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[[WMG: Hundred's power can affect human hearts.]]
The mechanism of an automatic pistol is entirely mechanical, and it's the first machine we see Hundred control. Obviously, his power has nothing to do with electricity. He can just control any type of machine, but not living creatures. Fine so far. But consider the heart valves -- an entirely mechanical system that allows blood to flow through the heart one way but squeezes shut to prevent it flowing back. The valves themselves are not biologically complicated and can be replaced by metal equivalents. So if Hundred can jam an automatic pistol with his power, he should be able to jam a natural heart valve too -- which wouldn't instantly kill his target, but wouldn't be too pleasant either.
* This seems to have been Main/{{Jossed}} in the issue where he's on jury duty, where he tries to [[spoiler: fix some dude's heart and nothing happens]]. Of course, he may have just been going for a placebo effect. Or [[spoiler: that dude may have also been lying about his heart condition, in addition to being ex-military]]. Maybe his power only affects machines... but then again, [[spoiler:the fact that Jack Pherson gained the ability to control animals]] might be evidence for this theory as well.
** Actually, he didn't [[spoiler:try to fix the guy's heart at all. He was straining to send out an SOS to a distant machine.]]
** Possibly, his power is a specialized form of magnetic control, and thus it can't affect heart muscle.
** Alternatively, the only thing stopping him may be a mental block; he can only control nonliving machines because he thinks that's how it works. This might imply that [[spoiler:his power and Pherson's are actually exactly the same]].
*** ''ooh''
*** When Hundred first gets his powers, he's deafened by hearing all the machines and screams "Shut up!". This causes every machine in New York to shut down. But the man in the boat with him also stops talking...
*** Because he was just told to "shut up!" by a heavily injured man. You'd probably do the same.
** And at one point he actually ''flushes a toilet'' with his powers. No way I can imagine that being electromagnetic.
*** He can stop guns and they aren't electric. It seems to be that he can start any form of mechanism, which is why he can't stop someone from attacking him with a club or bow and arrow, that's a person doing it. If you pull the trigger of a gun, though, the gun is the one that launches the bullet.
** So, in theory... couldn't the whole universe be considered as one big machine? Is Hundred God?
*** Well, considering the Pope wanting to see him...purging his soul...robot heaven...uh...I think so.
* This is now not a wild guess.

[[WMG: Crazy Millitary Guy wasn't lying.]]
The FBI lady seems very shocked when they see him, and the US would try and cover up an incident like his, and what happens to him is very similar to...other cases. Plus how the hell does he get in?
* I thought everyone assumed this?

[[WMG: Hundred will eventually make contact with the Wildstorm universe.]]
It was revealed that the technology that transformed him and others came from an alternate universe where the cold war is still going on. The people of that world wanted to prepare another earth for colonization and leave theirs. The guessing portion comes in assuming that they got this multiverse-spanning technology from The Four (The evil Fantastic Four {{Captain Ersatz}}s in ComicBook/{{Planetary}} and Hundred will eventually travel through the multiverse looking for them and end up in Planetary, where he will meet the Drummer and have a machine banging contest.

[[WMG: Hundred isn't gay or straight. He's into machines.]]

[[WMG: Hundred is asexual.]]
We've never seen evidence of Hundred being sexually attracted to anyone, male or female. There's also a strange rant by a reporter who accuses him of being like the "asexual nerds" who nitpick TV shows. But nerds aren't, generally speaking, asexual - just ask Felicia Day. Or Creator/SummerGlau. So using that word must be a clue about what Hundred is actually like. The accident that gave him his powers must have also destroyed his libido.
* It "must be" a clue about what that reporter ''thinks'' Hundred is actually like.
** His equipment may have been damaged in the explosion.

[[WMG: Hundred is straight, but hasn't found someone he likes enough.]]
Many engineers find it difficult to find partners they can get along with, especially as there aren't many female counterparts to them. He's just biding his time untill he finds the right lady, and besides, he seems to have devoted 100% of his avalible time to New York.

[[WMG: Brian K. Vaughan can control animals.]]
During his appearance in the comic he has faintly violet eyes and Mayor Hundred does basically tell him to get out of New York.

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[[WMG: Nathan was planning on killing Caleb when he was done]]
Nathan wasn't kidding when he said he murdered his house architects. He doesn't want any secrets getting out under any circumstances.
** Somewhat Jossed when the helicopter arrives at the appointed time - why else would he have flown out there if not to retrieve Caleb?
[[WMG: Nathan intended for Ava to escape, at least subconsciously]]
Given her power wouldn't last long enough to walk out, the helicopter is the only avenue of escape. How hard would it be to tell the pilots "don't pick up anyone you didn't drop off?"
** However, as we never see the helicopter pilot after Ava approaches him, she [[MurderIsTheBestSolution may have taken more direct means to escape]], especially since she has all of the world's knowledge in her head.
[[WMG: Kyoko always harbored the intent to kill Nathan, but was ThreeLawsCompliant]]
Which would explain why Kyoko would approach Ava when she knows that Nathan is distracted, and also what Ava whispered in her ear just before Nathan's death. Besides which, she would have no other reason to be carrying the knife in the hallway.
* So how did Kyoko get around the first law, in order to stab Nathan in the back?
[[WMG: Caleb will escape]]
While it looks hopeless at first, Caleb has shown himself to be resourceful. Once he calms down he will find a way to open/remove the door, although it might take time. Once he's out of the room, he has plenty of food and water in the complex, and that will give him enough time to figure out how to override the lift.
** Also, consider the fact that Nathan is CEO of a company that handles most of the world's search engine traffic. People are going to start looking for him when he doesn't dial in to the weekly status call. Presumably someone knows about his compound and they will go check there.