can either have weather powers or incredible toughness/ accelerated healing but not both.]]

Mary is more powerful, but not as tough, Hancock survived multiple gun shot wounds, beatings and a knife wound while his powers are on the fritz, Mary 'dies' from being shot once or twice.

[[WMG: Hancock and Mary are Osiris and Isis...and Aaron is Horus.]]

-Hancock and Mary are claimed to be both brother and sister AND husband and wife.

-Every time they seperate, the situation involves Hancock being harmed..like Osiris.

-Hancock's last memory was of Frankenstein..a being pieced together and brought to life...like Osiris.

-Aaron has eagle/falcon imagery in every scene he is in.

-Aaron's birth mother died in childbirth....not exactly a common occurence in modern times.