* Background information (geography)
** The Disney version of Europe consists of the following countries: England (not the UK), France, Italy, Germany, Greece (or rather an Alexandria-esque empire), and Spain. The rest of the world is ruled by random kings and is called the "Northern Kingdom".
** The Middle East exists but its primarily ruled by a southern kingdom called [[Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog Maldonia]] whose capital city is [[Disney/{{Aladdin}} Agrabah.]]
** Various religious groups do exist but in arbitrary liberal/generalized ways. (ie: [[ChristianityIsCatholic No denominational differences, etc.)]]

[[WMG: The Disney movies and the comics all take place in the same world, approximately at the same moment]]

I don't really understand why most people who tried to make a unified universe of the Disney Canon and their comics used the idea of parallel universes. They're not necessary. I begin with the classical Disney comics and cartoons with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. These comics usually feature crossovers with Disney movies (the most common being the Seven Dwarves and their Witch, Dumbo, Bambi, Song of the South, Pinocchio, The Sword and the Stone). These crossover don't make any allusion to a inter dimensional travel, it's just that the characters live in the same world. So here we go, we've already unified lots ! Now, how can you explain Cinderella, shall you ask ? The opening narration has the answer by itself, as it mentions that the story in a kingdom "very respectful of ancient traditions"; the King and Lady Tremaine 'could' have used telephones instead of messages brought by the Grand Duke… It was just not as impressive and funny, so they don't do it that way. And the same can basically be said for all the other Disney Princess movies: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid all happen in such conditions. (Ah, Frozen and Tangled too, of course). There are very few cases in which it doesn't work. Contemporary (or contemporary of the moment when there were produced) movies like 101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Boo, Lilo and Stitch and The Aristocats are self-explanatory. The very few in which it doesn't really work are Pocahontas, Atlantis, and The Princess and the Frog. It's not really a problem though, since Mickey was around as early as 1928 "The Princess and the Frog" can be taken as being place "early in the contemporary part". "Atlantis" can go by the same logic (it's set during World War I), or using the idea that the crystal can make the characters immortal. "Pocahontas" must work by the logic of immortality or the principle of ghosts. Now, you may ask why I'm trying so hard to have all the characters alive in the contemporary period. Why, to explain "House of Mouse" !

[[WMG: All royal families within the Disney canon are related]]
* First Generation
** [[Disney/TheSwordInTheStone King Arthur]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_a_Lincoln who begat Prince Tom]].
** Tom who begat [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faerie_Knight The Fairy Knight]] and the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Knight_%28Arthurian_legend%29 Black Knight]]
[[WMG: Black Knight]]
* The Black Knight would go on to conquer the southern kingdom. Naming it after his wife "Maldona".
** The Black Knight begat Al-Agrabah (who would bare the name sake of the capital city)
** Al-Agrabah would begat "The Sultan" whose Daughter married Aladdin who was son of Cassim the King of Thieves.
*** Many generations later Prince Naveen takes the thrown.
*** I'm sorry but there is one bit of evidence in the TV series that makes this Jossed. IN "As the Netherworld Turns," Iago and Abu meet the Sultan's grandfather, Bobolonius. And he is '''not''' the Black Knight. Furthermore, "Lost and Founded" josses this further by showing that his ancestor Hamed was always from the Middle East, '''not''' from Britain.
*** Well then it could be Jasmine's mother, who we can assume is of royal blood based on the "must be married to a Prince" law, who was descended from King Arthur. She had to follow that law as well, made evident by Sultan saying "[Jasmine's Mother] wasn't nearly so picky".
** An exiled son of Aladdin would eventually reach the shores of the New World. Many generations later, Powhatan begat Pocahontas.
** A later descendant of Aladdin (between Aladdin and Naveen) would reach another part of the New World and proclaim himself emperor. He begat Kuzco.
[[WMG: Fairy Knight]]
* The Fairy knight was the son of the fairy queen Caelia.
* Caelia was the daughter of King Oberon and Queen Titania.
** The faerie knight begat many sons, whom would all claim a kingdom within the northern kingdom. Their names were (in order) Charming (of the house of Charming), Valor, Prestige, Handsome, and Tom jr.
* From Charming I the larger Kingdoms were established.
* Charming I begat Charming II who would marry Snow White (the Daughter of King Valor).
* Charming II begat Charming III, who begat Charming IV who begat Stefan.
* King Stefan begat Princess Aurora who would Marry Prince Phillip (who allegedly slayed Maleficent), from the house of Prestige.
* King Phillip begat Charming V, who begat Rapunzel (who married the thief Flynn Rider, later known as Prince Eugene), who begat Charming VI who married Princess Cinderella.
* Charming VI begat Prestige VII who begat Eric who would marry Ariel
* Ariel was the daughter of Triton who was the son of Poseidon/Neptune the brother of Zeus. (This would make Hercules and Ariel cousins).
** Actually, all mer-people are descendants of Poseidon.
* Eric would begat Princess Melody.
* From the house of Handsome comes Prince Adam who would marry Belle.
* Generations later Tiana would descend from Belle and Adam. Said bloodline abdicated their throne, ergo Tiana "not being a real princess" until she married Naveen.
** Trudy from the Proud family comes from a wealth, successful, and physically attractive African American family. She descends from Prince Naveen's bloodline.
** Suga Mama is Mama Odie. Summary: Suga Mama has magic "in her blood", she's just not as flamboyant as her sister Spice. She was able to become at least 60 years younger when she exercised before her wedding. Additionally, Mama Odie is 197 years old. Maybe she gradually fluctuates her age after so many years. Facilier is the ancestor and previous life of Suga Mama's husband. He wanted to exact revenge by destroying those responsible for sending him to the "other side". The show doesn't touch on this but after Bobby Proud, Oscar's brother and Suga Mama's first son, was born; Facilier was transported into the body of Suga Mama's second son Oscar. He would be cursed to be a universal chew toy, while unknowingly retaining his magical abilities. Oscar just thinks he has bad luck, he has no idea of the truth. He did end up marrying Trudy though, though she is generally free to abuse him as well.
*** So Penny Proud is one of the modern descendants of Disney Royalty.
[[WMG: The toon wars]]
* On another part of the world live a separate race of entities known as Toons. These entities resembled animals but with very human like qualities. Its believed that these human like qualities manifested as a result of mystical enchantments done by fairies centuries earlier. King Oberon sent the toon "abominations" into their own world where they wouldn't interact with humans.
** The toon world is set in between two inter-dimensional zones both found in London. [[Disney/AliceInWonderland Wonderland]] ruled by the Queen of Hearts and [[Disney/PeterPan Neverland]].
* King [[Disney/BraveLittleTailor Tailor Mouse]] upon his coronation, was convinced by Maleficent (who cheated death) to conquer the Northern Kingdom. The toon creatures seemed to be indestructable as the conventional weapons had no effect on the toon Army. The Northern Kingdom was pushed down to Maldonia whose desert border made the toon unaware of the sourthern Kingdom's existence.

[[WMG: All {{Mouse World}}s in the Disney canon are in a shared universe.]]
* [[Disney/TheRescuers The Rescue Aid Society]], formed in Ancient Greece ([[{{Disney/Hercules}} Hercules']] time), has been aiding humans in need of rescue behind the scenes since that time. The mouse characters from ''{{Disney/Cinderella}}'', ''{{Disney/Dumbo}}'' and ''{{Disney/The Aristocats}}'' were all Rescue Aid Society members. [[WesternAnimation/ChipNDaleRescueRangers Vigilante splinter rescue groups]] also exist for the same purpose.
* In 1897 ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective'' takes place. Rather than join the Rescue Aid Society, Basil preferred to go solo as a private investigator. Dawson could have been affiliated with them at some point though.
* There's room for a possible cross over into the Creator/DonBluth universe here as well with ''WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTail'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheSecretOfNIMH'' taking place in the same MouseWorld.
** Gussie Mausheimer represented America in the Rescue Aid Society from the 1870's to 1890's. Meanwhile Johnathan Brisby represented America in the 1970's, until he was captured by NIMH, shortly before the first ''Rescuers'' movie took place. His rescue training enabled him to rescue the other mice and rats from NIMH.
** Fievel Mousekewitz, then deputy of Green Valley, was offered both RAS membership and the status of the US representative. He accepted the former but turned down the latter.
* The events of ''WMG/TheSecretOfNIMH'' took place early enough, more than two mice survived the escape from NIMH, unknown to Mr. Ages, and a female escapee eventually gave birth to [[WMG/ChipNDaleRescueRangers Gadget Hackwrench]]. Gadget inherited her extremely high IQ from her mother. (See also [[FanFic/TheMidnightverse Lost And Found]].)
** Alternatively, the events of ''The Secret of NIMH'' took place even earlier, and Geegaw Hackwrench was the former Mouse of NIMH — that plus the founder of Ultra-Flight Labs and the maker of the ''Screaming Eagle''.
** Better yet, Geegaw was also a Rescue Aid Society member and designed the ''Screaming Eagle'' as a safer alternative to riding an albatross. Ultra-Flight was[=/=]is actually a RAS division.