[[WMG: Franklin's powers]]
Regardless if his Parents were altered by cosmic rays before he was conceived Franklin would still be a mutant. Made evident in House of M where he was a Mutant patient of Emma Frost and apparently conceived before Reed and Sue travelled into space.
* However, having "Mutate" parents possibly enhanced his abilities to reality warping levels.

[[WMG:[[ComicBook/TheMightyThor Odin]] was the one who really destroyed Galactus.]]
this is a WMG for Rise of the Silver Surfer. Lets face it the Silver Surfer really didnt have the required energy or strength to take down a FRIGGIN SWIRLING BALL OF DOOM that could destroy planets by almost just thinking it.

To boot it was Galactus his/itself that gave the Surfer his Power Cosmic in the 1st place, also its doubtful that Galactus would really give him enough cosmic energy that the Surfer could possibly use against him. So the only logical conclusion is that Anthony Hopkins Odin from the Thor film is the one being powerful enough to take out a omnipowerful creature like Galactus pretty easily.

As it states in the Thor WMG the Asguardians are clearly on a technical and power base at par with Time Lords also the film itself stated that for unknown eons Asguard protected Earth and countless other planets for so long they were worshipped as gods by some species (including humans). So Odin probably saw Galactus attacking Earth and the Surfers heroic sacrifice so he used a Cosmic Tesseract Cube to blow Galactus's gas based ass into oblivion.

However the Fantastic Four or noone else on earth saw this so everyone simply assumed it was the Surfer.

[[WMG:The ComicBook/FantasticFour are actually [[AnarchyIsChaos anarchists]]]]
Look at their logo in the movie - it almost looks like the circled A, doesn't it? Hence, Doctor Doom may be a StrawmanPolitical standing for every authoritarian (read: non-anarchist) government.
[[WMG:Dr. Doom is the most arrogant man in the world...]]
...but if there was a chart Reed Richards would take the number 2 spot.
* Doom is ''definately'' the most arrogant man in the world, that's not guessing, that's fact. As for number 2, I guessing Tony Stark just beats Reed.
* On one hand, Doom appears to be the most arrogant man in the world, with Namor in second place. On the other hand, none of the two is arrogant enough to call himself 'Mr. Fantastic'.
* I don't know,[[ComicBook/SpiderMan J. Jonah Jameson]] seems like an obvious candidate, but that's just me.
[[WMG:The ComicBook/FantasticFour got their powers on an attempted moon flight in 1961.]]
They're still roughly the same age in the present day because they routinely time travel. They'll spend a few days on an adventure, then jump ahead a week or two.
[[WMG: Doom's machine to contact his mother...]]
* Didn't work. His calculations really were flawed and it blew up in his face.
* Didn't work. His calculations were correct but it's impossible to contact the "nether world" because it either doesn't exist or is totally beyond the reach of technology.
* Didn't work. Doom was right to mistrust Richards, who sabotaged it for fear of the damage it would do if it were fully activated.
* Worked. It exploded because it was channeling hellfire.
* Worked. But it didn't have the right shielding.
* Worked. Doom's face was scarred when a being from the other side (possibly Mephisto) touched his face and "marked" him as evil.
* Worked. His face wasn't scarred, but he saw what was being done to his mother, went insane and destroyed the machine.

[[WMG: Film Galactus was actually Ego the Living Planet in disguise]]
A giant power hungry planetary dust-cloud that eats other planets fits Ego more than it does Galactus. Silver Surfer might still have gotten his powers and served the real Galactus, but at some point he ran afoul of Ego, who brainwashed him into finding worlds that Ego could feed on while masquerading as the surfer's true master. It also explains how easily Silver Surfer was able to defeat the dust cloud because it wasn't the true Galactus. In order to beat Galactus you need something on the same power level, while with Ego you need only destroy him as you would a planet.

[[WMG: It's [[ActuallyADoombot always a Doombot]]]]
Victor von Doom has been dead for years and every time the Fantastic Four or any other hero meet Doom, it's a Doombot. It's already canon that the Doombots are programmed to believe they ''are'' the real Dr Doom, and are so well-made it's practically impossible to tell they are robots. So, the human Doom is dead and "Dr Doom" is just a bunch of Doombots running around, each one thinking it's the real one.

[[WMG: Dr. Doom can instantly substitute any Doombot at will.]]
About to die? Switches places with a Doombot elsewhere. Wants to be somewhere one of his Doombots are? BAM! He's there. It's a type of Sympathetic Magic using his likeness as a foci.
* Unlike everything else he does, he will never, ever monologue this. He even trains himself not to think about it to avoid telepaths.

[[WMG: Origin of movie FF's powers]]
it wasn't a wave of cosmic rays that mutated them: their spacestation just happened to be close to where [[{{Ben10}} Azmuth]] made some of his early Omnitrix experiments, and the powersurge gave them the powers of Upgrade, Big Chill, HeatBlast and Chromastone.

[[WMG: Rebooted FF movie series will take place in TheSixties.]]
It has been announced that FF movies will get a reboot, and that it will take place in the same universe with X-Men movies. Since the last X-Men movie is set in TheSixties, and one of the upcoming ones will take place in TheSeventies, it would make sense to place the FF movies in the same periods.
* Potentially jossed as Days of Future Past involves both the 60s and present day X-Men teams.
* Also, the use of Time Travel may make this unnecessary.
* Jossed. Takes place in the present.

[[WMG: The Creator/MichaelBJordan rumors are just a prank]]
They're parodying the last time the Storm sibling were cast as people of 2 different ethnicities.
** {{Jossed}}, he is indeed playing the Human Torch.

[[WMG: [[{{WolverinePublicity}} Wolverine will appear]]]]
* Potentially Jossed since it has been stated that the reboot will not take place in the same universe as X-Men.