[[WMG: Everyone who's [[EyesAlwaysShut eyes are always shut]] has [[Manga/DeathNote Shinigami Eyes]]]]
They keep them shut so they won't be driven mad by the knowledge of when people are going to die.
* This leads to an interesting conclusion. [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Brock]] has always chased women all his life, in what may seem to be sheer desperation. With the Shinigami Eye theory, it becomes apparent that Brock is cursed, much like his past life of [[Manga/InuYasha Miroku]]. Both have not chased women out of perverseness, but ''necessity.'' (At least of the thought that they need to continue their lineage).
** Ichimaru Gin is the [[StealthPun most obvious example]].
* Alternatively, these same people all possess [[Franchise/CodeGeass Geasses]], specifically the mind-reading type that Mao had. They keep their eyes shut for fear of their Geasses getting out of control and forcing them to hear everyone's thoughts until they go utterly batty.
* Alternatively-alternatively, they have [[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} the other kind of death-perception eyes]], and are trying to make sure that they don't [[Main/RetGone eradicate the concepts of existence]] of everything in their surroundings just by twitching.
* As an alternative to the alternatively-alternative: they all are infected with the [[Manga/{{Mushishi}} Ganpuku mushi]]. The stress of keeping their eyes open for more than a few minutes, if at all, caused severe dizziness and headaches. The brief glimpses into the future they see even when their eyes are closed is what allows them to get around without smacking into everything. Of course, it also means that it's only a matter of time before their eyes [[EyeScream transform completely, force themselves out of their eye sockets, and infect someone else]]...
* Alternatively-alternatively-alternatively to the alternative, they all have KaleidoscopeEyes, but want to hide them beacuse they don't want to be labled a MarySue.
* And just to throw in one more alternative, they all have [[Manga/{{Naruto}} sharingan]], byakugan, or whatever it was that Pain had.
** Rin'negan
* Or they are all [[TabletopGame/{{Nobilis}} Excrucians]].