[[WMG: [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries McCoy]] is an older version of [=McDreamy=]]]
[=McCoy=] is a doctor with Mc in his name, who is dreamy. So, [[YouFailLogicForever logically]], he would have to be Doctor [=McDreamy=]

[[WMG: [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Dr. Leonard McCoy]] is a descendant of [[FanNickname McDreamy.]]]]
Same evidence as above, and this will spare Bones from having to live through the Dark Ages that happen between the end of ''Grey's Anatomy'' (the series will end no later than when television does) and Film/StarTrekFirstContact.

[[WMG: Reed and Percy died in the season six finale because Katherine Heigl quit.]]
Percy's setup in the Mercy Westers' first episode involved confessing his secret love for Reed to Izzie. This track probably would have continued, with Percy mainly interacting with Izzie over the course of the season. Reed [[TheScrappy (who was not at all likeable)]] would have eventually become a DefrostingIceQueen. But then Katherine Heigl went crazy and refused to show up for work anymore, leaving the two characters twisting in the wind. With their purpose lost, Reed and Percy were chosen to be killed to show that the finale was an episode where [[AnyoneCanDie Anyone Who Has Done Jack This Season Can Die]].

Furthermore, it seems likely that Reed's fighting-flirting relationship with Karev would've driven a wedge between him and Izzie, creating overlapping [[LoveTriangle Love Triangles]] with tension for Karev over Reed vs. Izzie ([[TwoLinesNoWaiting Major Plot]]) and for Reed with Karev vs. Percy (Minor Plot). However, with Izzie finally out of the picture that left only the less interesting Minor Plot, so instead the writers put Karev between established major characters (Lexie and Sloan).

[[WMG:The hospital is built on top of a Hellmouth]]
Seriously, with all the bad things that KEEP HAPPENING there, it's the only possible explanation.

[[WMG: Shonda Rhimes hates "bright and shiny" people]]
Every bright-eyed, cheerful, happy person on this show has terrible things happen to them that eventually either [[BreakTheCutie kill them or turn them into cynics or a-holes]]

A few examples:

George [[spoiler: Dad dies, marriage fails, fails intern boards, GETS RUN OVER BY A BUS AND DIES]]

Izzie [[spoiler: loses the love of her life right after he proposes, gets ridiculously rare form of skin cancer and almost dies, gets fired from her job after surviving brain cancer]]

April: [[spoiler: best friend is shot and killed right in front of her, goes against her Christian beliefs and loses her virginity before marriage, which causes her to freak out and fail her residency boards, resulting in her getting fired and having to move back home to her parent's farm.]]

And then who could forget poor Lexie?: excited to find out about half-sister--sister/sister's friends treat her like shit for the better part of a year, loses the love of her life to [[spoiler: his kids--twice, abandoned by her boyfriend in the psychiatric ward after surviving a shooting massacre, loses her current boyfriend to her ex-boyfriend (in a manner of speaking), and then--the kicker, she GETS CRUSHED BY PLANE DEBRIS just as the love of her life professes his undying love for her!!]] and that's just a list of the major things that go wrong for Lexie

Now I know that Grey's can, arguably, be described as a cast full of Woobies because horrible things happen to everyone. But I feel like, aside from Meredith, the writers have it out for the happy people the most.

[[WMG:During Season 10 we will find out who Jo Wilson's birth mother is, and she will change her last name to suit.]]
Okay, so. First off, it's no secret that the five new interns are being positioned as new main characters, presumably for a PassingTheTorch moment involving LongRunnerCastTurnover. Furthermore, it's no secret that the writers believe Jo to be the most important of the replacement five, since she's the only one of them who has actually become a RoundedCharacter (can you describe the personality traits of the other four? Can you ''name'' the other four?). With this in mind, it's quite obvious what her "real" last name will turn out to be:

Grey. God only knows how she's related to Meredith--another half-sister, a first cousin once removed through Ellis's cousin, another woman Thatcher impregnated, whatever. But she is, and she will find out, and she will start going by her new last name, so that if (when) Ellen Pompeo decides to leave the show, they have a new narrator and main character to slot into her place, and they don't have to change the title.

* Jossed, though you were right that [[spoiler: Meredith gets a new half-sister. It just turns out to be Maggie Pierce, who was adopted and her father is Richard Webber]]
* Jo admits to Deluca in the Season 12 finale that she [[spoiler: ran away from an abusive husband]] and that Alex [[spoiler: doesn't even know her real name.]]

[[WMG:Amelia Shephard is a very clever, very subtle psychopathic serial killer.]]
Come on, this would explain why ''every single patient she's had'' both on this show and on ''Series/PrivatePractice'' end up either dead or devastatingly disabled after she's done with them.
* I would say jossed, but even at the time this was added this was an exaggeration. Like Derek, Amelia has a habit of taking on hopeless cases, but she has her share of successes as well.