[[WMG:Bevan the manager is also a New Zealander.]]
In "Inner City Pressure", a store manager named Bevan abuses the protagonist for spending too long counting out change. "Bevan" is a name of Welsh origin that's very common in New Zealand but rarer in the US. Therefore Bevan is an immigrant from New Zealand just like the protagonist, and feels free to abuse his fellow countryman even though he'd treat an American customer more politely.
* I'm from New Zealand (lived here all my life) and wouldn't say Bevan is a very common name (I've never met anyone named Bevan and have only heard of one Bevan). Other than that point, I have no issue with this.

[[WMG:There really AIN'T no party like Bret's Nana's Tea Party.]]
In the episode "Mugged" Bret states in his rap as the Rhymenocerous that "there ain't no party like my nana's tea party" which considering the song lampoons serious rappers is played for laughs. However, by the episode "New Fans" we learn that Bret is actually the Prince of Parties. Now if the Prince of Parties is a hereditary title, (and not just a random phrase from a hallucination) that would mean that either his grandmother could have been once the Queen of Parties, or at least the Queen mother of Parties. This suggests that her tea parties might be very enjoyable indeed.
* He ''does'' mention being the "Party Prince" again in "Sugalumps"
* By the same logic, Bret (possibly inheriting from the other side of his family) is also the hereditary ruler of a small kingdom in New Zealand known only as "Boom".

[[WMG:Keitha and her friends were caught and Bret and Jemaine's belongings were returned between episodes 5 and 6 of second season.]]
Explains the Continuity Error.