[[WMG: The Administrator is...]]
* Zack's dad.
** {{Jossed}} as of episode ten. Nice idea, though.
* Tropers/FastEddie.
** [[@/AlexSora89 Seconded.]]
* Tropers/FastEddie's son.
* Tropers/{{Janitor}}.
* TheDragon. We already know that [[Tropers/FastEddie the wiki's overlord]] is Creator/SeanConnery in ''Film/TheRock''.
* One of Tropers/{{Anonymous}}. Look at the suit! It's the only logical explanation!
* The Ad-Bot, duh.
* Every Troper on Wiki/TVTropes.
* Tom's BigLittleBrother, the one he referred to in the FreudianExcuse episode. (If this theory is true, then that scene is an example of ChekhovsGun.)
* A TimeLord! ... Someone had to say it.
** Tom from the future. He is trying to get himself to make better vlogs, causing a StableTimeLoop.
** Zack from the future. He's trying to use the vlogs to get Present-Zack out from under his father's thumb.
*** [[spoiler:If that's the case, then he's succeeded.]]
** Himself from the future; [[spoiler:one of the administrators in 2.12 calls another, identical admin his father]].
* [[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos Slender Man]]...[[InSpace With A Face!]]
* The Administrator of the Wiki/SCPFoundation.
* Actually working for Wiki/TheOtherWiki and sponsoring ''[citation needed]''.
** [[spoiler:Confirmed as of 2.11.]]
* TheAdvertisementServer
* [[ARG/TheWallWillFall Gurt The Lime Man]], he may be a Metaguard but he is so much more powerful.
* A popular and yet undisproved theory from ''ARG/TheWallWillFall'' is that Mr. Administrator is the AnthropomorphicPersonification of the Fourth Wall, or is otherwise [[{{Synchronization}} synchronized]] with it.

[[WMG: They will eventually do Every Trope on the ''WebVideo/EchoChamber'' page]]
Which will eventually result in more tropes on their page which they will also cover.

[[WMG: The season finale trope will be...]]
* Season 1 (answer: [[spoiler:MysteriousEmployer]]):
** BigBad: Along with the revelation that The Administrator is it... or maybe DarthWiki/ThatTroper?
** WhamEpisode: and it will be one, too.
** SeasonFinale
** BreakingTheFourthWall: Evidence: The Visible Boom Whacker.
** The BigDamnKiss
* Season 2: (answer: [[spoiler:MindScrew]]):
** FaceHeelTurn: Tom turns to the Dark Side and refuses to make the final episode.
** AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: Galen loses her patience with Zack and pulls one of these. And Zack will go, "Why didn't you say so?" and hug her or something.
** WeReallyDoCare: Tom and Dana realize Echo Chamber just isn't the same without Zack.
** DownerEnding or BittersweetEnding
** EarnYourHappyEnding. The last season will show the characters going through a whole bunch of bullshit. The finale will show them finding out that in the end, it'll all be okay.

[[WMG: The crew will eventually encounter Tropers/TheAdvertisementServer]]
* "[[VideoGame/{{Portal}} Well, you found me. Congratulations. Was it worth it?]]" Possibly they have to stop the Adbot from trying to TakeOverTheWorld.
* Alternatively, the quest leads them to Fast Eddie and the TV Tropes server in:
** The top of a skyscraper;
** A shack on a lake;
** A vast mansion;
** A remote farm;
** A nuclear bunker;
** A converted submarine;
** Low Earth Orbit;
** A room on the other side of the wall the TV screen that he appears on is mounted on. It's not really a TV screen, it's a window.
** All of the above.

[[WMG: Dana's FreudianExcuse]]
She was teased for being so nerdy and shy as a kid, so she now defends herself with cutting-edge sarcasm and irony.
* Confirmed? It was something the creators wanted to add to the FreudianExcuse episode.

[[WMG: They will soon do TropeTropes]]

[[WMG: Zack is a TimeLord]]
How else could he get footage of the same scene from several angles with one camera? He obviously teleports somewhere else just a few seconds previously, and gets the shot. Also it's highly unbelievable that Tom would have gone this long, having made so many death threats against Zack, without killing him. It is therefore not unreasonable to assume that he has, and Zack has merely kept regenerating. The reason he is kept off camera is to hide this fact from us.
* Well, of course. Now we just need to fit in [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Haruhi]] and [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedI Altair]] for the WMG triumphate. (Tom is a Haruhi-esque RealityWarper and Dana is his Kyon.)
** Actually, given the revelations in episode 2.11, it seems more likely that [[spoiler:Zack is the RealityWarper]].

[[WMG: They will encounter TheWikiWitchOfTheWeb and JustForFun/TropeTan.]]
And [[PsychoExGirlfriend Shannon]] will be TWWOTW in disguise.
** Trope-tan will be a DeusExMachina, and seeing someone playing her will be awesome.
*** Ooh! Ooh! Trope-tan will actually be [[spoiler:Dana.]]
*** All of the above will happen, but turn out to be part of a MushroomSamba.
*** Brought on by eating a tainted [[TheToblerone Toblerone]] [[SugarWiki/{{Toblerone}} bar]].

[[WMG: A future episode will be about MurderTheHypotenuse.]]
In which Shannon tries to kill Dana. [[spoiler: She fails, obviously.]]
** Alternatively, Dana will try to kill Shannon. Dana typing on her phone in episode 6 is obviously her texting instructions to a hitman she hired. She isn't necessarily fighting with Shannon over Tom. Just fed up of Shannon getting in the way of filming the vlog.
*** Or, Tom will try to kill Ace to get Dana back on Echo Chamber full-time.

[[WMG: We will see Zack's brother appear in front of the camera in a future episode.]]
According to the Website/YouTube channel (WordOfGod?), his name is Dave and he is the VisibleBoomMic operator. And you were supposed to see him.
** Confirmed with him appearing several times in Season 2.

[[WMG: Tom is plotting to kill Shannon off [[KilledOffForReal for real]]]]
The way he put away his laptop quickly when Shannon appears? Nah, that isn't him doing some editing. Also he might like her for two reasons, but eventually she will get in the way of Tom's wishes for [[TakeOverTheWorld Total Trope Domination]]
** Tom doesn't have the will to pull that off, but others might. Remember that Mr Administrator said "There is more riding on this than you think." With the growing popularity of the site and the ability to [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife ruin lives]], the TV Tropes administrators have become DrunkWithPower.
*** Like Dana? Or even Zack?
*** Yes...Dana turns out to be EvilAllAlong. (And/or this is all part of Fast Eddie's plan for world domination. If I don't edit again, [[RevealingCoverUp you know]] [[HeKnowsTooMuch I was right.]])

[[WMG: Porn Girl is actually a spy from a rival site or Wiki/TVTropes rival vlogger]]
She is trying to put Tom off so that he gives up on making vlogs, hence her sudden break up with him.
** She's the PsychoRangers Dana?
** Wiki/TVTropes has rival sites?
*** Damn you, TV Idioms! (No, the Admins just didn't put their vlogging eggs in one basket.)
*** Could it Wiki/TheOtherWiki?

[[WMG: They will do HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood.]]
Or rather, Tom wants to. Dana objects, saying abusive childhoods are ''never'' funny, and to illustrate the trope, Zack's dad shows up.

[[WMG: ''WebVideo/EchoChamber'' is actually a documentary focusing on 3 students at Carnegie Mellon]]
Tom is really a [[JerkAss Jerk]]. Dana really is a DeadPanSnarker and Zack really is a [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Strange Guy]] who films everything. They say it's a WebVideo show to cover up [[AwfulTruth the Truth]]!

[[WMG: Shannon and Zack will have a relationship]]
That stinger from the DidYouThinkICantFeel video can be interpreted as such, what with Shannon's smirk.

[[WMG: The whole series is actually a computer generated LotusEaterMachine[=/=]OntologicalMystery[=/=]PsychologicalTormentZone (Delete as appropriate)]]
The Administrator generated it all in Tom's mind in an attempt to see if he is indeed capable of creating Trope Vlogs in a set of bizarre/confusing/stressful situations. That way when Tom wakes up the Administrator has a good idea if the quality of the vlogs is consistent enough to be featured on the Wiki/TVTropes site.

[[WMG: Zack is Mr. Administrator.]]
This will be revealed in the Trope-Of-The-Week video for ObfuscatingStupidity.
* Possibly Jossed given that [[spoiler: Zack and the Administrator appear together in the finale?]]

[[WMG: [[TheManBehindTheMan The power behind Mr. Administrator]] is the [[HiveMind Entire Userbase of TVTropes!]]]]
After all, who really drives the site and keeps it alive? Without us, Mr. Adminstrator may as well be out of a job. We create, edit and delete articles, we discuss, play with and mock tropes (when appropriate). We tropers effectively keep the site alive and ultimately decide on the direction of the site and have done so for so long that we have all merged into some [[MentalFusion massive internet overmind]] that dictates what Mr. Administrator needs to do...

[[WMG: Mr. Administrator's father is the (or one of the) creator(s) of TV Tropes.]]
Mr. Administrator said that he sympathizes with Zack, and Zack's dad is forcing him into a life he doesn't want. So Mr. Administrator's dad is forcing him to carry on the family tradition.

[[WMG: ''WebVideo/EchoChamber'' is connected to the upcoming Wiki/TVTropes AlternateRealityGame]]
The Looking For {{Puppetmaster}} announcement comes out at the same time as the last episode? Rather suspicious if you ask me...
* It also came out prior to the premiere of the last episode. It doesn't help though that it disappears the day after the finale.
* Not to mention Zack's in-character twitter and Shannon's blog...

[[WMG: TrueCompanions will have an episode]]
Following the logic of the above WMG, the renaming of Nakama was also on the bulletin some moments prior to the finale. The theory of why could be because the creators didn't want ''WebVideo/EchoChamber'' to have GratuitousJapanese for fear of being called a weeaboo.
* Jossed by Tom in the discussion section.
--> ''Echo Chamber does not and never will make a stand for or against any issue that divides Tropers. Neither Echo Chamber nor I have any opinion about the proposed Nakama rename. And even if we did, I don't think Fast Eddie would do something this big because I asked him nicely. It's a coincidence.''

[[WMG: Zack is ObfuscatingStupidity as part of Mr. Administrator's assignment.]]
He wasn't being stupid at the end of ''MysteriousEmployer'', though-- he needed to pee and genuinely wanted to know where the bathroom was!

[[WMG: The Series Finale will be ApocalypticLog.]]
Or SeriesFauxnale, if they don't want to go out on a DownerEnding.

[[WMG: Ace is Tom's BigLittleBrother.]]
AlwaysSomeoneBetter? Check. Looks younger? Check, at least in my opinion. Gets more approval from authority figure (parents/Mr. Administrator)? Check. Tom didn't mention it because he's already upset enough about being overshadowed by this guy. He doesn't need people knowing they're ''related'', too.
* Jossed. In Episode 2 he reveals his real name, including last name and couldn't remember Tom's name.

[[WMG:Season 2 will end with ''[citation needed]'' cancelled]]
Tom, Dana, and Zack will somehow get the show cancelled but due to feeling bad for Ace and everyone involved, they decide to let them become a part of Echo Chamber, resulting in a much better show that Mr. Administrator loves.
* [[spoiler:As of 2.11, Mr. Administrator has disbanded ''[citation needed]''.]]

[[WMG: 2x11 (or maybe 2x10) will be BrokenAce.]]
Stephen's character arc will end before the finale.
* Confirmed, 2x10 is indeed BrokenAce.

[[WMG:Umphrey Bridgeport will be back.]]
Given TheReveal in his episode's {{Stinger}}, it would be interesting to see him return. One possibility: [[spoiler:since Mr. Administrator didn't pay him for his work, maybe he'll tell our heroes the truth and become a SixthRanger.]]
* If the above does happen, the trope will probably be [[spoiler: BlackBestFriend]]

[[WMG: The second-last episode ever will be {{TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life}}]]
It will be the one and only time that a meta-trope is used as the title for an episode, and will show the break-down of all the main characters - including Mr Administrator, whose motivations will be known by then. The last episode will then show them finally breaking free of the curse of TV Tropes ... [[SequelHook or do they?]]

[[WMG: Mr. Administrator is playing both sides--and he's actually GoodAllAlong.]]
[[spoiler:As of 2.11, it's been shown that he's an admin for Wiki/TheOtherWiki. There's no reason he can't administrate both TV Tropes ''and'' Wikipedia.]] Mr. Administrator is trying to bridge the gap between the two wikis, for whatever reason.

[[WMG: Uncle Bill, Zack and Dave's uncle, is a {{Manchild}} because of Mark taking his BigBrotherInstinct way too far in their childhood.]]
Mark seems more mature than Bill, and seems to have a bad view of little brothers, showed in episode 2x9. But in episode 2x11, he shows real care for Zack. So probably Mark overprotected Bill from the outside world as he does now with Zack, resulting in both being {{Manchild}}S.

[[WMG: Jimmy Wales and Fast Eddie will have a wrestling match in one episode.]]
After seeing how their shows rival each other and finding out that [[spoiler:Mr Administrator is interfering in both shows]], they'll agree to [[LetsFightLikeGentlemen fight it out between themselves]]. It'll be as "successful" as the match between Gregorio and Donnagon at the end of ''Film/SpyKids 2'', and Dave will have to prod them with the boom mic once they're so tangled they can't move. At the end, Gaelyn and Zack will ask them to do it again to get different camera angles.

[[WMG: Administrator 23-09-12-12 is/was the admin for ''[citation needed]'' and 23-01-12-12 is/was the admin of Echo Chamber. 20-08-05-00 and 06-01-12-12 were in charge of two unintroduced, but now defunct webshows that may show up in a later season.]]
...or something like that.

[[WMG: Something is going to happen on 23-09-12.]]
The Mr Administrator we know from the show is revealed to have 23-09-12-12 as his serial number. This could be an allusion to September 23rd later this year. Perhaps that's when the third season will start?
* Jossed

[[WMG: Mister Administrator is a split personality, possibly for one of the Main Cast]]
* A couple of times posts are made on the twitter referring to seriously mundane things that look out of place amongst the usual weirdness, like stuff about sandwhiches for example. Responses to latter comments suggest the Faceless did NOT make these posts. Maybe the other personality is making the posts, believing them to be going to his own twitter, while the faceless is the one logged in, so they display on his feed instead.
[[WMG: The wobbly disintegration effect is Zach's Wobbly monster ]]
He probably saw Administrator Prime using it when he and it freaked him out

[[WMG:[[ARG/TheWallWillFall Gurt The Lime Man]] will cameo in Season Three]]
The ARG is already part of Echo Chamber's universe and considering how much of a MemeticBadass Gurt is, he needs to cameo. Plus Tom sorta confirmed his cameo on Twitter by claiming he will have Gurt cameo if fans retweet his tweet about requesting people to watch Echo Chamber, which they have.

[[WMG: The {{Retcon}} to bring Zack back]]
Have him ''and'' Gaelyn work for ''Echo Chambers''.

[[WMG: There will be an episode about TheCloudCuckooLanderWasRight.]]
Two guesses as to who the CloudCuckooLander is.