[[folder: Proven examples (as of the end of ''LIGHT'') ]]

[[WMG: Either Caine or Diana will die in ''Light.'']]
Okay, think about it. Caine's a pretty complex bad guy. Sometimes he's an EvilOverlord, but other times he's an AntiVillain or even a ''very'' dark AntiHero. Problem is that, with a character like that, you can't just throw him in jail or whatever. But having him skip off with a happy ending would make him a total KarmaHoudini, not to mention that it would be unleashing a dangerous [[TheSociopath sociopath]] on society. The only way to solve this would be either (a) Diana dies, reaching the last crumb of empathy he has in him, prompting him to HeelFaceTurn, or (b) he dies protecting her. This will allow him to maintain his complexity while not going out-of-character, not to mention making up for his {{jerkass}}ery in ''Plague'', so the fangirls will be mollified.
** [[spoiler: A IKnewIt example; Caine pulls a RedemptionEqualsDeath arc and manages to save the world and proclaim his love for Diana in the process. ]]

[[WMG: In ''Light'', Sam and Caine will be FireForgedFriends ]]
They certainly bonded a lot in ''FEAR'' and seeing as it's the last book, it makes sense for everything to be rounded up and resolved. I think it would be a nice, bitter-sweet moment for them to finally, after all that conflict become friends. After all, they're NotSoDifferent


[[folder: Jossed examples (as of the end of ''LIGHT'' )]]

[[WMG: Drake will do a HeelFaceTurn.]]
* Because one, it would throw everyone off and two, if he figured out that the Gaiaphage has no real interest in keeping him alive he would be PISSED OFF.
** Jossed. He does [[spoiler: End up defying Gaia ]] but not to fight the side of good rather than to go off and do his own thing.

[[WMG: Little Pete and Diana's [[spoiler: Unborn child]] Will connect some how.]]
For [[spoiler: An unborn child to have a 2 bar power in utero]] is pretty powerful. When Little Pete [[spoiler:AscendsToAHigherPlaneOfExistence]]at the end of ''Plague,'' he says how free from his stunted body he feels. However, somehow he needs to be [[spoiler: ResurrectedForAJob and come back to defeat the Gaiaphage]] So how can he do it? Going back to the same body is out of the question, but an able body, not fully formed and most likely an accepting spirit? That'll do just fine. Most likely what would happen is they become a duality like [[spoiler:Drake and Brittnay]] the [[spoiler:the unborn child/Little Pete has powers to {{GrandTheftMe}}]] or [[spoiler:Twins, creating an interesting parallel for Sam and Caine]]'
** Jossed. At least as of ''Fear.''

[[WMG: In ''Light'', Diana will end up being the one [[spoiler: who will have to finish Gaia off]]]]
As of ''Fear'', we can see that Diana [[spoiler: has a very strong maternal instinct towards her daughter, no matter that she is fused with the gaiaphage]]. She has even turned against [[spoiler: the father of her child and her former allies against the gaiaphage just so that Gaia will be safe]]. In ''Light'', Sam and the gang will definitely go after [[spoiler: Gaia]], and they do intend to [[spoiler: kill her]].
Wouldn't it just be such a sad and bitter turn of events if everyone else ended up dead/somehow incapacitated and unable to [[spoiler: finish Gaia off for good]], leaving Diana to realize that there is no way to [[spoiler: kill the gaiaphage without killing the part of the entity that is her beloved daughter]].
** Jossed. [[spoiler: Though she does manage to break free from Gaia and lives a long, happy life with Sam and Astrid, though it's implied she did love Caine and his death shook her up for a while.]]

[[WMG: In ''Light'', Astrid will [[spoiler: be revealed to be pregnant]]]]
It happened before to [[spoiler: Caine and Diana]], and as far as we know, [[spoiler: Sam and Astrid did not use protection of any kind]]. They might get unlucky as well. And if Sam [[spoiler: ends up dying in ''Light''...we might even get a [[SomeoneToRememberHimBy Someone to Remember Him by]] situation]].
* And another WMG stemming from this one: If Astrid [[spoiler: did in fact get pregnant]] during ''Fear'', Little Pete [[spoiler: might take over the baby's body]]. He might very well need [[spoiler: a physical body]] to better fight against the gaiaphage, which now [[spoiler: has the advantage of a new body as well, in its Gaia persona]]. Plus, [[spoiler: a child of Sam and Astrid]] would be [[spoiler: genetically related to LP]], which could help with [[spoiler: the whole "hijacking the baby's body" process]].
* Unlike malnourished and assumed-infertile Diana, Astrid [[spoiler: has been getting minimal amounts of food and mentions having a cycle (if I remember correctly)]], so it's highly possible that this is the case.
** It is mentioned at the beginning of ''Fear'' that [[spoiler: tampons are among her most prized possessions, so yes, she's probably having regular cycles now]]. So, it could very well happen.
** Jossed.

[[WMG: The gaiaphage are Sam and Caine's fathers. ]]
Think about it; they're the two most powerful moofs in the FAYZ (unless you include Petey, and [[spoiler: Gaia]] ), and they are both described as not knowing who their fathers are. The gaiaphage is supposedly the most powerful being in existance (which would explain them both being four bars), and has been able to take the form of humans in the past (I.E [[spoiler: Nerezza.]] ), so it possible the gaiaphage morphed into a human, seduced Connie and got her pregnant.
** Wait a sec, but that would mean as of ''FEAR''...[[spoiler: Caine would be his father's own father. And he would be, consequently, his own grandfather. Squick. ]]
*** Actually, then the meteor hit, it killed one person, [[spoiler: Connie Temple's husband, though she was having an affair so if he's the father is anyone's guess]]. Earlier, the gaiaphage was noted about discovering human DNA and changing due to that. It seems like there is a connection there.
** Jossed.

[[WMG: Or, Sam's father is the man who Connie had the affair with, and Caine's father is Connie's husband.]]
It would have a bitter-sweet irony to it, if Sam turned out to be the bastard child but was raised as one of her husbands, and Caine was actually the legitimate child, but was put up for adoption. I also think it would be a great character-building discovery for Caine, and would make him even ''more'' bitter about his brother.
* A theory which may be backed up by the fact that the husband (apparently) never suspected anything. Both Connie and Sam are both described as being blue-eyed and fair-haired, unlike the dark-haired, dark-eyed Caine - Caine likely took after his father in looks, and Sam looks like Connie, so the husband never suspected anything.
** Jossed. Neither child was conceived due to the affair and both were legitimate. Acts as a major TearJerker.

[[WMG: Like in the above theory, Sam's father was Connie's lover and Caine's father her husband, and in addition to that, Connie's lover is the father of one of the other kids in the FAYZ.]]
So Sam doesn't have just the one (half-)brother he didn't known about. There is also (at least) one half-sibling from his father's side.
** Jossed.


[[folder: Undetermined (could still possibly be true- or not- as of ''LIGHT'') ]]

[[WMG: Diana was the one who pushed her mother down the stairs. ]]
In ''GONE'', Diana says her mother fell down the stairs and was paralysed for the rest of her life.
Now, Diana wanted revenge on her father for not buying her a horse, and it makes sense that she'd want her father to get into trouble. She told the police that her father was the one who pushed her and states that she was lying...Perhaps she pushed her mother down the stairs to get him into trouble with the police? She also says, after reccounting ''her'' version of the story of her mother's fall; "And that's only ''half'' the story." Implying she left out some pretty big details about how her mother was dispatched. It's important to mention that Diana is characterised as very manipulative and has shown in the series to not be above things of this nature.

[[WMG: Or alternatively, Diana made up the story about her mother falling down the stairs up completely. ]]
Why would her mother have so many "Creepy boyfriends" if she was paralysed from the neck downwards? It wouldn't of left much opportunities for dating. Plus, Diana is known to be a compulsive liar and manipulator, and she was telling that story to teach Jack that's she dangerous, and it's best not to anger her and do as she says. Perhaps she embellished or downright made up the story to scare him into submission.
** Her mother could of had those "creepy boyfriends" before she fell down the stairs...
** Or they could of been manipulating her for money after her stair fall.

[[WMG: Diana was sexually abused as a child. ]]
Diana often makes little references to "leering old men" and her mother's "Creepy boyfriends" who watch her in the shower. This, by itself, implies that she has been defiled or at the very least has been threatened with such a precidament. But it would also explain a lot of her actions as a character. It would explain how willing she is to use her sexxuality to her advantage; perhaps that was the only way she could stay safe pre-FAYZ. It would also explain her self-resentment and feelings of abasement in ''LIES''. Plus, strangely enough, Diana doesn't register anger or revulsion when [[spoiler: Caine threatens to rape her.]] which implies it could of been something she was- tragically- used to as a child.

[[WMG: Diana had a abortion pre-FAYZ. ]]
"She knew '''from experience''' that pregnancy tests didn't work until 10 days after conception."
* Maybe she just had a pregnancy scare and the test turned out to be negative...

[[WMG: Astrid and little Pete aren't actually related. One of them is adopted. ]]
Anyone else find it weird that- seeing as Astrid theorized that powers had a strong connection to genes- that Astrid was 0 bars and his little brother apparently breaks the power scale? That's strange.
** Astrid could of been wrong. Perhaps powers has nothing to do with genes.
** ...Except that the series backs up the theory. Sam and Caine are both twin brothers and the only four bars in the whole of Perdido Beach.
** They are described as looking very much alike, though. A bit unlikely that they're not blood related, maybe Pete's powers were due to a mutation in ''his'' genes only?

[[WMG: Michael Grant saw this series as a way to fix Literature/{{Remnants}}]]
The similarities between the two series are uncanny; both had very large and very diverse casts, both had kids with superpowers, both had multiple overarching mysteries, both had somewhat of a KudzuPlot, and both had more NightmareFuel than a video of a war. But a lot of problems that Remnants had were fixed here. Scholastic wouldn't let Grant make Tate's lesbianism more explicit; Dekka is another black lesbian with a similar personality. Remnants often strayed into TheChrisCarterEffect; here, all the questions are answered. Remnants was written on the very rushed schedule of two books every month; Gone's schedule was much more relaxed. And it really did work; I've read both series, and although I enjoyed Remnants, this was entertaining in the same way while being much more satisfying and higher quality.
** There's even some similarity in the naming schemes. Not only do they both use a lot of strange names and nicknames, but they both use the name Connie for a medical professional (in Remnants, she's only a minor character and [[spoiler: she bites it early on in the second book]]), and they both have a minor character with a name that's a pun on The Artful Dodger (The Artful Roger here, Roger Dodger in Remnants).

[[WMG: Left to his own devices, Little Pete would've destroyed the world.]]
Does this one really need any more explanation?

[[WMG: The gaiaphage was a product of the Ellimist from ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'']]
The story is that the gaiaphage was some sort of accidental seed thrown across the galaxy to spread life. The Ellimist's goal in his Third Life was to spread life faster than the Crayak could exterminate life. The gaiaphage could be the byproduct of one of these attempts.