[[WMG: It was the events of Eric (and the end of Sourcery) that resulted in Rincewind's Immortality and temperment.]]
Rincewind was cast into and STUCK in the [[DarkWorld Dungeon Dimensions]] and then by freak accident summoned and reversed summoned through a SummoningRitual that gave him demonic powers. Hence, his extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that he is known for is first seen in this book; and the details of the summoning combined with having been PlaceBeyondTime when Discworld was created changed his metaphysical state.

[[WMG: Rincewind inherited adventuring (and running away) from his ancestor, Lavaeolus.]]
* Just like Conina inherited barbarian hero instincts from her father, Rincewind got some kind of Adventurer's genes from his ancestor, who went on a journey very similar to the Odyssey.
** All throughout his journey, Lavaeolus is just trying to ''get home'', but he runs into many obstacles along the way. Sound familiar?

[[WMG: Eric returned home at the end.]]
* If Rincewind [[spoiler: ended up back in Ankh-Morpork,]] then Eric must have made it out safe too! Whether or not he practices demonology remains a mystery.